27 September, 2006

Veritas of Valenzuela

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Check out this blog, this guy is good – really good. Mr. Valenzuela is an outstanding wordsmith. His latest piece “Into Pyramid’s Shadow: At War with Ourselves” is one of the best summations I have ever read concerning voting and democracy. His piece expertly explains why I cannot agree with any form of centralized leadership or authority. Never could I have written about my feelings on this matter in such a concise and illuminating manner. Strange though it may sound, for me it took an Italian to properly portray the American West. I could never stand to watch a western until I first viewed Sergio Leon’s epics back in the mid-eighties. Now I find a Latin (I assume this from his name alone) who best elucidates American politics and it’s impact upon our global situation.


Arch Stanton


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  7. 5 Responses to “Veritas of Valenzuela”

    1. owen Says:

      Valenzuela is Spanish. Examples would be former Dodger pitcher Fernando and 1950’s singer Richie, who shortened it to Valens.

    2. rich brooks Says:

      Yes, it is again worth noting that whereas Bush travels in a heavily-armed protected “bubble”, Adolf Hitler rode in an open convertible and freely greeted and conversed with his adoring crowds. In fact, he privately and without entourage toured Paris just after that city had surrendered to his armies. This Valenzuela makes some good points, but then he spouts the usual shallow cliches about “big oil”, “corporations” and the like without mentioning a word about jews or Israel.

    3. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      “His piece expertly explains why I cannot agree with any form of centralized leadership or authority.”

      You surprise me, Mr Stanton. There will always be an alpha male over larger and larger groups until the entire nation has “centralized leadership or authority”. It’s ordained by Nature. Another reason that we NS/WN folk need to actively seek to gain such political power — no matter how distasteful or unappealing to us personally — is because if we don’t do it, the jews will. Even if we threw all the jews out of the country, and began creating local, independently-run governments not tied to a central authority, it’s foolhardy to believe that the kikes wouldn’t corrupt some of them and cause us to fight against each other once again. A unifying ideology needs central authority and leadership lest it fall into false beliefs and suffer hedonism and other forms of jewish disease, the result of subversion as well as ignorance.

      Valenzuela’s piece doesn’t contain a single original thought imho and seems contradictory because he mentions the masses are being badly led yet at they same time are incapable and not interested in leading themselves. The fact is that the masses of stupidity will always need to be led. If they are led badly, as in the case of our current jew-corrupted, Bush-led government known as ZOG, then they will suffer for it.

      You can’t change the nature of the crowd as Gustave LeBon has so well-documented. You can herd it in the proper direction so that it does less damage to itself than it would if it had a bad shepherd or no shepherd at all. And if you have the right shepherd, it might even prosper.

    4. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      oops.. i meant that Valenzuela implies the masses are capable of leading themselves, not incapable.

    5. Scipio Americanus Says:

      “This Valenzuela makes some good points, but then he spouts the usual shallow cliches about “big oil”, “corporations” and the like without mentioning a word about jews or Israel.”

      Why is that? I see this with so many commentators. OK, the Anglo-American “Blue-blood” side of the equation is obvious for all to see. The Jews do hide themselves more carefully, but it does not take a rocket scientist to see how G-d’s Holy Bandits are involved up to their britches. Honestly, when you look carefully, Jewish names are piled on top of one another in nearly every destructive affair out there — wars, prostitution, pornography, the Federal Reserve, communism, MSM, modern intellectual movements, etc…

      How in the hell can someone who is seriously studying and commentating on the collapse of our civilization fail to see Jewish involvement? Is it that these people have been hoodwinked into accepting the so called “holocaust” fable and therefore feel guilty about pointing out Jewish crimes? Is it that they are simply ignorant of the nature and history of this parasitic people? Or could it be that they know this and are system whores who have not an ounce of moral courage/integrity? Please, give me your thoughts about this.