9 September, 2006

BYU’s Jones Put on Leave for Showing Up ZOG Liars

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[In America, telling the truth about what government does gets you put on leave. Committees are set up to inquire into your Not Getting With The Programmed, the greatest crime of all in the Age of Veal.

Jones deserves a great deal of credit for his courage. In fact, it is fair to describe him, as Kevin MacDonald, as a hero. College professors are the biggest mice on earth. It is extremely rare to find one who will stand up to the government — without the support of the jew-owned media backing him, i.e., moving further in the direction the gov’t is already headed — and when we do we should treasure and support him.]

BYU Professor on Paid Leave for 9-11 Theory
September 8th, 2006 @ 9:59pm

Gene Kennedy Reporting

Brigham Young University administrators are trying to find out the extent of one professor’s involvement in blaming the September 11th terrorist attacks on the government.

According to a copyrighted Deseret Morning News article, Dr. Steven Jones is on paid leave for suggesting the government is responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Jones is a physics professor involved in what’s called the “9-11 Truth Movement.”

Jones believes unnamed government agencies orchestrated the fall of the twin towers, and he says there’s evidence to back it up.

Two weeks ago he published his theory in a paper called, “Why Indeed did the World Trade Center Buildings Collapse?” In it, the professor says the towers fell not because of planes hitting them, but because of pre-positioned demolition charges.

He cites research conducted at BYU on materials from ground zero, asserting those materials show evidence of thermite, a compound used in military detonations. He says terrorists could have never set those charges.

Jones spoke this summer at a scholars’ symposium in California.

Dr. Steven Jones/ BYU Physics Professor: “The chain of events leads me to reluctantly conclude that indeed there does seem to be insiders. In other words, not just hijacked planes, but also others setting these thermite cutting charges into the World Trade Center and bringing them down.”

The State Department has released a rebuttal to Jones’ theory in a 10-thousand page report.

BYU made this statement last night”

“Physics Professor Steven Jones has made numerous statements about the collapse of the World Trade Center. BYU has repeatedly said that it does not endorse assertions made by individual faculty.

“We are, however, concerned about the increasingly speculative and accusatory nature of these statements by Dr. Jones.”

The university added, “BYU remains concerned that Dr. Jones’ works on this topic has not been published in appropriate scientific venues.”

It is rare for some in Dr. Jones’ position to be under review because he has taught at BYU for more than two decades.

He began his career at the university in 1985 and has been known for his cold fusion research. Other professors will teach his classes while he’s on paid leave.

He will be allowed to conduct research in his field but the university is reviewing his actions.

VIDEO (through link):

Jones has written a paper demonstrating that the government’s conspiracy theory of the WTC buildings’ collapse is a lie, a literal, physical impossibility.

This link to that paper – well, the paper doesn’t seem to be there any longer! What does BYU fear?

Luckily, the paper is cached here:

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    1. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      i’ve been saying all along that dr. steven jones is a hero and CAN BE TRUSTED (unlike so many other so-called 911 truth seekers).
      now look at what has happened to him. i think his legitimacy is now proven; he has PAID THE PRICE.
      let’s all support this man as much as we can, but keep it conservative when emailing him; i don’t know if he’s conscious about white issues, but i think he must be aware of jew power and such, being the intelligent man that he is; of course, he can’t go down that road YET; he has to maintain “respectability” to maintain his position and influence amongst the mainstream 911ers. this may change at some point though.

    2. alex Says:

      Send Prof. Jones an encouraging email here:

      [email protected]

    3. alex Says:

      Jones is ideal because he is very modest and soft – if you listen to him. But hard where it counts.

      He cannot be dismissed as anti-semite, although he will be by the usual liars (jews and their lackeys).

      WTC may yet backfire on the jew, as I am personally aware of several quality people brought to WN as a result of people saying “If they’re lying about this, then what else…”

    4. alex Says:

      The State Department has released a rebuttal to Jones’ theory in a 10-thousand page report.

      Ooh. Ten thousand pages!

      I can produce 10,000 men who didn’t see me murder him, your honor!

    5. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Good riddance to the Mormon cold fusion fool. BYU was smart enough to cut its losses. I have done a partial writeup of the cause of the collapse with photos at http://www.sendemback.org/wtc/wtcstudy.htm .

      I have not had time to finish is and it mostly based on the official report. Only a fool believes that thermite took the buildings down. Any large aircraft will take down any large building.

      This does not address the real mystery of reinsurance and airline stock short selling just before the accident. It does not explain why there was ONE Israeli casualty in the attack. The instant messaging that warned Jews not to go to work at the WTC that day is the REAL mystery. The Jew Silverstein also made billions on the insurance settlements.

      The head of Controlled Demolitions tried to get thru to the New York Fire Department to warn them that the buildings were going to collapse and the lines were jammed. He was the only one to predict the collapse before it occurred. See http://www.newyorker.com/fact/content/?011119fa_FACT .

      The Jews love thermite conspiracists because it gets everybody off the trail of the shortselling before the attack. That is where the action is.

    6. cygnet Says:

      I don’t understand what the motive would have been. Why plant explosives to bring down the towers? Most of the people above the crash floors would have died anyway. If the towers had remained standing, how would the goals of the conspiracy been thwarted?

      Conversely: why would anyone take the risk of planting explosives knowing that one of the planes might not have succeeded in hitting its target, leaving the unexploded bombs as evidence?

      It’s not that I believe the government.

    7. alex Says:

      Few died from the plane crash. The firemen were already up to the spot of the blaze and helping people out. Many were recorded on film describing the bombs going off. Only a “New Pearl Harbor” could justify “Clean Break” warfare. Suhprahz, suhprahz, that’s just what we got.

      You might as well believe in pixies and magic dust as to believe planes brought these buildings down.

    8. alex Says:

      Jones’s page at Wikipedia:


      Steven Earl Jones is a professor of physics at Brigham Young University and 9/11 conspiracy theorist.[1] His research includes nuclear fusion and solar energy. In the 1980s Jones popularized the term cold fusion, but his experimental work was significantly different from the more controversial cold fusion experiments of Pons and Fleischmann. [2]

      In other words, despite the implication above, Jones was NOT one of the two frauds you may recall.

    9. nevace13 Says:

      Thank you mister Pauly for the scholarly treatise on how the towers fell. I was about to go fire up my BBQ grill until I read what you said. Now I am fearful that my grill will melt into a pile of molten steel as was found in the in the bottom of all three buildings at the WTC. Now tell me how can I keep warm this winter if my steel furnace is going to melt?

    10. cygnet Says:

      The steel in a barbecue grill

      a: Never reaches 700 C during normal grilling.

      b. Is not supporting a structural load.

      Fleischmann and Pons were certainly not ‘frauds’, even though their cold fusion announcement seems to have been an example of “pathological science”. Remember the polywater fiasco?

    11. Lutjens Says:

      “I have not had time to finish is and it mostly based on the official report. Only a fool believes that thermite took the buildings down. Any large aircraft will take down any large building.”

      lol – you gotta be shittin’ me. Get the fuck outta here. Another disinformation agent.

    12. rich Says:

      Hey Pauly, come on, “Any large aircraft will take down any large building”? You can’t be serious. As a matter of fact, there have only been 3 steel structure buildings in history that have (allegedly) collapsed from fire. All three were at the WTC on 9/11. The twin towers were constructed to withstand a Boeing 707, largest jet at the time, and planes crashing into the tower would as one engineer explained it, like a pencil going thru a mosquito net.

    13. steve B Says:

      cygnet Says:
      The 9th 2006f September, 2006 at 9:32 pm
      The steel in a barbecue grill

      a: Never reaches 700 C during normal grilling.

      b. Is not supporting a structural load.

      Fleischmann and Pons were certainly not ‘frauds’, even though their cold fusion announcement seems to have been an example of “pathological science”. Remember the polywater fiasco?

      Thats right, stupid. Yer average household barbecue grill never reaches 700 degrees Centigrade(1292 Fahrenheit ). But even if it did it would never melt steel. Thats because it takes about 1370 degrees C (2500°F) to melt the stuff. The funny part is, your average high school White guy taking 10th grade welding shop class knows this. He knows the only way to achieve 2500F is through forced air oxygen/acetylene torches. Don’t believe me? Then try dumping jet fuel(basically kerosene) and lighting it on your BBQ and see how long it takes to melt the steel bottom out. Be prepared for a long wait cuz jeeboo will show up before the meltdown.

      Oh, and one more thing. Fuck you Alex for letting that cunt AM permanently ban me from the forum.

      Thankyou and god bless.

    14. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      hey donald pauly:
      explain why wtc7 collapsed.
      i’ll be waiting…and waiting…and probably waiting a long long long time…

    15. jackumup Says:

      WHO cares? just focus on why were fighting in the middle east & who got us there

    16. Mati The Estonian Says:

      OK guys – it seems like we AGAIN trying to tackle the 9/11 question.
      Lets start from beginning – I was born 1967. Right now I’am standing 1,92cm tall and just over 100kg (allmost like Baruto – take a google – he is my countrymen). I went Soviet Union Internal Ministery Special Forces in spring 1985. They want make from me “meat mincer” (bouncer with a taste of killing – but in short) and allmost sucseeded. but then came faith – in one operation guy behind me did not do his job and I was blown up and came crashing down- my right side still not working properly. after that they but me in operation analysis. job was make multipal layers operation so ANY investigator can brake HIS spine trying to solve this.
      System works like this – grupp of people have objective (start WW3 or 4 or whatever). so they will need at least 3 sides and no less then 6 or even more different groups to do actual work. so next step – ground work – find a target (WTC) and make shure its in the hands of right people (silverstein) then make shure You have lots of patsyies and enough actual agents to make it happen.
      Operation starts;
      Level1 1: economical/legislative – make shure the right people have right information – inside trade, removing gold from vaults, but the real estate in hand of right people, make shure You have right contractors in place for clean up for after, make shure You have RIGHT legislation and right politicians in place and make shure to build a controlled opposition.
      Level 2: participants – for every action You will have contra action. so you will “hire” outside contractor (mossad – guys cheering at the falling of WTC – remember the police reports) they will provide patsys ready to sacrifice themselves. make a good story for them (poor arabs trying to get even with bad americans) and make it belivebal (Cole, embassy bombings) do not forget bacup guys (elohim city, OKC) to blame.
      so directly to 9/11 – I think all of the guys in plane did think they will have 1-5 day standoff in some airport where they can shout insults to police and world press have some fun and go home (or jail) and became heroes to fight against USA, ZOG, imperialism or whatever. instead they did watch uncontrolled jog wheel steering them directly to the WTC.
      IF and WHEN You guys think You find out that You allready now most of the answers it was just kind of too many levels to but the picture togheter – but remember that WAS the intension to confuse everyone.
      like one old GRU general stated “it must be BIG, so BIG that connecting the dots will take forever”

    17. steve B Says:

      Geeze, that meth is a major problem.


    18. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      why care?

      because getting the word out to everyone about wtc7’s collapse (which most still don’t even know about)
      and about lucky larry silverstein will turn everyone’s attention to BIG JEW, and the ultimate cause of the fucking wars going on. That’s why.

    19. e Says:

      Jones should be fired, here’s why.

      The reason he got into this investigation was because he heard some woman talk about her near death experience and when she was “on the other side”, she said she learned something to the effect of “if you think airplanes brought down the twin towers, you are mistaken”.

      Jones is most likely a Mormon at a Mormon university, BYU. This is not science, this is religion.

      Christopher Bollyn creates a more compellling case, he names the jew and shows molten steel.

      Jones lets others in his group, such as leftist Martin Luther Coon lover James Fetzer name the rich white man who did 9/11 for oil.

      Jones deserves to be fired. He has not shown sufficient evidence. He has shown outright lies from “Loose Change.”

    20. Biff Baxter Says:

      People are too stupid to try to explain how it is impossible for a short lived jet fuel fire to bring two steel frame buildings down in 20 minutes straight into their own footprint.

      Instead, keep asking about WTC 7. Hammer there, because that chink in the armor is so weak it will give way to a featherduster. That crack will spread to encompass all the others lies, including the Israeli shortselling and ODIGO messaging that reduced Israeli casualties to ONE person. The rest with the dancing van Hebes and the Anthrax hoax will naturally be sucked into the black hole of credibility for the U.S. government that results.

      9-11 was a Mossad production. Itz so simple, even an Amerikwan could figure it out.

    21. ftwainth Says:

      “steve B Says:

      The 10th 2006f September, 2006 at 2:13 am

      Geeze, that meth is a major problem.


      Crypto-jews are so importunate and have a persverse desire to post on White Nationalist forums: we throw them out, and in 5 minutes they’re back. I asked this one why this is so, and haven’t got any reply so far :).

    22. Olde Dutch Says:

      I find it hard to believe that the NYC Fire Department & other city and state fire & arson investigators would give the jews a pass if this was a jew/mossad operation. Even if the jews/mossad only knew about it, and played it for their jew/jew homeland advantage.

      Maybe the NYC Fire Department & other city, and, state arson investigators are behind the various leaks? Why haven’t they gone public, if they have the smoking gun or guns linking September 11th to the jew homeland, and jews in government?

      Maybe Silverstein will talk?

    23. JoeSixPack Says:

      Donald E. Pauly said:
      “The head of Controlled Demolitions tried to get thru to the New York Fire Department to warn them that the buildings were going to collapse and the lines were jammed. He was the only one to predict the collapse before it occurred. See http://www.newyorker.com/fact/content/?011119fa_FACT .”

      Does anyone else get it?

      “He was the only one to predict the collapse before it occurred.”
      “He was the only one to predict the collapse before it occurred.”
      “He was the only one to predict the collapse before it occurred.”

      He knew it was going to collapse because it was his BUSINESS.
      He was in on it! Duh!

    24. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      I wondered about the collapse of WTC-7 myself. It collapsed because of a seven hour unfought diesel fuel fire involving two floors. Thousands of gallons for the emergency generators were pumped out and burned which weakened the floors. See figure 5-19 at http://www.sendemback.org/wtc/wtcstudy.htm .

      WTC1 and 2 were designed to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707 but not the attendant fires. Both buildings nearly collapsed from severed beams and the fire finished the job. Each 757 had 10,000 of jet (diesel) fuel on board at the time of the impact. Steel loses 70% of its strength at 700 C, see figure A-6. See a heat bucked beam in figure 4-17.

      Mormons with their theology have a tendency to believe in perpetual motion machines and the like. Cold fusion is a small step removed. Any college sophomore mechanical engineering student will predict the building collapse from the fire.
      When they blow up casinos here in Las Vegas they strip them of all interior walls first. It then takes a MONTH to set the charges. It would be impossible to place the charges in an occupied building full of Jews. Thermite is worthless for taking down a building. It burns straight down and would not work on the vertical beams of WTC 1/2, see figure 2-22.

    25. Scipio Americanus Says:

      So long as he is tenured, there is damn little BYU can do to force him out. Regarding the WTC collapse, I have not heard anyone point out the fact that the temperature of the fires could have easily been increased due to the high winds that are present at that altitude. I speak from experience having been to the top of the Empire State Building in NYC and the CN Tower in Toronto. There was barely an outside breeze on the street but at the top of these buildings, WOW, it was windy as hell. I was really amazed at just how gusty it felt — something I have never forgotten.

      While I am not a structural engineer, it stands to reason that the amount of wind feeding the fire could have fueled the flames and increased the temperature enough to weaken the structural integrity of the steel frames, thus leading to the collapse. Instead of concerning ourselves with the Twin Towers, attention should be focused on WTC 7 which was structurally sound yet collapsed in what sure as hell looked like a controlled demolition.

      And we should not forget that demon himself — Silverstein — admitting on PBS that he gave the order to have the building “pulled”. If I was an insurance investigator, I would have gone after this with a vengeance, especially given that he purchase an insurance package only a month before 911. This smacks of criminality, as any police investigator would point out when investigating the death of a person who just had an insurance policy filed only weeks or months earlier. As William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

    26. brutus Says:

      Hey Pauly why don’t you tell the audience about Arnold Engineering? Even the lowliest jew ambulance chaser can conjure-up a professional expert for the most insignificant slip and fall case. The collective heeb hard-ons for this 9/11 deal must have broken all records for kike fee-lust. Why not be on the level and share with us the amount of the quid pro quo that you’re getting greased? You’ve stuck your neck out this far, might as well go all the way.

    27. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      ok, i’m willing to entertain an investigation into some monstrous “diesel fuel” fire (that wasn’t apparent on the outside, for some strange reason…).
      have a COMPLETE investigation, show the proof. as i’ve read elsewhere, that diesel fuel theory was shot down long ago, and of course did not show up in the official report. the official report only said “unknown” as the cause for wtc7’s collapse!

      folks, keep hammering on wtc7. that is the crux. that is the achilles heel of the — i believe — conspirators.
      don’t waste time on the twin towers – as spectacular as they may be. hammer wtc7 into the heads of everyone you meet.
      wtc7, i believe, will be the jews’ final downfall.
      ah, how sweet the thought

    28. Scipio Americanus Says:

      silverstein wtc7 Says: “wtc7, i believe, will be the jews’ final downfall.”

      I agree. WTC 7 is where the attention should be focused. I remeber thinking this as soon as I heard that rat on the televitz admit to having the building “pulled”. How in the hell can you simply pull a building that size in a matter of hours? It can’t be done. It takes weeks for a demolition team to set the explosive charges and to my knowledge there is only one company in the United States with the expertise to do it.

      Couple that fact with the reports of celebrating Jews which was covered in a 4-part series on Fox News and you have all the circumstantial evidence needed to launch a full scale investigation of Silverstein and his Israeli connections. Unfortunately, the inmates are running the asylum. But when they loose their grip on things, it will be pay back time. Never forget that, Hymie!

    29. jimbo Says:

      Donald E Paulstein………where’s ya MOSSAD badge, u FCKN jew shill?!

    30. Mr. Outis Says:

      “There was barely an outside breeze on the street but at the top of these buildings, WOW, it was windy as hell. I was really amazed at just how gusty it felt — something I have never forgotten.”

      I second that. Have been to the top of the Empire State Building in Spring — rather windy. The wind (at an extra 36m) would necessarily have increased the temperature of the fire.

    31. fuck you outis Says:

      outis, you are a mole within the WN “movement”.

      i have “outed” you.

      you pretend to be a WN and then slyly slide the dagger in from behind, thinking no one will notice your subterfuge and attemtps at disruption, all based on non-facts and pure BULLSHIT.

    32. Mr. Outis Says:

      I’ve never pretended to be anything but Outis. I’ve been banned and “outed” a dozen times before you. But please, the greatest injustice you or anyone could do me is claim that I have ever pretended to be a White Nationalist; anything else but that. Call me a Jew, a Fed, or SPLC(?). That is all appropriately absurd.

      Once upon a time I did pretend, to myself before all, that I believed in certain things dear to White Nationalists. They fell away, because it was just acting.

      What I believe in now is chastising the Jew, as I have from the moment I laid eyes on this site.

      Anyway, this thread is not about me, so drop it.

    33. outis outed Says:

      outis, if your singular mission in life is to screw the jew, you’re making a mighty fine mess of it.

    34. outiff Says:

      IHaff a theery:
      Outiff bee haff neegroe

    35. Mr. Outis Says:


    36. ggh Says:

      RE: Paulys Site – lots of picture but you forgot WTC7. Stumped by that one?

    37. ggh Says:

      PS – I believe many – most?all? – modern skyscrapers have blueprints. When the building is built it is understood that the building will not last forever – a demolition plan is included. The blueprint should show you that not that many charges are needed to bring down a building, ie if it was designed to be emploded somday. Old building were built for the ages – real bears to bring down – if your building is designed to be dropped someday it’s only a bunny to bring down.

    38. van helsing Says:

      Lets see what asshole medical specialist Henry Lee (of OJ fame) says about the WTC.

      Whatever he says, it’s bullshit.

    39. zip Says:

      Now there are reports of 500 seperate human bone fragments found on the ROOF and elsewhere in and around nearby office buildings five years later.

      If not by explosives, how else would bits of peoples’ body parts be blown onto these effing roofs?

      Why hasn’t anyone bothered to ask Larry Silverstein what happened on 911?