6 October, 2006

Know Your Northern Traditions

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Know the history of your people! The following is an excellent website with various links for those who wish to learn about Northern European traditions and lore.


The following is a short excerpt from a very lengthy paper titled: “The Swastika” by Thomas Wilson, Curator, Department of Prehistoric Anthropology, U.S. National Museum.

“The principal object of this paper has been to gather and put in a compact form such information as is obtainable concerning the Swastika, leaving to others the task of adjustment of these facts and their arrangement into an harmonious theory. The only conclusion sought to be deduced from the facts stated is as to the possible migration in prehistoric times of the Swastika and similar objects. No conclusion is then attempted as to the time or place of origin, or the primitive meaning of the Swastika, because these are considered to be lost in antiquity. The straight line, the circle, the cross, the triangle, are simple forms, easily made, and might have been invented and re-invented in every age of primitive man and in every quarter of the globe, each time being an independent invention, meaning much or little, meaning different things among different peoples or at different times among the same people; or they may have had no settled or definite meaning. But the Swastika was probably the first to be made with a definite intention and a continuous or consecutive meaning, the knowledge of which passed from person to person, from tribe to tribe, from people to people, and from nation to nation, until, with possibly changed meanings, it has finally circled the globe.”

And from the preface of “Honor in German literature”

“This is not a history of German literature. It is a study of the concept of honor as expressed in German literature, and it selects and treats literary works only in relation to the light they throw upon this subject. Therefore the discriminating reader must not be offended if many important works are neglected and less important ones are discussed, or if Sudermann is cited more than Goethe. Also, original verse is quoted as prose, although nothing is more prosaic than a literal prose translation of rimed verse. It is hoped that non­-Germanists will not be prejudiced against German literature by these matter-of-fact samples.”



Arch Stanton

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  7. 4 Responses to “Know Your Northern Traditions”

    1. Italian Fascist Says:

      Hey! What about the Italians! Don’t we count?
      And the Greeks?

    2. Olde Dutch Says:

      The swastika was a Germanic good luck symbol, like the four leaf clover, until Hitler attacked Russia. :) LOL

    3. Carpenter Says:

      Hey! What about the Italians! Don’t we count?
      And the Greeks?

      Let’s see if we can formulate a rule … how about this: Nordics must never be allowed to have anything that is only for themselves. And whenever you talk about Nordic achievements, you must also talk about Meds, Slavs, and non-Whites.

      It’s a good link. Most of these books take a long time to read, but I recommend the Poetic Edda, with brief stories about the creation of the world, and the time until Ragnarök. Though, there are many more stories about the gods, especially about Thor and Loki and Heimdal as they visited the mortals. That was before Loki betrayed the gods and killed Baldir, for which he was chained until the day of Ragnarök, when he led the southern giants and an army of the dead from Hel against the gods of Valhalla. Never keep a snake close to your chest.

      19. I know an ash standing
      Yggdrasil hight,
      a lofty tree, laved
      with limpid water:
      thence come the dews
      into the dales that fallæ
      ever stands it green
      over Urd´s fountain.

    4. David Yandell Says:

      Northvegr is a great site for primary sources dealing with Germanic history.However, if you read their “statement of purpose” you will find they are a bunch of craven punks.They seem to be unaware that the battle cry of multiculturalism is “hey ho western culture has to go!” and that the writings of dead white males should be done away with. What is more dead, white and male than Bede, Jordanes,Gregory of Tours and Paul the Deacon? They also think “political correctness” means diplomatic. At any rate, I recommend The Cult of Othin by Chadwick .