30 August, 2006

Linder on Conway & Whitman Show, 8/29/06

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Background: Tim Conway Jr is the son of the comedian; Brian Whitman is an impressionist who also does a political talk show Sundays on WABC in New York. Occassionally he fills in for Sean Hannity. The Conway & Whitman show is based in Los Angeles.]

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    1. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      …that should’ve been “self-esteem problem” not “complex”.

    2. Clay Says:


      I listened to your interview with the two jerk-offs twice.
      I’m curious: You mentioned IHR and Goyfire, but never
      once was VNN or The Aryan Alternative ever brought up.
      Maybe you could elaborate on this.


    3. whitefight Says:

      I thought it was really funny when that black girl said you were ignorant because you didn’t believe Jefferson had black bastard children. She said you were ignorant because you didn’t watch tv. She suggested that if you watched tv you wouldn’t be so ignorant and would hence know about Thomas Jefferson’s jungle fever tendencies…

    4. James Hawthorne Says:

      I listened to the programme. Alex did the best he could under the jew filter. I agree with him that we must use these programmes to reach that 5% of thinking folk, as Dr. Pierce called them.

      The two ‘hosts’ Nit & Wit proved without doubt that they both are NITWITS !

      Thus it is up to us when we go on these programmes to be calm, funny, pointed, give a couple of websites in argument. This at the moment is all we can do in this jewish matrix.

      Great job Alex.

    5. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Mr Linder showed wisdom beyond his years by not getting married. White people had been having babies for thousands of years before marriage ceremonies were invented. He should merely have acknowledged that he was living in sin.

      Most importantly, marriage is a tool of Jew divorce lawyers to put the husband in perpetual slavery after a divorce. They use divorce as a tool to destroy White families and enrich themselves.

      My Linder’s honey will love him a lot better and longer without the temptation of a divorce lawyer. A paternity lawsuit is about one tenth as dangerous as a divorce. Avoid states that recognize common law marriage.

    6. New America Says:

      Donald Pauly makes some good points.

      In response, those of us who have been divorced – she filed, I paid, and paid, and paid – just won’t get married again under ANY circumstances.

      The current divorce rate – the ratio of current divorces to current marriages in the same year – in California is about 80%.

      More to the point, Mr. Linder is a man who thinks deeply into relationships and responsibilities.

      He knows that there will be time where, by definition, the conventional model of marriage, even to the best of women, just will not work for a man in his position and situation in the Deep War between us and the Jews.

      The Jews transformed the histori model of marriage into the no-fault model, based on the Soviet (JEW-Controlled) Russian divorce laws – reducing men to mere economic tools for supporting the former family in his absence.

      One more thing they have to pay for…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. Attila Says:

      Hello !

      Ny name is Attila from Hungary i am reguler reader to this website and i listened to the show i got so mad i had to take tylenol i had a head ache man usually i loose my temper quick anyway i wrote an email to that radio station cursing them out thats all . Alex Linder kept his cool al the way thats nice me ? in 5 minutes i would yelled like lion

    8. Watson Says:

      Alex- I thought you did a FANTASTIC job. You stayed on message despite their attempts to distract you, you maintained your dignity, you sounded composed and rational at all times, and you didn’t let them push you around. Overall, I can’t imagine that it would be possible to do a better interview.

      I thought it was an extremely effective tactic to denigrate the hosts’ qualifications when they began to attack you. Perhaps you could have done more of that in response to their attacks and non-sequitors. The hosts were so juvenile and immature that by taking the high road and ridiculing their antics you sounded even more credible and professional. They made it very easy for you to be condescending, which is exactly what they deserved. The tone of your laughter was perfect.

      I thought you did a great job of throwing out facts and information. Perhaps you could do even more of that, instead of responding directly to their stupid questions. Like a politician who says “glad you asked that”, and then quickly segues into whatever he’d planned to focus on.

      I thought you didn’t need to answer any of their personal questions about baseball, your family, etc. You’re not talking about their families, why should they talk about yours? If they want to talk about families, ask about theirs in turn- how many kids, what ages, how many times divorced, etc. Perhaps next time a dossier could be prepared on the hosts so that you’d have some skeletons to discuss.

      When they started to obliquely threaten you (coming close to wishing you personal harm), it’d be great, but perhaps too risky, to mention Alan Berg. Or to ask why they are so threatened by your statements that they wish you harm.

      Again, great job.

    9. Tyler Durden Says:

      You put the facts right in their faces and all they could do was talk shit about your lady. What a couple faggots. How dare they knock pod casting. I used to listen to their shitty little station until I found internet media. I don’t even own a radio anymore. So much for their has been form of media. They are a thing of the past and you are the wave of the future. Good job, I was very proud of you. Thank you brother.

    10. Igor Alexander Says:

      Alex, what the hell were you thinking when you agreed to do this show? These guys made you look like a fool. They obviously invited you on so they could humiliate you like one of Jerry Springer’s sideshow freaks. Do you really want the airtime so bad that you’ll let these shabbez goys fuck you up the ass like that?

    11. Bucky Says:

      Conway and Whitman RULE!!!!!

      Alex is a TOOL!!!!