12 December, 2006

Dear Shitzer…

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Response sent to Wolf Shitzer:

I saw your editorial-thinly-disguised-as-news piece about Iran’s Holocaust conference: Opening with the fact that “Ex Ku Klux Klan leader!!” David Duke was invited (as if that automatically proves that his views and those of the other attendees are a pack of lies); the mirror-perfected raised eyebrows and sneers of the Blitzer/Costello tag team….such laughably obvious bias coming from an alleged “news” channel is more than enough to prove the truth of Duke & Ahmadinejad’s charge of a jewish propaganda stranglehold on Americans.

If the Holocaust tales are indeed true beyond any reasonable doubt, why the need to shout-down, smear and (in Europe & Canada) jail those who dare to disagree? Hey – here’s an idea for you: If you’re so convinced that all the facts are on the side of professional jewish whiners like Abe Foxman & Marvin Hier, why not urge them use those facts to demolish the naysayers in a live debate on CNN, thereby shutting them up once & for all?

This is of course a rhetorical question…..;o)

N.B. Forrest

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    1. Antagonistes Says:

      In a debate, Dr. David Duke would blow Wolf Shitzer off his commode.

    2. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali-Yuga Says:

      In the Vedas, we find the concept of “maya” which pertains to the illusory nature of perceived objects and concepts. The Vedic philosophers believed that the whole phenomenal world was maya.

      I think that Jews are the masters of maya, and the television is the means of blinding us all with the illusion.

      Furthermore, most of the Jewish history in the Old Testament has been known for centuries to be total fabrication.

      Blacks are equal to Whites–Maya! Women are equal to men–Maya! Jews are heroic defenders of freedom–Maya! Jews are geniuses–Maya! Hitler was a depraved maniac–Maya!

      Maya wrapped in bullshit!!!!!!

      Television, the Bible (and alcohol–are they also behind alcohol?) . . . purveyors of illusion to the benefit of the Jews.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      I just saw the Paula Zahn show which follows Shithead Shitzer’s show.

      It dealt with racism in America. The thrust of it all is that White people are still racists, although it is subconscious.


      At least Jared Taylor stood his ground, although I think she called him “Jared” while she refered to the learned Negroes as “Dr.” or “Mr.”

      Does anyone know—Is Paul Lazahn a Jew?

      Screw that bitch, anyway.

    4. John Smith Says:

      Harold Pinter would deal with anyone who’d make so bold as to call him simply Harold (those that were not his intimates anyway) by saying: “Oh, I didn’t know we were at school together.”
      An interviewer recently called James Ellroy “James”. Ellroy’s response: “You can call me Mr. Ellroy.”

    5. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Sorry I cant vouch for this site – but I found it and looks intresting.
      Compare the name and take a look …


    6. Antagonistes Says:

      Apparently she is, Mati the Estonian. Or else she married a Jewish man.

      Anyway, thanks for the link. I checked on several names while I was there, such as “Rothenberg” which was the name of the despicable woman who said we are all guilty of “White privilige” and we don’t even know it. They have to enlighten us.

      Rothenburg is listed.

    7. RFNA Says:

      KKK?! According to Reed, in “The Controversy of Zion,” kikemeister Barney Baruch, in his autobiography, says that he remembers seeing his father in the ‘white robes of the KKK’ when he was a kid. Whoops! And I thought the KKK hated jews. BTW, guess what number the letter “K” is in the alphabet: 11! KKK = 11 11 11 or 11 22 33. Freemasons & sheenys? Hmmmmm.
      Oh, NOW I get it!

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      David Duke kicks Blitzer’s buddha:


    9. HoaxThis Says:

      In response to Sri Sreggin Das:

      Of course the historical accuracy of the OT is 90% bullshit as is the NT. The Torah however affords us a glimpse into the ancient jewish mindset of “Doing unto others what you wouldn’t have done unto you” as a base philosophy in regards to their murderous treatment of all Gentiles perceived as standing in their way. It is, along with the Talmud, some of the most hate-filled religious “literature” ever to have been penned in 5,000 yrs. of recorded history. Whereas the Talmud is in actuality an ongoing debate among jewish “learned elders” as to how best fuck over the despised goyim, the Torah describes in sickening detail how their ancestors wantonly butchered any and all not of “The Chosen.” It’s rife with decriptions of jews gleefully “dashing the heads” of Gentile infants against rocks and the enslavement of all they so mercifully deem fit for service as “beasts in human form.”

      Thomas Paine stated in “The Age of Reason” that the ONLY times jews can be observed praying to their God in the OT is when they’re seeking either material comforts or when calling for revenge to be rained down upon their enemies (all not of “the Tribe”, natch) from above.