30 October, 2006

College: Where You Pay to be Taught Things That Ain’t True

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Perhaps you think I exaggerate in saying I do not recommend a college education.

Consider this posting from “Hannah” on Kirksville Today:

I find this article ridiculous and racist. First of all, it’s true; the statistics show that racial diversity determines crime rates, but let’s not forget that cops tend to seek out those race-bound criminals before their white counterparts. In my own hometown in Missouri, I live in an upper-middle class white neighborhood. There is little crime, and also little cop patrol. However, walk three blocks to the nearest “ghetto” and cops parade the place, capturing their criminals right and left. Of course there’s more “crime” in mixed areas, because there are more cops expecting it!

The rest of Hannah’s bizarre illogic here.

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  7. 23 Responses to “College: Where You Pay to be Taught Things That Ain’t True”

    1. Carpenter Says:

      It is true for a college education in the social sciences. A college education in the natural sciences is another matter.

    2. Thoughtcrime Says:

      Hannah’s entire response is ‘bizarro’ logic that underscores her confusion and brainwashing and is indeed intended to spread more confusion. It’s probably good to read it to realize what White people are up against so I took the time to analyze it and here’s what I came up with:

      Hannah Said,
      Hannah said: “I find this article ridiculous and racist.”

      I say: Does this opinion change or modify the facts listed earlier about minority crime rates?

      Hannah said: “First of all, it’s true; the statistics show that racial diversity determines crime rates,”

      I say: Ok there’s a fact regurgitated from Hannah…..so far so good.

      Hannah said: “but let’s not forget that cops tend to seek out those race-bound criminals before their white counterparts.”

      I say: Could there be a legtimate reason for this if true? Does it make sense to patrol more heavily those minority ‘rich’ areas where substantially more crime occurs? Is it logical to have a greater police presense where it’s actually needed? Somehow Hannah’s bizarro logic seeks to establish this premise: if you bring in more cops to an area teeming with minorities (who by the way actually commit more crime) then you encourage more crime! By virtue of an extension of her logic we might also infer that if you remove the increased police presence, then you remove the crime!!

      Hannah says: “In my own hometown in Missouri, I live in an upper-middle class white neighborhood. There is little crime, and also little cop patrol.”

      I say: Could there be a direct causal link for this fact? What might we infer from this fact? Essentially she lives in an all white area with little crime and the resultant minimal cop presence. Is this logical? Could it be that where there’s no crime, copes aren’t needed?

      Hannah says: “However, walk three blocks to the nearest “ghetto” and cops parade the place, capturing their criminals right and left. Of course there’s more “crime” in mixed areas, because there are more cops expecting it!’

      I say: Again more bizarro logic. Hannah’s saying that cops are capturing criminals (again, minority criminals who have been proven to actually commit more crime) right and left. If this is true, what is the reason for more minority criminals being apprehended in this area as opposed to her all white neighborhood? Her bizarro logic states that the more cops you have in an area, the more ‘crime’ you can expect. Does that even make sense? Do cops cause more minorities to commit crime? Or could it be that the reason more criminals are being apprehended in these ‘ghettos’ is because there are simply more criminals to apprehend and more police to apprehend them?

      Notice also her use of the word ‘mixed’ in her response. Demographically, are these areas actually racially mixed and if so, what are the proportions of minorites to Whites?

      Hannah says: “Secondly, the use of the word “nigger” (despite the fact that African-Americans use the term freely to describe themselves) is offensive.:

      I say: More bizarro logic. If the average black male uses the word ‘nigger’ to describe other like-minded blacks, then why would it be offensive to the average black for a person of another race to use this word? Does the word ‘nigger’ have dual meanings depending on who is using it? Also, why does Hannah refer to blacks as ‘African Americans’ while niggers themselves refer to themselves as ‘niggers’? Further, why is the word ‘nigger’ offensive to Hannah?

      Hannah says: “Keep in mind that with a little tolerance black and hispanic families might be a bit less likely to commit crimes (we could start by allowing them the education us white folk have).”

      I say: Hannah’s premise here is that if people (I guess she means white people?) are more ‘tolerant’, then there will be less crime from minorities. What exactly is there to be tolerant of? How will this ‘tolerance’ help minorities to commit less crime? What is the relationship if any between tolerance from white people and minority crime rates? Also, every day I see bright yellow public school buses loaded with nothing but blacks and hispanic children who are attending local schools that Whites also attend. Doesn’t this presuppose that blacks and hispanics are being provided with a public education the same as Whites? Doesn’t this presuppose that blacks and hispanics are being entitled to the same education as whites? If not, then where are these bus loads of black and hispanic children going each day?

      Hannah: “Finally, I ask you to remember that we are all African-Americans; our ancestors according to anthropologists originate in Africa, no matter what color your skin is presently.”

      I say: I’ve heard this before, and whether it’s true or not, we are talking eons of time to reach back to find a common progenitor. The statemtent Hannah makes completely jumps a massive quantity of time and evolutionary divergence. Is this ‘out of Africa’ hypothesis even relevant to today? Are we to believe that there are currently no significant differences between any of the races? I think the answer is to the contrary. Your genetic information determines your unique racial characteristics and that is fact. The other fact is that no matter where we started eons ago, it’s where we are now and the twists and turns natural selection and evolution have worked on our genes. These differences were created as adaptations to the environment and competition with each other and unique racial groups were formed. That is also fact.

      Hannah says: “The color of one’s skin does not affect his or her chemical composition- it is simply a class we have formed ouselves.”

      I say: This is a fallacy. Your unique genetic information determines the natural color of your skin. Skin color is not a class, it’s a phenotypic trait manifested by genes.

      Hannah says: “So when my African-American friends volunteer around town and my gracious hispanic waiter greets me kindly with a smile, I’ll think of your words, that it’s “white people who make the difference” in Kirksville.”

      I say: How do these individual situtations relate to your bizarro premise that increased cop presence causes increased minority crime?

    3. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      “Of course there’s more “crime” in mixed areas, because there are more cops expecting it!”

      How can anyone that stupid remember how to feed themselves from day to day? Does she think the victims of all of these alleged crimes in White areas are keeping their mouths shut about the lack of police protection? In my part of Missouri, the pols are so desperate for a good crime wave they’ve exaggerated this meth problem all out of proportion, so they can campaign on it. Every DemRep ad I see here has some slug vowing to crack down on meth dealers. I’ve never seen a meth dealer, never been victimized by one, never seen one selling dope on a street corner, never seen a “meth ho” selling it on a small town street to support her habit, so I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Hell, you almost feel sorry for the meth heads, the way they’re hounded in this part of the country. And of course, most of the meth in Missouri is being brought in by Mexicans, but you’ll never see one of these insects like Jim Talent mentioning THAT little factoid in their ads. Hannah needs a good dose of diversity, to pound some sense into her head.

    4. JimSummers Says:

      “according to anthropologists”

      You mean the Socialist Jew Franz Boas, Hannah?

      It just never occurs to females that much of what passes for being “educated” is merely outrageous Jewish bullying of Aryans.

    5. Timothy Says:

      The jews have really done a number on our people…and that number is TWO.
      This ‘Hannah’ had her brain removed and the cavity refilled with shit.

    6. confederate Says:

      can’t be anything more than a college freshman. or, maybe a graduate student. or, maybe a phd. (pointy-headed-dummy) from some liberal arts college.
      yes the future of this mess known as the u.s.a. looks bright don’t it?

    7. Carpenter Says:

      Relax, people. I think we all know what dumb women like this one need, and she will get it too, since things will only get worse. She’ll sob about how there weren’t any police around to protect her then, despite her earlier socialist hatred for them.

    8. Thoughtcrime Says:

      The thing that disturbs me the most is that this type of brainwashing is rampant and it sticks very well in the minds of white lemmings. Almost as if we are genetically predisposed to this sort of thing from antiquity. Perhaps it is a weakness? The ability we have to assume an ‘everything is reasonable’ stance on important matters is a thought pattern we desperately need to remove or at least learn how to quiet.

      Most of the manure that Hannah spreads around is just illogical obfuscation that tends to ameliorate the hard facts. There’s plenty of ‘creative reasoning’ there, but essentially no facts and tons of fallacies. The very point that she concedes in the beginning that yes, the facts do support minorities committing the majority of crime essentially shows that she can understand a cold hard fact, but the rest of her inane rambling and rationalizing just shows that she’s been beaten over the head with the tolerance and white guilt sticks time and again.

      It seems that Hannah has been pre-programmed for this type of statement: “Well yes, I agree that the facts do show blah blah blah, BUT, in my opinion the reason for these facts is some string of nonsense that I can construct to lessen the impact of said facts and make these minorites appear better than they really are and at the same time spread the guilt around that whites are somehow responsible for these minorities doing what it is that they do.” That’s what happens time and again. Facts being stated that show a very clear picture and then some sort of rationalization or even outright fallacies that help provide the smoke and mirrors to hide the clear picture.

      It’s almost the same as: Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain.

    9. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Unfortunately, there are millions of whites like this Hannah clown. Most of them live in areas with very few apes and wogs. So, when the spic waiter smiles and some of her ape friends ‘volunteer around the town’ she imagines that race is an irrelevancy. The irony is that Hannah and her ilk will only learn racial realities after their lives are destroyed. Possibly when they marry apes and produces half breeds, or perhaps after they have been gang raped by some ‘diverse’ neighbours. It’s hard to sympathise with such willful perversity.
      In the coming race wars Hannah, your skin will be your uniform. There will be no opting out. No passive resistance. If you are captured by racial enemies you will either be killed or enslaved. You will never be accepted or treated as just another human being by our enemies. If you want to know what it will be like if we lose those wars then study what was done to the Germans after they lost in 1945.

    10. Mark Says:

      It wouldn’t be so bad if the opposite argument was allowed and often voiced (could only be dare spoken by a black). However typically only arguments such as this, blaming white racism for everything, are allowed.

    11. Hengest Says:

      Female logic is an oximoron.
      And there is nothing, truly nothing more stupid than the young White liberal female.
      Young Hannah and her ilk are so deeply brainwashed as to be beyond the reach of reasoned argument.

    12. engineeringstudent Says:

      Theres nothing bad about getting an education in a white university in this white western education invented system. The deal is what they dont tell you is to stay away from Liberal Arts majors as this is where all the jews and niggers are. Get a specific degree in something like the many fields of engineering or architechture or accounting or females in nursing. Get a BS degree that usually dosent require any liberal training indoctrination classes. Also we need to get more white Gentiles as physicians or aeronautical science even chemistry or physics. While its fine not to go to college and get into a trade, we cant turn over the entire western education system to jews and niggers. Whites need to become more pronounced and specific in their majors thats all and keep away from anything with liberal in the title.

    13. Olde Dutch Says:

      LORAIN — Police used a stun gun on a Lorain man and his pit bull after the man led them on a chase Sunday.

      Police headed to apartments in the 900 block of South Central Drive around 3:52 p.m. for a domestic violence call when they noticed a vehicle driven by Taiwan Taylor, 25, leaving.

      Believing the call and the car connected, an officer pulled in front of the vehicle to stop it.

      The driver went over a curb and around the police cruiser, police said. The officer followed the vehicle, which traveled down West 27th Street at a high rate of speed, police said.

      The vehicle ran a stop sign at Highland Park Boulevard and Washington Avenue before turning down Washington, then back toward South Central Drive, police said. When the vehicle again reached the apartments, Taylor jumped out and fled on foot, police said.

      Several officers chased and eventually used a Taser on him, knocking him to the ground. A pit bull then jumped out of the car and attempted to attack police, so they shot it with a Taser, causing it to run away.

      An officer later used a Taser on the dog when it came back while police were taking Taylor to the back of a cruiser, police said.

      Taylor was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing official business, fleeing a police officer, reckless operations and aggravated possession of drugs.

    14. lawrence dennis Says:

      I know Mr. Linder cares not for the Bible and its stories, but the opinions of our women make me think of Eve in the garden of Eden. A snake (= Jew) whispers in her ear that if she but eats of the forbidden fruit, she will have the knowledge of God (“all races are equal, war is over if you want it, a woman can do anything a man can do, etc.”). But instead her action only leads to ruin.

    15. Carpenter Says:

      Really, Lawrence? Where does it say the snake equals a Jew? Where does it say it whispers race equality? Because, I have read the Bible, and I can find no such thing. Are you just making this up? Like all xtians always do?

      xtians and college Jews – both masters of the lie. They lie until they believe it themselves. Then they go out to find gullible Whites to lie to. These, it seems, are never in short supply.

    16. Carpenter Says:

      Just gotta show this gem, from a thread about an episode of the Tyra Banks show, where women from different races were brought together to find out who was discriminated against the most. The White girl and the Korean girl got to say only a few sentences; the White girl posts in this thread. Anyway, a mud posts:

      “Most middle class kids are idiot crowd followers that grow up with ass kissing attitudes or spiteful and hateful attitudes towards minorities..mostly I see are ass kissing. Rap/ghetto culture..glorified ignorance seeing how you have a bunch of idiots talking about how great they are for no other reason than being black and having an unjustified ego. It paints a very racist and stereotyping picture of black people but for some reason, many inner city blacks choose to fulfill the stereotypes only to turn around and lash out and claim they’re being discriminated. “

    17. Carpenter Says:

      Oh yeah, here’s the link:
      Every now and then you might want to visit mainstream forums, folks, and share a bit of information. The level of debate is usually so primitive that you can hardly believe these people can put on their pants in the morning. Almost no facts, just a lot of keywords like “racism,” “privileged” and “discriminated”. There are Whites in these forums who are fed up with the order of things, but they lack the right facts and arguments, so they just end up saying that “There is a lot of racism against white people too.”

    18. sgruber Says:

      Speaking of gullibility…

      Recently I got in my email a home-grown nigger scam, akin to the Nigerian scams but slicker.

      It was for something called “USA Voice,” a website purporting to gather local news stories and put them on a website. Instead of using an RSS feed, USA Voice apparently has “employees” (home-based suckers) write/gather and send the stories to them. The “employees” are beginning to realize that the promise of pay was false.

      The reason I call this a nigger scam is because the thing seems to originate from Atlanta, and there is this…er, interesting…article on the site:


      (Note in that article’s prose style the syntactical awkwardness, dumb bravado, and arbitrarily used marketing terminology that is typicall of college-edumakated niggeros.)

      Here is the KIKE apparently behind the whole thing (scroll down for picture):


      Another one: recently I submitted a film (I make films in my spare time) to an Atlanta film festival, the festival is called “Underexposed.” It was run by a bunch of niggers; everyone I spoke to there on the phone was a bluegum (I can tell from the pitch, rhythm, etc. of the voices – in any case, they were surely black). Well, it was revealed this, too, was a scam. In this case, I lost $40 (“entry fee”).

      Summary: a number of nigger scams seem to be associated with Atlanta. At least one of them is backed by a semite. Is THIS is the wonderful new economy brought to us by diversity? The wonderful economy of Nigeria…?

    19. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “Recently I got in my email a home-grown nigger scam, akin to the Nigerian scams but slicker.”

      Perhaps a Niggerian scam.

    20. Coup d'Etat Says:

      A college education has nothing to do with how stupid and illogical the person thinks or what kind of liar the individual will be after graduating. More times than not, the person is already stupid entering college. Some colleges do not allow critical thinking, which is important when weighing decisions. In this case, the college is responsible for spitting out idiots. Obviously, this individual only looked at the superficial surface of why things are the way they are instead of analyzing that muds do commit more crimes. Or, it is a case of denial that some Whites have and muds do have. This article is pure bullshit. It is written by not only a seemingly idiotic individual, but also a liar who either may be in denial or is knowingly lying and wants the public to believe it for propaganda purposes.

    21. lawrence dennis Says:



      2 a : resemblance in some particulars between things otherwise unlike : SIMILARITY b : comparison based on such resemblance

    22. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      i agree. college is a big fucking waste of time, unless you want to enter one of the professions. then you HAVE to go through the college bullshit routine, it’s the DUES YOU PAY.

      i wish i could get re-instated on the forum.

    23. I hate niggaz Says:

      Simply put, you stupid bitch, the cops hand out in the other area because that’s where the niggers and the crimes are.! They go hand in hand, you stupid bitch!