2 August, 2006

Important Thoughts, Financial and Economic Advice

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By George Lenz

Today I am starting bi-weekly economic and financial commentary, presenting important current events, commentary and analysis from a White perspective, updated each Tuesday and Thursday. On Friday – weekly news, important for nationalists, patriots, republicans, conservatives, and fundamentalists. I am a 25-year-old professional with a degree, certification and experience in the field, living in Europe, White Nationalist of national-capitalist and republican beliefs, interesting in reaching out White Nationalists in the United States. I believe the U. S. is vitally important for White Freedom and White Victory.

Currently, the important question discussed in the White Nationalist circles is whether we should discard and distance or celebrate or praise the National – Socialist roots and fraction of Our Movement. Many people within the Movement, filled with personal or historical animosities towards German National – Socialism, want the Movement to discard its German National-Socialist roots, or even condemn National – Socialism altogether. In my opinion, this is the result of the abundant democratic propaganda, that spoils the hearts and minds of some White Nationalists, as well as the result of the racial awakening of a growing number of Whites, previously unaware of White Nationalism, and not participative of Our Struggle. For me, personally, German National – Socialism was the first attempt of building a White Racial State, and as such wanting much. Many mistakes were made, including hatred, enslaving and murder of Slavic brothers, aggressive wars against other White Peoples, anti-Christian stand and many others. Yet the enormous positive experience and unforgettable joy of the First White Racial State, showing the great potential of the White Man as well as enormous Racial Progress is definitely the result of German National -Socialism, that firmly established its place in White History. Thus, in my opinion, we should stop attacking and blaming the National – Socialist fraction, and instead should respect and stand by them. Thus National-Socialism is a thing to praise and not abhor, to support and not to whither way, that will always has its dear place within Our Movement.

One more media idol is broken today. Mel Gibson, positioned as Christian and pre – 2nd Vatican Catholic hollywood producer, first got drunk and spoke the obvious truth on jews -that they are responsible for all major wars – and then cowardly refused to stand by this Truth and apologized before “jewish leaders”. Being a Catholic myself, I had a funny feeling when watching his “Passion of Christ” – the spirit of the movie was neither White nor Catholic, but a very commercial modernist one, and stopped watching it further. I was surprised by the level of positive reaction, finally settling that it was the result of denial of true Aryan Christianity Spirit to Whites. And I got vindicated: it is obvious that Mr. Gibson is a coward willing to make money out of White awakening and White Culture. It is truly sad, when even talented Whites are forgetting their honor and service to the Truth because of judeangst: how degenerate Our Beautiful Race has began!

The U. S. hidden inflation, previously concealed by peculiarities of U. S. government statistics, has finally found some reflection in the figures. 2nd quarter U. S. inflation numbers are as following: CPI – +5,1%, PPI – +4,5%, monetary inflation (M2) +4,9%; real U. S. inflation rate + 4,8%. Official U. S. unemployment rate is 4,6%, real unemployment rate – 21 %. U. S. budget deficit -208 bln USD or 2,3% of real GDP, U. S. trade deficit -63 bln USD or 0,7% of real GDP. My forecast for the 3rd quarter is for real inflation rate to go up above 5,5%, since we are seeing double digit increases in costs of energy, and real unemployment rate to remain above 20%, thus U. S. is likely to enter the period of stagflation akin in the end of the 1970s.

I am increasing the long euro position, since dollar is correcting in relation to Euro to 1,28 USD/EUR, and I expect further correction to 1,30-1,31 USD/EUR. This is a good timing, to profit from the coming correction.

For those willing to profit from short selling I would recommend:

MSFT (current value 24,3 vs. internal value 12.9) – 2-3 weeks sell, I expect the correction to 23-23,5.

GOOG (current value 370 vs. internal value 60,7) – 1-2 weeks short sell, I expect the correction to 345-350

Ftwainth, 2006

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  7. 16 Responses to “Important Thoughts, Financial and Economic Advice”

    1. New America Says:

      An excellent idea!

      The organic model of the national socialist economy has a lot to commend it, and this is a good way to intelligently discuss these issues, ESPECIALLY in the context of a model society for us, sooner, rather than later.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time IS HERE!

    2. Theseus Says:

      Yes, the summer heat and political instabilities are going to drive energy up. IMO, energy is artificially low *still*.

    3. E Says:

      Short Selling is betting the stock will drop, correct?

    4. ftwainth Says:

      2 E


    5. March of the Titans Says:

      I disagree about Mr. Mel Gibson being a “coward”. He has done more for our cause than most of us by attempting to unite Whites in the way that he could have done w/ his talents.

      About the U.S. dollar & the Euro. I believe a better financial action would be to go into Real Estate & not worry about jewish debt-financing, stocks or bonds. If one feels more comfortable dealing w/ the financial markets (speculation) instead of hard assets, then buying precious metals is a good idea.

      Grain I believe is at a world reserve low at the moment & the last time that happened grains doubled in price w/in a quick period of time.

      Don’t wast time or stocks or technical analysis…..nowadays most decisions are guided by computers. The financial markets isn’t the same as it was in the past.

      Buying real estate in our Western Civilisation is a stable growth for wealth.
      – No one is making up more land.
      – A huge population wants to move into our lands from the turd world.
      – For the mongrels, being amongst Whites is the equivalent to walking side by side w/ the Gods.
      – No one from the Western World seriously wants to move into non-Western lands.
      – etc.


      Hail Victory.

    6. White gold Says:

      the real devaluation for the US$ will be against the asian currencies, between 35-50 % . Stock market is rallying on bad economic news, why?- because it is perceived that poor economic numbers will cause the Fed. to pause raising interest rates, when bad news is good news, you know its time to exit the market.
      Gold should be $950.00-1000.00 an ounce, if you want high leverage to the gold price invest in gold/silver exploration stocks, Paul VanEeden is a good analyst of precious metals stocks, as well as John Embry.- do your own due dilligence.

    7. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:


      Good to have you as one of us, but please don’t propagate jewish lies about the Third Reich. You said, “Many mistakes were made, including hatred, enslaving and murder of Slavic brothers, aggressive wars against other White Peoples, anti-Christian stand and many others.”

      Slavic brothers were not hated, enslaved or “murdered” nor was anti-Christianity part of NS policy. Axis attitudes toward slavs were largely the result of personal upbringing and no one suddenly became anti-slav just because they became aware of the jewish marxist/communist menace or adopted NS. The anti-Christianity statement is really bizarre as many speeches by NS leaders are evidence of Catholic/Lutheran faith and Christianity among the masses was promoted. The NS attitude toward religion was the same as Jefferson and Madison: it’s an individual’s choice. The problem with jews was a racial problem, not a religious one (although Judaism is certainly a shitty, non-religious ideology).

      Let’s be real clear about this: slavs that were imprisoned or shot had actually committed crimes. For example, there were plenty of local Polish slavs that worked for the Germans at Auschwitz that entered and left the camp daily. Continuing to propagate the lie that NS was anti-slav is divisive. NS was pro-German and propaganda was used to raise the German people’s self-esteem. But being pro-German and pointing out the differences between Germans and others does not make someone hate the other (e.g. British, French, or even slavs). The only ones who were automatically imprisoned or discriminated against even if they hadn’t committed a crime — and only AFTER the war against the Axis had started — were jews. They were to be treated as persona non grata and ostracized. And for good reason as everyone at VNN should know and understand by now.

      An example of a typical NS attitude about slavs is the case of Otto Skorzeny. So he’s an Austrian who ends up on the eastern front. He didn’t harbor any hatred for slavs, and actually felt indifferent about them. But his experience led him to have certain feelings about them, yet it still never reached the level of “hate.” For example, in the book by Charles Foley, Skorzeny mentions an incident that happened during an eastern winter. As they were marching, some guy half a block of way and layered in clothes was staggering slowly across the road. He stood still for a moment, then suddenly collapsed. Immediately, a couple of people came out of nearby houses and ran over to him. Then… they stripped off his clothes.

      Further, to believe that the Germans were going to harm the slavs that were in Russia AFTER they won the war is sheer nonsense. They didn’t do any harm to the local slavs in Poland, Hungary, Rumania, the Ukraine and other nations they’d already conquered. Be careful of the “atrocity” stories. They are plentiful and false. To claim that the Germans had PLANNED to do more is a jewish tactic similar to the “pre-emptive strike” strategy that is quite un-Aryan. “Well, they were GOING to kill us.” Without having or offering any proof or track record of such behavior is basically lying.

      Have to go and I don’t read these messages more than once because I don’t have time, so any responses to me won’t be read, fyi.

      Willkommen und unterhalt herauf den Kampf!


    8. Greg Kay Says:

      I agree with Bavarian Gauleiter; whether some in the White Nationalist Movement support National Socialism or not, when discussing it, facts, not legends, should predominate.

      On the anti-Christian allegations, Adolph Hitler frequently used openly Christian rhetoric, and from his writings, it becomes obvious he considered himself to be such, as did (at least nominally) the majority, not only of the Nazi Party, but also of the German people. Yes, there were members who were athiests, spiritualists, neo-pagans, etc. (common thoughout Europe), but while they were fully tolerated, they were relatively few in comparison.

      The acts of “aggression” were not actions against fellow Aryans per se, but (1) in the case of Poland, to take back land that had been taken from Germany in the first place, and was still populated with German people (Britain and France declared war on Germany, not the other way around), and (2) against Communism, which Hitler felt (with good reason) was a poison and a danger as long as it existed (Bear in mind that Europe had been dealing with creeping Communism and associated violent revolutions since the mid-nineteenth century; the danger was self-evident to them through bitter experience that spanned generations.). Communism may have lead the Russian Slavs, but Communism is not Slavic; it is Jewish. That the Nazi leadership was not anti-Slav as such is made obvious by the thousands and thousands of Slavic peoples, such as Ukranians and Cossacks, who welcomed the German “invaders” as liberators from the Soviet Yoke, and joined them in the fight against their former masters, the Jewish and Jew-inspired members of the Communist Party.

      Did Hitler make mistakes? Sure — he was a human being, after all, but his mistakes were far fewer than any other 20th Century leader I can think of. Weighed against his domestic accomplishments, which have never been matched by anyone in modern times, I think any fair-minded person would be inclined to overlook them.

    9. Stronza Says:

      The Germans brought Ukies into Germany during the war to work for no pay (slave labor). I know of a few such cases. However, their “employers”, often farmers, were apparently not wicked toward them in most cases, and in some cases helped them escape from the advancing commies in 1945. I’m just reporting what I have been told by a Uke or two.

      A few years ago, some organization (which I believe was led by Chosenite lawyers) approached Germany for compensation for this slave labor. I have a vague memory of outrage that some of these lawyers made hundreds of millions of $$$ from this project. The loudest complaints apparently were from Chosenites themselves. This might be interesting to look up.

    10. James Morden Says:

      Nazism was zionism. Zionism is judaism.

      Nazism had nothing to do with white nationalism. Anyone that thinks nazism was intended to benefit white Europeans can not have read or understood the history of zionism/judaism.

    11. New America Says:

      George Lenz wrote:
      *snip* Many mistakes were made, including hatred, enslaving and murder of Slavic brothers, aggressive wars against other White Peoples, anti-Christian stand and many others.*snip*

      in reply:
      Bavarian Gauletier’s critique of this passage is quite excellent.

      A few more words might bring further enlightenment.

      One, you can see The Sign of The Yoke – or yamaulka, if you will – when you see praise for NSDAP Germany, “except for ‘Many mistakes were made, including hatred, enslaving and murder of Slavic brothers, aggressive wars against other White Peoples, anti-Christian stand and many others.'”

      At that point, you realize that Kevin Alfred Strom made an excellent point; the Jews have maxed out in their attempts to control the Propasphere, and are trying desperately to coopt what they had described as a bunch of far-our, neo-Nazi kooks.

      That was before they took over American Renaissance, by “Advising” Taylor who he really, really should not have a speaker at future conferences, or even have anything much t do with people named Fromm, and Duke… Taylor mentions the letter they sent him, but does NOT reveal the contents of the letter. I guess that would be a little obvious…

      Why now?


      I have no quarrel whatsoever with an economic analysis that supports the development of a national socialist economic order, supported by an analysis of how and why the current economic system is failing. If you real “Hitler’s Table Talk,” or “My New Order,” you will see the NSDAP Leadership looked at Germany as an autarchic state, providing the basis for a common market for the people of Europa, including a Europe that went to the Urals.

      The comments, “Many mistakes were made, including hatred, enslaving and murder of Slavic brothers, aggressive wars against other White Peoples, anti-Christian stand and many others,” are the sort of backhanded “compliments” that make one wonder.

      Were “mistakes made?”


      One, “…hatred…”

      At Dunkirk, Hitler was far too generous, in the hopes of inspiring racial magnmanity and racial union in the face of what Churchill called the “Judeo-Bolshevik” enemy.

      If Hitler had not been so “merciful,” the West would not have suffered at the merciless hands of the Jew, before, during, and following World War Two.

      To resolve this issue with crystal clarity, paraphrasing Savitri Devi, the problem is not that Hitler was ruthless; the problem is that he was not ruthless enough.

      We won’t make THAT mistake again.

      Two, “…enslaving and murder of Slavic brothers,”

      This has been dealt with by Bavarian Gauletier, among others.

      Three, “..,aggressive wars against other White Peoples,”

      It seems that great Britain was the FIRST to declare war, following the modest German repsonse to the Polish incursion…

      And, the silence of great Britain when the Soviet Union shortyl thereafter invaded Poland is all you need to know about Who was pulling the strings.

      Ask yourself – if Poland had accepted Hitler’s request for access to Danzing, and his offer to build an autobahn AT GERMANY’S EXPENSE, woud Poland have been better off?

      Of course, and in so many ways.

      Four,”…anti-Christian stand…”


      Hitler was a Christian who was disgusted with what Christianity had become at the Institutional level; this, too, was being cleansed of the detrius layered upon it by the Jews and their supporters.

      I don’t see what the gratuitous attack on many aspects of NSDAP Germany have to do with your proposed economic analysis, but, as long as you stick to what you know – economic analysis – and stay away from irrelevant issues, like gratuitous, intellectually unfounded criticism of what was the Last, Best Hope for Western Man, you should do fine.

      Unless, of course, the criticism was simply damning national socialism with faint praise, which is a common tactic of…the Jews.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    12. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re James Morden:

      Are you taking the position of professor Anthony Sutton? ie. that ‘globalist’ industrialists & financiers in Europe and America built up Nazi Germany in order that it be knocked down.

      The same ploy was used against Saddam in the 1st Gulf War.

    13. Agis Says:

      Con-serfatives love jewed finiancial games. ‘Nazis’ and non-kwistans are the epitome of evil. Zionists are ‘fascists’. Diasporic jews are ‘assimilated’ and therefore ‘good’ and (per financial games) ‘successful’ according to the con-serfative.

      If VNN is taken out, look to Amren and the ‘new’ Stormfront and/or the BNP to continue with this useless tact into oblivion.

    14. Stormfart Says:

      stormfront has its positive aspects, but there are too many women there and wimpy men watering it down to an ineffectual drizzle rather than a storm.
      just my opinion.

    15. Angle Says:

      It’s true, they are wimps. And they are sitting in ‘Johnjoytree’s pocket. He pays them substantially. And for his support, they allow him to water down the ideology and associated rhetoric. Looking at NSDAP propaganda, and the massive support it had among the people, I’d say its clear enough it was not a tool of the jews, and rather a populist movement. The jews only move to stigmatize what amounts to the first spiritual victory of a western people against the eternal, genocidal vermin.

    16. Carpenter Says:

      I was surprised by the level of positive reaction, finally settling that it was the result of denial of true Aryan Christianity Spirit to Whites.

      Really, what spirit? Slave morality?

      All those figures added at the end of the essay are a common trick: just add a whole bunch of numbers from some article you’ve read, and people with no knowledge of economics will think you must know what you’re talking about. I am unimpressed.