4 March, 2007

Monday Night: Free Talk Live

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Show concluded.

Join Geoff Beck Monday night at

6:00 PM CST: Music (Led Zeppelin’s Coda)
7:00 PM EST: Talk

Click here to listen:

Skype ID: vnnfreetalklive
Phone: 660 675 4388

For those with plain old telephones we have a conventional phone number: 660 675 4388, though we prefer skype calls. Regardless, please attempt to send a chat message with skype before calling.


1) Send a chat message to vnnfreetalklive with skype.

2) The host will accept your chat message, tell you approximately when you’ll be coming on, and will call you back.

3) When skype rings turn off the live feed, since there is a delay.

Note: to use skype you’ll need a headset and PC.


You’ll need winamp, itunes or any other type of software that can load .pls.

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  7. 13 Responses to “Monday Night: Free Talk Live”

    1. JimSummers Says:

      It is the same callers every show! It is getting old.

    2. Geoff Beck Says:

      The skype number is “vnnfreetalklive” , Jim. I’m expecting your call.

    3. New America Says:

      One, tell Beck that CoQ10 is mandatory for recovery from what hit him, and a good chelated magenesium/calcium supplement too. The statins scavenge CoQ10, which are needed for mitochondria. No mitochondria, no Krebs cycle, no energy.

      So much for housekeeping!

      Two, Yankee Jim is great – always have him on. He’s our version of “Phil from Omaha,” a straight shooter who knows how things were, and why they aren’t as good.

      Three, everyone is good – and, if people start to wander in the topic, somehow, Linder goes, “Let’s talk about how the goddamn JEWS control THIS situation to their advantage, and OUR disadvantage.”

      NOBODY ELSE is talking about Channon Christian, and her boyfriend, and what happened. NOBODY. It’s like the Anna Nicole Smith Channel, and the death of a burrito waitress is assuming the importance of a State funeral.

      Channon Christian’s case is as important as the Wichita Massacre. Someone took Pierce’s commentary on that and set it to somber music, with the sound a a rainfall/thunderstorm in the background. The Wichita Massacre didn’t hit the mainstream – sorry – goddamn JEW-controlled – media, either.

      That’s an idea someone on our side might want to pick up. Beck has the perfect voice for it, but it could be several people, each reading a part of a soliloquy about her, and WHAT killed her, after IT tortured her.

      The story of Christian and her boyfriend reminds us of a point that we usually overlook – not everything that walks on two legs is human, and animals act the way they do, because they can. Our “tolerance” – the systematic removal, and subsequent perversion, of our fundamental moral forces – allows these monsters to walk the earth. The goddamn JEWS sent them among us, and developed a mandatory public fool system, with indoctrination such that we give these subhuman animals every benefit of the doubt, even as they pull us out of cars in broad daylight, rape, torture, and kill our children.

      We will have to Change Our Minds about a lot of things, and organize every aspect of our life around the issue of RACE, while we can.

      And, to people who will accuse us of shouting FIRE in a crowded theater, we have a simple answer:

      “Suppose the theater IS on fire?”

      Then what?

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. ML Says:

      Geoff, I cracked up when you said, “you can call yourself OBERSTURMFUHRER or DER FUHRER or something.”

    5. Lee Gardener Says:

      Hi Geoff and all!

      Great show! I must confess, I haven’t listened to a FTL in a long while, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I listened to y’all realtime while I was playing Call of Duty 2 (Axis of course) and kicking the Allies asses at Brecourt with my Mauser kar98k rifle (non-scoped).

      Don’t let anyone criticize y’all. You’re doing a great job, and if someone can do better, hey, get up there and f’ing do it. We’ll applaud you.

      It seems to me that the FTL with this group is like the “what’s happening here in Podunk” and comic relief type of show. It’s more personable and people hearing it can say “hey, that happens here too!” Whereas both GoyFire and Aryan Matters shows are broader minded like “here’s the international news and this is why it’s bad” and more serious recommendations and commentary rather than comic relief. Geoff is equally at home in both worlds as is Alex and Craig, and of course, my buddy James. But I LMAO when some of you fake the kikish accent. Nigger, not so much. They bug me.

      Couple of quick notes… AryanMatters.com has been down about a week and we’re looking into it. Could be that the number of downloads exceeded our bandwidth.

      A note about the workplace as “Kike Herder” (funny name) mentioned a lot about it… you can tell which websites are effective by looking at which ones they allow and which ones they filter out. Either that, or they haven’t got around to them yet. I can tell you that for years I’ve kept my eyes on this and Rense.com (Jeff Rense), whatreallyhappened.com (Michael Rivero), infowars.com (Alex Jones) and several other related ones ARE NOT filtered. Whereas VNN.com (Alex Linder), revisionisthistory.org (Michael Hoffman), IHR.org (Mark Weber), davidduke.com and others ARE. That should be an immediate indicator on who you should be reading and listening to!

      On that note, it looks like another libertarian fool over at Lewpuss website has figured out what we already know: the masses, that is mobocracy and democracy, is truly an “idiocracy” and waiting on them to solve our people’s problems is futile. http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig7/silber5.html

      Don’t know if this guy’s a Jew or not, but don’t care. It’s funny how White realists and scientists have been knowing this fact for hundreds of years and all of a sudden someone wake’s up and gets upset about it. LOL

      And here’s proof positive again that you can’t trust a Jew, or Rense.com. Henry Makow has come out saying that Hitler was a puppet of the “Illuminati” again. The Illuminati themselves were started by the jew Adam Weishaupt. http://www.rense.com/general75/amamk.htm

      Anyone who believes this garbage either doesn’t know the truth or doesn’t care to learn the truth about National Socialism. It is a philosophy and way of life that is totally against the things the Illuminati and any other Jewish sects and ideologies promote. It is Aryan to the core, as was Hitler.

      Thanks again for the show and keep up the good work Geoff and everyone!


    6. Dave Jones Says:

      Way past time Yankee Jim had his own program.

    7. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      Silber is jewish, of the Objectivist (randian) persuasion (more or less)
      His site links to Future of Freedom Foundation, run by jew Jacob Hornberger. An open borders freak.

      Objectivists absolutely despise libertarians. You might want to see Libertarianism: The perversion of liberty by jew peter schwartz.

      Paleo-Objectivism is preferred any day over libertarianism. Rand was called a fascist many times- she can’t be all bad!- I’ve never heard of any libertarian being called a fascist. Avoid the ayn rand institute or leonard peikoff like the plague- it is now run by israel born yaron brook. peikoff is a kike psychotic war monger who wants to nuke iran.

    8. sgruber Says:

      Brook of the ARI was in IDF psy-ops. Openly admits it.

      Silber is a jew homo who thinks Straight White Aryan Men run the country and are demons who are at the root of all problems. He periodically begs for money on the web, claiming he is nearly homeless, citing his mysterious illness (AIDS?) that he never seems to have the time or resources to have checked by a doctor. He has done this for years; part of his shtick.

      Silber not only is a Randian but also worked for her in the early 70s.

      Rand’s real name was Alyssa Rosenbaum, a Russian jew. (VNN has pointed this out many times.) Her individualist philosophy is a siren call to smart Whites who become atomized anti-racists if they take it seriously. A serious mind-fuck, akin to Freud and Boaz but for the Dungeons-and-Dragons-type geek set.

    9. Geoff Beck Says:

      Don’t have time to listen to an entire Free Talk Live broadcast?

      Kike Herder has assembled another audio summary of the Free Talk Live program.

      This one is the 12 Feb. 2007 episode of FTL featuring Bill White of ANSWP.

      It is 18 minutes.

      http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/download/ftl/ftl_02_12 07_montage.mp3

    10. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      Sweeping Rand’s barnyard:

      Racism and individualism


      In the good old days I recoiled, as a rational-individualist, from treating matters of race and ethnicity. According to my intellectual hero Ayn Rand, racism was the most primitive and barbaric form of collectivism: she referred to it, unforgettably, as “a barnyard or stock-farm version of collectivism.” [1] Despite Rand’s own epistemological work on the nature and necessity of concept formation, an Objectivist would have felt that he was mincing out upon thin ice if he attempted to formulate substantially dependable concepts of human racial groups, i.e., if he investigated what individuals share ethnically and biologically, and the implications thereof. Instead, almost all of us stayed safely on shore, with Rand.

      Randians, like other individualists — indeed, like everybody — did speak of human groups, of course. We often preferred to adduce archetypes rather than refer, straight out, to collectivities: thus, “the second-hander,” “the muscle mystic,” “the altruist,” and so forth. But the collectivities were there. What made it legitimate to refer to them — to predict their behavior, to evaluate it ethically, to warn of its consequences — was that each member had chosen to join his group by adopting evil premises and rejecting reason. He was a self-made villain.

      Randians could even speak of racial groups (although in practice we almost never did); we did not fall into the absurdity of denying that human races exist, as many racial liberals and egalitarians do today. But one legitimately spoke of race only for trivial purposes of identification or description, based on appearance and ancestry. In my college days in the 1960s — that heady time when the movement was headquartered in the Empire State Building — I never heard from my intellectual confreres two minutes’ talk about any wider significance of race.


    11. New America Says:

      Seriously, let’s work together and do a Monday night simulcast with Bill White; he helps provide a consistent, intelligent PHILOSOPHY that defines the goal we are moving towards. The rest of Monday night can be straight VNN.

      White and Linder don’t have to be on at the same time, but they are both just on the money, and we need all of the energy moving in one direction.

      Who knows?

      White might end up adopting the uniforms of the Swedish nationalists, with the red swastika armband reserved for the internal elite.

      We could actually wear those in public – collectively.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    12. sgruber Says:

      Nix to the Bill White idea. I don’t trust him. General comment: There is no such thing as a successful con man who is not very impressive at first. I wouldn’t actively put Bill White down. Hell, he wakes people up and takes to the street; this is A+ as far as I’m concerned. But can he be worked with? Would I turn my back to him? Probably not.

      I vote for “friendly neutrality” with BW.

      Wearing in public the uniforms of the Swedish nationalists? Trekkie alert…

    13. New America Says:

      in reply to s gruber:
      sgruber wrote:

      Nix to the Bill White idea. I don’t trust him. General comment: There is no such thing as a successful con man who is not very impressive at first. I wouldn’t actively put Bill White down. Hell, he wakes people up and takes to the street; this is A+ as far as I’m concerned. But can he be worked with? Would I turn my back to him? Probably not.

      I vote for “friendly neutrality” with BW.

      in reply:
      Peaceful coexistence is the key to organizing disparates views undre one Vision.

      Our Vision is RACE – the goddamn JEWS are simply living proof that RACE matters, and if you organize along RACIAL lines, you can get an awful lot done.

      Say what you will, in FIFTY YEARS, with millions of dollars and tens of millions of man-hours spent, all of “White Nationalism” got exactly NOTHING done.

      Say what you will, when the mostly unkempt, obese, illiterate NSM went to Toledo, they got attention – NATIONAL news coverage, showing the jungle savages going wild, and they got results.

      When the mostly unkempt, obese, illiterate NSM went to Kingston , New York with Hal Turner on Robbie Hedrick’s behalf, they got tangible results.

      In short, stunningly dysfunctional people (with a handful of exceptions) got more done in uniforms the Enemy FEARED than all of the typewriter commandos of an earlier time.

      At all points, to the extent the NSM was remotely successful, Bill White was actively involved, and was actively effective, particularly at the press conferences. White is a master of verbal JEW-jitsu, refusing to accept the Enemy’s false terms and definitions, and firing back with an analysis grounded in a comprehensive, RACE-based, world-view and philosophy.

      People joined the NSM after White spoke, and the NSM acted.

      s gruber wrote:
      Wearing in public the uniforms of the Swedish nationalists? Trekkie alert…

      in reply:
      The Swedish Nationalists wear uniforms on certain occasions, and even then, few of them wear uniforms. Their uniforms are smart, crisp, and worthy of note. The NSM’s uniforms, in contrast, resembled pickings from the Salvation Army’s bargain bins.

      White has the uniform idea down cold – the RIGHT uniform, but only for the few who wish to wear it. Anyone else who qualifies can join the organization, and work in whatever way they can, as they so choose.

      A quick note about uniforms:

      They send out the LAST nonverbal message the hook-nosed Satanists and their mud allies want to see – the message is, “We are organized, we see you for who and what you are, and we don’t like you at all; in fact, quite the contrary.”

      The Satanic demons known as JEWS always feel unthreatened by opposition in the abstract; they are the masters of meme manipulation.

      When they see the classic borwnshirt/red swastika armband, they know that their all-important ability to camoflauge their inherently demonic nature have failed, and a determined Opposition has formed based SOLELY on beliefs that are the EXACT opposite of Satanically-inspired Judaism.

      They just fall to pieces when they see that uniform.

      Wearing it is sort of like a visual Kristalnacht to them; it says, “We see who you are, and we don’t like you, and we don’t negotiate with the Evil that is in your soul.”

      Even the Swedish nationalist uniform has that effect – not as pronoucded as adding the red swastika armband, of course.


      And, you can wear the Swedish nationalist uniform casually, saving the red swastika armband for the internal Elite.

      Finally, with the Swedish nationalist uniform, you can do torchlight parades…

      You get THAT on the national news, and you will have applicants coming over the gunnels.

      “Son, why are you wearing those black pants and that khaki shirt?”

      “I like the way it looks, Mom; I like the way it makes me feel!”

      So do I!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!