13 August, 2006

South Afreaka: Monkey Men Demand White Farms

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Niggers never learn – they aren’t capable. Come now the macaques in mccharge of South Africa to announce their intention to take over White farms, just like their fellow bananamen to the north. Successful private and commercial farms run by human professionals will be turned over to simians who can’t farm anything but toenail fungus and crotch crickets. Fields will go from green to brown in short order, as mudmen are incapable of growing anything but mud. Soon we’ll be reading about starvation in South Africa – piteous wails from the same dirty jews who browbeat White South Africans into yielding control in the first place. White man, either you’re on top, or you’re on the bottom. There is no equality. Equality is verbal terrorism, as is every other ostensibly neutral term, including tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism – all of which mean one thing: loxism. The hatred of the jew for the Aryan. Transformation is another wink word, commoner in Europe and South Africa than in the U.S., but becoming more popular here, too. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.

Last Update: Sunday, August 13, 2006. 0:15am (AEST)

S Africa warns white farmers of expropriation

South Africa has told white farmers it may seize their properties under the land restitution program if they fail to agree on a selling price within six months.

The program aims to hand back land or offer financial compensation to black people who were forcibly removed from their ancestral homes under apartheid.

It is part of efforts to correct skewed land ownership created under white minority rule.

President Thabo Mbeki’s Government wants 30 per cent of farm land in black hands by 2014.

But the transfer process has been slow, with only around 4 per cent of land transferred by the restitution program so far.

Agriculture and Land Affairs Minister Lulu Xingwana says wrangling with white land-owners over prices is one of the main reasons for the low turnover.

She has given them a strong warning.


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  7. 6 Responses to “South Afreaka: Monkey Men Demand White Farms”

    1. White Survival Says:

      I can’t wait for the niggers to start starving!!!!!!!

    2. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      When the African population drops, we Rastafarians are prepared to replenish it with U.S. Negroes.

    3. brutus Says:

      It’s obvious that the niggers are offering peanuts for the White farmer’s land. But it’s just not land that we’re talking about here, is it? It’s working farms complete with all improvements and buildings and so forth. It’s not just barren land. It’s highly improved land, and it took many generations of White folk to tame that land into productive farms.

      Those niggers had literally millenniums to build productive farms and they were incapable. And they will also be incapable of running and maintaining a complete farm that’s laid in their laps. This land grab is reprehensible and is in violation of any sense of fairness.

      The White farmers and all White people of South Africa would be morally justified in killing every nigger in that country and to be at war with any country who would try to stop them.

      If such a war were to break out, I would be inclined to join with the White folk of S.A.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      These nigras think that the farms are somehow an act of nature that the Whites took control of by exploiting the nigras.

      And when that country descends further into hell it will be because the Whites exploited the nigras.

      And America will be expected to bail them out (OUR money) because the Whites exploited the nigras.

      And when America follows South Africa into hell, it will be applauded here and abroad because the American Whites exploited the nigras.

      Pure Marxism.

    5. kelly Says:

      Well,niggers….you’ll get what you want,but you’ll lose what you haaaaaaaad!

    6. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      If Whites(and Asians,Arabs etc) wised up and stayed away from Africa,the niggers would be extinct in a generation or two. Those sub-primates would eradicate themselves with disease,tribal genocide and famine. Of course these busybody,guilt ridden Christian assholes,greedy-NWO Crypto-kikes and the KIKES themselves are THE ONLY reason Africans are still in existence anyway…