24 August, 2006

Kazan, HUAC and Loxist Double Standards on PBS (Pet Bullshit Station)

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I watched a PBS “documentary” about the damage done to the friendship between Elia Kazan & ugly-ass choo mantis Arthur Miller by The Hysteria of the Anti-Communist Witch Hunts: hearse-loads of “martyr” snootzim recounting yet again how they nobly bore the most horrible poisecution imaginable at the blood-soaked hands of Tailgunner Joe: (“Oh, I realize it’s difficult for the younger generation to even imagine such a time – but, tragically, it’s all-too true: for several years, I actually had to use a pseudonym to continue to mindschtupping the goyim…..let it serve as a chilling cautionary tale…..”). Crumbly jewslut “Lee Grant” – never to be forgiven for her sneering “If Mr. Tibbs doesn’t stay on the case, I’ll close my husband’s plant and leave you people – to yourselves….” “In the Heat of the Night” line – reminded me that although Kazan was right to shitcan communism and name jewnames, he was still a “progressive” sphincter.

They wrapped it up by assuring us that the verdict of jewstory is that Miller’s a hero for telling HUAC to go hug a root, while Kazan is a bastid. Suhprahze, suhprahze.

It’s curious that these judenticks have never produced so much as a single two-hankie number dealing with Congresskike-spy Samuel Dickstein’s relentless hounding of Fritz Kuhn & the German-American Bund, eh?

N.B. Forrest

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  7. 6 Responses to “Kazan, HUAC and Loxist Double Standards on PBS (Pet Bullshit Station)”

    1. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      HUAC does not now, nor did it ever, exist.

      The Committee’s name is HCUA- House Committee on Un-American Activities.

      It should have been named HCKA.

      The name “HUAC” (House Un-American Activities Committee) was chosen to make it sound like the Committee itself was un-American.

    2. alex Says:

      Good correction.

    3. Scipio Americanus Says:

      What would you expect from the People’s Broadcasting Service? It’s nothing more than a Judeo-Marxist propaganda outlet, except when they are pushing a fund raising drive — that’s when they break out the patriotic stuff. McCarthy was right about the U.S. government and Hymiewood being filled with communists but underestimated the extent of Jewish subversion by a factor of 10! He also had several Jews on his staff who sabotaged his efforts and he failed to understand the gullibility and general stupidity of the average boob American who swallowed kosher smears hook, line and sinker. The rest is history and we are now paying for it dearly.

      Strength and Honor

    4. elia kazan Says:

      what was elia kazan’s race? so he wasn’t jewish? was he an arab or something, or east european? what kind of name is KAZAN?

    5. Evil Hater Says:

      Elia Kazan was a christian Turk, I believe.

    6. alex Says:

      [Reader writes…]

      From Google:

      Elia Kazan was a Christian (Greek Orthodox), born in Istanbul (then Constantinople), Turkey to Greek parents.

      N.B., as always, your prose is matchless and deadly accurate:

      “tragically, it’s all-too true: for several years, I actually had to use a pseudonym to continue to mindschtupping the goyim”

      On reading that, I actually did LOL.

      Here’s to you, Little Junior and the General.