16 July, 2006

Has Jesus Jumped the Shark?

Posted by alex in Christianity at 9:08 pm | Permanent Link


Your IQ must be THIS LOW to worship Jeboo.

Yes, itz shooting fish in a barrel, but can you really blame us when they make it this easy?


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  7. 13 Responses to “Has Jesus Jumped the Shark?”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      I KNEW that Jesus was an Aryan dude and the BLUE EYES prove it!

      Now, if he could do something about that right hand.

    2. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      But I don’t know if it’s much goofier than worshipping a guy who got his entire country gangraped, bombed to ashes & turned into a perpetual police state.

      (Boohhooo! The other side didin’t fight FAIR!!! You might have a complaint there – but for occasional Tootonic peccadillos like the Siege of Leningrad.)

    3. Jim Says:

      Elite Aryan:
      Why don’t you stick with your pipe and leave the political commentary to adults?

    4. Lee Luttrell Says:

      Stuff like this borders on paganism and idolatry. I am surprised the Catholics gave it an accepting nod. Its like these little shrines people put up when someone gets killed in a car wreck. Say a prayer and get on with your life…..What is all that shit around his neck?????He looks like Mr.T

    5. White Meanie Says:

      Where would the Catholics be without paganism and idolatry.

      Interesting that mudfolk hallucinate or confabulate blue eyes on their idols.

    6. lawrence dennis Says:

      This sort of idolatry is common among the brown folk. And dressing up like an idol and pretending to be a prophet is common among the black folk. Jews love promoting this s**t, partly because it provides some cover for their full-scale attacks on Xianity, but mostly because it makes Xianity out to be scam for the benefit of hustlers.

    7. Foobs Says:

      Hey Elite Aryan,

      At least Winston Churchill existed! ;-)


    8. Olde Dutch Says:

      If the mestizos & zambos were all Christian Scientists; they might not be bankrupting hospitals? Aye, Alex?

      Btw, the folly of Catholicism & Christianity in the “turd” world is amazing—ain’t it? Too bad the Catholics & other Christians are bringing it here for us to enjoy. I’m looking forward to public chicken sacrifice myself.

    9. Zardoz Says:

      Why does anyone even pay attention to the Elite PC Bonesmoker? Since it’s obvious he worships Hey-zeus almost as much as the cocks he gobbles, ignore him.

      Jesus? May as well just light a fire and jump around and roar to the skies like the deep niggies of Afreaka for all the good he’s been doing the West.

    10. Clifton Mitchell Says:

      I am a “generic” Christian who does not attend “church” and who belongs to no denomination. I dislike most people who call themselves Christian. Most so-called Christians in America have substituted misbegotten patriotism and political chauvinism for the worship of Christ. Do not confuse idolatrous, pagan behavior with Christian belief, whether it involves bowing down to statues or bowing down to satanic israel as do the “judeo-zionist-christians”. I perceive that many VNN’ers are much too intelligent and wise to believe in Christ. That is strictly your choice my friends. However, there are many of us who subscribe to VNN ideology who are believers. Although your ridicule of Christians does not offend me, you probably alienate some potential allies who otherwise would subscribe to VNN’s cause.

    11. alex Says:

      You know, someone above gives me the idea: what a great summer vacation: driving around America and destroying roadside crosses. Jesus christ I hate those things. They ought to be criminal. It’s bad enough we’ve got kitsch eyesores everywhere we look on private property in the “heartland,” now we have to tolerate that crap on the roads. I would 1000x rather see billboards than krybaby kristian krusty the klown kross kitsch.

    12. alex Says:

      Your uncle got drunk, fell asleep driving home, ended up split watermelon on a tree? I don’t think you, christian jackoff, should be allowed to commemorate this ridiculosity in bad taste.

    13. Tanner Says:

      You gotta wonder why a god would use magic to open the eye on a statue. And even if he did, what good would it do you to go and pray to it?

      Similarly, the Caths worship the bones of humans declared saints. Is God going to do something he wouldn’t do otherwise because you pray to those bones? Why? And if he isn’t, then why pray to them?

      There is also a holy door in the Vatican that they only open once every twenty years or so, and anyone who goes through the door during the time it is open will be blessed and go to heaven. Obviously God of the Cath Church is a hateful prankster, who will give eternal bliss to a guy who walks through that door, but not if he stops and turns away right before walking through.

      Then there’s the eating and drinking of “Christ’s flesh and blood” every Sunday. Apparently, God will do something for you if you eat it, that he wouldn’t do if you didn’t eat it. Like I said, a hateful prankster.