27 December, 2006

When Niggers Rule

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[From Honest Media Today]

Shocking article by typical black South African columnist in prominent newspaper, enjoying the horrors that whites must face daily

If you’ve ever wondered about how newspapers in South Africa react to the growing violence against whites, you need wonder no more; many like it. They enjoy watching whites suffer. They envision the day when they will be able to have brothels of white women, taken from the dead hands of their husbands. This is not a joke, nor an exaggeration by any means.

In fact, if present trends continue–if whites don’t react soon to the growing black menace in South Africa–many of the white men will continue to be slaughtered, as Boer farmers are currently being murdered by the thousands yearly, as their wives are raped and children are burnt to death.

In the article below, “President Zuma Will Sort Out White People,” the black writer, in his child-like nature whose English can only be corrected so much by grammar and spell-checkers, shares his desire to hurt white people.

He tells of how the “sight of white beggars” brings him “joy.” “Let them taste the feeling,” he gleefully says, suggesting that whites deserve it. If they deserve, it is only because they allowed their government to be run by people like the insipid writer who cannot understand that South Africa’s success only came from its white rulers; and the rest of Africa, ruled by blacks, continues in tatters, which South Africa will soon also face as whites increasingly leave or are slaughtered.

He says that whites should be “grateful that they were not shot on the day of liberation.” Continuing, he says that perhaps not enough whites have died: “Perhaps it’s not too late to hang a few whites at the stadium just to remind them who’s in charge.”

“On second thoughts [sic],” the typical black anti-white hatemongering writer continues, “I think our people have been stupid.” While it may appear as if a second of rational thought came to his mind, he then suggests that white women should have been divided up among the blacks. “For one, why didn’t they divide white women amongst themselves? But again I don’t think it’s too late. Whites never stop complaining. They whinge [sic] about crime. . . . I now say that everyone is equal crime must affect all people equally [sic],” he hatefully remarks–without a white editor in sight to correct his sixth-grade grammar.

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  7. 10 Responses to “When Niggers Rule”

    1. Mark Says:

      What’s really sad is that I’ve heard this from masochistic whites. That somehow because of colonialism and injustices against non-whites, whites deserve to be harmed and oppressed. It’s really disgusting how pathetic so many whites are.

    2. HighPlainsDrifter Says:

      Things have to get worse before they can get better. It would be the least of all possible evils, if the niggers in South Africa did hang Whites at the stadium and herd the White women into brothels. That’s what it will take to put Whitey into “kill” mode – as in, exterminate the enemies of the White man.

    3. Arminius Says:

      Yes, Mark and HPD, you are right in your comments, but you forget the pervading influence of the Christian-Jewish religion(s) upon the minds of these S.A. zombies. Any normal white in S.A. must have realized by now the deadly danger they are in under nigger rule. But I wait now for years, that they rally and act for self-preservation. Instead, all I hear that they are praying and comforting themselves with God’s help.
      No wonder the black majority becomes bolder and cheekier. The blacks are race conscious, they scent their soft enemy and follow instincts, the whites of S.A. are not, their minds are corrupted by Church and religion.
      The white population worldwide is encouraged to give aid, to pay,pay, pay for black children so they become more and more to breed and cut OUR thoats eventually. What do the white farmers of S.A. do? Feed the blacks! And blacks kill them afterwards for fun. What a game!
      I would support the whites of S.A. if they rise in arms against their oppressors as the people of Iraq presently do- successfully, it seems. As long the whites of S.A. believe in religion and Christian Church, instead realising the priority of race-preservation, that is unlikey to happen.

    4. Cormac Says:

      Honestly if the Boers start an organised armed struggle I will join them.
      You see what jewish communism has done in South Afrika !

      Always pitting the blacks against the whites , and where no nogs exist well they just ship them in of course !

      Just ask black professor tony martin about jew slavers.

      Fucking kikes your time will come , for real this time.

    5. SHMUELY Says:

      Arminius, Ja, dass stimmt!

    6. Nitpicker Says:

      Of course a nigger doesn’t write well, but “whinge” is the old form of “whine”. It’s still used by Brits and some Canadians.

    7. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      The ape is to be commended because he rips away the illusions. If there was a kike editor he wouldn’t have allowed Sambo to be so frank. This is how niggers really think. White South Africans cannot complain that they didn’t know what was coming, or that only a handful of apes think this way. It’s there for all of us in black and white, so to speak. The Boers should first cut the throats of De Klerk and their other treacherous leaders before dealing with the kikes. They had better do it soon because if they drop to a similar ratio of the white Rhodesians they will have no hope.

    8. Jewbeius Jewsteine Says:

      u ever heard the one about the nigger who went to university?

      haha no……….none of us have!!!!!!

    9. james from india Says:

      I think it’s very sad to read that article. I m from India and we were under British rule not very long time ago and in today’s generation especially in cities -all hatred feelings have almost disappeared now as India braces itself to be a hospitable destination for foreign tourists (30% of foreign tourists in India are still from the UK!) – I am with you on this NIGGERS are despicable lowlife scum – I prefer White people as most of them are fair, honest and keep to themselves without inconveniencing others. I also appreciate that today’s generation of British youngsters would have nothing to do with the past British colonial rulers of India who evoke feelings of hatred among some Indians.

      I personally would never prefer to visit South Africa or any African nation.

    10. Thinker Says:

      How can we help White leave South Africa?

      We need them in the United States.