11 August, 2006

Thomson: Letters

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21 Jewlie 06. Dear C! Many thanks for your great letter of 2 Jewlie 06 & the infomrative enclosures!

It appears that Black-misruled South Africa is going the way of Zimbabwe, & I hope you have your evacuation plans ready when you will need them. I am grateful to you that you can inform the ignorant here & elsewhere about how things really are in South Africa, & not as the Zionists & liberals would like them to be. I benefitted from my Latin American experience as I did from my African experience. Life in Latin America is brief & brutal. In Africa it is even more so, if one fails to grasp his Latin American lessons. The behavior of banana republics taught me how “The Beeg Wann” of the USA operates, even though we must import our bananas. Latin America was where I saw corruption from top to bottom in societies. So far, most U.S. corruption is at the top, but there are signs of it trickling downto the bottom, where I live, so my foreign experience prepares me for life in the Jewnited States of Hysteria. Crime is appearing, even in the midst of relative prosperity, on the part of the drug trade & non-White gang warfare, as occurs in my neighborhood. I live on the border of two mestizo gangs, The Nortenos & the Surenos (The Northerners & The Southerners). The wearing of red or blue is a death-warrant, for it means that one is a gang member, & therefore a legitimate target for those wearing the other color. I’d rather not try wearing both colors, which would be a reason for both gangs to shoot me, in addition to the fact that I am a visible Gringo or White. Maybe I can find some Christian to be my color guinea pig. Then I’ll do a follow up report. Ha! Normal evenings here in Brownest Yakima are heralded by the sounds of sirens & gunshots, rather like the shift-change on the African veld at dusk from the day-birds to the night-birds. If we have a serious economic crisis, crime will loom large in this decadent, savage society. Mestizos are just as vicious as Blacks, but they are much quicker & more aggressive.

Thanks for your attempt to explain Ian Smith’s sellout to Black Marxist Misrule. I’ve heard that version, also, from several sources. My friend, Wilfred Brooks, who was publisher of “Rhodesian Property & Finance”, until Smith put him out of business, told me that Ian Smith was a Communist, ever since he fought with The Red Brigades in northern Italy, after his aircraft was allegedly forced down in that region. Instead of rejoining his R.A.F. group in southern Italy, Smith chose to serve with the Reds, so his role was similar to that of the race-traitor, Vorster. When Vorster allegedly threatened to shut Rhodesia’s water off, &c. why did Ian smith not go to the public in Rhodesia & in South Africa, to let Whites know about it? As far as I know, Rhodesia was more than self-sufficient in water & energy. We exported electricity from our grid to Zambia & Malawi, & we exported our surplus coal to South Africa. A threat from Vorster to cut off those items would not threaten Rhodesian viability at all, as would have been the threat to shut off our oil supply. Even so, that would not excuse Smith from doing his duty as our Prime Minister to inform our electorate, as well as pro-White South Africans. At the very least, that’s what I would have done. Smith sold out all those who had died to prevent the Communist takeover of Rhodesia in the long civil war, so Smith was no freind of Whites.

Yes, the Chinese are spending their worthless jew-I.O.U.s from the USA on raw materials & on North American real estate, which they are buying & occupying. Mandarin is the second language of Canada, according to their latest census in 2000. English is still #1, but not for much longer, if non-White immigration continues at its current rate. The chinese are buying up major jewsmedia, such as TV, radio & newspapers. The Chinese continue to buy up U.S. real estate, for their population has colonized & continues to colonize growing portions of the U.S. east & west coasts. Canada is virtually their colony. The Chinese have the wealth & the numbers to invade & occupy any country on earth. All it takes is for Zionist traitors to open the door for them, as U.S. jews & their stooges have been doing. China has the people to back up its paper-profits, & they definitely want land on which to settle their huge population surplus, preferably, land with abundant natural resources, as in Africa & the Western Hemisphere. First, they obtain economic control, which they transform into demographic & geographic control, as we are beginning to realize in the USA, only too late. The mestizo invasion has distracted us, along with the noisy niggers. As the Chinese say: “Softly, softly catchee monkey.” How amazed they must be, to see all the North American monkeys jumping into their trap! I am not so amazed as I am disgusted, but what else may we expect of a mob of hedonists with illusions like that of “cheap labor?” All the best & ORION! — Eric

Hail D! … I saw “The Battle of Algiers” once, in 1969, although I strongly suspect that it was in 1968. That film on insurgency ties in with two books on the subject, one by Ind & the other by “David Galula,” which sounds to me like a pen-name, as with “Suvorov.” The gist of all 3 features was that counter-insurgent troops must behave like police, not as soldiers. Soldiers keep their distance from people, as our U.S. cops do, who have become quite militarized. Police must keep close to the civilians, like big brothers, in the true sense of the term, rather than the Orwellian sense of menace. Big brother cops have good intelligence sources, for members of the public are not afraid of them. Such police are treated as members of the community, not occupiers, so they are most effective. In “The Battle of Algiers” the actor who plays General Massu tells the French colonial police chief that the insurgency is not a military failure, but a police failure, the failure to gather intelligence. The police chief actor says, “But to get your wish, you’d have to arrest everyone in Algiers!” Cut to the wee small hours of the morning: public squares suddenly fill with U.S.-made military trucks, full of soldiers, who pour out & raid all the buildings where people live. The people are driven into the streets & loaded on the trucks, which take them to mlitary bases for interrogation. That move effectively broke the cell security system, for most, if not all cell members were in detention. The Algerian film-makers admitted that by portraying this tactic used by the French, & by showing that it worked. “Galula” addressed the Algerian war. He described essential ways of breaking the insurgency, which was a national liberation movement. One tactic was to conscript civilians for public works, such as building roads & schools. When everyone has to work, he can’t be working for the insurgents, & he has a good excuse! Another tactic, if I recall correctly, was torecruit Algerians into the French colonial structure, by labelling it as “Algerian.” When one sees himself as an “Algerian” school teacher, &c., he is more receptive to co-option. What’s in a name is indeed important, to normal dummies, & being paid certainly helps! “Galula” stresses the importance of area-control & collective punishment via checkpoints & I.D. cards. If insurgents can infiltrate an otherwise peaceful area, it cannot be controlled. Our borders are a monstrous example of lack of area-control, for if government does not control an area in regard to who enters, then it has no control over what is going on. DUH! The gist of “Galula’s” thesis was to create an “independent” Algerian government by using Algerian frontmen throughout, rather than Frenchmen, but those Algerians would be working for France, not Algieria! We have seen the results: popular leader Ben Bella, was ousted in favor of Boumedien (sp?). When Moslem fundamentalist parties won elections, the elections were nullified by the military government of Algeria. This situation continues, as I understand, & that is why The Battle of Algiers continues, with Algerians on both sides. There is a new twist: France is now a colony of Algeria! Thirty per cent of the French Army is now Moslem, according to one European source.

I heard an interview on NPR jewsradio today. A journalist named “Rix” or “Ricks” has written a book about the U.S. intervention in Iraq entitled “Fiasco!” which he described very well. He opined from his military sources that about one third of the U.S. military in Iraq appears to know what it needs to do, while one third doesn’t give a damn & the other third gives the USA a very bad image. He mentions one jew-criminal after another, including Wolfowitz & Bremer, who were key players in the creation of the present mess. My impression was that the authors of our Iraq Quagmire wanted the USA to behave as brutal bullies who demonstrate their vulnerability to attack. Truly, the enemies of the USA are in command of U.S. forces. Rix (?) said that many U.S. military commanders were very angry at U.S. policies which sacrifice men under their command for worse than nothing. This seems like a recipe for a coup d’etat or mutiny. Stay tuned!

As you say, wider war looms, with th elatest hezbollah-Israel conflict. You note that Hezbollah’s attack relieved jew pressure on the imprisoned Palestinians to some extent. If the Moslems ever get their act together, ZOG will be a-hurtin’, for certain! In “Usrael,” Moslem protestors & jew supporters of the sheeny-slaughter of Lebanese civilians seem equally divided, while dumb Goyim stand aside to chew their cuds, with no apparent curiosity in regard to what will befall them. It appears that the jews’ low estimation of us is largely true. “If it comes from a jew, we MAKE it true!” Oink! Moo! Ba-ah!

Wider war will mean, at the very least, soaring oil prices, according to Ricks, but will oil take a backseat to other crises? Stay tuned! Why pay high prices for gas if you can be shot or blown up right there where you are? No need to drive where those things happen, just as a stingy Scotsman like me would prefer. Hoot mon! If I get killed, I won’t have to spend any money for the outcome.

Referring to plunder, I heard that it used to be the reward for victorious men & officers, a share of the prize or booty. It may have been around Napoleon’s time that medals were awarded, rather than a portion of the plunder, whihch went to the state, instead of the warriors. Such a deal! The USSR went all the way by issuing medals for “Heroes of Production,” tended to work & they pretended to pay us.” I told him that I was shocked, shocked at such cynicism. You mean, the stuff I was taught in Boy Scouts omitted some things? Aargh!

As you observe, plunder in the form of wealth & women remains perfectly viable & desirable in the coming real world. Idealism has proved itself for suckers & sheeple (same thing). Remember how people fought to “save the Union,” after fighting for the Bank of England-style “independence”? Then a new bunch of suckers fought to “make the world safe for democracy & to end war.” That scam worked so well that some members of the same batch fought for FDR’s “Four Freedoms.” How many, for how long, will fight for such illusions? We know that “freedom is not free,” for future generations are earmarked as debt-slaves to pay for the war loans which now shackle us all. As Orwell wrote: “Freedom is Slavery!” So let’s hear the Goy Cheer: “DUUH!”

Trust the blightwing to hop into ZOG’s trap, which may be sprung whenever ZOG so desires. Who are “we” fighting in Iraq, besides “Terrorists?” “Insurgents!” At least Metzger did not think “Al Qaeda Network” was a nifty way of rocking ZOG’s boat (& sinking his!). Politics is a matter of timing. To continue to do what WE USED TO DO in these times is a sign of folly. Blightwingers need to read what happened to dissidents in the USA after 1941. The Sedition Trials were mild in comparison to ZOG’s present entitlements. I know that the ZOG will do whatever it decides to do, no matter what, but I object to all the blightwing bluster. If I have a pack of bubblegum, and I ‘clever’ to call it a “gun”? If I am one lone keyboard-pecker, amd I being clever to call myself an “army”? … I think [Metzger] has don lots of good work, if he could just keep from sabotaging himself. In my considered opinion, based on my own experience, Thomas Chittum’s advice to “keep yer head down” is most appropriate. We should not be surprised if those who stick their heads up get them chopped off. I have taken big chances, which were bigger ones than I thought at the time, thanks to 20-20 hindsight, so when I see others taking such chances so carelessly, I wonder about their sanity &/or intelligence. Maybe they should practice by crossing streets with their eyes closed. They might even survive, but flinging themselves upon the fixed bayonets of the ZOG is likely to prove otherwise. ZOG does not see such intended humor in an equally playful manner.

So de Valera’a advice really ruined the IRA’s covert strength by bringing it into the open. Covington gave such advice in Rhodesia, which I said was wrong at the time, but I went along with it, since we really had nothing to lose in a land consigned for sellout to Black Marxist Misrule, as we all knew. When we returned to North America, I told him that playtime was over, as I told hiim recently. yes, he may be a harmful, lone-nut eccentric, but there may be method to his consistent ‘madness.’ We shall see in due course, ZOG willing.

Thanks for distinguishing Troy Southgate from Nick Griffin. Both men are equally worthless political prostitutes. My correspondence broke off with Southgate when I mentioned a biography on Queen Eliziabeth’s jewish background from her mother, the former Sally Bowes-Lyons of jewish teahouse fame. I guess the truth was too much for him to handle. Jared Taylor, who deems jews “White,” appears to praise Griffin for doing likewise. Not only are they “trimmers,” but also infiltrators, & traitors to the cause they purport to represent.

As you say, those who succumb to the “equality” scam are actually empowering others over themselves. Look at “Equal Rights” for Blacks, women & queers: How quickly “equality” evolved into superiority! Ian Smith of Rhodesia blabbered about “power-sharing.” I said that you have it or you don’t. It cannot be shared. Obviously, I was right & Smith was a liar. Yes, material abundance tends to produce fatheads. Perhaps hunger will focus our minds, as with the prospect of hanging. We shall see how decadent savages cope with oncoming crises: flight or fight? Or pee and flee? Keep yer head down! — E.T.

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    1. Mike Says:

      Now, I may look unusually dense, but it`s worth it. I understand, that what Mr E.T. writes is part of private comms, but since the demise of FAEM I have not stumbled into any place of `his` aside from VNN. Is there such a place? Great loss to readers.


      Both to Mr E.T. and the party making it accessible. You don`t need to `splain, I don`t need to know…:)

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