23 March, 2007

Response to Article by TSU Student

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Writing: Jogging or Blood Sport?

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Someone alerted me to name-mention in this column by TSU student Andrew Gant. Not too much to say, but a couple points are worth making. Of course, I would make them on the Index’s blog, but they won’t print my comments, let alone letters for publication. That’s just the way it is. “No tolerance for the right.” If you’re leftist, you can be illiterate or just plain crazy, as the post atop this demonstrates, and your every word sees print. I like to think of this as egalitarianism gone further awry. No word string shall be privileged over any other. No letter arrangement within words should be privileged over any other. All spellings are equal, and all syntax is equal. Grammar and diction are hierarchical, hence evil & outdated, hence must be dispensed with. Proper spelling is Hitlerian. Good grammar is nazism. Distinctions, discriminations, discernment – these are the eugenics of English, and must be put away. The price of this Political Correctness, which is actually Semitical Correctness, which is nothing but jew-produced communism for dirty goyim, is not only dangerous and dangerously active misrule, but boring media. It is a price too high to pay.


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    1. Geoff Beck Says:

      I attended a university in Missouri and met many Communications majors like Mr. Gant and they were to a man the least inquisitive and conformist bunch I ever met.

      Sometimes I was a bit jealous though. While I had to attend a physics lecture in a windowless room in the basement of the science building the communications majors would hold their class on the lawn under a shady tree; no doubt they were sowing flowers or practicing how to play the lute.

      Well, little did they suspect their education degree was nothing more than a first class ticket to the welfare roles.

    2. Briseis Says:

      Yeah, strong likes, dislikes or opinions on anything is verboten these days. Wishy-washy-ness is the order of the day.. People don’t know anything about what is going on, hence they can’t think/feel anything, and when the rare person finds out, they either recede back into their snail shell, scared to death, or into hostile denial “anti-semite!” “hater!”, using these names as a foil for any real discovery or exploration.
      Thou shalt not have an opinion,except about whites- we’re fair game.