25 March, 2007

Niggers Raping & Mutilating Finnish Women

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It never ends. Niggers are nothing but land sharks. Governments that allows niggers among their populace are, by that very fact, illegitimate.

[Video through: Detroit Is Crap]

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    6. 7 Responses to “Niggers Raping & Mutilating Finnish Women”

      1. Mark Says:

        The videos were well done, dramatic and effective, without excessive rhetoric.

      2. LaTisha Says:

        i sorry i be a nigger

      3. brittany Says:

        what tha hell i mean ya’ll on here posting shit about niggers chill out i’m a proud black girl and i dont appreciate that at all

      4. peter hungary Says:

        i hate..nigger pigs!!!!

      5. Anders Says:

        Where did the first humans come from ?
        Every human on earth came from the ‘original’ people.

      6. Terry Says:

        If it looks like a nigger,acts like a nigger,thinks the big eared nigger obama ain’t a nigger, then it’s a nigger,
        a dumb stupid nigger will always be a dumb, well, dumb stupid nigger!You know what niggers do don’t you?
        niggers are niggers no matter how you look at it,black is black and WHITE is WHITE. You ever seen a black snow flake? niggers kill, steal and destroy, look at the news in the morning and see how many niggers shot,robbed,raped,wrecked,or hurt someone, even their on kind.Look and see!
        a nigger is a nigger is a nigger, and that’s that!!

      7. adolph Says:

        maybe we did all come from africa but even then and then we were always a white race, the niggers are sub human neanderthals

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