18 January, 2007


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VIDEO: ‘Marvels of Modern Africa’ (Col. Kurtz’s latest)
AUDIO: jewish racism – father objects to daughter dating Italian
VIDEO: Mystery movie – watch at own risk
VIDEO: Freakin water hole cam (jungle sounds ‘n’ pics)
AUDIO: traditional Catholic speaks about preaching outside NYT bldg (MSM insights)
MOVIE: ‘Africa Addio’ (the film discussed on Coon Day FTL 1/15/07)

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  7. 8 Responses to “TODAY’S AUDIO & VIDEO”

    1. Me Says:

      Africa Addio takes time to watch, but was outstanding and well worth it.

    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      That ‘Mystery movie’ is called


      and is a very funny and poignant short film with ‘mistranslated’ English subtitles that points out that our loser leaders are trashing our future while China goes from strength to strength. It’s only a matter of time until Steve Sailer puts a link to this video on his blog at http://isteve.com/

      Steve, are you there?

    3. lawrence dennis Says:

      Oh, great! You found that audio of that crazy kike couple upset over her daughter (possibly) dating a non-Jew:


      Even though the call was a setup, the reactions of these hymiekins is for real!

    4. Dudeman Says:

      Yeah I remember that audio track a month or so back. I might have been the one to post a link on here. Though I do find it somewhat funny in these circles to see a defense of southern europeans (in this case an Italian) which are typically looked down upon over their northern brothers in forums like this. An example is how the term “spic” is thrown around willy nilly without any discernation over the inclusion of spaniards (the iberian penisula being part of southern spain). Anyways, there are several definitions for that term: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spic. The same goes for “Latino”.

      How could anyone call a fucking half-breed meztizo (most of whom look to be almost full blooded indian if you’ve seen some of these mexicans) a latin-o or hiSPanIC (hispania was a province of the roman empire)? And isn’t latin the language of the Romans?!? We got to get our terms right.

    5. Dudeman Says:

      Sorry, I meant “southern europe” in the 3rd sentence, in parens.

    6. jimbo Says:

      i couldn’t get that ‘Africa Adido’ vid’ to work prply: it kept ‘freezing’: any-one else hv that problem?

      perhaps it’s just my i/net cnnxn or sumthin’?

    7. JimInCO Says:


      re: Africa Addio, I’d suggest downloading the movie as an .avi file
      via keepvid.com, then watching offline. The quality, and widescreen
      format, are MUCH better when viewing it this way.

      “Goodbye Uncle Tom” is also available on Google video, in three parts.

    8. Steve Says:

      The HA HA HA America video is very good, we need more of that sort of video to contrast what an increasingly more successful country, China, is doing compared to an increasingly failing country, US. We need more 3rd party criticism of the contented, waiting-to-die-then-go-to-heaven American mentality. At one point, the narration says that America just gossips, China talks business. You oughta increase this sort of thing on the site, have more Video links updated every day, few days or weekly. I’ve seen sites embedding youtube vids directly, that would be neat, not sure if bandwidth would be yours or theirs, but I think theirs. Words convey thoughts and ideas, but photos/videos convey reality, which is really persuasive.