7 August, 2006

Building Alternative Local Media, Example #1

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Get on Out There and Vote for Higher Taxes!

Today Kirksville votes on whether or not to raise their local hotel bills 3.6%. An ad campaign has been run in the KDE and on KTVO that implies that only visitors will pay the tax.


  • 2 Responses to “Building Alternative Local Media, Example #1”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      The Patel family seems to on the path of the fabled Corleone family. Although , I don’t expect to see Marlon Brando playing Don Patel, the Indian godfather. Or more likely, Dr. Don Patel the Indian godfather. They already have the Hindu pope in their pocket from what I know, and at least one newspaper claims the Patels are getting involved in rough stuff.

      Seriously, the Patels are from the border areas with Pakistan, and they can’t stand Moslems & Pakis’.

      Maybe, you can get them to address jews as sigh-heeb.

      I like ’em…and I would like ’em even better if they were all back in India.

    2. Gary North-Bauer Says:

      …What about that tax on my Comet? … My MGD?

      What about that tax on my Quaker Oats? … My milk? And my honey?

      What about that tax, the Ko$her tax?

      Can we not cut that tax?

      Must we dress up like rabbis and dump all of the Foldgers into the fair Harbor of Boowahstan?

      No taxation without derabbimization?

      Don’t Laffer. If you cut the Ko$her tax, the ekwanomy will grow!