3 October, 2006

AmeriKwa: the Neo-Rules

Posted by alex in AmeriKwa, Bill O'Reilly at 7:00 pm | Permanent Link

This fall…

Hearsay and torture are in!

Habeas and juries are out!

Get with the times, man, a new wind’s a-blowin’…

The jew and his bought and paid for president, bought and paid for Congress, bought and paid for military – can do whatever the hell they want. You? “You’ll get nothing and like it.”

The government doesn’t have to explain or prove or answer anything. All it has to do is stamp an ADL label on you, and you’re ready for the sardine can.


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  7. 10 Responses to “AmeriKwa: the Neo-Rules”

    1. Carpenter Says:

      I am reminded of the time when the Puritans took over England, to reshape it with no concern for law or tradition. It has happened so many times….

      By Alex Brome, to the Cavaliers

      Ballad: The Commoners

      Come your ways,
      Bonny boys
      Of the town,
      For now is your time or never:
      Shall your fears
      Or your cares
      Cast you down?
      Hang your wealth
      And your health,
      Get renown.
      We are all undone for ever,
      Now the King and the crown
      Are tumbling down,
      And the realm doth groan with disasters;
      And the scum of the land
      Are the men in command,
      And our slaves are become our masters.

      Now our lives,
      Children, wives,
      And estate,
      Are a prey to the lust and plunder,
      To the rage
      Of our age;
      And the fate
      Of our land
      Is at hand;
      ‘Tis too late
      To tread these usurpers under.
      First down goes the crown,
      Then follows the gown,
      Thus levell’d are we by the Roundhead;
      While Church and State must
      Feed their pride and their lust,
      And the kingdom and king be confounded.

      Shall we still
      Suffer ill
      And be dumb,
      And let every varlet undo us?
      Shall we doubt
      Of each lout
      That doth come,
      With a voice
      Like the noise
      Of a drum,
      And a sword or a buff-coat, to us?
      Shall we lose our estates
      By plunder and rates,
      To bedeck those proud upstarts that swagger?
      Rather fight for your meat
      Which those locusts do eat,
      Now every man’s a beggar.

    2. Carpenter Says:

      Like Hornberger writes, the new military-detention bill makes it possible for the president to arrest anyone, even an American citizen, as an “enemy combatant.” To be tried by a military kangaroo court, not a jury. The military belongs to the executive branch, let’s remember, not the judicial branch.

      Could this affect WNs? There is already a precedent. During WWII Roosevelt had some thirty war dissenters arrested. They were sympathetic to the Germans and National Socialism and did not want Germany invaded; thus they were aiding and abetting the enemy through propaganda, was the charge.

      The “evidence” of treason amounted to nothing more than their pro-German essays, which the prosecutor read to the jury. Fortunately for these men, the case dragged on for years and was ridiculed, and when the judge died by a heart attack the affair was closed down.

      But that was a public trial, before a jury. Not a trial behind closed doors, before officers, White and non-White, hand-picked by the neocons.

      So yes, it could happen. If there is war against Iran, with a massive loss of lives and money and with oil prices going through the roof, there would be a serious feeling of being at war. That is when WN leaders and website owners could be arrested, for aiding and abetting. The most demonized group in the world – who would object?

    3. alex Says:

      From Gene Callahan, lewrockwell.com:

      My fellow Americans, it’s official now: We live in a fascist nation.

      Now, the term “fascist” has been thrown around over the last fifty years in a loose way that has drained it of much of its meaning. If someone wanted to cut 5% off of a leftist professor’s favourite welfare programme, the professor would call his opponent a “fascist.” I’m not using the word like that. I mean honest-to-goodness, old-fashioned, 1930s style fascism, featuring such old favourites as:

      * Secret prisons – they’re back!
      * Torture – we’re doing it.
      * Spying on all citizens.
      * Arrests and indefinite imprisonment without trial.
      * Rampant militarism.
      * Secret detention.
      * Enforced disappearance.
      * Denial and restriction of habeas corpus.
      * Prolonged incommunicado detention.
      * Unfair trial procedures.

      (This list was compiled partially based on the work of Amnesty International, available here.)

      An absolutely mind-numbing response to complaints that our traditional legal system is being torn apart is the question, “So, you want to protect the rights of terrorists?”

      Um, no, I want to protect the rights of non-terrorists who might be falsely accused of terrorism! That was sort of, you know, the whole idea of our legal system. I’m sure there was some neo-con around in the 1700s saying to Jefferson or Madison, “So, you want to protect the rights of murderers and robbers?” but luckily they ignored him.

      We’ve now gotten to the point where Nazi Germany was, say, in 1934. Remember, at that time, if you had told a typical German what his government would do over the next ten years, he would have looked at you as a madman. After all, his land had been civilized for over a thousand years. His was the nation of Albertus Magnus, Gutenberg, Goethe, Schiller, Beethoven, Bach, Kant, Hegel, Schelling, Fichte, Heisenberg, Reimann, Mann, Lessing, Herder, Handel, Dürer, Leibniz, Gauss, Helmholtz – he could have gone on, but you get the point. His nation could not possibly descend into barbarism! If you tried to tell him he was living in a police state, he would have pointed out that his government had used its vast new powers very judiciously, and only against a few trouble-makers. So far.

      It is interesting, in gauging the direction we are heading, to look at the proclamations of “respectable” opinion writers who support this administration. For instance, we have people at a “libertarian” think tank proclaiming that Moslems are not entitled to full civil rights in the US. (Perhaps we need to make them wear something special on their clothing like, say, a yellow star, so we know just who they are, hey?) But “conservatives” provide even more stunning examples of purely fascist reasoning. For example, conservative demagogue Ann Coulter has called for the editor of The NY Times to face the firing squad for his part in publicizing this administration’s abuses of power. Let’s look at a recent column by Douglas MacKinnon at TownHall.com.

      MacKinnon considers all of those involved in revealing the sordid collection of secret programmes that have been launched by the Bush administration as “traitors” who have publicized these schemes “purely because they don’t like the policies of the new president.” Well, he’s right in that “they don’t like the policies” that they consider unconstitutional violations of our rights. Far from “aiding the enemy,” these revelations aided us, the American people, by letting us know what our government has in store for us.

      Consider what the point of classifying these programmes was in the first place, and who they were being kept secret from. The jihadists no doubt already knew about the secret prisons – their friends are in them! They surely knew that the war in Iraq has been helping their recruiting – it’s their recruiting! (“Praise be to Allah, Abdul, I read in The NY Times that it is the Iraq War that is sending us these thousands of new recruits – who knew?”) They no doubt suspect they may be wiretapped – what they didn’t know was that all the rest of us are, as well. No, not one of these leaks helps terrorists, nor was one of them classified to stop terrorists from finding them out. We were the ones who weren’t supposed to find out about them.

      MacKinnon continues: “And if even one American lost his or her life because of a leak, then I would want that person to be executed for treason.”

      So anyone who reveals our fascist government policies is a traitor who can be executed! This is obviously an attempt to intimidate the opposition so that our police state can be expanded without the annoying work stoppages caused by public outcry when the latest bit of construction is revealed. And just how does MacKinnon propose to show that some American lost his life because a journalist revealed that the US government tortures people across the globe, rather than, say, because the policies he supports have inspired a million new jihadists? Secret trial, perhaps? Or why even bother with trials for filthy traitors?

      Herr Goebbels – oops, I mean MacKinnon – writes, “Until we severely punish those who leak classified information, then the traitors among us will not only continue to flourish, but will grow more brazen with the secrets they reveal.”

      Yes, what we ought to be able to do, you know, is simply seize anyone who even mentions our government’s “secret” prisons, and, without a trial, throw them in a secret prison! This is the logical conclusion of this fascist’s article, after all, since those who talk about the American Gulag are pretty much terrorists themselves.

      Folks, this is coming real soon, and, once it does, domestic opposition is pretty much over. One journalist – that will be about all it takes – will be seized as a “terrorist” and thrown in the Gulag. The government may release him, but then another will simply disappear in the night in Iraq or Afghanistan, and rumors will circulate that he is being kept in a cage somewhere and waterboarded. No journalist lacking heroic courage will any longer be willing to seriously protest government policy.

      America is full of decent people, who could never believe their own government could become fascist. So were Germany and Italy in the 1920s. But they became fascist anyway. They passed laws suspending civil liberties, but the government promised the frightened populace that those laws would only be used against targets like “Communist terrorists.” And, a little bit at a time, the target kept getting bigger and bigger, slowly enough that the people who weren’t paying close attention never detected it.

      And, next thing you know, there were millions of people dead! So, it turns out, it would have been worth paying attention after all.

    4. alex Says:

      Letter to Callahan:

      You’re afraid to name the jews operating the government – whether or not that government is fascist.

      Funny that libertarians never get too specific about the specific men eliminating specfic freedoms – nor do they ever get specific about the specific men who actually do stand up for specific freedoms. I’ve never yet read a column by a liberclown mentioning Zundel, Irving, Winnicki, Rudolf or any of the other hundreds of men in jail for fighting the real enemy. What I have read is 1001 columns like your latest blaming the Nazis. Perhaps it is too painful for you libertarians to admit to yourselves that the Nazis were better men than you – more honest, more freedom-loving, less afraid to fight freedom’s real and eternal enemy – the Jew.

      You’re a coward, Callahan, and so are your libertarian fellows.

      Alex Linder

    5. alex Says:

      Whites protecting themselves from jews does not equal fascism. It is self-evident that Whites in Germany were freer and more secure than Whites in AmeriKwa today.

      Free speech? In Germany, you could criticize jews. In America, you can’t.
      Gun ownership? Perfectly legal in Germany; in America, you must jump through hoops and pay excessive fees. Association? In America, you must rent/hire/accommodate whoever the government tells you to. In Germany, there was no affirmative action, no positive discrimination, no endless cries of racism and anti-semitism. White preachers and fundamentalists and Southerners and Germans were not abused ritually and eternally in the media.

      In terms of specific freedoms, Nazi Germany was considerably freer than America 2006. It was a better, healthier place for ordinary Whites.

      Those who believe in Individualism are mentally deformed in their evident assumption that freedom can only be threatened by individuals.

      If it wasn’t Bush, it would be some other dope. The key is to get rid of the jews that have their pudgy fingers around America’s throat.

    6. jt Says:

      Tony Judt Speech Shut Down by ADL
      Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 in News by Matt Barganier|

      Historian Tony Judt, a frequent contributor to the New York Review of Books and director of the Remarque Institute at NYU, writes,

      I was due to speak this evening, in Manhattan, to a group called Network 20/20 comprising young business leaders, NGO, academics, etc, from the US and many countries. Topic: the Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy. The meetings are always held at the Polish Consulate in Manhattan.

      I just received a call from the President of Network 20/20. The talk was cancelled because the Polish Consulate had been threatened by the Anti-Defamation League. Serial phone calls from ADL President Abe Foxman warned them off hosting anything involving Tony Judt. If they persisted, he warned, he would smear the charge of Polish collaboration with anti-Israeli anti-Semites (= me) all over the front page of every daily paper in the city (an indirect quote). They caved and Network 20/20 were forced to cancel.

      Whatever your views on the Middle East I hope you find this as serious and frightening as I do. This is, or used to be, the United States of America.

    7. Timothy Says:

      Sounds like one of Hymie’s typical Irish Setters.

      Notice how these twats always invoke the Nazi spectre when the Judeo-Bolshevik USSR example is more appropriate?

      Here’s the e-mail i sent him:

      America is being turned into the same Judeo-Bolshevik police state/gulag that Russia was made into,and by the same people I might add.

      Of course if you dared identify the real enemy, you’d find yourself out of a job so fast it would make your head spin. So like the rest of the canting,cowardly commentariat, you safely invoke the Nazi spectre while completely ignoring who’s truly running the show.

      The Nazis at least fought this enemy,while you are frightened to even name it,much less fight it. You are less than nothing.

      To hell with all you clowns and cunts.

    8. alex Says:

      Nice letter. Libertarians always call jews nazis, this suits their insipid humors and quarts-low courage levels.

    9. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Well, so much for the land of the free and home of the brave! It probably hasn’t been since the end of the war against the South.
      American whites become more craven and hypocritical with each passing year. We still get yank tourists here who are loud and brash and act as though their nigger-filled, jew-controlled shithole of a police state is universally admired. They don’t seem to understand how much they are despised because of the actions of the kike criminals who rule them. This march to American Bolshevism has encountered almost no resistance from the ‘defenders of liberty and justice’. The Russians were taken over in the midst of a catastrophic war and with total brutality. The Americans were taken over in times of peace and plenty. Once hymie has your guns then the real fun will start. Americans will experience what white Southerners, Russians and Germans went through. Of course it won’t only be white Americans who will go through the wringer; it will be a harsh time for all white countries. Fifty years from now our world will be unrecognizable. Only through terrible struggle will our race remain viable. Even if there is an eighty per cent die off of whites, so long as we have a geographical area of our own we will recover and eventually regain our premier position, perhaps centuries from now. But, for now, white men will have to start behaving like real men again.

    10. Bo Says:

      And do what?