11 March, 2007

FTL – Listen Live: Monday Night

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Show concluded.

Join host Geoff Beck for tonight’s Free Talk Live.

Music begins at 6:00 PM CST.

Talk: 7:00 PM CST

Skype ID: vnnfreetalklive
Phone: 660 675 4388

For those with plain old telephones we have a conventional phone number: 660 675 4388, though we prefer skype calls. Regardless, please attempt to send a chat message with skype before calling.


1) Send a chat message to vnnfreetalklive with skype.

2) The host will accept your chat message, tell you approximately when you’ll be coming on, and will call you back.

3) When skype rings turn off the live feed, since there is a delay.

Note: to use skype you’ll need a headset and PC.


You’ll need winamp, itunes or any other type of software that can load .pls.

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  7. 8 Responses to “FTL – Listen Live: Monday Night”

    1. Leshrac Says:

      What’s the equivalence of 7PM CST in GMT ?

      Timezones hurt my brains! :(

    2. Shabbos Shabazz Says:


    3. sgruber Says:

      The niggers nigged Channon and Christopher just north of “Old City,” the Knoxville party district next to downtown. Last I heard, the Knoxville “authorities” were still keeping secret the exact location of the carjacking. (Thanks for your protection, Knoxville “authorities’!)

      Knoxville has a strong white base. It is not niggered out.

      I’m for a flash rally and will attend. Let’s do it.

    4. Der Arbeiter Says:

      White man Klitschko floors Austin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5Ecad3ZhqY&mode=related&search=

    5. John Smith Says:

      What’s the equivalence of 7PM CST in GMT ?

      Timezones hurt my brains! :(

      What brain(s)?

    6. ML Says:

      Good job, Geoff. I liked you capsule explanation of “international socialism”, couldn’t have chosen a better contemporary example.

      You do Eric Rudolph singular injustice, however, in calling him “confused” — don’t label someone “confused ideologically” simply because his personality involves contradictions in YOUR ideology. Rudolph took violent action: I call that the very opposite of confusion.

    7. Geoff Beck Says:

      The archive is updated with yesterday’s broadcast:


    8. Stronza Says:

      Hello, Leshrac. Regarding your question about 7 PM CST in GMT.

      GMT is normally 6 hours ahead of you in Central, but now with that stupid Daylight Saving Time that started on March 11th, there would be only 5 hours difference. That means that if it is 7 PM Daylight Time in the central time zone, then it’s 12 o’clock GMT.

      Now, if you want to get complicated, remember that these artificially-established time zones may be hundreds of miles wide…so these clock times are not really perfect. They are an invention. E.G., if you live at one end of your time zone, and I live at the other end, we can’t both be exactly 12 noon at the same time as regards the sun’s position at its highest point in the sky. This is why if you have a sundial, you have to compensate by the number of minutes you are away from the edge of your man-made “time zone”.

      More than you ever wanted to know and I hope I am explaining this correctly…