31 July, 2006

Unconfirmed Report…

Posted by alex in Alex Linder, graphics/toons, Israel - the facts at 10:22 pm | Permanent Link

One of the larval yiddettes writing love messages on the bombs that killed, among others, a couple dozen Muslim kids, was named Daniele Frank, apparently a distant relative of Anne, the famous jew girl who died in a German hospital.

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  7. 7 Responses to “Unconfirmed Report…”

    1. Lutjens Says:

      You know what they say… what goes around comes around. Notice the smirk on the little bitch’s face. Somethin funny, ya little cunt?

    2. Bud White Says:

      Hopefully, there’s a little muslim girl in Lebanon doing the exact same thing. And maybe with a little luck, her bomb will blow some yids head clean off.

    3. E Says:

      You can see the name “DANIELE” clearly marked in the front of this picture.

      As far as Frank, I do not know.


      Anyone notice how that skinny demon in the background looks like a holyhoax survivor?

    4. alex Says:

      The Holocaust is the jews’ version of Social Security. All jews over fifty entitled to benefits.

    5. Richard S. Says:

      That photo more than any other I’ve seen, exposes the jews as bloodthirsty demons who actually enjoy killing and maiming even the children of their enemies. You’ll never see that photo on network news but I’m glad it’s making the rounds all over the internet.

    6. van helsing Says:

      alex, what’s that over 50 stuff? if they trip the others will step on them to get the botty…

    7. System Shock Says:

      This is why the jew despises and seeks to control the internet.