3 October, 2006

Propaganda Within Propaganda

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Take a look here http://www.indybay.org/uploads/oph.ram at Hollywood’s contribution to the death and destruction of American and European youth. As the war in the Middle East gets nastier, we can see the Jews attempting to exculpate their intentional propaganda efforts towards the present war effort. Even the name of the program “The Passionate Eye” has the sickening ring of socialist propaganda. When viewing this somber piece, the viewer finds the military as the primary reason war movies are made to glorify the slaughter of war.

Yes sir! It’z pretty much all the military’s fault we had to endure all those pro-war movies. The piece begins with a female host of mystery meat heritage and foreign accent giving us the straight skinny on the subject of Hollywood’s efforts at war movie production. The program begins by examining a rather innocuous episode of “Lassie”. In this opening sequence we find the military micromanaging even the smallest details that might cast a dark tint on shinning patriotism. So overbearing is the military presence toward “cooperation” that we find the military will address a minute TV incident by denying a couple of seconds of stock film footage, now that’z control! And oh how helpless Hollywood is to prevent such intervention in their industry. Then a reporter reads list read of movies where the military cooperated and did not cooperate. Can’t you see that Hollywood really is comprised of disparate individuals who really want to bring you the truth?

This list of typical anti-war movies, mostly about the Vietnam “conflict”, gives the average viewer unstated, prima facie evidence of the heroic movie industry refusing to bow to military pressure. But if one were to closely review the list, one would find these anti-war movies portray a time when jewish culture destruction was reaching its apex of effectiveness. Hollywood has long hated the military and after Vietnam did not again turn pro-war until, well, it was good for jews. Note the leading spokespeople during that period of “‘violent revolution” (and how the jews love violent revolution). Virtually all the efforts for cultural changes of that period – feminism, unrestricted immigration, civil rights, anti-war, anti-gun, pro-drug, free love, and pro abortion efforts – were brought to America by jews. So is it any wonder that Hollywood flipped their crooked fingers at military cooperation for those anti-war movies? But now that the shoe is on the other foot and the promotion of war is good for jews, the current crap crop of Hollywood movies embraces an almost universal pro-military and pro-war theme; but hey, “the military makes us do it” they cry.

Of course the jews always control both sides of all important discourse, so it is necessary to make a few quasi anti-war movies (and TV programs) to ensure real issues are never presented or reviewed. Then there is the obligatory inclusion of maudlin film footage of the well known Nadzee death camp victims. The short segment presented in this piece is truly laughable, barely a passing acknowledgement of the “terrible price” paid by European jews during WWII. The jews must be slipping as the segment does not portray any of the graphic “horror” so typical of these efforts, just prisoners being loaded into vehicles. No matter this segment has nothing what-so-ever to do with the overall point being made about Hollywood war movies, but hey, there’s no business like Shoa business!

This is the type of disinformation piece that makes my stomach turn and yet one is forced to admire the overall effectiveness of the propaganda effort being made by this program. There can be little doubt that the vast number of viewers who see this piece will never stop to consider that Hollywood not only willingly made a vast number of movies that glorifies the military and war, but was in fact ultimately an integral part of promoting the death of white people in two world wars. The situation presented by this “investigative report” is typically reversed through a looking glass darkly. The real story here is that the military never forced Hollywood to produce pro-war movies; it was Hollywood who forced the military in and out of wars by massively swaying the bovina’s opinions.


Arch Stanton

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  7. One Response to “Propaganda Within Propaganda”

    1. Carpenter Says:

      Yes, they sure exploited the Vietnam war as much as they could; finally they had something to frighten the people with so much that they would turn to anti-conservative, degenerate socialist behavior en masse.

      Funny how many liberal Jews and Jew followers who just don’t get it today; they got hooked on the anti-war rhetoric, and portray the Iraq war in the same way as they portrayed the Vietnam war; evil White men shaping the world – probably ordered around by corporations, who are desperate to find another tiny country to sell their products to.

      And so we have anti-war leftists talking about oil corporations today. That they completely avoid the neocon ties to the Jewish lobby shows that they are liars. The majority of U.S. oil imports come from outside the Middle East, and at any rate, the Arabs are all too happy to sell their oil to the West. But this ensures that even as one group of Jews, the neocons, are losing a war, another group of Jews, in leftist media and leftist Hollywood, profit from it. It fuels their worldview.

      But perhaps in the future, Iraq (and perhaps Iran) will be such a disaster that not even the staunchest conservative can deny it anymore. And then, they’ll still be reluctant to turn to the leftist explanation, and will need another alternative. One can only hope.