15 November, 2006

The Silent War

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I have been saying for years now the next (real) war will be with China. Considering the fact that the Chinese now own almost half our debt and considering the jews have conveniently sold them our most advanced military technology, including the stealth capabilities that have allowed their submarines to achieve this level of invisibility – well take another read of Orwell’s 1984, only a fool would think it fiction. Orwell described in detail what the jew bankers, headed by the house of Rothschild, have planned for us all. What I really loathe is how the jews rub our noses in it pubically. The jew owned and operated Washington Times is having their usual wet moment gleefully screeching in the unwitting goyim’s face just how perfectly they have destroyed the white world. Eat it stupid goyim and we shall rejoice in our victory! Who among us is there to say they are wrong?


Arch Stanton


China sub stalked U.S. fleet

By Bill Gertz
November 13, 2006

A Chinese submarine stalked a U.S. aircraft carrier battle group in the Pacific last month and surfaced within firing range of its torpedoes and missiles
before being detected, The Washington Times has learned. The surprise encounter highlights China’s continuing efforts to prepare for a future conflict with the U.S., despite Pentagon efforts to try to boost relations with Beijing’s communist-ruled military.

The submarine encounter with the USS Kitty Hawk and its accompanying warships also is an embarrassment to the commander of U.S. forces in the
Pacific, Adm. William J. Fallon, who is engaged in an ambitious military exchange program with China aimed at improving relations between the two
nations’ militaries.

Disclosure of the incident comes as Adm. Gary Roughead, commander of the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet, is making his first visit to China. The four-star
admiral was scheduled to meet senior Chinese military leaders during the weeklong visit, which began over the weekend.According to the defense officials, the Chinese Song-class diesel-powered attack submarine shadowed the Kitty Hawk undetected and surfaced within five miles of the carrier Oct. 26.
The surfaced submarine was spotted by a routine surveillance flight by one of the carrier group’s planes. The Kitty Hawk battle group includes an attack submarine and anti-submarine helicopters that are charged with protecting the warships from submarine attack.

According to the officials, the submarine is equipped with Russian-made wake-homing torpedoes and anti-ship cruise missiles. The Kitty Hawk and several other warships were deployed in ocean waters near Okinawa at the time, as part of a routine fall deployment program. The officials said Chinese submarines rarely have operated in deep water far from Chinese shores or shadowed U.S. vessels. A Pacific Command spokesman declined to comment on the incident, saying details were classified. Pentagon spokesmen also declined to comment. The incident is a setback for the aggressive U.S.-China military exchange program being promoted by Adm. Fallon, who has made several visits to China in recent months in an attempt to develop closer ties. However, critics of the program in the Pentagon say China has not reciprocated and continues to deny U.S. military visitors access to key facilities, including a Beijing command center.

In contrast, Chinese military visitors have been invited to military exercises and sensitive U.S. facilities. Additionally, military intelligence officials said
Adm. Fallon has restricted U.S. intelligence-gathering activities against China, fearing that disclosure of the activities would upset relations with Beijing.
The restrictions are hindering efforts to know more about China’s military buildup, the officials said. “This is a harbinger of a stronger Chinese reaction to
America’s military presence in East Asia,” said Richard Fisher, a Chinese military specialist with the International Assessment and Strategy Center, who
called the submarine incident alarming. “Given the long range of new Chinese sub-launched anti-ship missiles and those purchased from Russia, this incident is very serious,” he said. “It will likely happen again, only because Chinese submarine captains of 40 to 50 new modern submarines entering their navy will want to test their mettle against the 7th Fleet.”

Pentagon intelligence officials say China’s military buildup in recent years has produced large numbers of submarines and surface ships, seeking to control
larger portions of international waters in Asia, a move U.S. officials fear could restrict the flow of oil from the Middle East to Asia in the future. Between 2002 and last year, China built 14 new submarines, including new Song-class vessels and several other types, both diesel- and nuclear-powered. Since 1996, when the United States dispatched two aircraft carrier battle groups to waters near Taiwan in a show of force, Beijing also has bought and built weapons designed specifically to attack U.S. aircraft carriers and other warships. “The Chinese have made it clear that they understand the importance
of the submarine in any kind of offensive or defensive strategy to deal with a military conflict,” an intelligence official said recently.

In late 2004, China dispatched a Han-class submarine to waters near Guam, Taiwan and Japan. Japan’s military went on emergency alert after the
submarine surfaced in Japanese waters. Beijing apologized for the incursion. The Pentagon’s latest annual report on Chinese military power stated that China is investing heavily in weapons designed “to interdict, at long ranges, aircraft carrier and expeditionary strike groups that might deploy to the western Pacific.” It could not be learned whether the U.S. government lodged a protest with China’s government over the incident or otherwise raised the matter in official channels.

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  7. 17 Responses to “The Silent War”

    1. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      Why are you complaining? You pay the Jews to jam you up the ass – and they jam you up the ass. Methinks thou dost complain too much.

      I saw a recommendation here that “Borat” was a hilarious, must-see movie. You just gave that Jew enough money to buy his own personal (White-hating) Senator. Probably the pivotal Senator that will put you in a (real) gulag.
      Nice going.

      Racially aware Whites don’t presently have the politico-economic a$$ to cash the checks that Linder and all of the other Piercelings have been writing for decades. A common trait throughout the Pierce dynasty, as it were. (Yes, I know that Linder & Maguire are going “blast their way through the mud people”. Though, I’d like to know how you’re going to do that with government surveillance so tight that they can count the hairs on your butt.

      Being “right” don’t count for jack. What do you have in the way of lawyers, guns & money? Oh, you just maxed out your credit card at Goldberg Jewelers?
      I see.

    2. Mati The Estonian Says:

      guys its not the hint – its fact YOU CANT MAKE DEALS WITH BOLSEVIKS – in China or in Russia or elswhere – bolseviks ARE jews and most of them are honorary jews so they try double or even triple or even more to please they controllers …

    3. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      let’s see if the usa has the balls to take on someone their own size. i doubt it.
      they usa just wants to fuck over the little man, the little states.
      it lets off billionaire scamsters like mark rich scott free while putting matt hale in prison for 60 years for doing nothing.
      it bombs the shit out of libya and iraq and afghanistan, but leaves the big boys alone.
      what a cowardly nation. what a cowardly people sitting in front of their jew-tubes watching the war fun on cnn and fox in the comfort of their living room.

    4. Sam Says:

      I’d say Iraq is a ‘real’ war. Enough that the U.S. can’t handle it, anyway. As far as ‘defeating’ the U.S. goes, the Chinese simply have to wait until it falls.

    5. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The whole jew machine has been building up the economic potential of China since the early 1980’s. We know that, but unfortunately joe average has only just woken up to that fact when he buys a set of pans and is surprised to find ‘made in china’ stamped on them.

      The jews are following exactly the same policy with respect to China as they pursued through the 1920’s & 30’s in Russia, namely to nurture a colossus to use against the hated Aryan. Read professor Anthony Sutton’s books for the full picture.

      China has already been ‘given’ Africa as a resource base, and I’m sure they are eyeing Australia as a future acquisition once the muli-culti’ program there has achieved its ‘goals’. So the US will be out-flanked and ready for asset stripping.

      What can we do? Well, nothing much! But at least we can refuse to buy ANYTHING made in China.

    6. Fissile Says:

      The sun rises in the East and sets in the West, nigger drinks grape soda, Arch Stanton is wrong. Some things are so constant, you can set your watch by them.

      China is going to attack the USA? Careful “Arch”, you’re gonna burn your fingers on that overheated crack pipe.

      The USA owes China BILLIONS of dollars. I’m sure the Chinese can get a lot of money for a radioactive waste land.

      BTW, what was in Arch Stanton’s grave?

    7. Carpenter Says:

      Funny with these trolls. Cracksmoker building a strawman to attack, pretending that Linder has said he has the power to attack Jews. And silverstein pretending that it is ordinary Americans calling the shots in the foreign policy, when it is Jews and their allies.

      And these are allowed here. Woohoo. I am not going to be a hypocrite: I will readily admit that I don’t see a point in free speech in itself – it isn’t holy. It isn’t always good. Where does it say racialists have to allow trolls to spread their shit, for the sake of “free speech”? They are tiresome and moronic.

    8. Carpenter Says:

      As for the submarines, yes, the chinks want more clout on the seas. But the article contains precious little facts. They may have produced some subs and other vessels, but they are still far from having anything resembling a decent fleet. They don’t have a fleet at all, they have separate ships. It will take many years yet before they’ll be a naval threat to even a half-assed enemy. As for Taiwan, they can bomb it and disrupt its economy – hurting their own severely in the process – but today and for years to come they don’t have the power to invade. It may seem odd, considering that China is such a big country, but this is the reality of modern warfare, where technology matters, especially when you don’t have a land route.

    9. alex Says:

      Being “right” don’t count for jack. What do you have in the way of lawyers, guns & money? Oh, you just maxed out your credit card at Goldberg Jewelers?

      How many kids and how much money do you have?

      I’m guessing none and next to none.

      You’re just another wanking punk.

    10. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      you’re all a bunch of fucking cowards. you act like niggers, and i want nothing to do with any of you. you all MAKE ME SICK. and you’re stupid as shit to boot!

    11. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Seems we have upset the kike….oh dear!

    12. Arch Says:

      Those of you who doubt China’s ability to wage war would do well to read the sixth century Chinese General Sun Tzu’s seminal work on strategy for war. As you read it, you would do well to keep in mind this was written in the sixth century. You would also do well to review Chairman Mao’s efforts at waging his guerrilla war against the Chinese nationalist. The Chinese have been at this for a long, long, time and are quite adept at waging war. Only a fool underestimates his enemy and it is the biggest fool who underestimates China’s growing power. One only has to view what the Chinese have accomplished over the last thirty years to realize just how quickly these people can build and adapt. Once again I see American arrogance come into play by those believing China is only a paper tiger. As Sun Tzu would point out such arrogant assumptions play right into the hand of the Chinese. If you had read my other posts on this subject you would know that I do not believe China will attack America. I believe America will foment growing fear and hatred for the Chinese among the American populace and this will lead to America attacking China. I predict you will see the same type of build up that was implemented to justify the war with Iraq. The American government and it’s media henchmen will begin harping on how the Chinese “stole” our industry and used their economic power to undermine America’s power and now something must be done to avenge the wrong. As with the Middle East debacle, the bovina will fall in line and start chanting hate slogans conveniently provided by the jew media. I would not be surprised to see heavily publicized and carefully orchestrated attacks on Wal-Mart stores where angry American’s storm the stores and destroy Chinese merchandise. I predict war will follow closely on the heels of this perceived outrage. As for Arch Stanton, it is not what is in Arch Stanton’s grave but who. Arch Stanton was a dead confederate soldier, a rebel who died for a lost cause. Like my namesake I am dead; I died long before I was born. I died when America was destroyed by what is now called the “Civil War”, for it was that war that heralded the beginning of the end. It was that war that destroyed the freedom I hold dear and gave birth to the monster we call the federal government. It was that war that set the stage for the police state, a state that now tortures and imprisons its citizens without charge or even explanation, doing so with impunity. It was that war that led to the destruction of my beloved kin and country and thus destroyed me.

      Arch Stanton

    13. van helsing Says:

      Who cares what a known arsonist thinks about sensible discourse on jew-merica?

    14. van helsing Says:

      If in the defense world, dont use webex. China owns it.

    15. New America Says:

      Arch made an excellent point.

      Two comments:

      One, the Chinese DE (diesel electric) sub surfaced in the MIDDLE of the carrier’s group – literally, the carrier was within torpedo range, and they could have all quickly gone to the bottom. In any future naval conflict, our billions of dollars invested in a surface navy will be neutralized in less than a day. This has important implications for US energy policy.

      Two, China is doing what Russia did, which is doing what Germany did with stunning effectiveness – a brown water navy, no blue water navy to speak of – because both are essentially continental powers, with internal lines for resources.

      The money we spend on blue water surface navies is being spent by them on economically productive enterprises, like pipelines for oil and natural gas.

      This might help to explain why China is paying close attention to our activities in Afghanistan, as well as elsewhere.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    16. WEEMAN Says:

      No need to be paranoid over this. Globalization is a trend and both the U.S and China are playing to their respective advantanges. While the U.S owes China billions of debt, American corporations are making sizable profit in China, which in turn enriched many Americans who own stocks and other securities. U.S’s trade deficit also boosts its financial surplus, which is evident in U.S housing price in the past few years.

      U.S and China will increasingly become more economically dependent to each other. This dependence will act as a safeguard of peace. No government can launch a war without substantial economic support from its private sectors. So China and the U.S will eventually workout their differences, including Taiwan, currency, and other issues.

    17. Jethro Kobayashi Says:

      Wouldn’t worry about the debt the US owes China too much. They can’t cash it in without killing the goose that lays the golden egg and both countries know that. China has massive internal problems, civil unrest, pollution, population problems, wealth inequalities that are bubbling up to the surface.

      There are a number of smaller countries coming online now that can do work as cheap as China, usually of much better quality, without all the requirements that the Chinese demand for setting up a factory and none of the political problems. The Chinese are well aware of this and are wringing their hands already. That’s part of the reason why they’re trying to cool their economy and speculation in the stock market and property now. They know that they will be fucked if they let the Yuan float, but realize that if they don’t allow this, that whitey and the Japanese will start quietly pulling out and setting up operations elsewhere.

      Japan is also keenly aware of China’s buildup and are following suit, very inconspicuously. Regardless of what their government says, US forces indeed have nukes here that can be delivered to China within mere minutes.

      While America should indeed scrutinize China’s buildup and keep a watchful eye (as well as play tit for tat on intimidation moves) it is hardly capable of projecting itself for invasion of the US or Japan.

      That being said, America should try to sow the seeds of discord among China’s disenfranchised classes, minorities, and political “enemies” within the country. Contrary to popular belief, China is a country of many ethnic groups, differing languages, customs, and social classes that are anything but cohesive. The wrong catalyst could cause great social unrest and insurrection that would be difficult to put down in the provinces.

      Now if we could get our Israeli “friends” to quit giving the Chinese our military secrets…