3 October, 2006

Important Thoughts, Financial and Economic Advice

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By George Lenz

The subject of disappearing manufacturing jobs in the United States has finally begun to receive due attention, yet another more hidden yet even more perilous phenomenon has not. I am talking here of American infrastructure, critical for economic development, that is sold to foreigners in a stealth manner, robbing U. S. citizens of their property and making them serfs in their own country.

Let’s start by remembering an old parable: “Driven to the streets after a run of misfortune, a man took up station on a street corner holding a hand-lettered sign stating: “Will work for food.” Most pedestrians and motorists passed the desperate man without so much as a second’s worth of thought. One exception was a well-dressed businessman, who read the sign while waiting for the street light to change. But burdened by thoughts of his own concerns, the businessman gave in to a moment of imprudent sarcasm. “You ‘work for food’? I work for Visa!” he exclaimed to the sign-bearing man. “I’m working for food I ate years ago!”

The homeless man eventually found a steady job paying just enough for him to get by and save a little money. His employer, a large and amoral corporation paying most of its employees subsistence wages, used its workers’ savings to make loans to spendthrifts like the heavily leveraged businessman — people who continued to live well beyond their means by stretching their credit lines well past the breaking point. At the same time, the corporation quietly used its expanding financial holdings to buy up practically everything in sight.

Finally, the loans were called in, the debtors were unable to pay, and the businessman found himself — along with many of his fellow spendthrifts — working for that same predatory corporation on the same global plantation. His earnings and standard of living were ‘harmonized downward’ to those of the homeless man whose plight he had once mocked”.

This parable correctly describes the current U. S. economic conditions: think of the homeless man as symbolizing the poor but witty and industrious Chinese population, willing and eager to work for a fraction of what Americans earn, and the businessman as a stand-in for an American population whose prosperity is largely a debt-created illusion. The corporations, of course, are jewish or masonic-controlled multinational corporations that simultaneously control production plants in China under slave-like conditions and financial companies in the U. S. where they sell their junk on credit, indebting the American population. And they are rapidly acquiring the means quite literally to buy our countries out from underneath us.

In June, for example, a jew-controlled multinational paid $3.8 billion to lease the Indiana Toll Road. Transfer of electronic tolling equipment began in August, and by fall it is expected that the new foreign owners will be collecting tolls once paid by Indiana residents to their own state government. Similar deals are being struck by states and municipalities across the country.

At present the main foreign players in these deals are companies based in Australia and Spain, with significant jewish interest. Ominously enough, these companies are often subsidiaries or strategic partners of a larger multinationals that do business in China.

And the process is accelerating. “On a single day in June,” reported the AP, “An Australian company bought a 99-year lease on Virginia’s Pocahontas Parkway, and Texas officials decided to let a Spanish-American partnership build and run a toll road from Austin to Seguin for 50 years. Few people know that the tolls from the U.S. side of the tunnel between Detroit and Windsor, Canada, go to a subsidiary of an Australian company — which also owns a bridge in Alabama.” These are just a few examples of how roads and bridges built with U.S. taxpayer dollars are starting to be sold off, and so far foreign-owned companies are doing the buying.

State and local governments are strapped for cash and relatively limited in the financial tools at their disposal. Thus many of them, lured by the prospect of a quick influx amounting to billions of dollars, have put public assets — highways, airports, utilities, and even state-run lotteries — on the auction block. While this approach offers a short-term remedy, it leaves the public facing the worst of both worlds: the prospect of increased taxes to cover rising local expenses, plus paying fees and tolls to foreign companies that are, in effect, absentee landlords over what had been locally controlled infrastructure. Referring to the sale of a 75-year lease over the Indiana Toll Road to an Australian-Spanish consortium, state representative Patrick Bauer summarized the lose-lose proposition: “In five, maybe 10 years, all that money is gone, and the tolls keep rising and the money keeps flowing into the foreign coffers.”

U. S. critical infrastructure is also marketed to coloreds. Last winter the administration tried to permit Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to operate U.S. port facilities. This was seen by the public, with just reason, as a potentially disastrous breach of national security, since it would put our port security in the hands of a company owned by a government cozy with al-Qaeda. Yet less than six months later, Congress enacted a “free-trade” agreement with Oman — which borders Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE — that would permit government-controlled companies in that Arab nation to own and operate U.S. ports.

Thus the process of impoverishment of the American public goes on: dollars are printed by the Federal Reserve, which are spent on Chinese-made junk, and end up being sent back to the United States as loans by jewish controlled multinationals, which are used to buy more Chinese-made junk.We’ve reached the point in this process where American politicians are literally begging jew-controlled multinationals for “investment” in American critical infrastructure. What this means, in practical terms, is that the destruction of debt-wracked American middle class is likely to accelerate.

* * *

An excellent presentation is out, depicting the stock manipulations of so-called market makers. The topic has been discussed for at least a decade but yet the loophole long closed by EU financial regulators, still exists in the United States. See for yourself:


* * *

I opened a new short position on MSFT. The stock is overvalued because of Gates’ premium, which is unlikely to hold up: current value is 27.3 vs. internal value of 18. I do not expect fast returns on the position; yet within by mid-next year I expect it to be down to 22.5-23.0. And I continue to keep a short position on GOOG.

* * *

I also suggest an excellent Iranian movie for the weekend: “Zahra’s Blue Eyes,” which is about jewish treatment of neighboring peoples and jewish trade in human organs, especially suited for family viewing. It is available here:


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  7. 5 Responses to “Important Thoughts, Financial and Economic Advice”

    1. Timothy Says:

      That Austrian guy with the funny mustache warned us 80 years ago that if America didn’t get the jew monkey off its back it would end up as a Chinese colony.
      It looks like he wasn’t too far off.

    2. Carpenter Says:

      This George Lenz guy is always amusing, as he presents himself as an economic expert but actually doesn’t know anything. Always short on actual facts, that are way too much work to dig up. So what to do? When in doubt, read some news article on whatever, and throw in the word “Jew-controlled.” Then curse at the capitalists, and you’re done.

      In June, for example, a jew-controlled multinational paid $3.8 billion to lease the Indiana Toll Road.

      Excellent, Georgie! Um, which multinational? Do you know the name? And how do you know it is Jew-controlled? What are the names of these Jews, what positions do they have in the company?

      I saw an ad for a product on TV today. Probably Jew-controlled. Those damn Jew capitalists. Robbing us of our hard-earned money, that’s the problem. –Presto! Instant WN essay on the economy!

      Problem, is, it has been done a thousand times already. It’s okay to repeat it – but don’t present yourself as an economic expert when you’re just a parrot.

      That is not to say the economy is all right. The U.S. is borrowing close to $3 billion a day. Even if China would strengthen the yuan relative to the dollar and eliminate its $114 billion-a-year trade surplus with the U.S., and if that would immediately reduce the U.S. trade deficit, the United States would still be borrowing more than $2 billion a day.

      All of this because of the socialist recipe for winning elections: promise the electorate more, more, more, never mention the words discipline and thrift, and then either borrow the money or raise the taxes for those who didn’t vote for you in order to finance your election promises.

      The problem with democracy is this tactic wins so easily. Democracy will always lead to socialism, which is just another word for populism, and that is why the whole West will have a recession next year.

      Something to think about. Or, you can just blame the corporations that produce stuff. I wonder how much of the foreign debt, the trade deficit, and the welfare scheme they are behind? Funny thing is, business is typically anti-free trade, as it gives away their domestic market, the most important market by far, to foreigners.

    3. ftwainth Says:

      2 Mr. Carpenter

      “This George Lenz guy is always amusing, as he presents himself as an economic expert but actually doesn’t know anything. Always short on actual facts, that are way too much work to dig up. So what to do? When in doubt, read some news article on whatever, and throw in the word “Jew-controlled.” Then curse at the capitalists, and you’re done”.

      That’s your in humble (and incorrect) opinion, Mr. Capenter

      “Excellent, Georgie! Um, which multinational?”

      The consortium of Macquarie Infrastructure Group of Sydney, Australia, and Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte of Madrid, Spain.

      “Do you know the name?”

      See above. I always carefully research the material before I write.

      And how do you know it is Jew-controlled?

      By looking up their filings with the respective financial market and regulators and contacting the analyst covering the company. Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte of Madrid is a spin-off of Grupo Ferrovial, S.A. Both have significant jewish interest in their capital structure: 30% of Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte of Madrid and more than 12% of Grupo Ferrovial, S.A. are controlled by wealthy Spanish jews: they held more than 25% of Grupo Ferrovial, S.A stocks before recapitalization. Two of Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte of Madrid directors and one director of Grupo Ferrovial, S.A ar jews, the company made donations to jewish and Israeli causes. As for Macquarie Infrastructure Group of Sydney, one of their directors is a jew.

      “What are the names of these Jews, what positions do they have in the company?”

      Those that I am aware of:

      Grupo Ferrovial, S.A: Both VPs, Mr. Santiago Busquet and Mr. Jaime Carvajal y Urquijo, Secretary-Councelor Mr José Tremps

      Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte of Madrid: Executive VP Juan Béjar Ochoa, Counselors: Mr. José Tremps, Mr. Jaime Bergel Sainz de Baranda.

      Thus Mr. Carpenter, your opinion on my humble person is incorrect: one researches before one accuses.

    4. unbeirrbar Says:

      An excellent piece Herr Lenz although incomplete.

      The privatisation of the state infrastructure to any kind of capitalist (whether he is a multinational corporation, or a national capitalist) is treason to the people.

      The very same pattern takes place in Germany today. The main major income for cities and towns is the taxes it gets from the local business. The more industries, or other business are located within the area of the city or the town the higher income and wealthier the city/town is.

      Due to globalization many of the big business has left Germany for the cheap labour abroad. Many middle-sized business are struggling to compete with the cheap junk products of the big business. Many of the smaller ones have just given up and closed.

      The result of all this being that cities and towns have lost millions if not billions of tax incomes. The dramatic increase of taxes for the rest of the local population hasnt been enough to close this widening gap. So now many mayors and governors are increasingly selling out state property to capitalists so to be able to make the city/town/state debtless again.

      All of the establishment politicians from the conservative right to the liberal left (which have the majorities in local councils and parliaments) use the same disgraceful tactic to salvage their city from the ever increasing debt.

      Only communists and nationalists have been complaining and voting against that.

    5. ftwainth Says:

      2 Herr Unbeirrbar

      Thank you for your kind words, Herr Unbeirrbar. There was time when the German state build more and more roads, and German families shared the created wealth through their Mefo bonds. Now the German state sells its roads to profeetiers, many of them foreigners, and German families are robbed by this scheme, that is replication of an American scheme described in the article. It seems that toll road abolished with the fell of feudalism are making a comeback under modern totalitarian democracy.