27 February, 2007

Double Standards in Detroit

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From DetroitIsCrap.blogspot.com one of our burgeoning number of Local White Nationalist Blogs – news sites that tell you the story the national/local jew-operated media try to hide. The coming White Nation will, in retrospect, have emerged from the national alternative conception created by these blogs. The jews reverse reality, Whites report it straight. The truth is, White people neither need nor desire any political/cultural/social connection with jews and coloreds. They desire, and increasingly demand, complete and utter and final separation. Consider starting a local blog to inform and meet people in your town. VNN will help.

We have two almost identical stories here. Both are cases of pedophiles however one of the pedophiles is black and one is white.

Is there some law against taking pictures of black sex offenders? If the roles were reversed Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and a host of Jewish Attorneys would be foaming at the mouth over the obvious media slant.

Pictures speak a thousand words. The anti-white media knows this fact and they choose to only give us pictures of WHITE sex offenders.


Hear more about Detoilet niggings on Wednesday’s Free Talk Live…

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