3 October, 2006


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The only thing that even approaches the ugliness of a nigger bastard in diapers is a cup of cold coffee filled with defunct cigarettes.

If you give birth in a hospital, it will sell your name to all the diaper companies, which will send you samples. These come wrapped in packages featuring a human baby on one side, and a fuliginous pooper on the other. There is nothing, I mean nothing, as ugly as a larval nigger.

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    1. Jim Says:

      AMEN to that. Whenever I look at a niglet, its soooo obvious that the light is out upstairs. They always appear listless and not very alert. What amazes me though is the way white women will fawn over the ugliest black shitturd that they pass by in the street. They will oooh and ahhh until you’re ready to vomit. Then attack you when you point out that its just an ugly nigger. I guess the one-eyed jew has taught them well.

    2. Steven in Omaha Says:

      Im repulsed more by the blue and green-eyed half-breed Mulattoes I see in the grocery and department stores. Always with a pretty blonde Race-traitor Mom toting them around, And always without the nigger father present. THATS the bigger stomach turner.

    3. Fuck off Says:

      The only reason you hate colored babies is cause you’re afraid you bastards are fathered by some donkey dicked basketball player who your trailer trash bitch is fucking cause your dick just can’t touch bottom and doesn’t push her walls out enough.

    4. Steven in Omaha Says:

      Here’s a good example of an American Negro baby. It eats 10-15 banana’s on an average day!

    5. Stronza Says:

      When out in public with my unusually gorgeous baby (really!) many years ago, I found that it was mainly non-whites, & recent immigrants in general (white, also, but not speaking English well) who paid attention to him and were generally friendly to us, a woman and her tiny child. We received much less attention from white, born-here, English-speaking people. It was hard not to notice that those people are friendlier and somehow more family- and child-oriented than “us”. Maybe this rubs off on women, and therefore they see nothing wrong with mixing with other, seemingly more outgoing, races.

    6. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      There may some competition here, from this female communist:


    7. Carpenter Says:

      Man, Steven in Omaha, that’s two ugly creatures that the world would be much better without! Niggers are full of hate toward other races, all other races, because they know they are shit-ugly and worthless. They know that they’ll never catch up, they’re on a level that the rest of mankind has evolved past. Imagine the hatred and anger in their primitive minds, ready to explode at the slightest provocation, or for no reason at all. And these we keep around. If only they at least had some entertainment value. But when even their larvae look like shit, you know there are no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    8. Keeping It Real Says:

      “# Fuck off Says:
      3 October, 2006 at 2:30 pm

      The only reason you hate colored babies is cause you’re afraid you bastards are fathered by some donkey dicked basketball player who your trailer trash bitch is fucking cause your dick just can’t touch bottom and doesn’t push her walls out enough.”

      To the nigga/whigger/whatever/ “Fuck off”

      The Myth of the huge black cock is just that – a myth. An erect black cock and an erect white cock are on average, about the same size. Niggers have bigger dicks when soft, but who really gives a shit about that?

      The reason most sane white people find the birth of a black repulsive, “Fuck off,” Is that we see one more smelly, stupid, negative-ROI man-chimp taking up space on the planet. Niggers are dim, lazy, unappealing, and your dicks aren’t even bigger than whites. In fact, you’d have to work your way up to the false stereotype of whites being poor toothless sister-fucking trailer trash,

      The only thing you have going for you is the MYTH of the big black cock – that’s how sad your race really is. I hope I was helpful in pointing out how pathetic you really are. Thanks for your attention, if you managed mantain it for 3 or 4 paragraphs. Now that I think of it, that is probably unlikely.


      To the NIGGER that left a reply to the commentary about ugly nigger babies; YOU ARE A LOSER! ! ! YOU ARE A JOKE !!! Let me tell you something BOY, your a smelly piece of garbage, Jig a boo , coon, mow mow, ugly nosed, pubic haired, animal fecus, and not to mention or forget spear chucker of course, and you have long dongs because you are always playing with yourselves and pulling and jerking off; isn’t it something every reply on here from a Nigger always reverts back to something sexual; again proveing my point that you are nothing but an animal.

      You are 3/5 of a human; did you know that Nigger ? You are not even fit to wipe my ass!!! Your babies are so ugly and grotesque looking they fit right in with monkeys in a damn zoo which is where you belong. Actually they really are better looking.

      For the record since you only understand anything related to sex; my dick is 8 3/4 inches long and 5 1/2 inches round, I am satisfied with that ; I am white with no Nigger blood of any kind THANK THE LORD JESUS (WHITE MAN) !!! What do you say about that?
      You probably like that because your all probably closet fags. Your kind really are cowards too. You all stick together and are never alone. You all travel in packs another trait of the animal. Every time I hear of a nigger beating up a white man it is always 2 or 3 on one. COWARDS !!!!!! WE ARE PLANNING SOMETHING; all 33,000,000 of you pieces of scum, filth, degenerate genetic pieces of garbage!!!!!! are going to be eliminated REAL SOON in this country. At least Communists know that a nigger is not a human being!!!!

      The capitalist system has tried to elevate you niggers and all you do is fall flat on your face which is where you belong I might add. Boy the truth stings doesn’t it; how does it feel to wake up every morning and have to look at your ugly piece of shit face and face a world that doesn’t want you. Yes knowone!!! All the countries around the world hate niggers and one day when all the countries are united into a one world government we are going to take care of your nasty asses ONCE AND FOR ALL.!!!!!!!!!!!!

      DON’T WORRY NIGGERS YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED; KEEP IT UP YOU GENETIC GARBAGE YARD APES; AIDS IS ALREADY KILLING YOU ALL OFF BY THE THOUSANDS; DON’T YOU SEE YOU ARE CURSED !!! YOU DID SOMETHING TO ANGER THE LORD GOD AND YOU TURNED BLACK. YOU ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF SATAN !! DID YOU KNOW THAT? That is why you steal , kill , and destroy. Just like the bible says; your of your father THE DEVIL ! I will bet you never ran into a Christian Communist before have you! You have now !

    10. van helsing Says:

      SCIENCE mag study indicates white peckers average 6.4″, black 6.2″, asian 6.0″.


    11. Varina Says:

      Okay, just want to add my two cents worth about the size of black mens penises.

      I used to work for a place that was working on developing a plastic condom. This place worked on an international level and got a lot of federal (our tax) money.

      Here’s the deal. Asian men are smaller than White men. Black men are larger in the flaccid state, but in an erect state there is no difference.

      So, the myth of the Black man is just that. It’s a myth.

    12. Stronza Says:

      Jim – you are so right that white women tend to fawn over black babies (for some reason). But I don’t think the parents necessarily like it: I recall reading an article by a Negro who complained most bitterly about white people “grinning” whenever they see a black kid! “What’re they grinning for?” he hissed repeatedly – he was really angry.

      So, people, please just ignore those black babies you see.

    13. JACKUMUP Says:

      What is the average size of a chimpanzee cock since were talking about animals? As far as those baby monkeys go, even baby crocadiles are harmless and some thing even cute its what happens when they develope that they become a problem

    14. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      As far as Sub Saharan blacks go these babies pictured here are few shades more aesthetic that the pure blue-gum baby would be. The average caramel-colored black in America is 25% White anyway.

      Blacks just don’t have pleasing aesthetics for one: bug-eyed almond shaped eyes, kinky, wiry hair, flat noses with flared nostrils, large rubbery lips, etc. Try to image the Sistine Chapel adorned with cherub little bug-eyed, wiry-haired Buck Wheats. Can’t do, can you?

      Even the pro-Orks posts here really aren’t pro black as much as they are Anti-White.
      I mean if blacks having a larger penis or perform better in some sports is the whole essential argument for black superiority then have at it and we’ll just have a good laugh at you.

      And then they usually wind up saying, “ I bet you wouldn’t say that in crowd of blacks would you, white boy”? Well no. We’re not stupid. We know what happens when these savages get into their pack mentality.

      But somehow this is used as an argument for their moral superiority.

      And it’s just not skin deep either. My sister who is a registered nurse and works in the delivery room can tell you that black babies have a much more pungent, acrid smell to them than White babies. I believe the term is “funk” in Black vernacular.

    15. JACKUMUP Says:


    16. Larry Kermit Says:

      I think White mothers should be urged to consider home birth so as not to have their kids around smelly Blacks.

    17. Thoughtcrime Says:

      I for one would just love to live with WHITES only. No Mestizos, no Niggas, no Asians, nothing but White people as far as the eye can see. It just fills me with a sense of wonder to think of how far WE could actually go and to what levels we could evolve without having to deal with and/or compensate for mud races on a daily basis, in our work, in our neighborhoods, and in close proximity for the majority of our lives.

      There is a reason Nigga babies love to play with White dolls in controlled studies and in fact choose them over black dolls…..we’re just beautiful and even the less gifted of us is clearly superior and desirable to the most gifted Nigga or Mestizo. I can imagine that most other races hate us, and I can understand it, because most hate a winner after all. And we are the winners evolutionarily speaking….at least for now.

    18. Manxman Says:

      White women fawn over niglets because women are scum – sorry no other way to put it.
      The sooner White nationalist men stop putting women on a pedestal and get back to punching and kicking them into the kitchen where they belong the better. Modern women should NEVER be trusted – they will always be sniffing round the local Nigger or Homosexual.
      Maybe after a couple of centuries of judicial beatings , white women will eventually realise their roles in life – the 3 Cs – cooking, cleaning, children.

      “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy”, George Orwell, 1984

    19. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali-Yuga Says:

      My brothers, love these Negro babies. Bad will harms your etheric energy.

      Wish them the best—their OWN separated society, their OWN kind for mates, their OWN history and traditions, most of all— their OWN country in their own ancestral homelands.

      And then look at your Ayan people and wish the same for them tenfold, especially our OWN country.

    20. Carpenter Says:

      One of the most memorable quotes from 1984 – and a valid one. Makes you think. Hands down, White women go with muds more than White men do. Had we lived in a racialist nation, they would have hated the muds more than men, I am sure; now it’s the other way around. When you realize that, you realize that your strategy when talking to women has to be much different from when talking to men.

      –You need to make everything personal and selfish – that’s what women want, even as they think of themselves as unselfish. It is really all about them and about people close to them. You need to use individuals as examples for everything, since statistics aren’t really real to women – TV news know that, when they use the “crying child” routine. By showing faces they make women make a personal connection to an issue, as if it would have happened to themselves or someone close to them. It is their brains, making a false connection.

      –You need to present racialism as a safety issue – which it is, of course, though that’s only part of it. But it’s the part women are interested in. Evolutionary psychology: women have always been more unsafe than men, and can’t make it on their own, so they seek out safety.

      –Finally, you always need to point out that it is inevitable that nationalism will win and defeat all other ideologies in the end. That it is a genetic instinct. Because more than anything, women want to be on the winning side.

    21. Carpenter Says:

      Addendum: the two strategies you can use when talking to men, that you can’t use with women: the upward struggle of the nation, and honor. Women don’t care about the nation going forward to new conquests and scientific horizons; they only want safety for themselves and people close to them. This is logical, since they are weaker, and thinking ahead is the luxury of the strong.

      As for honor, this is the main thing about men that women despise. Think of the many examples of a man going into a fight where the cost is high – certain defeat, or legal consequences – with a woman standing there telling him he is stupid, that he should let it go. The man is thinking of setting an example, of making sure the enemy will know there’s a cost in similar situations in the future – and he wants the enemy to pay. For a woman, if there is no personal benefit, it’s not worth it.

      In short: safety and inevitable victory, not honor and progress. That’s what you need to remember when talking to women about racial matters. Right now their safety lies in making nice with shitskins. And they don’t care one bit if that dishonors their race.

    22. Jethro Says:

      Say Carpenter, what’s the majority sex of the House, Senate, CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies and military officer ranks whoring for Jews? Do these men understand “honor”?

    23. whiteskelet Says:

      There’s repulsion at the pictures, is it instinctive or is it because we think as racists?

    24. alex Says:

      It is instinctive. Those are far from the ugliest niglets, in fact they appear to be mulattos.

    25. jay Says:

      they dont appear to be mulattos they clearly are…white people have to wake up and realize just how much white blood is flowing thru these niglets veins if the loss of blood is to cease

    26. jackumup Says:



    27. planter Says:

      nigger = ugly

    28. Carpenter Says:

      Say Carpenter, what’s the majority sex of the House, Senate, CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies and military officer ranks whoring for Jews? Do these men understand “honor”?

      No Jethro, the majority of them are men. And your point, my widdle friend? I hope you weren’t just brain-vomiting because you got oh-so-upset when I – gasp! – dared criticize women! Oh, no!

      Say, brain-loss, what’s the majority sex of those who have been voting for and supporting Jew issues for decades, putting those traitors in place? Oops, too bad for you.

    29. Carpenter Says:

      My dear little Jethro, if you had had an ounce of actual experience of activism, you would know that women are much more difficult to convince than men, as they – like I already told you – like to be on the strongest side. Nationalist groups and parties all over the West are made up of men, with only a small minority of women. Whereas the majority of supporters of leftist extremism, by contrast, are women. The effect in larger parties is the same way, with men being more nationalist and conservative than women, though the distribution in them today is less clear-cut, so for your brain I picked the starkest examples. Since you obviously need the most clear of examples, as your post above showed.

      Now, if you had ever been involved in activism for the White race, you wouldn’t have to wonder and whine about the issue. But since you obviously haven’t, well, whine away! Call me a “woman hater” and tell me “it’s cavemen like you who scare all the women away!”

    30. mike stanford Says:

      To my ARYAN brothers in the cyberworld, what i see in that picture unfortunately is the future of what was once a great White nation.Some mud shark crapped these mixed blue gums who will grow up attacking everything that stands for EUROPEAN CIVILIZATION.

    31. sgruber Says:

      The mixed ones are the most disgusting.

      A “pure” blue-gum has a sort of physical integrity. Like a rabbit is a rabbit. Ok, he’s different than me, but he is what he is.

      By contrast, the half-breeds (like those in the picture) – god, they stink visually. They don’t even have the integrity of being anything, except genetic garbage. Visceral. Disgust. Overwhelming. Must. End. Post.

    32. henry Says:

      I noticed that hardly any niggers posted here.

      maybe they couldnt steal a calculator to get past the online exam…