13 September, 2006

Niggers: They’re ALL Rapists

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“Good” niggers? Where? Africa? Haiti? Detroit? D.C.? Nashua, New Hampshire? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO – NOWHERE.

This coon is “head of the math department” and a great chess player. But it knows what to do when it spots unprotected pussy. A nigger allowed to “teach” or “coach” white girls? The system that allows this is GENOCIDAL.

The head of Lowell High School’s math department and a prominent chess player has been ordered held on $1 million bail today after being arraigned on 30 felony rape and incest charges.

Severine Wamala, 45, of Nashua, was arrested Tuesday on 19 counts of incest and 11 counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault.


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  7. 31 Responses to “Niggers: They’re ALL Rapists”

    1. James Hawthorne Says:

      Pull the trigger on that nigger !

    2. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      Nigger running a “maff” department. That must be a really elite school of welfare recipients and “learning impaired” students. Fuckin’ digusting in every regard,this geechie nigger’s corpse should be floated back to his native toilet.

    3. jimbo Says:

      the only way a nigg’ coud ‘run a math` dprtmnt’ is if said nig was
      @ least ¾ WHITE!

      (no way of knowing from that ‘pic’…..a nigg’ can be ¾ white & STILL look like a nigg!)

    4. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      What I find strange in all of these cases of apes raping and molesting and murdering white children is that they are almost never killed by the relatives. If you were a sub-human and you knew that the relatives of the white person you had raped or killed would do everything in their power to get to you so that they could kill you, you might think twice. When we were a healthy race apes were lynched when they dared to attack white women and children, and if they escaped lyiching the courts generally saw that their necks were stretched. Of course they shouldn’t even be in a white society, but if they are terror must invariably be the guiding principle when dealing with niggers. Nothing else will do. All the reasoning and tolerance on earth is totally wasted on them.
      But, even in these degraded times surely a white man should feel compelled to avenge himself on an ape who has slaughtered his woman or children? And, if he can’t get to the actual ape who committed the crime he should take out his rage on any niggers to hand. It would only take a few dozen killings to cause these sub-human vermin to pause in their war against white people. In America at least white people still have access to guns. In Britain and most of Europe the white populations have been disarmed by ZOG. We really have become like a flock of sheep being led to slaughter by our kike shepherds.

    5. saltriver Says:


    6. SSteve Says:

      If something like this is going to happen, Lowell, Mass is probably the best place for it.
      Lowell, Mass. is an extremely liberal neighborhood, its where Michael Dukakis lives, or at least once lived.
      Back when I used to listen to whore Limbaugh, (before I knew better)
      I remember hearing that they removed a sign warning motorists that they were approaching a school zone, which read: “Slow Students.” Presumably, they thought their residents to be so stupid that it would imply the students were slow learners.

    7. Der Arbeiter Says:

      It’s not true that Wamala’s a “great chess player”; his USCF (United States Chess Federation) is about 1650, or that of an average adult casual tournament player. Very mediocre.

      More accurate is for the article to state that Wamala is a minor local organizer of chess tournaments with three children who are legitimately talented (but not exceptionally) chess players.

    8. Shabbos Shabazz Says:


      What is root cause of Jew? WHITE ASS KISSING. . .

    9. awaken and avenge Says:

      once a nigger like that had permanently fucked up your daughter, you’d think the father would not hesitate to risk getting the chair in order to avenge himself on this ape.

      but wait, he’s going after the wrong thing: the nigger is an animal, no more responsible than an ape for its actions. niggers are just niggers.
      maybe the father would think about going after the SOURCE, and we know what that is…

    10. Scipio Americanus Says:

      This is what happens when White men loose their status as leaders of their community and more importantly, their own families. This simian should be swinging from an oak tree with a noose around his neck. Truly disgusting. “The system that allows this is GENOCIDAL.” Yes Alex, it truly is genocidal and constitutes utter madness. What more can a rational man say? Let us not forget the Jews and their White Liberal allies who have forced this kind of thing upon us. They are the real enemies of Western Civilization and must be held accountable for their crimes. Never forget!

    11. Der Arbeiter Says:

      I should add that this primate is apparently primarily being accused of having sex with at least two of his daughters, one underaged — his son turned him in!

    12. did da nigga hab sex wiffa wite gurl? Says:

      did da nigga hab sex wiffa wite gurl?

      if da nigga only had sex wiff nigga ape fems, then he ain’t guilty of nuffin. he just be bein an ape animal, ya know. he be an animal, and should be put to sleep, you know. but he ain’t guilty of nuffin.

    13. Mo Kno Betta Says:

      black ass shiny eye nigga nigga never die

    14. B. D. Nigga Says:

      You stupid cracker motherfuckers. You motherfuckers originated raping. As I recall from HIS-tory classes it was a common practice among your hordes to pillage, kill, and rape. As a matter of fact if your HIS-tory is true (and coming from your white devils who knows) all through the ages you motherfuckers have done nothing but waged war and fucked up the planet. You motherfuckers spread like cancer and devour and defile all in your path. Crackers raped many black slaves (hence 3/4 white). But if you want to see where your daughter, wife, mother, sister, etc should be check out http://www.blacksonblondes.com.


      This is in response to the Nigger above this comment; Listen you Spear Chucker, Nigger, Coon, APE, Jig-A-Boo, Sub Human Filth, YOU DO NOT WANT TO FACE THE TRUTH !!!!!! . You are inferior animals and nothing more; I am tired of kissing up to you pieces of genetic garbage; you are all filthy disgusting, horrible, abonimable( have a dictionary handy ), uncouth, coarse, vulgar, malevolent, animals of all time and deserve nothing but DEATH.

      People fight and make war; that is a fact throughout history Jig. One thing is for damn sure if we were like that now you animals would not even be around; you would all be dead, which will happen after we win the race war which will happen sooner then you think Nigger; we are planning to wipe our white SUPERIOR asses with you scum of scum.

      You don’t have the intelligence to understand this but I will try anyway, back when society was not like it was now people had to be defensive and vindictive. There were no Police or National Guard and the culture was different; I am ashamed of white people who did it fact mate with your kind; Your right ; I would have put them to death. But listen ,what was then, and this is NOW; your race has assulted more then 25,000,000 whites over the past 35 years in this piece of shit country who elevated you to” trying to trying to be white status”. You know how many of us killed your apes? 300,000 way, way, way, way, way, too low!!!!!!!!!!

      This was police trying to defend themselves; by the way white women are being brainwashed into thinking getting it on with an animal (beastiality)(like I said get a dictionary stupid NIGGER) is ok. That is all you jig-a-boo’s think about is vulgar sexual acts. Capitalism created blondsandblacks.com but that will be gone soon and so will you NIGGER.

      Communism will take over America one day soon; it is happening already; When it does all of your kind will be destroyed ONCE AND FOR ALL.


    16. M. J. Says:

      Personally, I’m sick & tired of the “oppressed black person” concept.
      Played out to the MAX, & when the day comes that a caucasion does it, They’ll be condemed as racists.
      Pretty F’d up isn’t it?

    17. M. J. Says:

      Welcome to the NEW Afro-America. How sad is that?

    18. M. J. Says:

      By the way, Now that Sam is dead, Wal-Mart CATERS to the Afro crowd.
      Now thats real f’ing sad.

    19. M. J. Says:

      Day after Day, “NIGGERS” (not necessarily black people, but NIGGERS) pull the “race card” & get away with anything they want.
      Time for that to STOP!!!

    20. Seth Says:

      Hey, I’m reading this and I’m just wondering, what have you lot really got against everyone? You all piss and rant about niggas and kikes and fags and anyone different, but why? Because they’re different? Because they’re wrong? Because they need to be exterminated? The only reason there’s not a nazi flag up on the main page is because it would be labelled extreme. I’m not trying to squash your right to free speech or anything, but I really hope none of you actually go out and hurt people just because of their skin colour or beliefs or whether they have sex with men or women. And in case anyone wants to reply with an insult, I’m a straight, white, male athiest. You can say whatever you want, and if certain people don’t like it, then they don’t need to listen, (Myself included, I just want to throw this in the mix) but I just hope that there’s no Neds or Rednecks among you lot who actually want to go out and kill or hurt someone for no other reason than your own prejudices, which is what they are. There’s a million statistics you could whip out that claim that blacks commit more crime or jews commit more adultery or asians commit more rape, but there’s also a million and one facts that claim that whites are responsible for twice as much. And the RACE CARD comment? Well, look at this site and tell me that there’s not a reason to pull a race card. I just think that people should be allowed to say or be whatever they want, you all included. Just, please THINK about it rationally before you all strap your guns and pointed sticks to your shoulders and march out to start the second holocaust. Sure, there’s blacks and asians and jews and christians and a thousand other people who pull the race card as soon as you start an argument, but remember, these people could just be cunts. There’s millions of white people who are cunts too. Billions of people are just plain cunts, and a cunt of a person can be any colour, gender, sexual preferance and religion. If you can say that all blacks are rapists deep down, then it must be fair for me to say that every white deep down really wants to strap a gun across his shoulder and rape and molest and torture and kill every motherfucker that a superior officer points at. But now, on a more personal level, I just like to fuck people off. Here’s a list of inventions and inventors, all of whom were black, just to annoy the Russian Celtic Warrior up there. Love ya pal.

      Biscuit Cutter A.P. Ashbourne Super Soaker Lonnie Johnson
      Folding Bed L.C. Bailey Bicycle Frame Issac R. Johnson
      Coin Changer James A. Bauer Space Shuttle Retrieval Arm Wm. Harwell
      Rotary Engine Andrew J. Beard Printing Press W.A. Lavallette
      Car Couple Andrew J. Beard Envelope Seal F.W. Leslie
      Letter Box G.E. Becket Laser Fuels Lester Lee
      Stainless Steel Pads Alfred Benjamin Pressure Cooker Maurice W. Lee
      Torpedo Discharger H. Bradberry Window Cleaner A.L. Lewis
      Disposable Syringe Phil Brooks Pencil Sharpener John L. Love
      Home Security System Marie Brown Fire Extinguisher Tom J. Marshal
      Corn Planter Henry Blair Lock W.A. Martin
      Cotton Planter Henry Blair Shoe Lasting Machine Jan Matzeliger
      Ironing Board Sarah Boone Lubricators Elijah McCoy
      Horse Bridle Bit L.F.Brown Rocket Catapult Hugh MacDonald
      Horse shoe Oscar E. Brown Elevator Alexander Miles
      Pacemaker Otis Boykin Gas Mask Garrett Morgan
      Guide Missile Otis Boykin Traffic Signal Garrett Morgan
      Lawn Mower John A. Burr Hair Brush Lyda Newman
      Typewriter Burridge & Marshman Heating Furnace Alice H. Paker
      Train Alarm R.A. Butler Airship J.F.Pickering
      Radiation Detector Geo. Carruthers Folding Chair Purdgy/Sadgwar
      Peanut Butter George W. Carver Hand Stamp W.B. Purvis
      Paints & Satins George W. Carver Fountain Pen W.B. Purvis
      Lotion & Soaps George W. Carver Dust Pan L.P.Ray
      Automatic Fishing Reel George Cook Insect Destroyer Gun A.C. Richardson
      Ice cream Mold A.L. Cralle Baby Buggy W.H. Richardson
      Blood Plasma Dr. Charles Drew Sugar Refinement N. Rillieux
      Horse Riding Saddle Wm. D. Davis Clothes Dryer G.T. Sampson
      Shoe W.A. Detiz Celluar Phone Henry Sampson
      Player Piano Joseph Dickinson Pressing Comb Walter Sammons
      Arm for Recording Player Joseph Dickinson Curtain Rod S.R. Scottron
      Doorstop O. Dorsey Lawn Sprinkler J.W. Smith
      Doorknob O. Dorsey Automatic Gearshift R.B. Spikes
      Photo Print Wash Clatonia J. Dorticus Urinalysis Machine Dewey Sanderson
      Photo Embossing Machine Clatonia J. Dorticus Hydraulic Shock Absorber Ralph Sanderson
      Postal Letter Box P.B. Dowing Refrigerator J. Standard
      Toilet T. Elkins Mop T.W. Stewart
      Furniture Caster David A. Fisher Stairclimbing Wheelchair Rufus J. Weaver
      Guitar Robert Flemming ,Jr Helicopter Paul E. Williams
      Golf Tee George F. Grant Fire Escape Ladder J.B. Winters
      Motor J. Gregory Telephone Transmitter Granville T. Woods
      Lantern Micheal Harney Electric Cutoff Switch Granville T. Woods
      Thermo Hair Curlers Soloman Harper Relay Instrument Granville T. Woods
      Gas Burner B.F. Jackson Telephone System Granville T. Woods
      Kitchen Table H.A. Jackson Galvanic Battery Granville T. Woods
      Video Commander Joseph N. Jackson Electric Raillway System Granville T. Woods
      Remote Controllers Joseph N. Jackson Roller Coaster Granville T. Woods
      Sani-Phone Jerry Johnson Auto Air Brake Granville T. Woods

      I’ll be back at some point to have a look at the replies and petty insults (Because I know there’ll be alot of them) If someone wants to give me an intelligent and rational argument against anything I’ve posted, I’ll be happy to give my views once more, but I doubt any of you will.


    21. WakeUpWhiteMan Says:

      I didn’t go through your exhaustive lists of ‘black’ inventions but I bet they can all be found at the following website


      Black Invention Myths

      I just figured out why there haven’t been that many posts by the opposition. A poster has to figure out the math problem in order to post.


    22. Russian Celtic Warrior Says:

      Hello Nigger lover Seth ,

      Do you know that you are a piece of white trash? It is people like you (probably a Jew posing as a white person) who Niggers have to thank for all they do.

      The inventors you refer to all are mixed with white blood; none are pure Negros asshole!! By the way it is all found on Black invention Myths and the true INVENTORS; I am not playing around; the patent numbers are there for you to look up if you think they are false; also you don’t piss me off one bit; you are a pathetic athiest going to hell anyway so really I could care less about what you have to say nigger lover! Really why do you post here?

      This site is for people who care about the survival of the white race and care.

      It seems to me that you would know that, genius!

    23. Russian Celtic Warrior Says:


      Boy are you ignorant; horse riding saddle??????

      This alone proves the list if full of crap.

      Horses had saddles in Medieval Europe and way before that ;where were your niggers then?? I will tell you where,
      in Africa thousands of miles away with no means of boat building or travel until the WHITE man showed them how.

      Go away boy you are in way way way over your head.

    24. Crixus Says:

      It is true that saddles are of ancient origin, probably as old as organized military cavalry, which precludes their invention by negroes. It is of interest to note that before the advent of the white man in africa, negroes there never built a single road, a single bridge, a single school, hospital, university, or even a building over a single story high. Nor did they invent, discover, or use the arch, wheel, plough, forging, smelting, brickmaking, bricklaying, brickovens, bric-a-brac, or pretty much anything else. Negroes are also the only race to never independently develop any system of mathematics, astronomy, currency based economic system(does slave trafficking count?), or religion more sophisticated than one of tribal gods and wood spirits. This is not hate but simply the truth.

    25. Wolfgang Says:

      seth, you are a goddamn nigger loving ”jew” I can smell your stink a mile away you jew motherfucker… yes we will strap our shit on one day, and we will exterminate the ape’s,so why don’t you find your nasty little jew fucktard ass somewhere else to post ,ok motherfucker..

    26. Nick Says:

      Let me start by asking you Seth, if you live in the same America I do? You can tout the virtues of your beloved nigger all you wish, whether your the points you make are are factual or not I could care less! I would rather have none of the inventions you listed if it meant having no nigger also! Regardless of the nigger if the invention was really needed sooner or later someone would invent it! My personal opinion on niggers is not due to anything I learned second hand. I have learned my hatred first hand from my own dealings with the big lipped, greasy monkeys! Go to any search engine and search for recent rapes in any large American city and you will find by in large, that most perpetrators will be Negroid in decent. WAKE UP YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Look at crime statistics, welfare statistics, prison population statistics. What more do you need to see? When your wife, mother or sister is prayed upon and ravished by your beloved sambo will that be enough? Why don’t you move into an inner city ghetto so that you can live amongst your your simian palls? That will give them prime access to your family! Do us all a favor Seth, shoot yourself before one of your nigger buddies does it before fucking your wife in the ass!

    27. Guy Whitten Says:

      Gee, I’ll certainly sleep better tonight knowing that a coon bitch invented the ironing board. What a contribution to humanity! And I thought the only thing nigger women knew how to do was spread their legs.

      I couldn’t help but notice that Seth sounds like one of them peace-loving fags. He claims to be an atheist, but I’ll bet he secretly worships the God of Homo Sex (a.k.a. Satan).

      Seth, I hope this reply is the type of “petty insult” that makes your day. It surely made mine. By the way, is your last name Abramowicz? Cohen? Goldstein? Morgenstern? Rabinowitz? Weiss? Please let us know so we can properly address our hate mail. L’Chayim!

    28. R.L. Says:

      It’s funny that niggers should sit around and make outlandish claims about all that the Nigger race has contributed to society. There is one very important fact that should be pointed out and I don’t care how much nigs try to refute it, even with the help of their nigger-loving ,race traitor whites, no matter how hard they try and that fact is this: In less then 200 years as a nation(183 years to be exact) the United States sent men to the Moon and safely returned them all to the Earth. During that same period of time and right up to the present time,africa,the so called “cradle of mankind”(yeah right!) still PISSES IN THEIR OWN WATER SUPPLY !!! Stupid,fucking Niggers. ‘Nuf said??????

    29. Who cares Says:

      I was always wondering, why the obvious shortcomings of negroes whiney bitch culture, is not addressed. It seems everytime black issuses are mentioned in any kind of unkind way, the media springs to the shitskin’s defense. Has anyone ever wondered what would really happen if say, a desease broke out that killed every nigger. What would happen to the world?

    30. R.L. Says:

      Here is an astounding video that captures just exactly how dumb we are dealing with when it comes to the nigger. These two future welfare dependent producing dumbasses and soon to be sucking from the tit as wards of the taxpayers went into a police station in Port Saint Lucy,Fl. and tried to rob people insde.No more words are required.Here is the video showing these black retards following in the steps of their brain damaged kind: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=337_1205524708

    31. R.L. Says:

      Just for shits and giggles here is a vid that again highlights the level of stupidity we are talking about when it comes to Niggers. When is the best time to pull your hold-up mask off after robbing white women working for a living? Is it after you leave the store or right in front of the security camera? Ohhh…I don’t know..wait,yes I do. Someone needed to tell this dumbass coon.Check it out for a laugh after getting over your urge to kill. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=8be_1217655817