2 November, 2006

Welcome Estonians

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Our readers may learn more about Estonia by visiting Wikipedia. Estonian readers can reference this newspaper report mentioning VNN.

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    1. lawrence dennis Says:

      There is a thread dedicated to providing information for visitors from Estonia: http://www.vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=40230

      I highly recommend that those who doubt the degree to which Jews have changed this world for the worse visit the scholarly website: http://www.jewishtribalreview.org/
      There are many many news articles there under the heading THE RESEARCH (you will need to scroll down some to see that heading).

      In particular, I especially recommend that you download and print out and read the book “When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America” here: http://www.jewishtribalreview.org/open.htm

    2. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Hey guys – havent You noticed ? I am “sitting” here more then few years – started posting about year ago when I did get my PC in home up and running. I have “silently” promoting VNN all that time – and “white matters more then 5 years now. My first introductin to US white underground was around 2000/1 when I was living in DC (zip 2001) . So You guys and You cause is not unnoticed back here. But after 50 fraking years we are kind of more conspirative then average american (even in white movement) – that did teach us (jew)KGB. so regardless of You my think white ideas are in here live and kicking (especially kicking fashion).
      I think current priorities in Estonia is getting soviet propaganda out of local russians head – so we can bild that what last great white leader (I have some reservation about Adolf H. – not because this jew lies and holohox but different reasons) Tshar Nicolai The First Romanov did try to do before kikes killed him and his family (link at the end post) create WHITE EMPIRE in Europe.
      And if You dont now yet remember – Nicolais father Alexander sent Russian Pacific Fleet to help US in Hisp or Mex war (or something – I read about it but lost link so if someone nows something PLEASE post the link or other info).



    3. Geoff Beck Says:


      Could you summarize what this newspaper report on Craig Cobb is saying? Could you tell us the tone and feeling the report is conveying? Is it negative, hostile or what?

      Also, what are the comments saying?


      Also, this website is commenting on the the Cobb affair:


      What are they saying?

    4. New America Says:

      To Matti:

      The Czar sent the Russian fleet to help Lincoln during the American Civil War.

      It was a “show the flag to the other Europeans, i.e.; the British,” and the ships went to San Francisco, as I recall.

      NSDAP Germany was an organic outworking of Western Civilization, in large part in total rebellion – the ONLY solution – to the total Judaic control of ALL elements in German social life.

      In fact, the Romanovs represented an equally valid outworking of Western Civilization in the Eurasian landmass, with social structures no less appropriate to their time and place.

      They simply, at least implicitly, accepted their Enemy’s terms and definitions at face value, instead of defining what the ENEMY meant by those terms. It is the same mistake that we made in allowing the Goddamned JEWS to control all sectors of organized society, from the financial system to the public fool system.

      I can assure you, that won’t happen again, in New Russia, and will not happen again, for myself, and my posterity.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    5. Walter Ring Says:

      Being 1/4 Estonian and proud of it, I welcome this. Hail Eesti!!!

    6. Mati The Estonian Says:

      pending my head to forceful requests I will try to make translation summary of this article ;-)

      Nigger hater makes a center in woods near Rapla (local small city name).

      Coming under FBI “cap” by linked to killings a federal judge neonazi Craig “Chain” Cobb landed in Estonia and looking people to share his racial views.

      “Local girls to not fuck around in any nigger and Estonia is 99,9% white” boosting Cobb and You can read and heard about his rantings by White Nationalist Radio in internet.

      If earlie times Estonia was target neonazis from Sweden and Russia then a “star” of mr. Cobb’s magnitude is sheldon seen here (few sentnces about his birth place and looooong links to neonazis).

      Cobb brought a not finished house (on the picture) 75 miles from Tallinn (capital city few miles from Rapla – I have my family somewhere around there ;-) )
      Rasist like Cobb using Freedom Of Speech to spread his message of hate.
      (then is description of killings fed judge Joan Lefkow’s [even name is jewish but paper mention his not a jew] husbend and mother by some polish immigrant and some links thru webpage the FBI did makes to white movement – I guess You guys allready now the story – then the history of Cobb political struggle and copyright infrigment over the name World Church of the Creator and some reason story of Mr Hale and his security dude being a FBI informant)
      Last to parts are about how Cabb did get his house about 425 000 krones (~$35 000) some connections about wheraabouts around Estonia and places and events hi has visited while in Estonia and some duel story with some guy in US – Cobb told him to get his lying ass to Estonia face the challenge.
      US embassy and embassy FBI liason do not denay anything but dont comment – newspaper did try to interview mr Cabb but no sucsess.
      Story endswith rhetorical question – is a mr Cobb PS or real deal will show future.

      My comment; neverthles author using the usual kikish slurs tovards whites the story is actually quite balanced. Author Mihkel Kärmas (Michael Fast) is well known media figure and hi is usually dont do so politically biased storys (money?). Paper himself has kind of intresting history. it was first “free press” after soviets crumbled and has keeping this imigo “fighter of corruption” but this “fight” looks last 10 years more like damage controll. few explosive storys has bean allready cleaned from KAPO (like FBI) or Police they just get they first wide coverage thru this paper.
      Other intresting story is the publisher and owner of this paper is ONLY 1/2 media persons from Estonia to attend Bildenbergs meeting …
      there is a link section in end of story – look box “Samal teemal” and I did find out thats Bollyns wife is actually Estonian with Swedish passport (there are estonians everywhere you know LOL) and links to VNN forum and Goyfire Cobb’s video selectin.
      So – in general – the tone IS kikish but in overall its quite good story – any publisity is good publisity ….
      I hope my ortografics and translation are not to bad ;-)

    7. TJ Says:


      Thanks for the translation and analysis.I am currently staying in Tallinn and asked an aquaintance here to translate;His comments somewhat similar to yours-overall tone one of standard negative media “hit piece”.The impression given is that Chain is on the run from the authorities
      for something related to WCOTC-a complete fabrication.After reading the piece this guy was nervous about talking to me and wanted to end the conversation-LOL.I asked a waitress in a Cafe that had this magazine to take a look-she smiled and laughed after reading the first sentence:” Girl’s in Estonia will not F__K any Nigger they see”-Verbatim out of her mouth!I think she agreed

    8. Heads Up Says:

      Hey Mati,

      I grew up around a few Estonian farmers. Very good people, intelligent, proud and had some excellent – albeit – unknown to me at the time, heathen traditions from our common indo-european ancestors. Soem of the BEST Waffen-SS men were Estonians.

      What does the Estonians think of Russia? How many Russians are there in Estonia?

      All the best, sir!

    9. Craig Cobb Says:

      Thanks, Mati. I have been told by several people that Mihkel Karmas is a well known and respected journalist in Estonia.
      I have agreed to converse with him Monday.

      If the piece says Michael Lefkow was “not Jewish”, this is no more true than to say I am “not German, or not Celtic”. Michael Lefkow’s grandfather was a jew. The name was anglicized (if you are stupid and gullible enough to look at the word “Lefkow” and think it is or ever was Anglo). Read the Jew York Times, if you don’t believe me and I include a trackback link of one of my own posts [as No 1965 Chain Immigrants] to VNN’s Lefkow thread. VNNF’s 59,000 hits thread was lost when our entire This Just In section got destroyed. Anyway, Creators knew all this a long time ago-well before Michael Lefkow got murdered. Poles are some of the most “anti-Semitic” people on earth. Familiarity breeds contempt, as the old saying goes. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Bartilomiej Ciszewski knew years ago when he went before Lefkow that her name was fake. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the FBI were to suddenly “find” something in Ciszewski’s computer two or three years later to “implicate” me as an accessory. I think the operative suggestion of the jewish hate groups and antis’ hate groups has been that Ciszewski could have found out their address from a supposed Stormfront posting of mine which Don Black took down sometime before or after Lefkow’s murder. I really forget the precise chronology.

      Creators also zoomed out the real provenance of the Lefkow and discussed it on our old “entity then known as WCOTC” board long before the murders. The address was up there too, as I recall. The name means “Son of Lev.” So I will try to get Eesti Ekspress writer Mihkel Karmas to correct this fact, or at least admit that Michael Lefkow was biologically “jewish-descended.” Then we are back to are they a race, a nation, a religion, or an international criminal conspiracy? The answer is– whatever is most convenient for them at any given moment.
      Writer Jodi Wilgoron (her photo is at link) says Michael Lefkowitz’ grandfather was Jewish. The name is “son of Lev”. Now that we have cultural closure on that issue, can we please move on to killer Bart Ross?
      Posted by: No 1965 Chain Immigrants | March 11, 2005 at 05:59 PM

      Soon, hate-group chat rooms filled with vitriol against the judge, denounced as a “probable Jew” because of her last name (her husband’s grandfather was Jewish), along with her home address and family photographs. Judge Lefkow said federal agents warned her in December 2002 that Mr. Hale would soon be arrested on charges of soliciting his security chief, an F.B.I. informant, to kill her.

      American law does not prohibit the posting of a person’s address on the internet if said address is elsewhere listed on the internet. Of course, one may not urge a specific criminal act against a specific person either.

      One Estonian– the guy who owns Woodstock bar– told me the Mihkel Karmas piece is Shakespearean “much ado about nothing.” There may be a few areas where the Karmas piece resonates with Estonians. Firstly, there is always the loony, feminine fringe, largely female in masculine Estonia.
      Egged-up thinking women ever have the “everything is beautiful” lowdown for our minds to wrap around, don’t they? Thus, for example, Marxism has plugged in your favorite darky sub-race where the words “class warfare” used to read. I’d like to teach the world to sing too, but I’d have White Nationalist thematics. If Estonian men let this country get feminized and confused as The Kwa, well– that’s all she wrote.

      There is also playing into this the obvious historical fact that great numbers of Estonians fought alongside German units against communism. Many Estonians have German blood from centuries back. Many Americans have German blood too, but jewish thought control is futher along in The Kwa to quash and denigrate our German DNA and cultural heritage.

      Secondly, E.U. federalism and thought control units are watching. Estonia had to declare a holocaust day to be granted entry to NATO. I guess the Estonians still are just not grateful or slappy happy enough that the many jews who matriculated with advance degrees in Estonian universities in the 1930’s later came back as jew-commie invaders.
      the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. The Red Army occupied Estonia in June 1940 and deported 11,000 to Siberia. Two-thirds were women, children, and the elderly. Most died. Not much later, the Germans took the country.

      The jews of the E.U. and their slavishly toadying-up-for-shekeldollar shabbez goyim elites hate that pro-White activists have the nerve to talk about jew-commie history. So why not go arrest Nobel prizewinner Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn for writing Two Hundred Years Together? Oh yeah, that’s right– I forgot. Solzhenitsyn lives in Russia, not in E.U. Estonia.

      Selective memory in historical remembrance has similitaries to and sometimes presages selective prosecution. It is a jewish technique. They use it with great effect on little school kiddies: Slavery bad and never forget–your ancestors did it but after all, what did long ago White scientific inventions have to personally do with you as a White person, kiddies? Nothing, right? Remember the overhyped holocaust; forget the 30 million White people in the Ukraine and Gulag who jew Lavrenti Beria killed. Forget who committed the murder of Kwan jew judges; remember and attempt to implicate who isn’t sorry they are no longer with us.

      When pro-White people in some future White country have total control of media as kikes and their Step N Fetchit [nominally White] gofers do today, we’ll be telling things just slightly differently.

    10. Mati The Estonian Says:

      First-to HeadsUp: currently we have between 1/3 or 3/4 of estonian population russians. feelings are mixed – 1/2 (roughly) russians are olde people and allmost 100% under soviet-kikish propaganda – yoy know the usual – fasist-germans-baltics are bad and russians did bring civilisation to them.
      younger generation are little bit better – we even have (I heard) few russian skins side by side with estonian skins (thats refreshing). most young russians dont think they have “real” russians anymore and they learn estonian making they on business in estonia and are more or less loyal to Estonina state and people – they are part of people. those attitudes makes “old” russians little bit nervous but they will die out with next decade or so. like You can see its kind of mix but its managebale.

      What comes with how estonians feel about russians then its even more “diverse”. as role of jews are commonly known and same time commonly ignored then its lots soviet-kikish propaganda allso inside estonians heads it kind if foggy. Most estonians still blame russians for repressions (my father lost his both parents – look down more about that) regardles they know that MOST of opressors where actually jews like Idel Jakobson etc. so its kind of hard to educate people about this issue because 90% of estonians (if not more) have now facking idea what did happen in Russia before 1917 and thats reason they took tsis thing out on russians ( I dont think or feel the russians where totally inocents but reality is if jews did not start this soviet revolution those repressions whould NEVER happend). As You can see its a littel mess and I (hopefully some other guys to) try to get fact to people.
      One little intresting story – russians have making intrestin soap opera (link is in the end) – its brings in the illuminatis and the jews and most important its shows more realisticly what did happend in Russia then the school history books…

      to Cobb:
      the Kärmas is what he is – personally I dont trust ANY of media persons regardless of they past perfomance. so make shore You get the review the article BEFORE thi goes to print.
      And little extra – soviets did get to direct repressions war time 1941-1945 55 000 estonians to Siberia – the different catogory was “mobilised estonians” its should be around 100 000, germans mobilised over 100 000, and after the war soviets did repressions again and count is close to the 20-30 000. its allmost 300 000 people (some count 450 000) so back game 1/2 of them something 220 000 so the estonian losses where because of jewis soviets 250 000 people (in 1941 [and 44-45 to] they shoot many people in sight on location like my fatehers mommy and daady – my fraternal grandparents). if we count estonina polulation was something between 1,2-1,5 miljon then its allmost 20%or EVERY FIFTH person was lost because of kikes, basicalyy EVERY estonian lost someone from family ( I heard it was roughly the same for latvians and lithuanians to) ….
      for small nations like balts its allmost devastating blow – no wonder blond hair are rarity nowadays not like 1920-30s … and in Franch 1800 ….

      KIKES KIKES everywhere ….

    11. anarchist Says:

      You fucking narrow-minded cunts. You are all blinded by your ideas. At least half of you come from jew families. Even Adolf was jew. All people are equal and have the same rights. God you people are the cause of all the shit that’s happening in the world.

    12. To Chain Says:

      Hey mr Cobb, we’re glad you decided to come to our wonderful country.
      We’ll greet you in style.


    13. Eliis Says:

      Being 100% Estonian, I do not welcome this, and I hope this Cobb-character will be deported.

    14. XXX Says:

      Being 100% Estonian I welcome this and all the fuckers who likes thouse black cunts are sikk peopele. Black peopel smell like shit.If you dont know jet.And yews are the natsion of liers who should be burnd. There is more fucking rasism against white peopele then others on thouse days.

      Long live white power!!

    15. paul maleski Says:

      It is a ruinous night in Georgia,
      God bless you Russian and American Goyim.
      You two great nations,
      Are the only hope for Europe.