21 February, 2007


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Spookette makes doc on niglets’ love of White babies.
Majority Rights interview with Tomislav Sunic
Jewish Ritual Murder is Real
Roman Catholic Report
Peter Shank

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  7. 2 Responses to “TODAY’S AUDIO & VIDEO”

    1. Mark Says:

      “Spookette makes doc on niglets’ love of White babies.

      Why is everything always about white vs black? Why doesn’t she do a study to see if black children like light-skinned black dolls better than dark-skinned black dolls? What they call “colorism” in the black community. Perhaps a study with Asian vs black dolls? I think they’d find that universally the darker-skinned dolls are least liked.

      So can we conclude that desegregation has not changed anything?

      She says hopefully one day there won’t be a difference. Is that a desire to have whites destroyed and everyone be a beige mongrel like her?

    2. Lokuum Says:

      Yeah, why don’t they do a story on every adult niglet marrying a white woman? Two or thirty-two . . . niglet wants to escape nigger.