8 August, 2006

Latest at KirksvilleToday…

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Illiteracy Plagues KTVO

Yanks Were the Rebels

I tell ya, itz more fun than one man should be allowed to have… And there’s nary a feeb, hebe or plebe would disagree!

On a lighter note, I spoke with publisher of the local news-flavored organ, who is very much against anything “inflammatory.” When I pointed out his paper’s…numerous…mistakes…above the fold…in one story…on page one, he rejoined by asking if I ever made mistakes. Suffice it to say, one sore point. So I’ll give it one more college effort to get an anti-inflammatory letter to whiten and brighten my name in the KDE. Then it’s on to promoting KirksvilleToday, already my favorite Kirksville information source!

  • 2 Responses to “Latest at KirksvilleToday…”

    1. Crickers 'R Us Says:

      How could the editor of a newspaper not be embarassed by factual errors? What does a newspaper’s worth depend more on than accuracy, truth, and impartiality?

      What kind of professional standards do the staff at KDE adhere to when their fearless leader doesn’t care about credibility?

      Why should anyone in K’ville buy the KDE when it’s own editor has admitted he doesn’t really care all that much about the accuracy of it’s contents?

      Linder, some of us in K’ville want to hear what you have to say.

    2. alex Says:

      Hey! Glad to hear from a fellow ‘villian..

      Orear was cavalier. Freels must have told me eight times he will not tolerate anything “inflammatory.”

      At this point, the KDE isn’t worth worrying about, short of filing a lawsuit. It exists to make somebody money, and you can rest assured nothing interesting or pointed will appear in it.