30 November, 2006

Screwing White Students

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Mary Sue Coleman isn’t interested in what the people of Michigan think.

Coleman has been a staunch champion of the idea of correcting racial discrimination by practicing racial discrimination.

The University of Michigan vs. the People

by Steve Chapman
Posted Nov 23, 2006

After the votes were counted on election night, there were lots of gracious concession statements by losing candidates thanking their supporters, offering to work with the winners and paying tribute to the virtues of democracy. Then there was Mary Sue Coleman, who was having none of this.

The day after Michigan’s citizens voted to ban the use of racial and gender preferences by public institutions, the president of the University of Michigan gave an embittered speech telling them to take a long walk off a short pier. Her message was that the school would do “whatever it takes” to delay, frustrate and circumvent the clearly expressed will of the public. She could have been more succinct if she had merely repeated the words of Dick Tuck after losing a California state senate race in 1964: “The people have spoken — the bastards.”

Coleman has been a staunch champion of the idea of correcting racial discrimination by practicing racial discrimination. The University of Michigan’s admissions policies have the effect of accepting many black and Hispanic applicants who would be rejected if they were white or Asian-American.

Until the Supreme Court ruled it illegal, the formula automatically gave 20 points (out of 100 needed for acceptance) to anyone from an “underrepresented” minority group. A perfect SAT score, by contrast, was worth only 12 points. Though it struck down that approach, the court agreed to let the school employ race as a “plus factor” in a program aimed at assuring “diversity” in the student body. Double standards in the pursuit of what amount to racial quotas were allowed to continue.

But it turns out that was not the last word. Opponents of racial preferences responded to the Supreme Court decision by offering a state constitutional amendment, Proposal 2, to outlaw this kind of discrimination. On Nov. 7, it was approved with the support of 58 percent of the voters.

Coleman exudes contempt for these people, accusing them of opposing “a community that is fair and equal for all.” She said California’s 1996 ban on racial and gender preferences “has been a horribly failed experiment” that “we cannot, and will not, allow to take seed here in Michigan.” And she assured her campus audience that she would not be bound by the intentions of the voters: “We will find ways to overcome the handcuffs that Proposal 2 attempts to place on our reach for greater diversity.” (Click here to watch a video of Coleman’s speech.)

The good news, she said, is that a variety of “outreach” programs will remain in operation despite the new law. This is a surprising revelation, since before Nov. 7, opponents of the ban insisted it would doom efforts to recruit minority and female students. Now we are told that it won’t. Were we being misled then, or are we being misled now?

The same question applies to her insistence that the university can still achieve the kind of diversity it prizes. Before the vote, supporters of the initiative said it would not make the campus a sea of rich white kids. Now Coleman seems to concur. That, or she plans to defy the new policy by using race surreptitiously to achieve the same old ends.

But she also entertains the fantasy that the university can overturn Proposal 2 in court. If she believes that, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Kalamazoo that she might want to buy. A liberal group has already filed a lawsuit, making the ingenious claim that the ban on racial discrimination violates provisions of the U.S. Constitution and federal laws that . . . ban racial discrimination. In response to that theory, I have three words: Ha. Ha. Ha.

As it happens, the most liberal federal appeals court in the United States heard exactly the same arguments against the California measure, and it roundly rejected them. The court noted pointedly that the 1964 Civil Rights Act has language specifically addressing affirmative action: “Nothing contained in this subchapter shall be interpreted to require any [entity] . . . to grant preferential treatment to any individual or to any group because of the race, color, religion, sex or national origin of such individual or group.” End of story.

It’s no surprise that Coleman doesn’t welcome the new ban or the constraints it puts on her enlightened discretion. But if the head of a state university can’t respect a legally valid policy approved in a binding referendum by the people she serves, here is the speech she should give: “I quit.”


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    1. brutus Says:

      email sent to University of Michigan President.

      TO: Mary Sue Coleman

      DATE: 11/29/06

      RE: Diversity

      I was going to write a civil letter explaining my opposition to your position on diversity, but after thinking about it for a little while, I decided against it. And that’s because I feel that you’re too fucked-up and not worthy of any civil discourse from me. So I’ll just rant a little.

      How does adding a bunch of niggers to something, enrich it? Are you too stupid to realize that those niggers, given half a chance, would rape your asshole raw? Maybe they actually are working your asshole over, and that’s why you suck up to them? Could be! You certainly do exhibit a pronounced fetish worship for those black nappy-haired bastards. It’s really quite revolting to see you fawn all over them as you do.

      Niggers are destroyers of America and that‘s a just fact. There’s no point in you trying to help them. They are by nature ingrates, and they will revert back to their savagery as soon as you turn your back on them. Try honestly answering this; What has a nigger ever done for you?

      You think I’m a lowlife. You think I’m dead wrong. I’m not.

      Enjoy the good times while you can……….They won’t last long. No, I’m not threatening you, I’m a White man and I don’t lay hands on women. You can rest assured that I’m not some kind of OJ Simpson-type nigger who goes around murdering White women. However, I will use vulgar words on occasion in an attempt to penetrate a thick skull.

      I’m giving you a head’s up – That you are so far up your jew-master’s ass, that you can’t feel the winds of change in the air.

      When the shit hits the fan the jew will be looking to save his own butt, and not yours. If you survive the beginning months of the coming race war, you will remember these words, and you’ll say to yourself, I should have listened to that guy and got out of the diversity racket while there was still time.

      I wanted to ask you…….If a nigger raped you and left you for dead in a dumpster, would you think about changing your mind about diversity? Just curious about that.

      Nah….I bet that you’re too far gone.


    2. Agis Says:

      This wookieflam had the nerve to give a speech misnamed ‘Towards Perfect’… Listen to the podcast here: http://www.umich.edu/pres/

      Surely the gods have a spare lightning bolt for the likes of traitors like these?

    3. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      The problem with pieces of filth like Coleman is that they do not have to suffer the consequences of their actions. The victims are almost invariably ordinary whites. It is only when she and her close family and friends experience real physical anguish at the hands of the sub-humans that you might see a change of attitude. I say might because these types of white liberals are border-line insane in my opinion and are almost always characterised by an overweening arrogance that is incapable of admitting that they and liberalism could be wrong.
      They are truly the worst kind of people with almost no redeeming qualities. Coleman (I am assuming that she is not a kike) should be impaled on a stake for the crimes she has committed against her own race. When the war begins she and her ilk will be the first to demand protection from the roving mobs of apes that they have helped set loose on white civilization.
      These types of whites must never be pardoned for what they have done.

    4. lawrence dennis Says:

      I’ve come to the conclusion that the jewsmedia has pretty much driven our people to respond to reality by experiencing personal psychological pain. As George Lincoln Rockwell observed: “The startling answer to the Jewish enigma is that the Jews are insane. The Jews as a race are paranoid. This sick people must be stopped before they drag the world down with them.”

    5. Curt Maynard Says:

      Here is Coleman’s email address

      [email protected]

    6. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “I say might because these types of white liberals are border-line insane in my opinion and are almost always characterised by an overweening arrogance that is incapable of admitting that they and liberalism could be wrong.”

      Otto Kernberg wrote a famous book back in the seventies, entitled BORDERLINE CONDITIONS AND PATHOLOGICAL NARCISSISM:


    7. pseudo-doc Says:

      “I’ve come to the conclusion that the jewsmedia has pretty much driven our people to respond to reality by experiencing personal psychological pain.”

      The WN crowd inches closer to psychiatric reasoning! Spot on.

    8. Walter Ring Says:

      Self-hating, liberal nigger-loving pieces of trash like Mary Sue Coleman actually do WNs a favor when they spout their nonsense because ordinary working-class Whites hear this drivel and realize that we were right all along about race and racial issues. No, there will not be a White revolution overnight, but every time some do-gooding, shitskin-loving fool rants and raves about ‘racial justice,’ more middle-class Whites come around to our way of thinking.

    9. Mark Says:

      I briefly read the transcript of her speech. Lots of repetition, nothing interesting or intelligent, just an emotional appeal that is non-sensical. She gives one example of a student that enjoyed meeting various races and cultures, so what. Apparently attending a university is more of a social experiment and for diversity conditioning than real education.

      I’ve had plenty of experiences with diverity, mostly of the African kind, and there is nothing redeeming about it. Merely you find how how much you dislike these other races. There are of course always people who just love to worship the exotic, and seem to hate their own. They’re usually race-mixers as well. So let them go, that’s their problem, but don’t force it on everyone, that’s my main contention. These do-gooders want to tell us what to think and how to act.

      The people have spoken, and they don’t want these multi-cultural tyrants enforcing their self-righteous will on everyone.

    10. Jim Says:

      Bryan is correct. The greatest retribution must be reserved for the collaborators and informants without whom the jews would still be swindling pennies from children in candy stores.

    11. will Says:

      Hey Brutus-LOVED your letter to that bitch!!! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy deep down in my Aryan soul reading your words of truth!
      88 o/

    12. Myles Says:

      Oh! Oh! I know what we need! More women in authority!

      P.S. Laughed uproariously over brutus’s kind letter. Thanks.

    13. alex Says:

      The MSCs of the world are indeed despicable. College admins are basically WASP face on jew agenda. Our unfortunage British legacy of class snobbery kicks in here. The upper whites differentiate themselves from the hicks and dregs by their ideology – they think. They’re busy being citizens of this great new world they think they’re building. They hate, truly hate, anybody who points out that the emperor’s naked. There cannot be a stronger contrast than between the bravery and honor of the hated ‘nazis’ and the preening servility of the traitorous, mostly Anglo-American elite in this country. Our unfortunate British legacy is mostly moralizing, hypocrisy and murder, as the people of Iraq know all too well. As Oscar Wilde almost said, America went from barbarism to jewish tyranny without ever pausing for civilization. Read Goebbels and then read Gingrich or the speech by Mary Sue Coleman. They are two different levels. The servile snobbery of the British-American elite is not where our section of the White race is heading. We prefer a genuine racial nation in which the classes work together for the common good.

    14. alex Says:

      I bear a particular animus against WASPs and three-named college admins because I had run-ins with these. They used me to preen and grandstand. Their smiles are as false as their words. They are cowards, and they believe in things that aren’t true. They try to suppress anybody who stands up to them by pointing out their lies. If you say that diversity and excellence are at odds, the English-American college dean will do what he can to smear your reputation and destroy you personally. Slavery, servility and snobbery are the part of our proud British heritage male cunts like Paul Craig Roberts ignore, but they define America more than whatever good the British did. The only truly good thing about America was there was lots of land and few people.

    15. planter Says:

      Only thing worse than a nigger is a nigger lover.

    16. One Of 55 Miliion Says:

      I agree whole-heartedly with the WASP comment-invariably ,when I’ve felt safe enough within a group to let my feelings fly freely it’s one of them..a hatchet-faced ,fair-eyed Anglo Protestant that will lay on me the usually load of crap about me being inbred ,not being open-minded….not having been exposed to diversity…….ad nauseum. And of course ,they usually hail from some Nor’eastern stronghold of whiteness ,like Connecticut or Vermont. THEY have never experienced diversity….and their gene pool is a lot smaller than mine. And it’s their utter inability to question anything they had shoved down their throats in their developing years that points to an inferior intellect. A debate on topics racial will quickly degenerate into name-calling on their part. Many of them look like jews..and act like them as well. Since I’m not middle-class and well-connected (as they see such ,anyway) I must be “envioius”….Holy Woden!..I long to see them suffer in a fashion that I wouldn’t even wish on the worst non-whites.. They’re the lowest of the low.

      A kindly & well-heeled old lady customer of mine once called me a big ,black-eyed mountain German…she was smiling broadly and genuinely…..”Thank you ,Ma’am” was my reply.

    17. Curt Maynard Says:

      One of 55 Says:

      “I agree whole-heartedly with the WASP comment-invariably ,when I’ve felt safe enough within a group to let my feelings fly freely it’s one of them..a hatchet-faced ,fair-eyed Anglo Protestant that will lay on me the usually load of crap about me being inbred ,not being open-minded….not having been exposed to diversity…….ad nauseum.”

      Have you noticed though that these same cretins have grown considerably quieter over the last two years? I have. I haven’t had a single person chastize me for saying that Jews own the media in two years – and even the Christian Fundamentalists [I live in Texas] have grown quieter in their puirsuit of the multicultural agenda – they’ve finally figured out that they’re the ones being targetted now.

    18. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      Well Curt, but now it´s too late. The American lemmings should have figured out that Roosevelt was a traitor and Hitler their last chance, some decades ago.

    19. pseudo-doc Says:

      WASPs are in their own hypocritical, moralizing fashion as repugnant to the man of Middle European descent as the Negro or the Jew.

    20. Timothy Says:

      Upper-class WASP English cunts are 10x worse than the jews.

      At least the jews try to help their own and don’t put their nose in the air when in contact with their lesser brethren,whereas the WASP elites hate people like us with a passion and with a boundless contempt.

      When I was a kid my father ran a small business and he was in contact with a few jew businessmen around town. Instead of class snobbery and turning up their nose at those who already hadn’t made a fortune and a name for themselves,these jews would sometimes work together to help set up one of their own in business.

      How alien is that mentality to WASP elites towards those below them!

      To those cocksuckers,if you haven’t made a few million bucks you are nothing but shit on the botton of their shoes.

      At least the jews don’t work against the interests of their own people like the WASP upper class does against all Whites not part of their clique,so in that regard the jews have far more honor and love for their own.

      The WASP elites are the coldest monsters on earth;these creatures have a deep freeze where a heart should be. What these creatures care about besides their social standing and snobbish pursuits I don’t know.

    21. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      But it is not only the white elite that serves jewish interest, nearly every white person does it. I have almost never met a white person, who could bear the truth about the situation we are in. You talk once and you are shunned afterwards. The jew-wise are often expelled from their own families!

      And even the jew-wise don´t show any racial solidarity with each other. The infighting which takes places at VNNF is really sickening.

      I think the challenge we are facing is to love our race, although we are not rewarded. Don´t behave like an immature refused lover. We must always bear in mind, that we have more potential than we show today. Our enemies are so strong, that they can force most of us to behave like evil madmen.

      I don´t say that we should overlook the traitors. But at this point there are so many traitors in our race, that is quite useless to wish a major purge. Our race would cease to exists.

    22. Paul Rooke Says:

      Given her hand in the Rick Rodriguez contract debacle and the resulting $2.5 M payment that U of M is required to pay West Virginia University because of Bill Martin’s, Mary Sue Coleman should be stripped naked, tarred, feathered and dumped in Melles fountain.

      This Kentucky hillbilly bitch is a worthless piece of flesh who should have been aborted by her tobacco chewing mammy. I hope this bitch contracts Alzheimers’ and lives to be 103.