20 September, 2006

STANTON: Half a History is Always a Lie

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This from the Daily Reckoning:

“If you want to see the advantage of gold in real-life action, then listen to this, from an essay written by Eric N. Young entitled “The Hyperinflation of Germany, July 1922-November 1923”. He writes that in 1923, at roughly the height of the Weimar inflation and the end of Reichmark, “Although a loaf of bread cost $200 million marks in November 1923, it was possible to purchase an entire city block of prime commercial real estate in downtown Berlin for as little as $500 US dollars hard currency. The key was to have real money in the form of gold or silver, or currency backed by those metals.”

Twisted history

I am always irritated by historical facts quoted out of context. This technique is often used by to twist history into a jewish fairy tale invariably favorable to their economic and cultural parasitism. The above paragraph provides a classic example of this technique. There is nothing technically inaccurate about what the author writes, however by not relating the entire context of the situation, one is given an entirely different and inaccurate view of that period of history. Yes, it is an indisputable fact that there was hyperinflation in Germany in the 1920’s, and yes, it is equally indisputable that gold was quite valuable, but the critical question is why was this the case? Why was there hyperinflation and why was gold so valuable? Without answering these questions, an accurate picture and full understanding of the true situation is impossible.

The jew’s golden myth

The jew’s have been pushing their golden myth since Biblical times when they “borrowed” the Egyptian’s gold and then high-tailed it into the desert. Before gold, jews used the real wealth of agricultural products for money. Thus when the ancient Hebrew atoned for his sins (read “paid his taxes”) he used animals or crops to pay his sacrificial tribute. As soon as the jews infiltrated the more advanced ancient cultures, they quickly discovered gold and precious stones were far more portable and easy to control than agricultural products. It did not take the jews long to corner the market on these financial devices and since that time they have pretty much controlled the wealth of various nations throughout history by controlling the precious metals and stones of the nations they infected. The myth of gold as money has been pushed for so long that it is now an accepted fact throughout the world. The fact is almost any medium can be used to represent wealth and as long as it provides a fixed representation of wealth, prices will remain stable.

The legacy of the jew’s early efforts at economic control

The legacy of the jews early economic system has left its indelible mark upon white society. It was an awkward system that required an incredible preponderance of laws. Massive legal volumes like the Torah, Mishna and Talmud dictated legal requirements for the most mundane minutiae of life; like what implements one could own and exactly what actions could be taken on what specific day. Considering the jew’s legal system and the rabbinical requirements for legal interpretation of their laws, is it any wonder why the jews have elevated verbal skills and have long been masters of the legal profession? Likewise, is it any wonder that jews feel most comfortable in a society where there are millions of laws of minutiae that dictate the citizens every action and require constant interpretation by officiated “experts”? So would there be any surprise that all white societies now have legal systems so complex that no one can understand the law, let alone accurately apply it as written? Is it any wonder that we have legal “experts” who fulfill the exact same role as the jewish rabbi who serves to interpret what the Talmudic laws actually mean and yet those rabbis often cannot agree on the interpretation of their laws? Is it any wonder that the American legal system is dominated by jews and has supreme court judges, who like the members of the ancient jewish priesthood interpreting the word of their god, tell us what our laws mean and change the interpretation to fit the given agenda(s) of the moment? Is it any wonder that the American legal system is now at the point where the same law can have two entirely different interpretations depending on the situation?

What the gold standard costs the goyim

The reason for hyperinflation during the Weimar era was because the jew-authored Versailles treaty drained the gold reserves from the German treasury. Germany’s gold reserves were essentially confiscated to pay for war reparations. Like every first world country of that era, Germany relied on currency backed by gold, hence when the gold disappeared there was no restraint on the printing of paper currency. In an ironic and perverse twist, since there was no gold backing Germany’s currency, the value of the Mark rapidly fell against all other gold-backed currency. The global depression only served to further exacerbate the economic effect of the devaluation. As the value of the Mark dropped, the German treasury printed ever more paper with higher denominations to compensate for the steadily decreasing value of the Mark. The vicious cycle continued to a point where bank patrons in Germany were told that they could not have their life savings mailed to them because the value of their entire account was less then the value of the stamp required for posting the draft.

The jew with a golden gun or how to murder a country

The jews fully understood and anticipated the result of their actions, as did the non-jewish political leaders of the day. It was no secret among the victors or the losers of the “great war” that the Versailles treaty was formulated with vicious malice aforethought in an effort to economically ruin Germany to the point of national obliteration. Numerous members of the Versailles’ commission stated that the onerous conditions of the treaty would result in the destruction of Germany and that in turn would undoubtedly lead to another war. Thus the reason gold was so valuable in Weimar Germany was that (1) the world currencies were all based on gold at that time and (2) since Germany had no gold, it had no comparable medium of trade or exchange on the global market. Therefore those who did own gold, still held the means to access the global markets. Essentially the reason gold had value to Germans was because every nation surrounding them still used gold to back their currencies. Contrast this with the first world global currencies of today, none of which are backed by gold; how might the situation differ today then in the early twentieth century?

“Gold Standard? What gold standard? We doan’ need no steenkin’ jew’s gold standard” – Adolf Hitler, 1933

The other fact deftly avoided in the above description was Hitler’s astoundingly simple solution to the jew’s vicious attempt to economically destroy Germany with their golden weapon. If Germany had no gold, then it would use another standard to represent its currency. After coming to power, Hitler declared that Germany would use its world famous reputation for highly skilled, technical labor and productive capacity to back the new Reichmark. It worked, in fact it worked far better than then the jews ever dreamt it might. Much to the their chagrin, Hitler’s economic miracle pulled Germany out of the world’s greatest depression, while the jew’s gold backed, centrally banked, countries like the US and Britain continued to languish under the purposefully induced economic malaise known as the “great depression”. Although a little gold, or a nominal sum of a gold backed currency like the dollar, might buy prime real estate in Germany during their period of hyperinflation, the real answer to Germany’s economic problem was not to obtain more gold, but to remove itself from the jewish dominated and controlled gold standard.

It’z the gold stupid!

So you see, it’z the gold stupid; if you base your economy on gold, then the jews can manipulate their control of the metal to do as they please with your race and your country. Accepting the jew’s gold standard is accepting their chains of enslavement. Get the picture yet? It is that jew-induced lust for the yellow stuff that invariably leads to the downfall of white civilization, just as it was one man’s foresight to remove his country from the jew’s gold standard, thus improving his people’s lives and their country – at least until the jews fomented their destructive rage in a more traditional military fashion. So what do we see happening in the “Kwa today? Another jew induced frenzy to buy gold so that one might protect themself from the depredations of the economic wolf that howls hungrily just outside the door.

The jews have sold their gold! How do we know for sure? Why they made a pointed effort to inform us of the fact!

Mysteriously, what is never addressed by those smug gold bugs touting various versions of the gullible goyim’s golden parachute, is who really owns the majority of the gold reserves. Well here is a clue, for the last five years I have been reading jew media article after jew media article about how the central bankers are selling off all their gold reserves. The Discovery channel even ran a program showing the reserve bank of Jew York literally dumping wheelbarrows full of gold (actually special transportation carts, but literally dumping the gold) into trucks for transportation out to buyers. Then the program switched back to how carefully and securely the banks print a really valuable commodity – paper script. Yep, see there little goyim, that there is where the real value lies – paper with no value and no backing. Those savvy jew bankers know it, that is why they are selling off all their gold reserves and carefully printing more ZAG bucks. Why gosh, by now the jew’s bank vaults must be empty of the yellow stuff! Oh ya sure, you betcha, the jew bankers reserve vaults will be bereft of precious metals, while the little guy will own tons of the yellow stuff; after all we all know how stupid jews are when it comes to money and gold.

The gullible goyim’s golden plan for remaining calm during the bloodbath or how to bridge a golden investment

What will actually transpire is while those clever hoarders squirrel away their tiny piles of gold so they will be able to buy bread and prime Jew York real estate in the near future, the jew bankers will once again use their dominant economic position to control the very bankrupt society that the gold misers think they will profit from! Does anyone think that this is a viable plan for the little goyim guys? Does anyone think that there will be miserly enclaves of the little people with a nice, comfortable, gold stash that will allow them to live in well fed peace and tranquility while his the teeming mud masses starve outside their golden-gated communities? Ya sure, you betcha, that’s exactly the way it will happen! By the way I hear tell of a rather stupid and gullible New York jew who is foolishly selling off his valuable interests in the Brooklyn bridge; no doubt if you hurry you can probably buy out all his shares of the bridge for a nominal payment – made in gold of course.

When will they ever learn? When will they evvvvvvvvvver learn?

When will the stupid white man learn the full story of his rich history? More importantly when will the white man learn to apply that historical knowledge to viable solutions that will benefit his race and enhance his culture and ultimately rid himself of the world’s most destructive parasite known as the jew?

The final solution

As the termite naturally gravitates towards areas that contain an abundance of warm, moist, wood the jew naturally gravitates towards regions containing large pools of natural resources and highly productive cultures that turn those resources into great wealth. Thus as long as the jew exists, he will eventually find a way to worm his way into positions of ownership and control over a nation’s wealth. Hitler’s idea of exporting the jews from Germany would never have worked in the long run because sooner or later the jews would have cultivated German leaders who would have worked to admit them back into German society. One only has to review the history of England’s Oliver Cromwell to understand the fundamental nature of the jew and the eventual outcome of Hitler’s deportation policy. As long as the jew exists, he will find a way to worm his way into productive, white, society and through his economic machinations, steal the wealth of the nation. The jew will then use the inherent power of that wealth to lord over and eventually eliminate the productive whites who provided that wealth. Until the jewish parasite is permanently eradicated from white society there will be no respite or relief from his economic depredations. There is only one solution, as Mr. Linder is so fond of saying – “the only way out is through the jew”.


Arch Stanton

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  7. 8 Responses to “STANTON: Half a History is Always a Lie”

    1. Geoff Beck Says:

      Interesting essay. I had not looked at the gold standard your way… guess your argument is similar to that made in The Money Masters? Well, here is a relevant quote.


      The scale of Germany’s Jewish problem is revealed by an unpublished
      manuscript by Hitler’s predecessor as chancellor, Dr. Heinrich Brüning.
      Writing in American exile in 1943 he stated that after the inflation there
      was only one major German bank not controlled by Jews, some of them
      ‘utterly corrupt.’ In 1931 he had brought the banks under government
      supervision, and had had to keep the government’s findings of dishonesty in the banks secret ‘for fear of provoking antisemitic riots.’


      David Irving
      Hitler’s War

    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      The problem of yesteryear is no different than today. Look at our hyperinflated deficit problem. Look at our inflationary housing markets. Look at all the foreigners buying up our land. Look at all the products we buy from China. We don’t have the money to pay back the Federal Reserve. The value of our dollar compared to ten, twenty, forty years ago has fallen drastically. Our dollar is now worthless in many foreign countries, but not so compared to the 1960’s. The money is used up because the jews have stolen all the back up money from Whites for at least a hundred years now and still counting. So “Come on in everyone from everywhere from third word countries. The Whites can’t pay us (jews) anymore so here come H-1B visas, illegals, and every third world crap pouring in. Let’s have the foreigners take the money (through federal and state assistance programs), buy houses, buy real estate, buy, buy, buy and there you have it. A country full of third world crap where the masses will surely bring more money to us (the jews) since Whites can’t pay us back anymore. ” Not to mention the money being drained out of this country, what little there is left, to support the Afgan. and Iraq wars. Money is being squandered in those two wars while millions are being squandered into Israel to make the jews richer.

      Seems like a similar ordeal to the 1920’s.

    3. Carpenter Says:

      One thing that occasionally tires me in WN web debate; every argument has to be backed up by a claim that the Jews are backing the other side. You want a gold standard, you point out that a Jew is in charge of the Fed. You want fiat money, you say that Jews own all the gold.

      Economic debate has to be a little more advanced than that.

      The author here says, in short, that the Jews removed the gold from Germany and caused hyper-inflation. In more accurate language, Germany paid its Versailles-imposed war debt with gold and its leaders started printing truck loads of fiat money. Jews were certainly represented at Versailles, but to so categorically lay all this at their feet is dishonest. Especially since no proof whatsoever is presented. “The Jews did it!” Okay.

      What he doesn’t mention is that the Weimar administrations actually engineered severe inflation for the purpose of making payments of the war debt easier. “You want a million Mark? Here, we just printed tons of it, so you can have your mil no problem. It’s worthless now. Hah!”

      When the Jew-run Fed prints fiat money, it’s a fraud. When Hitler prints fiat money, it is backed by Germany’s “world famous reputation for highly skilled, technical labor and productive capacity” as per Reich propaganda. Not that I mind that the Reich used propaganda, but let’s not get carried away by words this easily.

      Fiat money, gold standard – both as potentially useful, both as potentially useless. In the end what matters is that you have a steady, un-populist economy in a racially homogeneous nation. To look to currency to usher in an era of economic prosperity is to pray for that easy cure that never was.

    4. wayne h. Says:

      A very good essay. Gold after all is just another commodity,An ecomomy has to have a productive society to thrive .Didn.t Marx want to control the means of production? This way the communist leaders could suck the wealth from the productive middle class and turn them into slaves.Central banksters and fiat money ,fractional reserve banking allows them to control the money supply and inflation.The dollar has lost its puchasing power steadily for years.Personal and national debt is out of control .We may have to go to a barter system to survive when the financial system crashes.The jews will probably outlaw that to if they don’t get their cut.Historically gold and silver have provided stability in hard times because it is universally accepted as a store of wealth.

    5. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      Great article Herr Stanton! You’re right on the money (pun intended, lol). NS economics is the best way for not only Aryans but the whole world. The only real value is labor (and invention/creativity is another aspect of it.

      Carpenter wrote:

      “Jews were certainly represented at Versailles, but to so categorically lay all this at their feet is dishonest. Especially since no proof whatsoever is presented. “The Jews did it!” Okay.”

      The hebe-kike-jew-yid RUDOLF HILFERDING… Minister of Finance during the Weimar period.


      Oh… and fuck the jews.


    6. New America Says:

      Thank GOD that we have men on our side who possess the intellectual caliber to recognize that the linking of a currency to gold is a policy that only favors the bankers, at the expense of the economy.

      In “Tragedy or Hope” Quigley wrote that Bonaparte’s efforts failed, in part, because of his tying his currency, and thus, his economy, to gold. In contrast, the British secret weapon was the fiat currency, so they could buy more of whatever they needed.

      In “The House That Hitler Built” Stephen Roberts provides us with a masterful analysis of how the creative genius of the CREATIVE RACE led to creative solutions to the JEWISH traps of seemingly intractable problems.

      And, for those who considered the multiple currencies of Schacht, et. al., to be unacceptable, please consider the sheer creative brilliance needed to manage a financial system with a gold backed currency, with virtually no gold reserves (by “virtually no,” I means less than 1%).

      By the time of Schacht’s New Plan of 1934, Germany was facing the worst of all possible worlds; yet, by September 1936 the Four Year Plan laid the foundation for complete independence from importing raw materials.

      The NSDAP focus was on the duties of the organic State to its citizens; by organizing the economy to serve the people, rather than the people to serve the economy, Schacht, et. al. accomplished a feat of awe-inspiring brilliance – they put the culture – the people – first, made the economy serve the people, made the financial sector serve the economy, and made the currencies serve the financial sector.

      The JEWS, of course, do things in the exact opposite manner.

      Thus, in 1938, if memory serves, the German workers were taking two week annual vacations on cruise ships THEY built; this was so stunning a repudiation to the JEW-CONTROLLED financial system of Great Britain that these boats were forbidden from docking in British ports.

      Time for some more inspiration; time to reread some of the more inspiring passages from Blumetti’s “The Lion Is Humbled,” with its very inspiring subtitle, “Book ONE Of The Thousand Year Reich.”

      If only…..

      THEY did it before, and WE can do it again.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. Devere Says:

      You speak a lot of truth there, Arch Stanton. However, gold and silver are larger than even jew power. That the world values gold and silver is reflected in their prices. And we know what their prices are doing. Gold value moves inversely with the state of the economy. It always has — and all the central banks in the world will not and cannot prevent that valuation. And not all the central banks of the world are getting rid of their gold. On the contrary, most are now increasing their gold stores — China, Russia, and India for starters. We will know when gold is no longer valued and paper money is valued more: when an ounce of gold buys fewer dollars. The present long term trend is clearly that of gold buying more and more dollars. Wanna bet that that trend will NOT continue?

    8. Giles Says:

      For being so “geltfrei” the Germans certainly made a lot of effort to get the yellow metal. We all know about the Nazi gold…and it was illegal to export the stuff from german territory at that time. Very strict controls on this.

      Here is the goyim mind at work-

      gold is bad, the jews want it. give it to them and take their paper.

      jews want gold, take it away from them. and give the people paper.

      paper is bad, give me the paper.

      gold is bad and gold is good.

      paper is bad and paper is good but I have a new idea lets make more papers.

      jews are bad lets be jews.

      everything worthwhile in life is jewish and I am jealous.

      everything worthless in life is jewish and I am jealous.

      Apparently existence itself is jewish and like God, if the Jews ever stopped thinking about something it would disappear.

      Maybe if you would stop thinking about ‘Jews’ then THAT would disappear. What if you are actually the power-source for semitism? The more one dwells on an idea or subject the more it becomes real- its called the power of attraction. Anti or Pro, makes no nevermind- if you think ‘X’ it WILL be ‘x’

      Then of course you would have to think about your own life, for once, like a grown-up, and that picture is quite ugly.

      You know what the real problem is? Its the curse of humanity- superstition. I , you, gold, pieces of paper, whatever, exist without man-made characterizations. Stop judging (characterizing)

      How long, and after how many times, that an approach fails, will it take for people to finally give up, humble themselves, and ask the Lord for forgiveness? What if there is just NO MAN MADE ANSWER PERIOD?