16 January, 2007

STEELE: Marchin’ Lootin’ Killin’ Day

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by Edgar J. Steele

No other public holiday in the United States honors a single individual. Of all the great leaders in our Nation’s history – none of them have their own holiday. All of our great war heroes share Memorial Day. All of our great presidents share President’s Day. Yet King – a man who was a phony, a cheater, a traitor, and a sexual degenerate – gets a day of his own. I have a big problem with that. — Author unknown

My name is Edgar J. Steele.

I’ve given it a lot of thought, in view of all the negative articles concerning Martin Luther King, Jr. Day that fly around the Internet at this time of year, and I’m coming out in support of its status as a national holiday.

In fact, I can’t think of another holiday that better sums up all that America has come to represent.

Besides, the above quote is wrong. Columbus Day still is enough of a holiday to be considered national and it honors just one individual. In fact, since Christopher Columbus did not discover America first, an argument can be made that he deserves treatment equal to King’s, whose commemoration sets the standard for honoring un-American deeds.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – or, as I like to think of it, Marchin’ Lootin’ Killin’ Day – is the perfect reflection of modern America, however, so it deserves to be honored as the most perfect American holiday. Let’s examine the top ten reasons why this is so:

10. King’s history and true behavior are kept secret from Americans, just like America’s recent history and true behavior, both domestically and abroad.

In fact, the King coverup is actually more legitimate, because King’s widow received a 1977 Federal court order which sealed the huge FBI file on her husband for 50 years, “because its release would destroy his reputation!”

9. King incited violence while preaching nonviolence, just as America does every time it invades another small, defenseless country.

“(W)herever King went, violence erupted. He explained it himself, in a piece he wrote for Saturday Review (April 3, 1965), in which he set forth the four steps of his technique: ‘1. Nonviolent demonstrators go into the streets to exercise their constitutional rights. 2. Racists resist by unleashing violence against them. 3. Americans of conscience in the name of decency demand federal intervention and legislation. 4. The administration, under mass pressure, initiates measures of immediate intervention and remedial legislation.'” “Martin Luther King, Jr. – Communist Fraud,” by Alan Stang (1/16/04, Etherzone.com) (http://www.etherzone.com/2004/stang011604.shtml)

8. King ruthlessly stole from others, just like America steals Iraq’s oil and uses inflation to steal from its own elderly and poor. “The first public sermon that King ever gave, in 1947 at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, was plagiarized from a homily by Protestant clergyman Harry Emerson Fosdick entitled “Life is What You Make It,” according to the testimony of King’s best friend of that time, Reverend Larry H. Williams.” Holiday for a Cheater, Michael Hoffman (Wiswell Ruffin House, Dresden, New York, 1992) For those who may not know, note that “plagiarize” is a fancy word for steal.

“(N)o less an authoritative source than the four senior editors of The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. (an official publication of the Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc., whose staff includes King’s widow Coretta), stated of King’s writings at both Boston University and Crozer Theological Seminary: ‘Judged retroactively by the standards of academic scholarship, [his writings] are tragically flawed by numerous instances of plagiarism (again, that’s common theft to you and me)…. Appropriated passages are particularly evident in his writings in his major field of graduate study, systematic theology…only 49 per cent of sentences in the section on Tillich (in his doctoral dissertation) contain five or more words that were King’s own….'” Hoffman, ibid.

Boston University officials eventually admitted, “There is no question but that Dr. King plagiarized in the dissertation.” Even so, they concluded that, “No thought should be given to the revocation of Dr. King’s doctoral degree, (because such action) would serve no purpose.” New York Times, October 11, 1991, page 15.

Just think about how outrageous is the conduct of these unnamed Boston University “officials.” This would be like a judge letting a criminal defendant go free, saying, “While eyewitnesses proved that he stole the old lady’s wheelchair and left her lying there on the subway tracks, no purpose would be served by punishing him or, even, making him give that wheelchair back to her.”

“No purpose,” my ass! Hell, you morons, King stole from another the only thing that other individual had by which to identify himself: his intellectual product. And you continue to let King pretend to be its author. In a court of law, you would be charged as accomplices after the fact and given the same sentence as the basic perp. What complete and utter sluts and whores you so-called academics there at Boston University really are!

An interesting side note: Lynne Cheney, wife of America’s current Vice President, was Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities when it purposely and forcefully suppressed knowledge of King’s extensive doctoral thesis plagiarism. She, too, is an unindicted coconspirator, just like her husband. Now we know how she manages to live with Satan incarnate.

“The first book that King wrote, Stride Toward Freedom, was plagiarized from numerous sources, all unattributed, according to documentation recently assembled by sympathetic King scholars Keith D. Miller, Ira G. Zepp, Jr., and David J. Garrow.” Hoffman, ibid.

Imagine, if you will, just how overwhelming King’s stealing from true intellectuals for this particular book upon which he dared to place his own name might really have been, had the documentation been assembled by unsympathetic King scholars!

King never was to outgrow his need to steal the intellectual work of others. For example, he lifted whole sections of his famous “I Have A Dream” speech from a sermon by 1950’s black preacher Archibald Carey.

Imagine that, if you will. The single thing for which King is most revered and remembered is stolen, yet he gets to keep it. It would be as if I went into the Louvre in Paris and carted home Michelangelo’s statue of David, then crudely carved my name into its leg and claimed to be the sculptor. Though many would prove that all I did was steal the statue, still I would be lauded endlessly for my artistic mastery in having sculpted it. No – it is exactly….precisely….the exact, same thing!

7. King stole money from his followers and supporters, just like America steals money from its own people through confiscatory taxation, obscene monetary inflation and outlandish deficit spending.

“According to Assistant (FBI) Director Sullivan, who had direct access to the surveillance files on King which are denied the American people, King had embezzled or misapplied substantial amounts of money contributed to the ‘civil rights’ movement. King used SCLC funds to pay for liquor and numerous prostitutes, both Black and White, who were brought to his hotel rooms, often two at a time, for drunken sex parties which sometimes lasted for several days.” “The Beast As Saint, The Truth About Martin Luther King,” by Kevin Alfred Strom (http://www.revilo-oliver.com/Kevin-Strom-personal/Beast_as_Saint.html)

6. King used a phony name, just like modern America poses as the America born of the 1776 Revolution.

He was born Michael King, but his self-ordained preacher father changed his own name to Martin Luther King in 1935, thereby grandiosely presuming to wrap himself in the legend of the great Protestant reformer, Martin Luther. Thus, his son became Martin Luther King, Jr.

5. King lied prodigiously, just as America lies chronically about all things domestic and foreign.

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover named Martin Luther King, Jr. “(t)he most notorious liar in the country.”

4. King liked white hookers, similar to how America actively now couples its white daughters with blacks of every stripe.

King spent his last night on earth in an adulterous liaison with a white prostitute, just one in a long string of such assignations. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, a biography of King by Rev. Ralph Abernathy (1989).

3. King liked brutalizing weaker people, for which America has shown a predilection in both Iraq and Afghanistan, most recently.

During his last night alive, King was witnessed beating the prostitute he procured for the evening. Abernathy, ibid.

2. King was a communist, just like America’s government has become.

“According to King’s biographer and sympathizer David J. Garrow, ‘King privately described himself as a Marxist.’ In his 1981 book, The FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr., Garrow quotes King as saying in SCLC staff meetings, ‘…we have moved into a new era, which must be an era of revolution…. The whole structure of American life must be changed…. We are engaged in the class struggle.'” Strom, ibid.

None other than Bobby Kennedy, US Attorney General, had King’s office and hotel rooms bugged during the mid-1960s, developing extensive evidence of King’s communist affiliations, revealing his communist financing and disclosing his handlers. This is how the shocking discovery of his sexual perversions was made.

“Jewish Communist Stanley Levison can best be described as King’s behind-the-scenes ‘handler.’ Levison, who had for years been in charge of the secret funneling of Soviet funds to the Communist Party, USA, was King’s mentor and was actually the brains behind many of King’s more successful ploys. It was Levison who edited King’s book, Stride Toward Freedom. It was Levison who arranged for a publisher. Levison even prepared King’s income tax returns! It was Levison who really controlled the fund-raising and agitation activities of the SCLC. Levison wrote many of King’s speeches. King described Levison as one of his ‘closest friends.'” Strom, ibid.

Also, generally, see Was the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. a Communist? By Chuck Morse (http://www.chuckmorse.com/was_mlk_a_communist.html)

And, the number one reason why Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is the perfect reflection of America:

1. Martin Luther King, Jr., like other black “leaders,” was run by Jews, just as America’s government, banking and media are today.

“Jewish Communist Stanley Levison can best be described as King’s behind-the-scenes ‘handler’…It was Levison who really controlled the fund-raising and agitation activities of the SCLC.” Strom, ibid.

Only in recent years has the NAACP had a black president. Previously, its leadership always was Jewish, the same people who created the organization in the first place.

A Perfect Reflection of America Today

Upon further reflection, I realize that Christmas, too, is a national holiday which honors but a single individual. However, Christmas now has been stripped bare of both its ancient pagan and modern Christian meanings by American Zionists and their Shabbats Goyim, the American Christian fundamentalist dispensationalist rapture bunnies, such that it has become merely a major shopping opportunity. Yet another perfect reflection of modern America.

How fitting that the only “religious” holidays left to Americans at the end of the year are one recently created for self profit by a black American ex-con (Kwanzaa) and another that celebrates the massacre of others by Jews (Chanukah).

Marchin’ Lootin’ Killin’ Day

We should not honor such a misbegotten individual as Michael King, Jr. Nor should we honor the nonexistent ideals that King supposedly has come to represent: equal opportunity, brotherhood and overcoming prejudice. Instead, we should take the opportunity to recognize all that Black America actually has come to represent to America: advanced placement of the undeserving, hobbling those who excel to create a false image of equality, welfare entitlement mentality, spite and resentment on all sides.

Images of post-Katrina looting, whining and rampant lawlessness come to mind. Demanding, always demanding that which they have not, will not and cannot earn for themselves. Forever whining about nonexistent racial discrimination. Justice Department figures of overwhelming Black on White crime, particularly rape and murder, far beyond what ever could be explained by differing social or economic circumstances, also come to mind.

If this must be MLK Day, then let those initials stand for what far too many American Negroes truly have become in an increasingly racially-divided and tense America: Marchin’ Lootin’ and Killin’ machines. Yep. Marchin’ Lootin’ Killin’ Day. Let the word go forth from this day forward that, no longer will we recognize the monster that Michael King, Jr. became and instead will let the day stand for what Black America has come to represent – what Black America does best: Marchin’ Lootin’ Killin’ Day.

Dreams of Camelot

I came of age just as America began its long, agonizing conversion into the dreadful, jack-booted creature that now strides back and forth across the globe, demanding, threatening, killing, maiming, taking and sermonizing to all.

We all sensed that something significant had been lost when Jack Kennedy fell in Dallas that crisp November day in 1963, but we had no idea as to what was to come. Most of us still are unable to define the problem, but at least now we all know that a serious problem has evolved.

Viet Nam still was but a vague cloud on a distant horizon.

Our parents told us that we could be better than they and we believed them.

We invented drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll.

Some of us marched for Black civil rights, at once naively and guiltily believing what we were told by college professors about social disadvantage, economic handicap and how we are all the same under the skin – how we all bleed red. We forgot that every beast in the forest also bleeds red. We had no idea that we were about to trade places with the Black man.

Our icons of liberalism and compassion in those days, Hubert Humphrey and Ted Kennedy, assured us that the changes they introduced with their new immigration reform bills would improve America. Desperate to recapture the dreams of Camelot dashed with the loss of JFK, we had no idea that a tidal wave of unchecked immigration, composed of a hostile and aggressive people with no intention of assimilating, was about to sweep over America, forever changing her landscape.

Camelot Become Armageddon

We ignored rumors of conspiracy in one thing and another. We denied the evidence of our own eyes. We marched, unaware, into the maw of political correctness and proceeded to offer our children upon its altar. Today, they serve in the priesthood of the horrible beast that has risen up and assumed control of all of America.

We never suspected that, when finally we were handed the keys to the executive washroom, the world we were promised had been traded in for the very thing against which our parents thought they had fought in World Wars I and II.

We easily could have stopped them in the Sixties, but had no idea of our power.

We could have voted them out in the Seventies, but we vainly hoped for better times after our long journey into the nightmare that Viet Nam became.

We could have pulled them from power and had them tried and convicted during the Nineties, but simple greed got the better of us.

Now, as we approach our dotage, many of us realize what we have and have not done. We are tired, many of us say. That is but another excuse for not doing what we should have done so long ago.

The Great White Hope

If not now, when? If not us, who?

The time, at long last, has come. Our time, my friends. Because of our sloth, it will be a long, bitter and painful ordeal. We have nobody to blame but ourselves for waiting this long.

But we will do it because it must be done and, always, our forebears have done what must be done. Their blood flows in our veins today, as it does in our children. That is how I know we will prevail in the end. We always have. We always will. We have left ourselves no other choice.

New America. An idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening. Please visit my web site, www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, for other messages just like this one.

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  7. 7 Responses to “STEELE: Marchin’ Lootin’ Killin’ Day”

    1. Murray Rothstein Says:

      We must always keep his memory sacred, even if it means keeping the truth of it secret. As well as that of the 6 million victims. STOP YOUR HATE SPEECH!

      The Revisionist claim : There is no proof that the Holocaust, as depicted by the Holocaust Promotion Lobby and the highly politicized Hollywood industry, actually occurred.

      Revisionists don\’t claim that Jews didn\’t suffer. They don\’t argue the fact that Jews were, in fact, unwanted in Germany, and that there was a state policy to remove them as a \”parasitic people\” harmful to the country.

      It is absolutely true that Jews were incarcerated and often treated cruelly. They were seen as the enemy, just as in our times the \”Nazis\” are seen as the enemy of entrenched oligarchies.

      Revisionists do claim and argue that there was no state policy that called for the \”mass extermination of the Jews\” or any other unwanted minorities. The Allies, independently and singly, interrogated 26,000 functionaries of the National Socialist regime immediately after Germany\’s defeat, all based on the same set of questions. Some people might have thought of lying for their own benefit by implicating others.

      Not one German official reported knowing of such a program. They all said that the first time they heard about it was from the Allies after the war.

      This really gets down to the nitty-gritty of where the story of the mass extermination came from – which is the Rudolf Hoess \”confession.\”

      The Rudolf Hoess Confession is an incredibly \”incriminating\” document. All evil stems from it. Here is the background story.

      Rudolf Hoess, the former wartime commandant of Auschwitz \”confessed\” to the most incredible things during the Nuremberg Trials in this widely used and much-quoted \”document.\” A good overview from a human interest story point of view of how that was accomplished is given in the Zundelsite Internet editorial: \”Nuremberg: The Crime that Will Not Die\” It is a summary worth reading.

      Many Germans, at Nuremberg and elsewhere where they were made to stand trial for \”war crimes.\” have \”confessed\” to brutalities under \”duress\” or inducements. Documents, testimony and confessions as well as affidavits presented at Nuremberg and elsewhere were frequently produced and signed after psychological and physical torture of its authors.

      For proof of torture of captured Germans by the Allies, read Legions of Death, a book by Rupert Butler, an English writer, who gives a vivid description of how the wartime, one-time Concentration Camp Commandant, Rudolf Hoess, was beaten mercilessly and drugged with alcohol for several days before he signed his famous \”confession\” admitting to two-and-a-half million of people gassed in gas chambers in Auschwitz. [Today the jews claim that \”1.5 million\” died at Auschwitz. Stay tuned. Itz like the weather. If you don\’t like the number of jews \”gassed\” in the Holocaust, just wait fifteen minutes.]

      Suffice it to say here that this so-called \”confession\” was written in English, and that Hoess did not speak or even understand English. (2Butler, Rupert, Legions of Death, Hamlyn Paperbacks, Great Britain, 1983, pp 10-12)

      Julius Streicher, to name another German official who was savagely tortured by American interrogators to extract a \”confession,\” reported that he was beaten so badly that he lost 40% of his hearing. He was kept naked in an unheated cell and was made to drink from the latrine. Guards forced his teeth open with a stick so as to spit in his mouth. (\”Streicher Opens His Case,\”, London Times, April 27. 1946)

      This information was later expunged from the Nuremberg Trial transcripts, with the consent of the president of the Tribunal and even the \”defense\” lawyer. [Smell the \’roo.]

      Yet another source is the Simpson van Rhoden Commission of Enquiry into the conduct of US interrogators during the Malmedy-Dachau trials. This commission reported mistreatment and tortures, including mock trials, the administering of fake confessions by equally fake \”priests,\” beatings, hoodings etc. to get forced confessions out of prisoners. (The Progressive, written by Judge Edward L. Van Rhoden in February of 1949 entitled American Atrocities in Germany)

      Here is a sample of how such \”confessions\” were routinely obtained:

      \”American investigators at the U.S. Court in Dachau, Germany, used the following methods to obtain confessions:

      Beatings and brutal kickings. Knocking out teeth and breaking jaws. Mock trials. Solitary confinement. Posturing as priests. Very limited rations. Spiritual deprivation. Promises of acquittal (ed. expl: if the victim implicated fellow prisoners to corroborate the Allied trial scenarios) . . . All but two of the Germans, in the 139 cases we investigated, had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair.\” (Did Six Million Really Die? Report of the Evidence in the Canadian \”False News\” Trial of Ernst Zündel – 1988, Edited by Barbara Kulaszka, pp 44-45)

      U.S. Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone, referring to the Nuremberg trials and speaking of the American Chief Prosecutor, Jackson, had this to say, as quoted in a Viking Press hard cover, \”Harlan Fiske Stone: Pillar of the Law:\”

      \”Jackson is away conducting his high grade lynching party in Nuremberg,\” he remarked. \”I don\’t mind what he does to the Nazis, but I hate to see the pretense that he is running a court and proceeding according to common law.

      This is a little too sanctimonious a fraud to meet my old-fashioned ideas.\” (Mason, Thomas, Harlan Fiske Stone: Pillar of the Law, Alpheus The Viking Press, page 746)

      An accusation does not make a fact. A headline does not make a fact. A tortured prisoner making a \”confession\” cannot make his words a fact.

      Here is another good example of a \”well-documented\” crime:

      The Germans were accused at Nuremberg of having killed 15,000 Polish officers and members of the Polish elite at Katyn. Seven German military officers and soldiers were executed by the Soviets after a trial in which more than 4,000 (!) sworn affidavits and dozens of \”experts\” and \”witnesses\” were proffered by the Stalinist prosecutors.

      In 1989, Soviet leader Gorbachev admitted publicly that the Stalin regime was responsible for these mass murders of the Poles. Not the Germans. America\’s ally – Joseph Stalin! – had ordered the killings!

      So if Judge Thomas T. Johnson of the California Superior Court, and Judge Thomas of the Toronto District Court took smug \”Judicial Notice\” of the Holocaust, they based it on \”readily available\” documentation tortured and coerced out of the victims of Allied torture masters.

      What kind of \”documented evidence\” is that? It would not be permissible in any U.S. or Canadian Court.

      In Nuremberg and in many subsequent trials against so-called \”Nazi war crimes\” these methods were routinely accepted and \”acceptable\” as a matter of policy and \”the rules.\”

    2. Murray Rothstein Says:

      That was the reality. Judge Jackson, handling the prosecution of Nuremberg\’s most important trials was a man with presidential ambitions who needed a high profile carved out of a self-serving stage: The Nuremberg Trials were to be the launching pad of his presidential race. The Nuremberg court was not selected from, or composed of, judges of the neutral Swiss, or the neutral Swedes, or some more distant African, Asian or Latin American countries. American civilian judges to a large extent made up the core of the Allied judges–not military career officers, who might have had some understanding and compassion for what the military leaders and the civilian government under extreme war time conditions lived through. They could have undoubtedly had a greater appreciation of why some of the wartime measures were undertaken by Germany in the desperate days of the war. The \”liberal country club\” experienced set of small town American judges could not.

      Furthermore, the Allied victors blatantly carried on their war against the Germans by other means long after the shooting had stopped–not by bombs and bullets but this time by falsely diagnosing psychologists or, worse, by giving torturers a free hand: cynical and brutal investigators who could, and frequently did, mistreat, beat, whip, starve, suffocate and mutilate their prisoners into giving confessions and statements which were as cruelly extracted as were the confessions from witches during the disgusting witchcraft trials of the Dark Ages.

      The injustice of the Nuremberg Trials was testified to not only by Harlan Fiske Stone, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, but also Iowa Supreme Court Justice Charles F. Wennerstrum, a man of the Midwest, who sat on one of the tribunals trying lesser alleged Nazi war criminals after the war.

      Wennerstrum pointed out in a celebrated and controversial interview given to a reporter of the Chicago Daily Tribune that frequently the interrogators and some of the prosecutors were Jews who had fled Nazi Germany and came back in Allied uniforms to torment and seek revenge on the National Socialists who had wanted to expel the Jews from European living space because they considered them harmful to the war effort and to Western European civilization.

      Here is how the article described the lot that came to post-war Germany to settle private scores, as seen through Justice Wennerstrum\’s eyes, after he quit in disgust:

      \”If I had known seven months ago what I know today,\” (Wennerstrum) told friends as he packed to leave for America, \”I would never have come here. . . The initial war crimes trial here was judged and prosecuted by Americans, Russians, British and French with much of the time, effort and expenses devoted to whitewashing the Allies and placing the sole blame for World War II upon Germany.

      \”What I have said of the nationalist character of the tribunals,\” the judge continued, \”applies to the prosecution. The high ideals announced as the motives for creating these tribunals has not been evident.

      \”The prosecution has failed to maintain objectivity aloof from vindictiveness, aloof from personal ambitions for convictions. It has failed to strive to lay down precedents which might help the world to avoid future wars.

      The entire atmosphere here is unwholesome. Linguists were needed. the Americans are notably poor linguists. Lawyers, clerks, interpreters and researchers were employed who became Americans only in recent years, whose backgrounds were embedded in Europe\’s hatreds and prejudices. . . (emphasis added) (Chicago Daily Tribune, 23 February 1948)

      In other words, the Allies supplied the interrogators, most of them Jews–as some of the victims, who had had a lifetime of experience in dealing with Jews and thus recognized them, have stated. Those of us who are German and can speak German can easily discern the ethnicity of some of the accusers by their mere accents and patterns of speech, even in radio broadcasts and newsreels.

      Most of the evidence in the trials was \”documentary,\” selected by the Allies from the large tonnage of captured records. The document selection was made by the prosecution. The defense had access only to those documents which the prosecution considered material to the case and were made available to the defense. The Allies could choose to release or to hide and/or destroy any documents which did not fit their post-war strategy or plans at Nuremberg. The Allies admitted elsewhere that their propaganda Ministries and Intelligence Services had previously forged Nazi stamps, Nazi passes, Nazi passports, orders, ID cards etc. which fooled the Nazis many times because they were so perfect and over which the Allied propagandists gloat to this day. It does not take a great leap of the imagination to think what these same Allied Government agencies, their personnel and forgers of documents could do now with all the captured genuine German document-producing facilities, the captured type writers, rubber stamps and tons of letter heads of all sizes and description and of any National Socialist organization you care to mention.

      Even setting aside questionable \”documentary\” evidence, let\’s look at some of the accused\’s \”testimony\”–how it was extracted, and what it really means.

      Like vile exclamation marks, at the heart of the Nuremberg Tribunal stand certain words: \”Genocide\” \”Gas chamber.\” \”Six million.\” These words, and the value judgment concepts they connote, were derived largely from the admissions and affidavit of one man, Rudolf Hoess, the one-time war-time Kommandant at Auschwitz.

      Rudolf Hoess was the Allies\’ most important witness to the \”Holocaust.\” His affidavit and his testimony were quoted extensively both by the prosecution and in the judgment of the IMT at Nuremberg, as well as by the press. It was his testimony which laid the foundation and validated the claim of the \”. . . extermination of millions of people by gas at Auschwitz.\” Hoess\’s \”confession\” is heavily relied upon by historians like Raul Hilberg and others as a primary documentary source to this day.

      It is true that Hoess witnessed at Nuremberg to horrendous \”atrocities,\” and he also confirmed the \”truth\” under oath of an affidavit which he agreed to sign for the prosecution. In it, he confessed to having given orders for the gassing of millions of victims. The affidavit, by the way, was in English, a language he did not speak or understand, according to family members.

      We now know from the book \”Legions of Death\” that Rudolf Hoess was beaten almost to death by Jewish members of the British Field Police Force upon capture and badly mistreated thereafter until he gave this very devastating \”testimony\” and \”affidavit\” used by the Allies propagandists ever since. You be the judge. Here is an excerpt from this book by Rupert Butler, published by Hamlyn Paperbacks, page 235:

      At 5 PM on 11 March 1946, Frau Hoess opened her front door to six intelligence specialists in British uniform, most of them tall and menacing and all of them practiced in the more sophisticated techniques of sustained and merciless investigation.

      No physical violence was used on the family: it was scarcely necessary. Wife and children were separated and guarded. Clarke\’s tone was deliberately low-key and conversational.

      He began mildly: \”I understand your husband came to see you as recently as last night.\”

      Frau Hoess merely replied: \”I haven\’t seen him since he absconded months ago\”

      Clarke tried once more, saying gently but with a tone of reproach: \”You know that isn\’t true.\” Then all at once his manner had changed and he was shouting: \”If you don\’t tell us, we\’ll turn you over to the Russians and they\’ll put you before a firing squad. Your son will go to Siberia.\”

      It proved more than enough. Eventually, a broken Frau Hoess betrayed the whereabouts of the former Auschwitz Kommandant, the man who now called himself Franz Lang. Suitable intimidation of the son and daughter produced precisely identical information.

      When they found Hoess, here is how the capture played out. Clarke, one of the participants, recalls it vividly:

      \”He was lying on top of a three-tier bunker wearing a new pair of silk pyjamas. We discovered later that he had lost the cyanide pill most of them carried. Not that he would have had much chance to use it because we had rammed a torch (flashlight) into his mouth.\”

      Hoess screamed in terror at the mere sight of the British uniforms.

      Clarke yelled: \”What is your name?\”

      With each answer of \”Franz Lang,\” Clarke\’s hand crashed into the face of the prisoner. The fourth time that happened, Hoess broke and admitted who he was.

      The admission suddenly unleashed the loathing of the Jewish sergeants in the arresting party whose parents had died in Auschwitz following an order signed by Hoess.

      The prisoner was torn from the top bunk, the pyjama ripped from his body. He was then dragged naked to one of the slaughter tables, where it seemed to Clarke the blows and screams were endless.

      Eventually, the Medical Officer urged the Captain: \”Call them off, unless you want to take back a corpse.\”

      A blanket was thrown over Hoess and he was dragged to Clarke\’s car, where the sergeant poured a substantial slug of whiskey down his throat. Then Hoess tried to sleep.

      Clarke thrust his service stick under the man\’s eyelids and ordered in German: \”Keep your pig eyes open, you swine.\” . . .

      The party arrived back at Heide around three in the morning. The snow was swirling still, but the blanket was torn from Hoess and he was made to walk completely nude through the prison yard to his cell. It took three days to get a coherent statement out of him.

      This statement, tortured and terrorized out of him, was the one we are all familiar with–the \”proof\” for the so-called \”gassing of the Jews.\”

      Historians today are finally admitting that Hoess is a totally unreliable witness–and is it any wonder? He spoke of a concentration camp \”Wolzek\” which does not even exist. He swore that 2,500,000 people were gassed and burned at Auschwitz and a further half million died of disease, for a total dead of three million. The Toronto Sun of July 18, 1990 claimed 1.5 million. The Washington Post, on the same date, also mentioned 1.5 million. Quoted from an article by Krzyszlov Leski, we have the following:

      Poland has cut its estimate of the number of people killed by the Nazis in the Auschwitz death camp from 4 million to just over 1 million.

      The vast majority of the dead are now accepted to have been Jews, despite claims by the former Polish communist government that as many Poles perished in Hitler\’s largest concentration camp. . .

      The new study could rekindle the controversy over the scale of Hitler\’s final solution.\”

      Shevach Weiss, a death camp survivor and Labor Party member of the Israeli Parliament, expressed disbelief at the revised estimates, saying: \”It sounds shocking and strange.\” . . .

      Shmuel Krakowsky, head of research at Israel\’s Yad Vashem memorial for Jewish victims of the Holocaust, said the new Polish figures were correct.

      \”The 4 million figure was let slip by Capt. Rudolf Hoess, the death camp\’s Nazi commander. Some have bought it, but it was exaggerated.\” . . .

      But the Polish authorities said accurate estimates of the number killed could only be made by studying German documents seized by the Soviet Union. But Moscow has refused to return the archives.

      A most convenient excuse! In 1989 I organized a write-in campaign to persuade the then-Soviet Leader Gorbachev to release the Auschwitz Death Registers captured in 1945 when the Red Army took over the Auschwitz complex. A few months afterwards this actually happened. Gorbachev released these all-important documents to the Red Cross, which showed in minute detail why people had died in Auschwitz, the cause and time of death, their birth, address etc.

      74,000 names of people who had died were listed, of which only approximately 30,000 were Jews, along with an almost equal number of Poles and members of other nationalities.

      The incredibly shrinking Holocaust! The \”millions\” that we have heard about for half a century and that we hear and read about still today all started with the \”testimony\” beaten out of poor Hoess on that horrible night in defeated Germany.

      Historian Christopher Browning finally had to admit in a recent Vanity Fair article that Hoess was an unreliable witness. Browning stated that

      \”. . . Hoess was always a very weak and confused witness. The revisionists use him all the time for this reason, in order to try and discredit the memory of Auschwitz as a whole.\” (Holocaust Revisionism Source Book, 1994, p. 1)

      But does that invalidate the Revisionist claims or their strategy? Not at all. On the contrary. After all, Hoess\’s testimony was used as the skeleton on which the entire Holocaust myth about mass gassings was constructed in the first place. Revisionists have concentrated on Hoess precisely because he is probably the most important source for Holocaust historians\’ conclusions on and exaggerations about the Holocaust. Raul Hilberg, who wrote the \”Bible\” of the \”Holocaust,\” The Destruction of the European Jews, (Holmes & Meier, Revised Edition, 1985 ) relies on Hoess\’s testimony heavily, and Hoess was the primary witness relied upon by the Nuremberg Tribunal in their judgment regarding the \”extermination of the Jews,\” even though he told the court of having been savagely tortured.

      What\’s more, Hoess\’s treatment by the Allies and the total unreliability of his \”evidence\” are not unusual. We don\’t know how many of the accused at the Nuremberg trials were badly mistreated, since references in the trial transcripts to their mistreatment was expunged from the record. (Read this again! Material damaging to the Allies was expunged from the Nuremberg trial transcripts!)

      An example is Streicher\’s testimony. Streicher was reported in the London Times as having testified that he was tortured, whipped, spat on, and forced to drink from a latrine. (Streicher Opens His Case, The Times, April 27, 1946). His testimony was later expunged from the record of the trial with the active participation of the prosecution, the president of the Tribunal, and even his own defense lawyer!

      Other traces of the brutal treatment of the Nuremberg prisoners, however, have survived. One of these witnesses was Gauleiter Sauckel\’s reference to threats to his family, which did remain in the transcript. During his testimony in May of 1946, Sauckel testified that he signed a document, even though he did not know what was in that document, after his family of 10 children was threatened with deportation to Russia.

      And finally, it must not be forgotten that t his is the only judicial proceeding conducted in the name of civilized nations where there was no appeal mechanism to a parallel or higher authority for a review of the proceedings or any verdicts that this so-called international military tribunal arrived at. Their judgments over the leadership of Europe\’s most populous state, against whom they had just fought a murderous, near genocidal war, were final and deadly.

      Keep all that in mind as you read, watch and listen to all the emotional hype in the mass media on television and radio of these days. And for what?

      The Jewish leader Nahum Goldman spells it out for you in his astounding book, The Jewish Paradox, Pages 123-125, admitting to the mother of all frauds. In his own words, at the conclusion of the agreement Goldman obtained from Dr. Adenauer, the German Quisling State\’s first Allied-appointed chancellor,

      \”. . . the Germans will have paid out a total of 80 billion. . . Without the German reparations that started coming through during its first ten years as a state, Israel would not have half of its present infrastructure: All the trains in Israel are German, the ships are German, and the same goes for electrical installations and a great deal of Israel\’s industry . . . and that is setting aside the individual pensions paid to survivors. Israel today receives hundreds of millions of dollars in German currency each year . . . In some years the sums of money received by Israel from Germany has been as much as double or treble the contribution made by collections from international Jewry. Nowadays, there is no longer any opposition to the principle. (emphasis added)

      Not anywhere you look!

      After the Nuremberg Trials and Proceedings are stripped of the hyperbole and smoke screens which surrounds them, it can be put quite bluntly:

      The Allies did it all. The Allies fought a war on foreign shores–in part to establish the State of Israel. The Allies lent a willing hand to political ambitions that grew out of the Zionist camp. By means of the Nuremberg trials, the Allies helped the establishment and financing of Israel. So as to secure Israel, the Allies and their personnel became accusers, researchers, interrogators, prosecutors, judges and executioners–all in one! The Allies supplied the \”experts\” who sifted through the German documents, which were all totally in Allied control, highlighting incriminating documents, discarding exonerating evidence. These investigators were told only to \”find\” incriminating documents against the hapless accused, as I was told by the American scholar Charles Weber, Ph.D., who had been one of these Allied researchers, and who testified at my own trials. These researchers were told were told to ignore the documents that might have spared the lives of the accused German leaders. When all was said and done, there was not even an appeal.

      U.S. Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone, speaking of the American Chief Prosecutor, Jackson, finally had this to say, as mentioned in the Viking Press hard cover, cited before, p. 746 :

      \”Jackson is away conducting his high grade lynching party in Nuremberg,\” he remarked. \”I don\’t mind what he does to the Nazis, but I hate to see the pretense that he is running a court and proceeding according to common law.

      This is a little too sanctimonious a fraud to meet my old-fashioned ideas.\”

      Some sanctimonious fraud!

      Some record for the Allies to be \”proud of\”–to have helped manufacture such a sick, perverted Marxist/Zionist inspired legal farce that would condemn to death the leaders of the only military effort ever undertaken to stop the \”evil empire\” from bringing to us all their \”hate law\” ideology.

      Are now the chickens coming home to roost? That\’s how America and the \”free world\” have showed their gratitude to the defenders of Europe and Western Civilization: by hanging brave and honest men who tried so valiantly for so long to stop the decadence and the hypocrisy of what we now call, shuddering, \”. . . the coming New World Order\”!

      I bow my head in reverence to those who were judicially murdered at Nuremberg. They were the world\’s martyrs, not villains. Not one of them would have been condemned to death in a fair trial. Not one! Let\’s not forget they sacrificed an entire nation, and in the end themselves, to save Western civilization. They were defeated by thugs in robes and gangsters in uniform and by the conspiracies hatched by shysters from the ghettos and shtetls of Eastern Europe.

    3. America First Says:

      I want to always say as long as VNN exist’s that the Majority of our Military prior to Dec. 7, 1941 did not want any part of fighting with Stalin against Europe!

      Polls conducted just prior to Dec. 7 1941 showed 90% of our folk were against it!




    4. 1 Coon is 1 Too Many Says:

      Southerners must lead the charge to retake white America back after 140 years of the race traitors following commie Bushite GOPerv Lincoln and tell the truth since northern and western whites are scared shitless of niggers even after they fought and killed a million whites and then burned their nation to the ground in order to liberate 5 million coons who have now become 35 million coupled with 100 million spics sliming up what was once a white European nation satellite in the best tradition since there were reps from all Euro countries in this land.
      Whites from the north and west were originally good whites since they helped kill off the injun spics who were nothing more than Asian migrants who crossed the Bering Strait.
      We are hearing all this fucking bullshit about whites apologizing to niggers for slavery even though if it werent for slavery these niggers would still be back in Africa eating spoiled monkey and each other while dodging crocks and lions in the jungles.
      Niggers need to be celebrating slavery and celebrating the jew slavers for shipping them here after being dragged kicking and screaming from the comfy middle class suburban homes in the jungle and sent over here to be slaves to the southerner who knew the niggers place was in chains picking cotten or cleaning house as a piece of property as the good jew book said.
      Only problem is southerners never anticipated their former white brothers and sisters from Europe would follow some skinny piece of bearded jewnig looking shit high on marxism who claimed to be a lawyer yet never went to school a day in his life who was responsible for the death of the white race as we know it and today niggers let out of the zoo 140 yrs ago cant fuck these white whores fast enough to impregnate them delivering millions of niglets on demand as fast as the white bitches filthy nasty cunts can spit them out to be re-impregnated by a different nigger over and over.
      Any wonder why 100 million whites from the north have escaped the vast urban diseased crime infested concrete jungles filled with niggers and spics to head south or to the rural areas only to encounter the same shit they thought they were leaving since we all know the jew snake has injected his venom in every segment of Amerikwa from the big cesspool shitholes to the suburbs to the rural.
      And who is the #1 alltime hero of the current goperv silver spoon cokehead drunk girlyboy silver spoon chickenshit carpetbagger in the WH thanks to the daddy bastard and his Baker tool but the dead cunthead Lincunt who started all this shit although he was only following the dictates of Karl and Fredrick kikes across the pond in Germany that is another shithole of pusheads like Russia who fell earlier.
      What we want to know is why the Bush pussy cut and run from playing white man football in the 60s in private elite high school and college to avoid getting hurt or dirty and instead was a girlyboy cheerleader yet act like a Texas badass now behind a billion of security of course?
      What a fucking piece of chickenshit who needs to suffer the same fate as the cunthead with a piece of lead to the head.
      We do take time to honor the greatness of a northern white named Booth who had the courage to take out the slimewad kikester cunthead jewnig lover at Fords Theater as this man ranks up there with greats such as Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Thurmond and any other southerners who created this nation to be 100% white only.
      Little did the white man understand that the problem with failure lay within his own ranks and not with the nig or spic.
      Little did the white man understand that his own white race would his downfall as the traitors from within turned against the white supreme race and committed astrocities that the Bush would be proud of all so he could stand before a group of niggers and jew media to proclaim to be the great emancipator like his cunthead hero who was marxized to do what he did and his race traitor sheeple follow.
      What the white southern pure blood can never understand though is how a white mother could send her son to die to liberate niggers by killing off other whites. This is the main mystery question that has never been answered in 140 yrs. How can a white man die for a jew lover cunthead and especially for niggers to be liberated?
      This question has been avoided and never answered.
      Not only did they die and destroy a white nation to liberate niggers who didnt belong in a white nation in the first place, but they continued to be brainwashed and mock the white southerners calling them white trash redneck hillbillies inbreds traitor trash etc etc all the while they were watching their cities and land being taken over by the jew and his nig tools who were fucking their white bitches and creating the world first niglets while raping spreading disease crime and everything else to destroy the white race yet northern and western whites took this superiority attitude over the defeated white south even allowing niggers to take over their land and become leaders in DC.
      How do you get over this? Why did it happen? The south was only trying to peacefully keep niggers under lock and key as human animal slaves and had no choice but to split away from the nigger lovers in the north and west who were overtaxing them.
      Some say Lincoln was against race mixing but you judge his actions not his lies. Same for Bush. Lies except this time the jews are leading him to take over the planet after they fucked up America into Amerikwa with all this nigger shit.
      The south can only conclude that the north and west is weak. Had the north split from the south over nigger slavery do you think the south would have attacked to liberate them and destroy the white nation and ultimately the white race?
      Southerners can never get over this because what occured was not just the destrouction of the white south but the destruction of the white race as we know what happened in the 20th century that ended up with 50% of the white race exterminated fighting each other while Hitler put gold stars on his jews and sent them to be safe in camps where the Allies never bombed as had he left his jews in the cities they would have all been killed by millions of firebombs.
      So after 50% of the white race is now exterminated by death and destruction and now misegenation that is finishing off the last vestige of the whites by using the white female tool and nigger male to produce the filthy unclean remixing of the races into one single 4th mud race and all the evil jew media has injected the poison into 7 billion brains worldwide in order to become the dominant select elite ultimately presiding over a thoroughly remixed mudd colored race that is not white yet uses the superior white genes and atributes and traits with the nigger bacteria germ as some off breed mutt that helps the niggers to attain a 100% postive upgrade while destroying the white race 100% or whats left of it.
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      Should southern whites simply get over it or in essense get over the death of the white race worldwide as we see has now occured?
      Should southern whites continue to blame non-southern whites and their ancestors?
      Hell even southern whites are now seamless and taking the same nigger loving attitudes that occurs after 140 yrs of jew brainwash.
      The few whites left on the planet that number about 500 million out of 7 billion leaving 6.5 billion inferiors of all types, better be coming with a plan soon or its over. The 15 million snake zionists on the planet are in control and have been for over 100 yrs but gaining more control as time goes.
      Whites in the south although have always wondered if those co called white race traitors in the north and west are really whites but merely misegenated whites who have nigger blood in them incognito like Lincunt who obviously was part nigger and part jew.
      There had to be some transformation from 1776 to about 1815 or a generation after the RW when niggers and jews took over the north and west as whites in the south became ultimate supremists.
      Could the north and west whites have been injected with nigger blood or jew blood?
      We must wonder because we saw their actions in 1861-1865 beiung dumb as shit enough to go to war for niggers and kill whites. No true white would do this. Also we witnessed Lincolns troops stealing and burning and looting and raping white females and kids typical of todays niggers and this would also explain why they fought along side nigger troops.
      Could we have niggers liberating niggers?
      And what happened to the million southern whites killed by these niglets from the north and west? Did they cannabalize them? We know niggers love white meat.
      We ask this because we see too many cleaned bones of southern whites in pics etc that appear to have had the flesh sucked off their bones and then discarded the same way the niggers in Africa do their own and we know there are no graveyards in Africa because niggers eat the fleash and throw the bones to the crocks. There are no crocks in America except Fl so thats why there were bones left.
      Overall we must conclude that the white south was indeed attacked by whites who had nigger blood injected into their bones or were misegenated.
      We suspect Lincoln injected all whites anyway with nigger or jew blood when they signed up or were drafted and this about 3 million.
      We know that their actions were definitely those of niggers and not whites so this theory is in fact true.
      We also know that niggers fucking white females began in the north and west and this explains the nigger blood experiment to whites.
      We also know that jew Hitler and jew Stalin and jew Lenin could have also injected Russians or Germans with jew blood in order to more easily kill off European whites.
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      Anyone who doubts this is a fucking idiot. Southerners know Lincoln injected the north and west with nigger or some jew blood to explain their vicious niggerlike behavior in war and after the war liberating their own and stealing everything the whites had.
      How many white females were raped in the south during those times is staggering. Pure nigs displayed themselves in the 1960s with the burning and looting of all US cities and today we know they commit 20,000 rapes annually and 5 million violent crimes.
      We must differentiate between the purity of the nigger because we know know the southern scientists 150-200 yrs ago detected and traced as little as 1% nigger blood in many northern and western whites thus they came up with the 1% and later 2% formulas that has been hushed in the jew media for obvious reasons.
      The nigger therefore can go from 1% -100% purity and all point in-between.
      This is why the jew introduced the germ bacteria cursed race 400 yrs ago into these shores meeky as servants as the good jew book stated that was only used to trick the white race and ultimately end up as we see it today. Whites from the north and west need to have blood tests made. If you have 1% nigger blood in you then you are unfit unclean and impure and a nigger, not a white person and part of the cuntheads who destroyed this nation and white race.
      Euro whites need to take a test also for the jew blood germ as as the nigger germ blood.
      The jew media would never report any of this obviuously because it would dilvulge their big secret.
      In addition we must sadly admit that white southerners have been injected with nigger or jew blood in the past 100 yrs they have fought in wars and this is obviously done when they register for the military and get their shots.
      We have also heard that the jew scientists in America and the world use other methods to inject the jew or nig blood germ into whites in foods and paints or even tobacco.
      We know Bush and his jews are infiltrating similar things in Iraq and other arab sand nigger nations in gases or drink water food etc.
      One day this will all be dilvulged but only after the jew has completely taken over the planet using every trick in the book but by that time it will be too late.
      Yes many will scream fantazy or lunatic but the truth is the joke is on them. If jews can trick 2.5 billion into believing in santa clus and the easter bunny then they can do anything using their duped tools.

      Va. Lawmaker Denounced for Slave Comment
      Virginia lawmaker draws criticism for comment that blacks should ‘get over’ slavery

      RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 16, 2007
      By BOB LEWIS Associated Press Writer

      (AP) A state legislator said black people “should get over” slavery and questioned whether Jews should apologize “for killing Christ,” drawing denunciations Tuesday from stunned colleagues.

      Del. Frank D. Hargrove, 79, made his remarks in opposition to a measure that would apologize on the state’s behalf to the descendants of slaves.

      In an interview published Tuesday in The Daily Progress of Charlottesville, Hargrove said slavery ended nearly 140 years ago with the Civil War and added that “our black citizens should get over it.”

      The newspaper also quoted him as saying, “are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?”

      Black lawmakers swiftly denounced Hargrove’s comments.

      “When somebody tells me I should just get over slavery, I can only express my emotion by projecting that I am appalled, absolutely appalled,” said Del. Dwight C. Jones, head of the Legislative Black Caucus.

      Del. David L. Englin also criticized Hargrove’s remarks, recalling that his grandparents were driven from their homes in Poland “by people who believed that as Jews, we killed Christ.”

      When Hargrove rose to speak, he told Englin he didn’t care about Englin’s religion. “I think your skin was a little too thin,” Hargrove said as lawmakers gasped and groaned.

      ©MMVII The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

    5. America First Says:

      Mr. Hargrove for President tomorrow!

      I walkded in to my Bank yesterday. This chain head quartered in Minn. has installed a big FAT Congoid savage as a branch manager. I was shocked as the area I live never had a bongo resident till till 15 years ago in the states history.

      I ignored the smiling beast and walked straight to the line for the teller service, and holy bat chit, I a poster of about 18X18 inches that had showed made up photo to make it look like there were two honker nosed women twins shoulder to shoulder to the head showing with with r.b. ginsberg coke bottle glasses with a great big teeth showing smile and under it read we go you covered. I said in low voice, wow in your face looking at the poster and the teller and I think she understood me perfectly and in agreement. I am leaving the bank.

    6. 1 Southern Rebel Nutcase is 1 Too Many Says:

      Anyone who thinks a) Hitler was jewish or b) that Hitler was intentionally saving jews (who were the minority in ALL concentration camps, the typical percentage being 25% and the highest about 46%) is a fucking nutcase who needs to be straitjacketed and drugged until he stops drooling – period. That Lincoln fucked up big time on many accounts – agreed. That the war against the South was wrong – agreed. But if you can’t see that the war against Hitler was wrong, then you’re retarded.

    7. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “. . .Congoid savage as a branch manager. . .”

      Does he manage a “branch” in the tree in which he dwells?