2 September, 2006

Alex Linder Hottest Mass. Teen!

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[Up until about a decade ago, it was unheard of to name girls “Alex.” But of course it is in keeping with Semitical Correctness to make every name epicene. Congratulations to Linder, who is certainly an attractive young woman.]

Not just a pretty face
By Jennifer Mann
Thursday, August 24, 2006 – Updated: 12:47 PM EST

It was classic Cinderella with a contemporary twist.

Arlington’s Alex Linder didn’t quite fit the mold as she took her first stab at a beauty pageant, arriving at the Burlington Marriott with a $100 dress, a cream-colored conservative number from Lord & Taylor with spaghetti straps and clean lines across the chest and hem.

The other girls’ dresses featured “plunging necklines and huge slits,” she recalled, juxtaposed with her own, untrained approach: “I went really simple through the whole thing.”

Linder’s mother, Jocelyn Siccone, watched girls trailed by personal hairdressers as they paced the halls of the hotel, calculating what it would take to become the next National American Miss. These were prima donnas who had been groomed for pageantry – this being just another platform to prove they’ve got “it.”


  • 11 Responses to “Alex Linder Hottest Mass. Teen!”

    1. Bardamu Says:

      It must be a shock to her system when she googles her name. Poor Alex. LOL.

    2. jackumup Says:

      the face doesn’t match the voice

    3. maugg Says:

      I’m waiting for the inevitable “she looks like a Jew” comment.

      C’mon, Abzug, I’m waiting!

    4. brutus Says:

      How far will the jew push the masculinization of our women? For the past couple of decades they have co-opted men’s names.

      It’s just a matter of time before the jew will convince women to name their daughters after male body parts.

      Ah yes, I can see it all now. 2015 Academy Award winner Scrotum Anne McGee for best male/female lead in Disney’s blockbuster hit, Cum Splatter. Accepting the award for Scrotum, is Ms. Butchie Ball Smith and her bitch, Mr. George Wimpler.

      As a result, the name of Scrotum Anne will appear on 12 million female birth certificates.

    5. eNZedBlue Says:

      “Alex” has always been an epicene name, derived from a shortening of either “Alexander” or “Alexandra”.

    6. David Prospero Says:

      You are correct eNZedBlue. Nevertheless, I think the point being made was in the way the name has been traditionally shortened for males while the full name of Alexandra has been used for females, and how the jews continually push the degenderizing of society through their control of the media.

    7. tattoo-bob Says:

      Just remember, she didn’t name herself. Perhaps the blame should be placed elsewhere.

    8. Carpenter Says:

      Let me see how many men’s names I can remember hearing in movies, used for female characters….


    9. jackumup Says:

      no matter what name she is still more beautiful than any Jewess

    10. JimSummers Says:

      I honestly never thought I’d live to see the day when honest VNN’ers wanted Alex Linder’s bush but it appears that day has finally arrived. Wotan help us!

    11. brewster Says:

      Congradulations, Alex!