7 September, 2006

Important Thoughts, Financial and Economic Advice

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By George Lenz

Today’s post will deal with choosing the right payment card, and general characteristics of credit and debit cards.

What is a credit card? It is basically an instrument that allows a client to use a pre-approved bank credit line at a fixed cost in form of the annual service fee. If a client pays off his credit line in full each month, he carries no further cost; if not, he pays a double-digit annual percentage rate (APR) on the unpaid balance. Credit cards are bad choice for a number of reasons:

1. High interest rates. Interest rates on credit cards are comparatively high, starting from 12% up to as much as 24% APR. Thus, the cost of carrying a balance is punitive.

2. “Living beyond your means” mentality. Credit cards destroy the connection between what a man earns and what a man can afford. They teach that it is unnecessary to earn before consuming – thereby encouraging irresponsibility. Credit cards are especially bad for the youth: each year in the U. S. hundreds of thousands of young credit card users have to declare bankruptcy because of unpaid credit card debts.

3. Ease of fraud. It is relatively easy to commit credit card fraud, and while direct responsibility of the clients is limited to USD 50 in most cases, indirectly fraud adds to already high interest rates and fees.

In conclusion, one should not take up a credit card: its risks far outweigh its usefulness.

What is a debit card? It is an instrument that withdraws money from your account and transfers money into a merchant’s account. The client pays the annual service fee and a small transaction fee. Debit cards are a good choice for a number of reasons:

1. There is no interest rate or late fee attached to a debit card.

2. It does not create “living-beyond-your-means” mentality: One should first earn money in order to spend it.

3. There is significantly lower chance of fraud attached to debit card, partly because clients tend to watch debit cards more closely.

Thus, one should always take a debit card. Which debit card is the best? Two good ones are Visa check card and Master Card debit card. I have both of them, and I have to say they are not much different, though I am a bit biased towards Visa. The choice of specific debit card program between these two depends on your location.

There are things that could still improve the characteristics of debit cards: one of them would be to extend Fair Credit Billing Act consumer protection to debit cards; the second would be to adopt the Fair Credit Bill, to prohibit taking commissions on payments by debit cards from clients. Both proposals were discussed in Congress, but the powerful banking and financial lobby, which likes to overcharge Americans on credit cards interest rates, so far has blocked them.

* * *

Last time I was writing on our enemies, this time I will try to outline our friends. In my opinion, there are five such groups: nationalists, patriots, republicans, conservatives and fundamentalists.

Who is nationalist? A nationalist is a person who loves his Race and his Volk, its culture and traditions, and protects them from from alien influences. There are White Nationalists, who like their Race the most, and ethnic Nationalists, who love their Volk the most: generally these two loves do not conflict. A nationalist has a special place in a White Nationalist Movement

Who is a patriot? A patriot is a person who loves his country and protects it from all enemies, foreign and domestic. A patriot is always welcome in a White Nationalist Movement.

Who is a republican? A republican is a person who adheres to the American tradition of natural and common law, republican political institutions and principles. Here we need to differentiate between an ideological republican, and a member of a democratic neoconservative U.S. Republican party: that party has nothing in common with modern republicanism. A republican is welcome in a White Nationalist Movement.

Who is a conservative? A conservative is a person who adheres to traditional White mores and customs. Here we need to distinguish between conservatives and neo-conservatives, who are democrats that go by another name. A conservative is welcome in a White nationalist movement.

Who is a fundamentalists? A fundamentalists is a true and earnest believe in the supra-natural, who literally adheres to a particular religious teaching. So far a White Nationalist Movement has been unable to engage the huge potential of American Protestant Christianity, in huge contrast with the Islamic world, where young revolutionaries in the 1950s and 1960s managed to frame their struggle for Freedom and Justice in religious terms, attracting thousands of followers and making their success possible. We need, in my humble opinion, to double our effort in this field and convert these Christians into Christian Soldiers and Knights, through active promotion of Christian Identity Belief in traditions of Pastor Butler and others. We also need to engage the potential of Muslim anti-ZOG fighters in their native countries and our lands against our enemies, while at the same time preparing their repatriation to their Homeland: only together can we destroy the combined power of our enemies. A fundamentalist is welcome in White Nationalist Movement.

* * *

Silver and gold are flat, oscillating around 600 USD and 12 USD respectfully. I expect rebound of silver prices to13 USD by the end of next week. USD/EUR exchange rate is at 1.28, still in 1.25-1.30 corridor, basically because of the coordination of ECB and FRS monetary policies that has already increased the inflation rate in Europe by 0,3% this year. I still keep a long euro position opened, and advise you to do the same.

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  7. 10 Responses to “Important Thoughts, Financial and Economic Advice”

    1. Lee Luttrell Says:

      Careful George! This is VNN…..If you talk about Christian Identity around here…you better Whisper and Tiptoe when you do it.

    2. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      Re: Self-Important Thoughts

      There is no “White Nationalist Movement”.

      Almost all of you openly trade with, and economically support, the occupying cartel. There is a war of extermination going on against your families, and virtually all of you send boxes of $ammo$ to the enemy on a daily basis.

      Your fuhrer is Jim Varney. (But he’s not coming back, either.)

      Meanwhile, Heidi slides up and down on Seal’s dick.

      Have another Miller, turn on the tube to see if the Schlickstein’s have bought the Raiders.


    3. jimbo Says:

      good stuff on crdt & dbt cards…….but: re: republicunts, (kosher)conservatives and fundies…..especially: the latter!

      how can xian fundies ever be sympathetic to the aims & objectives of white nationalists and/or national socialists?

      the ‘semi-divine’ status of the kike is a mental block that they can never over-come AFA i can determine?!

      equally so: their self-imposed delusion(s) concerning ‘the equality of man’

      also: these ppl hv mental blocks AFA ‘naming the kike is concerned’
      (‘name the kike and they take FRIGHT!’)

      any-one who appreciates the true nature of the jew (let alone, the genetic inferiority of the nigg contra the white man) would, it seems to me, have to cease being a xian fundie…..OTW: yr gunna hv a bad attack of intellectual schizophrenia!

      CI: maybe: but: if you objectively examine the beliefs of CI then, they have effectively stopped taking the jd-xian Bible literally (or, AFA i can tell even seriously!) and, so, may as well go all the way to National Socialism!

      CI is, AFAIMC, basically ‘a ½-way house‘ to full blown white supremicism……again: you just can’t believe logically contradictory things……the first law of logical thought says: ‘a statement/proposition cannot be both True and False at the same time and in the same circumstances’

      true republicans and conservatives (contra: republicunts & [kosher]conservatives) definitely have potential AFA WN goes.

      my rule of thumb now is basically not to dismiss ANY groups of white people ‘out of hand’ but to engage in a sifting/educative process AFA time constraints & the situation allows.

      that’s not to say, of course, that a time will come and may well come soon when yr either gunna hafta to be with us or against us:
      there’s simply not gunna be the time or the resources to engage in ‘re-education’ programmes in the thick of a race war!

    4. Larry Says:


      If you were writing this message to the low IQ Negros, I’d say you were correct. But, to address this advice to high IQ Whites, misses some very savvy points.

      There are great advantages to using a credit card IF you pay off the entire balance every month.

      First, the float. You get to use other people’s money for the duration of the transaction. You have the item and the cash until you pay the bill. Depending upon your cash flow, that can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars on every day of the year.

      You get more buyer protection with a credit card purchase. If the item is defective, you have the right to dispute the charge and stop payment until the dispute is resolved. You can’t do this with a debit card because the merchant already has your cash.

      You can get a credit rating from a credit card. Most debit card issuers don’t rate.

      Yes you can get in trouble with credit cards, but not if you’re smart. Rental car companies and other users of credit bureau services are using an individual’s credit rating as a surrogate for IQ. A high credit rating implies a smart, responsible person.

      Use credit, but use it wisely. It can make you money.

    5. -JC Says:

      And I guess that’s the rub I have with not only VNN but with America: They think they understand everything at their tender age and experience and feel free to arrogantly insult the beliefs of others. Reminds me of flying– or motorcycling. You fly under the power lines when you are in your 30’s, over them in your 30’s, and are considering quitting altogether in your 50’s, because– unlike adolescents– you realize that you need to be careful with your life– that it can end prematurely. That is why the 18 year old vote and voting by those without property was a mistake: “Nothing to lose.”

      If it serves some purpose other than making you feel important, and you can afford to alienate those who might otherwise fight back-to-back with you, go right ahead. Frankly, I’ve met few Christian-bashers who read the Archo Volume or have any clue how they’ve been set up to misunderstand and scorn White man, Jesus Christ. From what I can tell, much so called Christian Identity is as riddled with superstition, disinformation, and crypto half-breeds as Catholicism but that doesn’t mean to throw out the baby with the bath water.

      You are either a builder or a destroyer. Mencken is entertaining because he is intelligent and appeals to many people; I’ve read most of what he wrote including his correspondence with Sara, which is not only anti-Christian but funny. The democratic party– dominated as it was in his time by a relatively stupid KKK, quite unlike that of ostensibly Christian Nathan Bedford Forrest , once head of a KKK that effectively resisted the horrors of Reconstruction. It is said that a tire, war weary, Christian, Robert E. Lee, turned down the job offer and nominated Forrest in his stead.

      Today’s democrats are neo-democrats compared to that era in which Thomas Jefferson was regarded as a “classical liberal.” The neo-conservatism that apparently began ineffectively with Ronald Reagan is the opposite of what conservatism meant for many, many years.

      Today’s evangelical Christians– “happy, clappy Christians,” what my mother called Holy Rollers, supporting Israel, sending money rabbis who claim to be repatriating the last of the Jews in Russia to Zion, and otherwise making fools of themselves are an easy mark. Christians like some of the more notable Founding Fathers and the 2% or less of the patriots that started the American Revolution were, don’t forget, a different breed of cat.

      Consider the unwashed, flea-bitten majority that congregated to gawk and jeer at the public hangings, drawing & quartering, and beheadings– and sometimes burnings at the stake– of patriots who were often Christians who would not bow to tyrants. but for the morality and character of a few men who were, in fact, Christian or at least deist, we would not have the opportunity to be here doing what we are, today.

      I submit that you cannot believe what you hear from preachers for profit any more than from patriots for profit– particularly half-breed preachers– regarding the racial underpinning of Christianity. What do you suppose all that genealogy is about in the Bible?

      In the 50’s, when I was attending public school in Northern Virginia, literally in the shadow of the Custis-Lee mansion, we were taught in small, mostly White classes, by White teachers who played the piano and taught us to sing, taught us to behave ourselves, and taught us manners– respect for others, and that we came from the Fertile Crescent– the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. There was however a clear separation of church and state even in those days, the deliberate misinterpretation of Virginian Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists withstanding. We were not taught from the Bible or with an apparent religious bias but there was no social agenda to the teaching of history. Lee, you know, was offered the command of the Union army but declined the commision in favor of fighting with his people. It was still okay to be a Southerner when I attended government schools, likely becuase an educated, moral public would not have put up with anything else. It was modern anthropology that taught an African genesis for “all of mankind” and that races differentiated as a result of evolution. Some reject and some embrace both theories. But it is a characteristic of youth– or I should say immaturity– to reject something out of hand that that has produced so much of value that you have not carefully considered.

      That was the fruit of a relatively long, postwar, golden age of prosperity in America, in which the automatic washing machine, etc., came into the home. It was also only the beginning of the end of property via the home mortgage, because earlier generations were taught the biblical injunction AGAINST against paying ususry to bankers. Not exactly a Jewish doctrine.

      There were still polite, moral, upstanding, belles, that you would be pleased to marry and have mother your children, there and then, too. Consider the dilemma of the transparently un-Christian times in which we live, the abundance of so called churches preaching all manner of perversion and therefore making very little difference in the character of men and women and their understanding of the way the world works.

      And even if you reject the beliefs of your racial and national forefathers, no matter how smart you think you are, I submit you should think twice before pissing on something about which you know so little from a high place. That is what Americans, the cheering & jeering crowd, is encouraged by Jews to think about Islam and its working. Yesterday, I saw a bumper sticker on a truck in California driven by someone who looked like what the media portrays as living in West Virginia, which said, “I hate terrorists.”

      Be a builder rather than planting the charges for the controlled demolition of the next generation. If you don’t have a foundation, get to work digging the footings instead of forming a lynch mob. Without something to believe-in, to defend, there is not much point to even resisting, much less winning.

      If VNN is not interested in anyone participating who does not believe as they do, then it is nothing but inbred. It is what some would call preaching to the choir– meaning not reaching out as Jesus Christ did and was condemned by the Jews for doing– eating with tax collectors and whores, those that needed his fellowship. Think about it.

    6. ftwainth Says:

      2 Larry

      Thank you for your comment. However, I cannot agree with you. First, the message I am trying to drive home here is, that one has to live within one’s means. That means that if one wants to a particular thing, one first has to first earn the money for it. Ignoring this rule is single most important reason of financial problems, and I am amazed how many otherwise well-intelligent White men do just that. Credit cards drive home the wrong message: one can have the stuff one wants, just by making minimal payments on the credit card, no matter how much one earns. They are particularly unsuited to low and middle class White workers, who constitute a bulwark of our readers: a man sees the thing his wife or kids need, and buys it on credit, not thinking of the APR or that he could often get it cheaper if paying in cash and knowing how to shop and where to negotiate. Then he runs into trouble, and his financial advisor has to spend long other to bring him out of the mess he himself created. That’s true, that they could save money to well-to-do Whites with stable and significant income streams, but this is often irrelevant to our readers. Personally I qualify for both gold Visa and platinum MasterCard, yet I took up two debit cards, and I am completely satisfied with them so far.

      As for the buyer protection, that’s true, there is an issue here, and I wrote about it, stating the need to extend Fair Credit Billing Act consumer protection to debit car. How significant this issue is I don’t know and I am currently looking for research in the field. Currently, some debit cards providers like Visa is extending similar consumer protection to both credit and debit cards on their own. As for me, I have not had any single such problem for 3 years I use my debit cards, and I use them often. But again, it is necessary to find out the hard facts before discussing the issue on its merit.

      As for credit rating, I have never understood people trying to build up their credit rating artificially, and even pay for this. If a man plans his finances accurately and has a healthy White parents and family, one can do much without the consumer credit where this rating matters the most. Such man may need a mortgage or a business loan, but he can get it on his own, since the legislation eliminated many hurdles on the path of first time borrowers, or do without,. I am ok with credit for business or large consumer items if truly necessary, but White consumers do not need and do not profit from buying most their purchases on credit as they often do now.

    7. New America Says:

      in reply to -JC:
      Your basic thesis is correct, however, I must take issue with the idea that VNN’ the idea that our “youth and lack of experience” (Reagan, describing Mondale) allows us to be “free to insult the ideas of others…”

      I was a younger man, and watched as the very Ideals you refer to, were literally preverted, literally “turned against” their honest meaning. The generations that made a Robert E. Lee possible were mocked, scorned, and overrun by the Propasphere-trained and public fool system indoctrinated hippies, who now, with a mindset that has not changed one iota in FORTY YEARS, gleefully run the country, and Western Civilization, into the ground.

      VNN is strong medicine, because VNN, pretty much alone (save for the excellent Peter Shank), ADOPTS the RACIAL strategy that has worked so well for the Goddamned JEWS, and tries to ADAPT it to the uniquely Western state of Consciousness, the LIVING cultural foundations of Western Civilization.

      The Jew has basically coopted much of what Christianity has become at the Institutional level; indeed, you can see the quiet joy in the eyes of the serpent-seedline Satanists as WE use THEIR term – “Judeochristianity” – to describe OUR Faith. Note, by the way, that “Judeo” (1) is capitalized, (2) comes FIRST, and (3) has “Christianity” in LOWER case – all elements of the Deep War the Asiatic Hive Consciousness is actively engaged in against us.

      VNN welcomes everyone who wants to participate, and certainly allows Christians, such as myself, to participate actively; it’s the people who blindly defend essentially (1) hostile or (2) archaic forms of Christianity – at the INSTITUTIONAL level – that are “offended” by VNN.


      If they are “offended” by the Truth, then go back to the sandbox, and watch out for the American-funded Israeli bulldozer coming at you…

      I take issue with many points with Christian identity; that having been said, reading Pastor Herrel’s book (christianseparatist.org) on where the Bible came from was illuminating, indeed.

      VNN allows and encourages this discussion and debate; yet, Linder is like Paul AFTER his two years with the Risen Savior, who spoke with Authority to a “Christian” Church that needed strictly reminders of The Truth.

      We have accepted so many LIES, just plain, flat-out LIES, that were deliverately formed BY the Jew, FOR the Jew, at OUR expense, that we need something strong, clean and clear, to remind us of the extend to which we have become all but One Nation Under the Talmud, under the Yoke of the Yamalka.

      I saved your best point for last:

      Be a builder rather than planting the charges for the controlled demolition of the next generation. If you don’t have a foundation, get to work digging the footings instead of forming a lynch mob. Without something to believe-in, to defend, there is not much point to even resisting, much less winning.

      you wrote:
      If VNN is not interested in anyone participating who does not believe as they do, then it is nothing but inbred. It is what some would call preaching to the choir– meaning not reaching out as Jesus Christ did and was condemned by the Jews for doing– eating with tax collectors and whores, those that needed his fellowship. Think about it.

      in reply:
      Every attempt at forming any sort of White Nationalist Organization has fallen on the rocks of greed, and incompetence; Forrest is dead for over a century, Rockwell tried, and Pierce tried.

      I suspect they all failed – Forrest’s First Klan, which was run by the dispossessed aristocracy of the CSA’s Officer Corps, as the exception – for ONE reason:


      The Talmud – the Holy Scripture for the JEWS – is a manual for low-intensity, never-ceasing, WAR.

      WE use the Bible that has been approved by the JEWS, which speak of Jesus the Meek, Jesus the Soft, Jesus the Mild, and Jesus the Defeated; Our Bible is a manual for graciously suffering at the hands of our Oppressors, and the very words used, many of which were interpolated AFTER Christ, are used to subdue populations, in a much more cost-effective manner than standing armies.

      My quarrel is NOT with Christianity, but with what Christianity has become, at the Institiutional level; THANKS TO THE JEWS TRANSFORMATION OF THE CHRISTIAN INSTITUIONS, in general, and the Scofield Bible, in particular.

      VNN’s Mission is simple, clean, and honest – DEFINE how the JEWS, and their shabbas goyim followers, are ALWAYS, relentlessly, working to undermine and destroy us.

      It is OUR Responsibility to develop the new institutions that would carry forward the efforts of our Ancestors to take us from the mud, to the stars.

      At EVERY step, the JEWS act to undermine us, and destroy us, by maiking us over in the image THEY choose for us.

      Fuck that!

      OUR Challenge is to redefine who we are, and what we are doing, DAILY, to build the nation our Ancestors died for…

      And THAT requires a new form of Consciousness, which begins with a new way to FRAME THE ISSUES using OUR TERMS, and NOT the terms supplied to us by our RACIAL enemies, the JEWS.

      In the words of Robert E. Lee:

      “Always do your best. You can do no more, and should want to do no less.”

      EVERY DAY, General.

      We’re doing OUR part, EVERY DAY.

      The Awakening of ourselves, first, and our Kinsmen, second, is an excellent strategy. If we only inspire the Awakening in them by our example, we will have done more, in one day, than the Conservatives, Patriotards, Libertariots, and other JEW-controlled false flag organizations have done in FIFTY YEARS…

      ALL of these organizations are hoping for someone to come along and take the responsibility to do away with the JEW-created Enemy of the Week – “Communists,” the UN, the “New World Order.”

      ALL of them have allowed their RACIAL enemy to define them to their RACIAL enemy’s satisfaction, chasing their tails like little puppies.

      VNN’s Cultural Counter-Attacks help provide the intellectual ammunition we need to form our own solutions, creatively, as the Men of the West, the WHITE RACE, and THE – note the use of the singular – THE CREATIVE RACE. Remember, it is a RACE WAR, and OUR RACE is LOSING.

      Peter Shank, at shankradio.com, also does this incredibly valuable public service.

      We should take full advantage of VNN, and Peter Shank’s ideas.

      While we can.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    8. Olde Dutch Says:

      The use of credit requires self-discipline.

      Btw, here’s a story on these new mortage vehicles and their impact:

      Btw, Business Week is the only national news publication that almost always names the jew.

    9. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “. . .the JEW-created Enemy of the Week – “Communists,” the UN, the “New World Order.”. . .”


    10. -JC Says:

      20-some years ago, I buried my dad in the small, West Tennessee town, where he was born and spent much of his life. He farmed with mules during Depression I. He was baptised and married in a small church that, at the time of my dad’s memorial service, had a preacher few could stand– a Rosenberger– and a student preacher from the seminary in Nashville– some woman with a nasty disposition and a Rolex watch whom I suspect was a Jew. The Rosenberger character, who had two children from a previous marriage. He married my favorite second cousin against the wishes of her father. I concluded at the time that something was very wrong with the mega-organizations that control the denominations and seminaries and capture the revenue and minds of those so inclined.

      Organizations from legal reform to you name it eventually get co-opted. A recent piece entitled War Crimes on Rense.com pointed out that boards including even homeowners associations attract Jews who gravitate to them and increase their power and influence. That, I believe, is what happened to Christianity. I’m just not convinced that we should throw out the rule of law, e.g., magna carta, our homes & neighborhoods, and our culture just because it is infested and perverted. From what I hear in the media, particularly NPR, the Jews are working full-time to destroy our faith in everything American and Western; sometimes it doesn’t seem to make sense. You have to consider them equal opportunity destroyers– its what they do– destroy. And I agree with Richard Kelly Hoskins that The Law is the culture that went to seed, as Edgar Steele would say, in creating the character of Western man, e.g., “… that Mankind are more inclined to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed…”

      It does not seem to me that one can separate one from the other– genetics/race from the thought-theology that spawned it.