13 September, 2006

Fighting Loxism in Britain

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The Tomes Reply to the Times report —

By John Bayldon

Police accused of inaction as

anti-Gentile alliance emerges

A reply to the so called ‘Cross parliamentary committee report’

A SINISTER alliance has developed between far-Right government groups and Jewish extremists who are united in their hatred of Gentiles, Britain, and freedom, and are contributing to increasing anti-Gentilism in Britain.

A report criticises police forces for failing adequately to monitor anti-British incidents. It calls on the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate why fewer than one in ten reported incidents of non white on white violence and murder, receives a mention by the police and press or even leads to a prosecution, whereas in every incident where whites are implicated, the police and media scream ‘racist crime’, and while property attacks on that of the indigenous whites, receives such derisory attention by either the police or the media that few people even bother to report it, the merest childish prank, or even an unguarded word or glance is always and in every case regarded by the Jews and their manipulated politicised, police force and media as evidence of anti-Semitism, leading inevitably to the establishment of British gas chambers.

The report, in response to a fake report on ‘Anti-Semitism’ The ‘Cross Parliamentary report on anti-Semitism’ (The fake report) [1] was published after the latest atrocities by the Jewish state, from its bloody assault on Lebanon, to its increased murder of Palestinian civilians and their democratically elected Hammas government, has naturally, led to questioning of, and even worldwide revulsion to, the Jewish state.

It says that Britain’s 300,000 Jews are more anxious than ever to suppress any reasoned discussion leading to criticism of the Jewish terror state, and therefore call upon the massive power and influence they wield, through organisations such as their ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ an organisation, (the British counterpart to the notorious American AIPAC) of which, Britain’s hated PM, Blair is an obedient member, to render the Gentiles more vulnerable to abuse and attack for daring to think or speak, than at any other time for a generation or longer.

It refers to “anti-Semitic discourse”, defined by the Jews as a “widespread change in mood and tone when Jews are discussed, whether in print or broadcast, at universities, or in public or social settings”. All of which they intend to render illegal, enforced by a compliant government and politicised police force against the population of Britain in much the same manner that tanks, bulldozers and F-16 bombers are used to suppress dissent among the indigenous Arabs, in the Jewish terror state of Israel.

“They’re all against us” Again.

But it notes that the Jews express particular concern about what they see as a new, relationship between the traditional perpetrators of free speech, the patriotic Right and the socialist Left, together with some Islamicists, some Christians, many Humanists, Liberals and Secularists, and the middle class, the working class, the intellectuals, the Peace movement, actors and musicians, writers and artists, renegade Conservatives and anti Zionist Jews, MI5/ MI6 and government whistle blowers, Old Labourites, Respect, and other extremists who, they claim, are “all against us just like everyone else on earth and united in their hatred of all things Jewish.”

It found that the Jews cited and objected to Arabic translations of Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion


being stocked in Arabic bookshops in London. This, they claim, is ‘tantamount to blatant freedom of thought and clearly threatens our monopoly of history’.

Of particular concern mentioned in the fake inquiry was the outbreak of free expression on campuses, despite the influence as such as the Mossad backed ‘Searchlight’ group, and the Zionist ‘Campus watch’ etc, with literature being distributed that rejected Zionist calls for the killing of Arabs, Gentiles and Persians and the destruction of Iran, as constantly advocated for half a century and more, by the Israeli leadership and its supporters, and on the contrary, they allege, calls for the killing of the illegal invaders and occupiers of their land, in conformity with ‘right to resist’ in international law. (But denounced as ‘terrorism’ under the illegal ‘law’ of the terrorist invader/ occupiers)

The fake report published today, calls on the British Government, the media, academics, politicians and community leaders to outlaw all and every expression to which the Zionists object as being anti-Semitic.

It recommends that an interdepartmental task force be set up to combat free speech and thought, as in Eastern Germany under the notorious Stasi, the Gentiles spying on each other, and supervised by Zionist agents, involving local government. It calls for more research into the techniques of excusing and explaining away any correlation between the actions of Jews in Britain and their support for Jewish murderers in the Middle East. As a precursor to this, all police forces should be required to record un-approved speech it says.

The fake report, the so called ‘All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Anti-Semitism’ was set up last year by a group of Zionists and neocons, allied to the Israeli government, to head off criticism of the Jewish state, In anticipation of its planned atrocities against the Arabs in the run up to the slaughter of the Persians by Israeli nuclear weapons.

None of the 14 members of the panel is Jewish of course, but the format is familiar; a collection of committed Zionists with a long record of anti free speech, present a pre digested and biased dictates under the pretence of an objective report, designed to scare off establishment figures who may be inclined towards humanitarian criticism of Israel, by associating them with ones whom the Jews portray as ‘anti Semites’.

The fake report therefore, targets the last avenue of non Jewish controlled free speech; the internet, with the proposal that it be made an offence to download material which they claim, ‘could incite racial or religious hatred’[2] Which will involve the police regarding anyone who has access to a computer as a suspect, and millions at work or home, living in fear that the police may bash down their door at any time, and remove the equipment.

The above is part of a long term plan, since, the neocons instituted the lunatic McPherson report or ‘Humpty Dumpty report’ as it is known, which reverses all concepts of justice by the view that a racist act is defined by its victim, not by whether a perpetrator considers himself racist- (‘Words mean whatever I tell them to mean, neither more nor less.’ Proclaimed Humpty-Dumpty- Alice in wonderland) While ‘anti-Semitism’ is defined in the report as [2] “any remark, insult or act, the purpose or effect of which is to violate a Jewish person’s dignity or create an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for him”.

Examples in the fake report include perceived insults, neo-Nazi graffiti and Jews being attacked on their way to synagogue.

This conflation of trivia, the true report states, with the ghastly and horrific scenes of racist murder of thousands of Arab Lebanese and Palestinians, Christians, Muslims and secular, civilians, medics, aid workers, men women children and babies by Jewish soldiers, operating Jewish-state, owned American tanks, aircraft, howitzers, battleships and land mines, is in itself, clearly the most blatant example of anti-Gentilism.

Since anyone who claims to be a member of the human race is appalled by the scenes of inhuman savagery by the Jewish state and its proxies, and when such is set against the minor upset some Jews may feel at the chore of re setting a fallen grave headstone, or wiping off a spray painted swastika, whether the vandalism was done by ‘anti-Semites’, vandals, children, or even, as has happened in the past, by Jews themselves, is in itself upsetting and degrading to gentile sensibilities, since it infers that the feelings of Jews are proportionally so much more important than those of non Jews, even to the extent of being insignificant.

As if the suffering of Arabs in seeing their children blasted to pieces, times a thousand such cases, is in any way comparable to a Jew obliged to scrub paint off a headstone. This is an insult to every Gentile.

However, since heretofore anti-Gentilism has not been recognised as an offence, in the manner that has so called ‘anti-Semitism’, the report therefore calls on the government to recognise this, in parity with the well known offence of ‘anti-Semitism’, whereby, in accordance with the McPherson Report, any Gentile who feels in any way resentful of a Jew or Jews, as ‘victim of a racist act’ may have proper recourse in law.

In the fake report the author Howard Jacobson a career seeker-out of anti Semitism, and presumably the sort of person who they consulted, wrote in his submission of “a certain grinding, low level of anti-Semitism all Jews learn to live with”.

However, he significantly failed to give details of his perception, so presumably this ‘grinding low level of anti-Semitism’ comes from the Gentiles he meets in Britain, and one is left to wonder whether it is more ‘grinding’ or at a lower level than is the anti- Arabic-Semitism one encounters through life from Jews towards Arab Semites as a matter of course. [3] Or whether his ‘anti-Semitism’ is at a ‘lower level’ than the level of anti Gentilism a Gentile encounters in the Jew state of Israel? And how about Jacobson’s ‘learns to live with’ seemingly he has not yet learned, or should that be ‘learns to live on’? As, from his writing, he appears to make a tidy living from ‘anti-Semitism.’

Our report finds, not a ‘grinding low level’ of anti-Gentilism’ and anti Britishness in the Jewish owned media of Hollywood, Press, TV and the media- particularly the BBC, but an astronomically high level of anti-Gentilism by these agencies, with denigration of British people, amounting to an insidious and long running campaign of hatred towards all things Gentile and British.

The report cites the reaction of foreigners in Britain, amused and amazed that such total denigration of Britishness by a self defined and appointed alien people is permitted and even encouraged by the natives themselves.

Our report submits that much of this rolling hatred is covered by McPherson as:

“any remark, insult or act, the purpose or effect of which is to violate a Gentile person’s dignity or create an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for him”.

Such definition would encompass such as the familiar Jewish hate labels directed at ‘The Goyim’ such as ‘The Goyim’ (Cattle) or ‘Fascist’ / ‘Nazi’ ‘Anti-Semite’ (the latter especially when used against one who likes Arabs (Semites)) or ‘Racist’ as an insulting and humiliating hate epithet against the Gentile when acting or speaking in support of his own race or nation.

It therefore calls for parity of the Gentiles with that of the Jews in law, and the setting up of an independent committee to investigate and report on the matter.

The Fake inquiry claims to have uncovered calls for the killing of Jews in the name of a ‘radical ideology’ or ‘extremist religion’ and the ‘demonisation of Jews’ through ‘conspiracy and Holocaust denial’, though- as ever these remain characteristic, Zionist hate rhetoric, and unsubstantiated claims, as is the standard, article of faith, ‘Holocaust denial’ device, thrown against any historian who dares to investigate holocaust claims, and now becoming as warn out from overuse as a ‘Shut-you-up’ as the hate labels; ‘Nazi’ and ‘Fascist’ have.


As the above Israeli sponsored bespoke report, demands the curtailment of ‘radical ideology and extremist religion’ so, for parity with our Jewish brethren, do we in this report.

While they demand that such as Islamic teaching centres, mosques, Christian churches, nationalist organisations, funding organisations, schools and all other Gentile and non Jewish organisations be opened up, investigated and assessed by the Jews as to their ‘radicalism’ and ‘extremism’, support for/ by radical groups, so should all Jewish organisations, synagogues, Talmud Torahs, books, schools, government offices etc, for evidence of, ’extremist religion’ and ‘radical ideology’, or funding and support of / by extremist groups, in Britain or overseas, foreign government (Israel) connections, hate speech and such.

Yet there is a significant difference between the aims of the two reports:

While the fake report seeks and demands superior rights for Jews over the Gentile population in this, a land of the Gentiles, increasing the rights of the former at the expense of the latter, our report does not seek superior rights for the majority, Gentile population over the Jewish minority. Nor does it concern itself with seeking- less still, demanding, either superior, nor even equal rights for Gentiles and Jews in the Jew’s own land- Israel, where Jews remain free to do as they have done for over half a century: to terrorise, butcher, maim, imprison, abduct, murder, humiliate, enslave, racially abuse and ethnically cleanse and victimise the native Arab population, and its democratically elected representatives as the fancy takes them, without hindrance from non existent Gentile pressure groups.

While they may claim that opponents of Zionist terror, in a pathetic gesture against what is the world’s Fourth largest military and nuclear power, and the worlds largest financial one, have spray painted swastikas on a headstone, this does not seem to have upset or inhibited the Zionist regime in Israel, any more than the continuing Israeli blood-fest there, inhibits the near universal support of Britain’s Jewish population for the murderous actions of their fellows in Israel.

Our report does not seek parity in this ‘Devine right to kill’, only parity in our one and only land with the Jews, who anyway have at least one other land of their own to go to, while we, the Gentiles have not.

The fake also claims to divine a ‘tendency to compare Israeli policies to those of the Nazis, and to hold Jews collectively responsible for the actions of Israel.’

(We respectfully request the reader to re- read the above)

This (above) statement in the fake, gave our panel some difficulties, and also amusement:

Were we really supposed to believe that the authors had uncovered some surprising revelation, in a ‘tendency to compare the brutal and racist actions of a state with similar behaviour by Nazis, when nazis and Nazism, largely through the relentless effort of Jewish media propagandists, is established in the public mind as the ‘gold standard’ of evil, to the extent that any one of the countless millions whom the Jews hate and wish to kill may be described in their media as being ‘Like Hitler’ or ‘Another Hitler’.

It would seem extremely unsurprising therefore, that a Gentile population, spoon fed from birth on such a diet, should notice similarities between National Socialist militarism and racism. and Israeli Jewish militarism and racism.

Recipients of the Hitler tag include Saddam Hussein and Mahmoud Amadinejad.

As the lunacy of intemperate comparison inevitably gathers momentum, even a whole geographic area becomes the target: ‘Iran like Hitler’ Ran the headline of SA News 24 (29/04/2006) Ehud Olmert, the frothing-mouth, comb over clown, has been screeching hate against Iran for years, but this must rank as the prime display of psychopathic, hatred of biblical style and disproportionality: Thereby, hurling hatred not only at the Persian leadership, but, presumably against all its people, men, women and babies, animals, buildings and even the very land itself.

“Without mercy put to death every man and woman, every child and baby at the breast, every ox and sheep, camel and ass.”-1Samuel 15:3

And against the Jews ancient enemy Babylon- now Iraq:

“Every one that is found shall be thrust through; and every one that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword. Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished.” (Isaiah 13:15-16)

(Note the extra special demonic vileness in the phrase ‘dashed to pieces before their eyes’ above. The poor, Gentile victims of this Jew evil, not only tortured and killed, but their last sight was to see their own children murdered. How could anyone be more evil than to rejoice in this?)

Possibly his madness is due to the poor, creature being mentally unhinged or ‘radicalised’ by his ‘extremist religion’ (as above) or especially that part of it which rejoices in ‘Purim’ the celebration of the mass murder of Persians- (modern Iran), and which seems to be the motivation of those who seek a nuclear attack in the near future to achieve the extermination of the hated Persian race.

As an aid memoir, we repeat the relevant text of the fake dossier:

‘tendency to compare Israeli policies to those of the Nazis, and to hold Jews collectively responsible for the actions of Israel.’

In examples too numerous to mention, the Jewish press maintains the collective guilt of the German nation for the Nazi’s alleged Holocaust crime, from time to time extending this ‘guilt’ to the Vatican, Christians in general, the Poles and just about everyone else who failed to speak out against the ‘Holocaust’ or the walling in of the Warsaw ghetto.

It seems only reasonable in this light for Gentiles to similarly hold the Jews to their own standard of judgement, and criticise those Jews who fail to speak out against the daily Zionist holocaust, or the walling in of the entire Palestinian people, more still, when many Jews, even perhaps the majority, actively support the ongoing holocaust, as the Zionists claim.

The Palestinians are regularly punished – slaughtered for ‘collective guilt’ and currently being starved to death for the collective guilt of democratically voting for a Hammas government, while the civilian population of Lebanon has been decimated as collective punishment allegedly for the actions of HisbAllah.

After much deliberation and jocularity, we finally decided that the bland inclusion of this ridiculous quotation was simply a matter of what the Jews call ‘Jewish chutzpah’, the much used psychological trick of making a statement so blatantly stupid or contrary to reality and truth, that the Gentile mind, both trained by experience and genetically formed, to expect reasonableness and logic in the statements of others, is literally stunned into submissive acquiescence and acceptance.

This was described by Hitler as the Jewish ‘Big Lie’ technique.

A modified version of this cozenage is the ‘Nebbish abroad’ trick, and can be seen employed on TV by many skilled, Jewish practitioners:

The interrogator, after establishing his false bona fides as a harmless, gawkish dimwit, then makes a statement or asks a question, on so obvious a matter and such vast scope, that the unwary victim in replying to the obvious, will hopefully be tricked into (say) transgressing thought crime law, while the interviewer is shielded from any charge of incitement to hate speech by both his Jewish ness and his feigned innocence act- “Well I only asked…”

Not in our name

We call upon all Jews of good intent to join us in rejecting Zionism, the bible and Talmud, and all such superstition and bogus history, together with foreign interference in British life, especially the anti Gentile machinations of Zionism and the Israeli state, and to work with us in Britain to promote an equality of opportunity, human rights and mutual respect.

John Bayldon


International Council of Jewish and Gentile Atheists for Peace and Cooperation. ICJGAPC or

‘J-GAP’. London 11/ 09/2006

[1] Chaired by the MP Denis MacShane (Formerly Denis Matyjaszek) member of the sinister Henry Jackson society, an American neocon Zionist front of the CIA, and patronised by such as William Kristol and Rupert Murdoch and Sir Richard Dearlove, ex head of the British secret service. Together with such other pro Zionist members as Ian Duncan Smith- Conservative Friends of Israel, there was clearly no way that the report was going to be objective or honest, and anything more than a deceitful, Zionist attack on free speech, which is the reason that we decided to make this true report on the report.

In our view, the essential and chilling core of the fake report is the demand it makes for local authorities and the police to monitor and control free expression, in this one can perceive the bolstering of all the many Jewish surveillance groups such as ‘campus watch’ Nazi watch’ ‘net watch’ ‘Islam watch’ and all the many Zionist ‘watch’ programmes which spy on the Gentles, since there are just too few Jews to go round. Therefore an organised Stasi network of gentile spies, leading inevitably to approval committees with sanctions and obligatory formal application to publish.

We dearly hope that you, as we, felt a sensation of outrage when reading the recommendations and observations in the fake report, because if the public cease to feel; ‘who the holy** do these people think they are? When confronted with such blatant manipulation, then we shall truly be what the Zionists call us ‘Cattle’.(Goyim) and deserving of their contempt and manipulation.

The plain fact is that if alien people cannot abide our British ways and live in conformity with British laws, then they should get the hell out of Britain.

We suggest that the reader check up on the following for their selves:

Denis MacShane Mp. Henry Jackson society. The program for the new American Century. (PNAC)

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