17 July, 2006

O’Farrell: Spiv and Let Die

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levy.jpg [Why earn a Medal of Honor when shecky can get you one wholesale?]

By Luke O’Farrell

Spiv and Let Die
Kikocracy is Kakocracy

He was described as “undoubtedly the notional head of British Jewry� by the Jerusalem Post. He was arrested by the British police on Wednesday. He is Michael Abraham Levy, aka “Lord Cashpoint�, one of the sleaziest of the many sleazy Jews swarming around the open sewer that is modern British politics. Levy has been selling honours in the long tradition of the Jewish spiv: a fast-talking conman who makes his money from trash. It’s been possible to see the present scandal coming for over a decade:


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  7. One Response to “O’Farrell: Spiv and Let Die”

    1. alex Says:

      One problem with this column: as far as I know, Anshutz is NOT a jew. it is possible that he comes from jew background and converted, but he’s a pretty strong Christian in everything I’ve read. He’s from an area of heavy German ethnicity, and to all appearances is simply that rarest phenomenon: a non-jew legitimately described as a heavyweight media player.