26 December, 2006

Russia Today

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Putin says culture must fill in ideological vacuum in Russia-1

MOSCOW, December 26 (RIA Novosti) – The ideological vacuum left by the collapse of the Soviet Union must be replaced with traditional cultural values, Russia’s president said Tuesday.

“The ideological vacuum that emerged after the collapse of Communist ideology [in Russia] is being filled in with extremist tendencies, and they will not be defeated unless we take active measures to replace them with common human values,” Vladimir Putin said, addressing members of the State Council.

A surge in violence targeting foreigners with non-Slavic features has prompted Russian and foreign human rights groups in recent months to raise concerns over the alarming spread of racist and xenophobic attitudes in the country.

The problem came into the spotlight after the murder of two Russians in an interethnic brawl in the northwestern town of Kondopoga sparked a wave of racial violence in early September. The local community accused authorities of failing to protect them or safeguard their interests, and of taking bribes from criminal immigrant groups.

The Interior Ministry said in November it is currently monitoring 150 extremist groups in Russia, in particular race-hate groups, which have total membership of around 10,000.

About 80% of the extremist groups’ members are under 30, and most are based in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Samara and Voronezh regions, according to the ministry’s data.

A recent string of attacks on foreign students has cast a shadow over Voronezh, about 310 miles south of Moscow, which has traditionally been a popular destination for foreign undergraduates.

St. Petersburg has also been a focus of unwelcome attention over neo-Nazi attacks and killings, including the murder of a student from Senegal in April and the stabbing of a nine-year-old girl of mixed Russian-African origin in early 2006. A Vietnamese student was stabbed in October 2004 in the city by a group of drunk teenagers.

“Extremism must not be present on Russia’s political scene, otherwise we will not preserve the country’s unity,” Putin told the leadership of the United Russia party in November.

Despite the recent surge in extremist tendencies, the Russian president said on Tuesday that Russia has been “getting back to its feet,” and that the country’s ideology should encourage the revival of patriotism and national pride based on national unity and cultural diversity.

“Feelings of national pride and national identity have been revived in Russian people, and we should encourage these feelings,” the president said.

The Russian leader called for greater support of the country’s national culture and proposed greater financial assistance for cultural institutions in rural areas.

He said rural clubs are especially desperate for financial support, adding that there are more than 50,000 in the country, but that only 50% receive support.

“So far, the State’s efforts to uphold the nation’s heritage do not measure up to its importance for society,” Vladimir Putin said. “We should revise federal programs Russia’s Culture and Social Development of Rural Areas, and determine the mechanisms to increase co-financing of culture clubs.”

Putin also said the government should give higher priority to the development of Russian language and culture, adding that 2007 will be “The Year of the Russian language.”

He said Russian is the mother tongue of 288 million people throughout the world.

“Russian is a reliable guarantee of the successful development of humanitarian and economic relations with other countries, above all with CIS States,” he said.

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  7. 6 Responses to “Russia Today”

    1. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Imagine, the country most responsible for the defeat of Nazi Germany and the now the youth reject multiculturism and diversity and embrace what the Nazis believed in.

      Putin is saying Russia needs to “encourage the revival of patriotism and national pride based on national unity and cultural diversity”. I think we know where this will lead to. I smell a jew rat here. This guy talks out of both sides of his mouth.

      Why can’t somebody from Russia get a Coke bottle or Dixie cup that Putin has drunk from and analyze it for any jew genes? That would settle the debate for once and all.

    2. Beast Says:

      Haven’t heard a peep from the MSM about the genocide going on in South Africa and Zimbabwe. I know, I know, it’s the double standard at work again.

      Jews are a highly advanced form of nigger.

    3. takin a look Says:

      Man, I hope by multi-cultural this guy means Russian, Estonian, etc., not niggers, hook nosed kikes, gooks, etc.

    4. Mati The Estonian Says:

      It’s just a rumour but looks like Kremlin (Putin) secretly has supporting extrem nationalist movments around Russia. And the membership is not 10 000 but more like 150 000.
      In other hands – its a hard to make it out WHAT putin actually is ?! Fact remains – Russia is still under hard kike-oligarhic control. So Putin need to play along. Russia is to big compared to Germany’33 and information and attitudes are taking much more time to change. To say by Putin “we need more nationalism” is actually BIG undertaking considering other stuff to – so if we put togheter all the snippets about Putin’s &Kremlin people the picture is getting intresting.
      If Putin&Co will able to EDUCATE Russians about kikes and WHY tsarist Russia “evloved” into Kikestan and will be able convince russian people that random street violence is not GOOD and acceptable then Russia will be able eveolve stronger then Germany ever was.
      Little bit about Germany – it is a bigjoy to see germans FINALLY try to crawling aout from that abyss kikes dropped them after WW2. Very nice was a news story about birth support for germans so the birth rate will go up over there. Naturally som muds will get osme of that many but it will encourage atleast some white females to get some extra babies ;-)))

    5. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I cannot get a clear idea of what is going on in Russia. The fact that the kikes have been attacking the place in the media is a positive but there are other items which are worrying. The big kikes still have strong financial influence in some areas of industry and there are still several hundred thousand of them there. There are also nasty allegations that Putin is a pedophile. However, many of his diplomatic ventures have improved Russia’s economic and political influence in the world. If the kike has really lost his grip there it is, of course, a great boon for the world. However, the kike is the master of deception so we should be careful not to read too much into what appears to be happening in Russia yet. I don’t think that it is anything like Germany in 1933. Russia faces immense problems with its infrastructure and with endemic corruption, and Russians are not like the Germans of the 1930s. The difference between now and then is that now the whole world is starting to wake up to the reality of kike power and influence. Then, their power and influence was largely hidden, which is the way the master parasite prefers to operate. The outrage is slowly building and this time it is not localised. Hymie’s juggling will get increasingly desperate.

    6. Jaroslav Hus Says:

      “Man, I hope by multi-cultural this guy means Russian, Estonian, etc., not niggers, hook nosed kikes, gooks, etc.”
      As I am from geographical Center of Europe, Brno, Czech Republic, I know psychology of Europeans. They keep motual hatred to infinite but not all.
      Example is Czech, Slovak, Poles, Serbs, Slovenes, Romanians get along fine thru Centuries. But nations which were under the rule of Russian Empire like Poles, Finns and Baltic nations, normally feel averzion towards Russians. Putin strictly means it, including Ukrainians, Volga Germans and Belorus.
      Nobody of sound mind in Russia would understand “cultural diversity” as accepting screams of “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and bestial mumbling of “Rap”.
      As long as there is Russia, it will be impossible to see there horor of Soho – London or Algerian Marseilles and africanised parts of Paris and turkish or Gypsy parts of Wiena and Berlin.
      Only way it to happen is if Russia falls under USA slavery and after being doped for 20-30 years with Holywood nad Electronic Bolshevik (TV), then americanised Russians will become docile and easy to process for mongrelization. Instead of Maria Sharapova and Ana Kournikova, Russia will have Kwanesha Williamsova and Konga Jacksonova (for example).