15 November, 2006

Videos for White Nationalists

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by Max Hadden

Leon Degrelle on Germany’s economy, Poland

Belgian Waffen SS General Leon Degrelle discusses the opinion of famous Brits on Hitler, the mass media hate campaign against Germany, the Third Reich economy, and the Danzig problem.


Mark Weber on misconceptions about Hitler, Austria

Historian and expert on Third Reich Germany Mark Weber discusses several misconceptions about Hitler as well as the enormous economic prosperity attained under National Socialism in Austria.


Mark Weber on lies about Hitler and phony sources

Historian Mark Weber discusses the far-reaching impact of Hermann Rauschning’s phony Hitler quotations.


Mark Weber on Christianity in the Third Reich

Historian Mark Weber discusses several controversial events during the Third Reich and the surprising way Hitler reacted to them.


Homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church (1 of 2)

Father John O’Connor discusses the little-known subversion of Catholic seminaries by homosexuals and the resultant corruption. (Note: The book referred to is “The Homosexual Network” by Father Enrique Rueda.)


Homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church (2 of 2)

Father O’Connor explains some of the reasons why homosexuals infiltrated and destroyed Catholic seminaries.


France under German occupation (#2)

French film depicting how unemployment dropped to zero under National Socialism, French patriots explaining that Germany’s cause was the cause of Europe, the aftermath of an attack by Jewish Communist terrorists (aka “the resistance”), and an Allied terror bombing against civilians in Clermont-Ferrand.


Rare footage of NKVD mass graves in Poland, Ukraine

This documentary depicts the discovery of NKVD victims in Katyn (Poland) and Vinnitsa (Ukraine) and explains that the Nazis were falsely accused at the Nuremberg Trials.


Robert Faurisson on Raul Hilberg

French professor Robert Faurisson discusses several astonishing revelations made by Jewish Holocaust “expert” Raul Hilberg during the first Zundel trial.


Robert Faurisson on historical lies

Professor Faurisson explains his views on Jewish conspiracies and historical [big] lies including the existence of homicidal gas chambers.


Mark Weber puts America in a historical context

Historian Mark Weber essentially says that Americans don’t know who we are, how we got here and where we’re heading because we are ignorant of reality as well as history.


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