24 July, 2006

Robert Jensen’s Next Step

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[Reader letter]

Hello Mr. Gonzalez!

I read your article about Robert Jensen, and when I came to this:

Jensen acknowledges that dismantling racism would mean a loss of power, material wealth and status for whites.


article here:


I couldn’t help but wondering — why is Mr. Jensen still hanging on to his cushy journalism job? He’s advocating a loss of power, material wealth, and status for (all other) whites, but I don’t see him giving up his position to a person of color, do you?

Here I am slogging away at a dirty, difficult, thankless job that entails skilled and unskilled labor. My wages have already been lowered by Latino cheap labor immigration, while my expenses have not decreased. These Latinos get free medical care for their families, a whole array of other welfare benefits such as WIC, AFDC, and even though they came like, yesterday, their children are ahead of the line over my white daughter because of affirmative action. Any person of color who crosses our border is eligible for AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, which gives them a boost over White people who have been here for generations. Is that fair?

I want to see Jensen digging ditches and cutting up fallen trees, and scooping armloads of brush that contains thorns and poison ivy into a woodchipper, and being subjected to co-workers who refuse to speak English and have an attitude that “I’m taking over here, gabacho, your time is over.” Up there in his ivory tower, he has no idea about the anger out here, and for him to tell someone like me that we need to give up our privilege(!) and material wealth(!!!)

Let’s just say I’m practicing my anger management skills I’ve learned. Not everything that one thinks need be spoken out loud, or written in an e-mail. LOL.

One word though: HYPOCRITE!


A Proud WHITE Man

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  7. 3 Responses to “Robert Jensen’s Next Step”

    1. alex Says:

      Dear Professor Jensen,

      I am not being sarcastic, and if you think that I am caricaturing you, maybe you don’t see how you look to us.

      You are a white person who earns a decent salary at a fairly easy job, and your job is advocacy of redistribution of jobs, power etc., from whites to non-whites. You said it yourself, that whites need to give up power, status, and material wealth to “do the right thing” by minorities.

      All I am saying is to start this process yourself. You have power and status and a good job, and I’m sure there’s a Latina graduate student of journalism who would like your job, or maybe a gay African American or a disabled Hawaiian lesbian newspaper editor who would happily have your position. I think you should voluntarily resign and hire your replacement. What do you say?

      Mr. Gonzalez agrees with me — you are a textbook example of a hypocrite. it’s as much a simple statement of the facts as I see them (and as Mr. Gonzalez sees them), as a personal attack. I understand that you want to frame this as simply personal insult, and therefore dismiss it, but I urge you to face it like a man. It’s not simply a personal insult. Many many many people out here become very frustrated and outraged when some tenured white professor starts talking about how white people “need to give up their skin privileges.” As Jesus might have said when urged to jump off a cliff by Satan, “You first, sucka!”

      Also, you didn’t address the historical precedent of what happens when White people turn their country over to people of color – namely Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. You certainly would have agreed with turning over Rhodesia to Black rule. Knowing of the thousands of White people who have been gang raped, tortured and murdered in the former Rhodesia since then, done with the approval of dictator Robert Mugabe, what would you have to say about those White victims. Did they get what they deserved? Do I deserve to be tortured and murdered for being White? Or, alternatively, was it a mistake to turn over Rhodesia to a Black dictator?

      These are all simple questions, and there’s lots of us interested in your answer, Professor Jensen. Be a man and not a squid — don’t retreat behind a cloud of fearful ink. It’s not just a personal attack. You are paid to be a professor. Consider me a student asking a question.



    2. Steven Says:

      would these self loathing whites please stop peeking their useless noggins out of their holes and telling us how sorry they are about their successes, and suggest I give up more so that the races can be equal!? White folks have given up plenty, their daughters polluted blood, or even their lives. Clean, safe living areas to crack addicted niglets, pristine pasture and hillside so that mall monkeys can harass young white girls while hangin around the food court, secure schools that actually teach, instead of building up the self esteem and the sports portfolio of ball bouncing niggers, only to receive scholarships to bounce balls while not learning at an institution of higher learning, surrounded by young white girls ignorant of anything beyond the life as the televitz tells it.

    3. fdtwainth Says:

      Thank you again, PWM. An excellent comment, as always.