26 July, 2006

The War Against Al-Manar

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AmeriKwa and Israel, as befits great democracies, do everything they can to keep competing views off the air.  First they bomb, then they label the victim ‘terrorist.’ Everything you need to know will be broadcast on Fox, the Good Channel.

I wasn’t aware of it till I heard it mentioned on the public radio show “On the Media,” but Al-Manar, Hezbollah’s satellite channel, is blocked in the U.S.


Here we see jews trying to control the Internet and kill the First Amendment. How? Simple. Get their puppets to declare any source of news they don’t like “terrorists” and pass a law to prevent any American firms from doing business with them.

Company accused of abetting Hezbollah


Hezbollah’s official TV station was knocked off the air earlier this week by Israeli bombs. But Al-Manar TV — which, like Hezbollah itself, is deemed a terrorist organization by the U.S. government — has continued to communicate using the Internet.

For that ability, it depends on a Bellevue company that may be violating federal law by lending technological assistance to the station, a leading anti-Semitism organization said Tuesday.

If found to have broken the law, eNom Inc., a domain-name registrar and Web-hosting company, could face large fines, and its executives could get jail time, according to the Treasury Department, which helps implement the law.

ENom Inc. in June 2000 registered the Web-site address www.manartv.com for Al-Manar TV of Lebanon, an arm of Hezbollah, said the New York-based Anti-Defamation League.

Lately, as the site’s registrar, eNom has allowed Al-Manar to quickly move its site from one host computer to another, the ADL said.

Al-Manar continues to move its site frequently to keep it from being shut down by complainants, said Brian Marcus, ADL’s director of Internet monitoring. But by allowing such easy moves — normally just a helpful service to customers — eNom could violate Executive Order 13224, the ADL said.

That federal law, signed by President Bush just weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, bans providing financial and technological support to terrorists. Al-Manar TV was designated a terrorist entity in March.

More here on the bushy-puppet ruling that tv broadcasts equals terrorism.

Al Manar has up to 200 million viewers via satellite, correspondents worldwide, and a nightly news program that often outranks Al Jazeera. It broadcasts in Arabic, English, French and Hebrew.

Here’s something very interesting.

It was Al Manar’s Hebrew broadcasts and images of IDF casualties during the occupation that galvanized Israeli public opinion against the war. The Israeli military had portrayed its losses as minimal, until Al Manar exposed the toll.

Note that in Hezbollah, women handle much of the media, education, medical and social outreach.

*(inspired by article)

* Fox News: Where Fourth Estate Becomes Fifth Column

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  7. 4 Responses to “The War Against Al-Manar”

    1. Mike Graham Says:

      I’m afraid, barring any coming Aryan unity, that this kind of media blackout
      is coming for all of us. In many ways it is here now. (Which only makes VNN so much more vital.)
      I’m former NA, and remember a certain cat-loving professor who was certain we would have our own satelites etc. in a few years (this was a decade ago)…
      I’m counting on all the white folks working as cannon fodder for the system to wake up and step up. We can hope they will utilize all that great ZOG training for race and our nation.

    2. M Hubert Says:

      It’s interesting to see how censorship develops.

      It was my opinion that the ADL and its ilk would first write a law
      outwardly censoring “Kiddie Porn” but in reality writing it in such a
      way that it could be interpreted broadly giving the judicial system
      the ability to censor whomever the “Rulers” deemed a threat to
      their power and the exclusive right to disseminate the “news”

      it seems that I was wrong. All you really need is to write a law
      condemning some act or actor in the broadest terms and then
      equating whatever you want to eliminate with this term.

      I.e Revisionism= Anti-semitism= Terrorism . You can make the chain
      as long as you like until the association is made. Anyone, anything
      any action any organization any utterance can eventually be assoicated
      with terrorism or whatever.

      Nothing is exempt.

      Mike H.

    3. lawrence dennis Says:

      Notice how the hate Hebrews are all in favor of the first admendment ‘right’ to free speech when it comes to profiting from pornography, promoting sodomy to the four corners of the earth, producing race-mixing propaganda for the goy children, publishing filth and putting on the shelves of every public library, etc., but when it comes to criticizing God’s special little chosen people, that’s not “protected speech,” it’s “anti-semitism” or “anti-satanism” or whatever, punishable by loss of internet access, loss of employment, even loss of life.

      At present, the English language version of Al-Manar is here:

    4. Kalafan Says:

      What about CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, the New York Times, etc.? They don’t exists? How come those opposing the Neocons always act as if FOX is the sole non-Internet news source? Are you “Triumph of the Will”-diluted fuckers even CAPABLE of free thought?