23 November, 2006

Goyfire #44 Released

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The original cast returns: Agis, Alex and Chain.

Direct mp3 download: GoyFire_44.mp3 (50 MB)

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  7. 22 Responses to “Goyfire #44 Released”

    1. Billy Bob Says:

      Good show! Due to a few graphic obscenities, you might want to keep your young children out of the room, while you listen. Vintage Alex speaking the truth raw and un-edited.

      A worthwhile listen. Alex definately illustrates some good points regarding the future of our free speech. Enjoy it while you can.

      Keep the rants rolling Gents, The Demand for your insight and commentary is growing.

      Sincerely, Billy B.

    2. fdtwainth Says:

      Excellent program, thank you.



    4. I HATE NIGGERS Says:

      I LOVED THE SHOW!!!!

      Especially the first section dissing the shit out of the COLOREDS OF SHIT!!!


      Thank you, thank you, thank you for the nigger dissing and funny as shit shit talk.

      Bring on the next installment of GOYFIRE NIGGER BASHING……OH! how lovely the sound….!!!


      ITZ A NIGGER!!! ITZ A NIGGER!!! ITZ A NIGGER!!!! —- Cozmo

    5. saltriver Says:

      Keep telling the truth about the garbage races. Who knows–maybe a listener somewhere will be the one to lead the white race back to it’s deserved place in this society. That is, at the top.

    6. Ron Says:

      After the above comments from
      “I HATE NIGGERS” anything else would probably sound positively intellectual.
      Has anyone there had an inkling that posts such as these just might just be from a very astute Anti instead of a mere misfit or juvenile ? Either way, they are unflatering caricatures of our movement and its people.
      Which brings in focus the subject of using of “the words”. I believe having few here and there for emphasis is fine. A sprinkle of salt. Even a rare fusillade of x words is ok. More than that, though, always ruins the dish for almost everybody.

      Second point:
      I notice that no one had mentioned poor audio/mic quality lately on the shows. I don’t think it is just me. I have a technical background, even had the license needed to operate a commercial radio station. But the problem I am taking about here should be apparent to most. The audio quality is very poor, period. It is often muffed and very dificult to understand at times. It is not bitrate or whatever. I have heard better, clearer audio at 8K bits/sec. You are great guys for doing these shows. I love them, and love you guys for doing them. But for me, they are almost ruined by the quality issue. If we have to pass the hat for some hardware lets do it. I’m here to help as always

    7. Jorge Strongarm Cusser Says:

      Both postings used lots of caps and exclamation points.

      I’LL BET THE SAME MOTHERFUCKERS MADE THESE POSTINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      s. s.

    8. Slim Says:

      The portion of the program featuring a speaker who spoke of generational brainwashing has me somewhat depressed. If he is correct, it will take several decades of intense deprogramming to change the awareness of the sheeple. Did I misundersatand or is that about right?

    9. clay Says:

      For all those who get frustrated at the dial-up
      streams not working — or not even present —
      for the Goyfire programs take heart. All Goyfires
      are carried on Yahoo with working dial-up streams.

      Type “yahoo podcasts” in your browser. Select “Yahoo Podcasts” and type “Goyfire” in the search bar. You may have to search around, but all Goyfire shows are on Yahoo, even the most recent program.

      I’ve had much better luck using IE instead of Firefox to open the streams; however, there is one problem: When you click on the “Listen” button you’ll have a dialogue box open that asks you to select which media player to use and the connection speed and to click on the “Accept” tab afterwards. Unfortunately the “Accept” does not appear on the page. Obviously you’ve got to scroll down to hit “Accept,” but the arrow down key or page down won’t scroll the dialogue box. Solution: Hit your space bar or scroll down using your mouse and you’ll get to the “Accept” tab. Click on “Accept” and the stream should start working.

      If anybody needs help leave a message on this thread addressed to me and I’ll see what I can do to help.

    10. jackumup Says:

      #1 Radio show in america!

    11. Agis Says:


      To my, perhaps not so discriminating ears, the audio sounds “ok/good/adequate. Of course there is always room for improvement and I’m open to any pointers you might have. Keep in mind that we are skype conferencing at different locations on the globe, talking in non-sound proof environments and using radioschack mics. Post-editing is done with ‘cool-edit pro’. Send me a PM in the forum if you have any specific recommendations.

    12. pseudo-doc Says:

      “The portion of the program featuring a speaker who spoke of generational brainwashing has me somewhat depressed. If he is correct, it will take several decades of intense deprogramming to change the awareness of the sheeple. Did I misundersatand or is that about right?”

      Yea, we’ve been saying this for years. Why do we listen to guys with accents instead? Clinical psychology is an open book. If multicult is in fact merely a cult, that is to say brainwashing, then it would take known clinical procedure to erase such programming *in individual cases*. As a whole the matter is moot. There has never been, in all history, a case of mass awakening or reversal of deeply-rooted belief systems.

      That’s all there is to it.

    13. This is what's to it Says:

      “There has never been, in all history, a case of mass awakening or reversal of deeply-rooted belief systems.”

      Well, one group managed to this in Germany rather quickly. This is one reason why the zhids started WWII.

      Look at how fast things changed for the worse in the US. Despite the crap you see in the media, most of the whites who get their asses kicked by niggers and spics who freely roam the zone that used to be called America experience an awakening. This is still a small number of whites compared to the general population. When the defecation hits the air conditioning, and it will, when whites have to fight to get a bottle of water for their thirsty kids, the brainwashing will be gone. No one will be able to spend time watching the one-eyed bolshevist in the living room.

      Things happen over and over throughout history – and they seem to happen faster and faster. The clipped-tips are on top now, have been for awhile. It’s teetering, and it will fall. Zhids have never been able to maintain control for very long in historical terms. In their genetic/cultural base arrogance, they are unable to truly comprehend major areas of human nature, comprehend that all beings will reach their limit as to how much zhid shit can be shoveled down their throats. That limit is close to being reached. When it comes down, be ready. No zhid run army can fight very well for very long, never mind police forces, and blacks and browns are up in smoke when it comes to going against whites who will be forced by circumstance to fight. This is where guys like Geoff, I hate to say it, are wrong, or may be not much good when things ‘take off’. They let themselves get stared down by spics at the mall, they say ‘we’ve lost’. We’ve lost some rounds of a very long fight. We’ve also won some during history. Things can happen very fast. The current mess has only been at full strength for 20 years, though the coup was completed 43 years ago.

      Things can fall apart fast, much faster than they were put together. Look at the performance of our armed forces and police forces today in comparison to the way they were able to get the job done before the days of ZOG. Look at the zhid’s latest performance in Lebanon. The FIRST time they’ve actually gone in to do real fighting on their own, and they performed like the arrogant, cowardly fucks they are – and they had their asses handed to them. Do a check on the zhids in their previous wars – the US did most of the fighting for them, even in ’67 – when we had to surreptitiously supply pilots and planes to them when their own were blasted out of the air – just one of dozens of examples of their lack of prowess in ‘open warfare’. They’re only good if they can sneak up behind you, so to speak.

      If you pray, then pray for economic disaster to come along fast. And pray for ‘civil disturbances’ nation wide. Sure, some, well a fair amount, of brainswashed sissy or unaware whites will be hurt or killed, but that may be what’s needed to help wake the masses up fully. Stop writing like zhid brainwashed pussies and be ready to fight. The US is not immune from civil war, from complete collapse. ZOG is certainly not invincible. As others have written, the sons of the cut, the constant eaters of each other’s asses, are highly leveraged. Whites will eventually win out, by any means necessary.

    14. pseudo-doc Says:

      All right, man, I’m wrong. One day all our white brothers and sisters will wake up and you’ll be right. The holy economic disaster your type has been preaching about will come along and everyone will wake up because Neo will open their eyes!

      Whites will eventually DIE OUT. It’s time for you and the rest to bloody deal with it. If you need anymore proof of that you’re as friggin’ starry-eyed as the brainwashed masses.

    15. Bud White Says:

      IMHO, The audio is pretty good. I did notice there was an issue with Craigs audio from estonia on episode #44, but nothing that was unbearable.

    16. Strongarm Says:

      “pseudo-doc” deals with what was posted in ‘psuedo’ fashion. The jews are forcing whites to wake up by pushing them in a corner. They are in fact repeating what they have done time and time again throughout history. No matter how many starry-eyed Hillel House true believers like pseudo-doc fill the bandwith here with ‘just give up’ noise, they cannot stop the inevitability of history repeating itself again. Each time it’s faster, and each time it’s bigger. This is what they are scared of. Their little scam coming to an end. The neo-kunt jews cut and ran from Bush, and they’ll cut and run from the US and W. Europe (again) but the fallout from their latest turn at the reins is going to be heavy. They know it, but their inbred arrogance and inability to see their own screw-ups, inability to admit any kind of self failings or weakness, will not allow them to accept it. They know it, but cannot believe it.

      We do not need all whites to wake up. This is why scatological freaks like pseudo-doc voice this, write it everywhere. Just one of their many straw man arguments. Only a small percentage needs to wake-up, and the yids know it. If 5% of whites start going full tilt with a political movement, it’s over. This doesn’t mean ‘voting’, this means a movement. It’s over. The zhids have accomplished a lot being only 8% of the population (shame on anyone who actually believes that 2% nonsense). Revolutions occur with small groups of people taking action. It’s happening again. It’s inevitable.

    17. sgruber Says:

      It’s not inevitable.

      It’s over for them only if someone does something physical to them. People can talk and plan – but until something happens in reality, talk is merely theory.

      Reality is physical. What happened in reality today? Nothing. What will happen tomorrow? Nothing again? It depends on whoever is interested.

    18. Colonel Brooks Says:

      I agree with inevitable. It’s just a matter of when. I think what they’ve built is a house of cards, and they won’t be able to rid Europe and America of whites before it all crashes. When the situation turns to actual physical crunch time, enough whites will follow their raw instincts to get the job done. I believe little things happen every day that set things toppling for our rulers. Large things happen every day also. The situation is dire, but like the guy said, look at how quickly it happened. It makes me realize how quickly things could turn. Seeing the Israelis get their asses handed to them in Lebanon was an eye opener. Anything fighting force run by jews seems to fight with one hand on its crotch. That’s what’s happened to our military never mind the Israeli’s. Bad part is everyone notices how poor the command of our military is. When the big collapse does come, we will have to be concerned with our enemies other than the jews who may take a few internal swipes at us. Maybe not. Nothing lasts forever, certainly not jewish rule. Their psychological make-up isn’t set up for it. That part I agree with. When in power, their jealousy of each other and infighting probably has a lot to do with it.

    19. New America Says:

      This is what Ralph Peters says about the Eurabia Hypothesis:


      I would like to think so…


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    20. Get Rid of Them All Says:

      Is Peters a jew? Or is he sucking jew cock? The article reads like he’s sucking up to them – if he isn’t one of them who’s firing off one of those “What are you worried about?” salvos. The tribe is the bunch who perfected ethnic cleansing. We will eventually show we’ve learned from them. Well. Very well.

    21. Will Stuteley Says:

      OY! How brave of Ralph Peters to attack those intolerant Euros so courageously! To accuse white ethnics of being world champions in the hate department–it’s practically a blood libel! How un-PC Peters is! Insinuating that one ethic group or culture could be innately more vicious than another. Do you think he could be one of us?

      Yes, such a specimen of manhood, to attack those naughty Europeans for rejecting the prospect of slavery under a continental caliphate.

      Peters is a dog. I suspect his blood-type is indeed Circle K. That or he’s just another wretched liberal animal too eager to please his masters. Isn’t it funny how these liberal types never seem to get the irony that in accusing white Europeans of a special propensity for violence they undercut their own sacred catechism of cultural equality? (That’s rhetorical by the way–he knows damn well what he’s about.)

      Anyway, I hope the coward is right, and deep down I suspect he is (about Europeans being in a deceptive state of hibernation, but just one or two major “incidents” away from a violent reaction AGAINST cultural dispossession). Ironically, his is the most hope-inspiring article I’ve read out of the mainstream media, even if he intends the opposite.

      BTW, the Goyfires and Free-Talk-Lives (in particular) just keep getting better. The shows were fantastic to begin with, and Free Talk Live is beginning to serve a real strategic purpose. Best of luck to everyone.

    22. planter Says:

      Every day the world grows smaller. Less places for whitey to run to. Less places for jewey to hide in.