15 November, 2006

The Art of Jewing Art

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Tonight I was reminded of the total kike infestation of all the non-creative aspects of the art world: Court TV’s excellent series “Masterminds” featured an art dealer who bought lesser-known works of famous Impressionist & modern artists and hired chink hacks to make meticulous copies. He then took the certificates of authenticity from the real works, pasted them onto the backs of the fakes and sold them to gullible Japs, thereby reaping many millions. The last name of the shyster didn’t sound particularly hebeish, and the actor playing the role looked like a dothead – but at about the mid-point in the show, they let the kike outta the bag: the bastid was an Iranian chew who, in a typical display of yid humility, had his moniker emblazoned next to a menorah on a Talmud center he graciously paid for with a small portion of his mountain of purloined shekels.

Art supply store clerk: “May I help you with something, sir?”

Whitey the Art Lover: “Well, I sure hope so, ’cause we’ve got one hell of a problem: Our cultural inheritance is smeared with decades of gefilte-funky jewshit, and we were wondering if there’s a strong solvent that can remove it?”

Clerk: “Yes indeed, sir. The only remedy is a powerful lead-based solution – and I guarantee that it’ll end the problem once & for all….”

N.B. Forrest

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  7. 2 Responses to “The Art of Jewing Art”

    1. H.Schneider Says:

      HECKLER & KOCH products can solve most of those problems !

    2. govnn.com Says:

      “TV, The Laugh Track, & The Jew”

      TV has been the medium by which the jew electronically changed reality in the minds of millions of Americans in the 20th century.

      Fortunately the interent, which provides anyone with the availability to read about history and events which are not put through a jewish filter, has slowed TV jew propaganda, and in other cases, awoken the politically asleep.

      Interesting how the jew employed the “laugh track” and the “oooh” track in so many sitcoms, using it to provide acceptance of things jews are comfortable with and scorn for things they dislike.

      Just think about the damage that “All in the Family” did. Big jew pulled out all the stops on that one.

      Why can’t jews stop manipulating the public? and respect and embrace it? Well if they did, they wouldn’t be jews. They would be going against everything on their historical resume. They continuously attempt and sadly succeed in changing how people think and and live their lives with their relentless media control.