20 April, 2007

Another Filthy Rabbi

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Rabbi Caught Red Handed in Pedophile Sting

Click on photo of Rabbi David Kaye to see the video
Well damn it, it appears that YouTube will not allow me to post videos directly on my blog. Fortunately they cannot yet prevent me from posting links to their videos. These people haven’t yet concluded the obvious, we are in control, not them.
Here is a video showing a Rabbi caught red handed seeking to have anal sex with a 13 year old boy. Believe it or not, this is NOT uncommon behavior for Rabbis.


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    1. Lutjens Says:

      So when does this filth get paraded all over the news media like the Catholic priests and church did?

    2. van helsing Says:

      Aw but his religion, I mean, his race, says it’s all ok…

      No bail. No parole. Drop him in the can and let the darkies eat him.

    3. Beast Says:

      That’s what I call a rabbit trap. Silly rabbit, boys are for girls.

    4. BJORN Says:

      Because he’s a kike, the media will say it,s an antisemitic conspiracy!!!


    5. brutus Says:

      Lutjens Said:

      “So when does this filth get paraded all over the news media like the Catholic priests and church did?”

      Obviously never, and come to think of it, I’m not aware of any “video evidence” that incriminated the priests. And yet here we have a rabbi caught on prime time TV?

      The odd thing about this, is that the jews control the media, therefore how could this happen?

      The only thing that I can think of is that the jew is rubbing our face in their invincibility from prosecution. We know that the Greater Catholic Diocese of Boston lost 50 churches because they had to be liquidated in order to pay lawyer’s fees and restitution to the victims of the sexual abuse supposedly caused at the hands of priests. I say supposedly, because most of the testimony in those trials was hearsay from over 30 years ago.

      In the case of the rabbi, we can expect no lawsuits because there was no victim. How convenient! The jew shows us a rabbi doing what they claimed a priest was doing and the jew walks. And the White people of Boston lose 50 churches that their 10’s of thousands of parishioners paid for with millions of hard-earned nickels and dimes over many decades.

      This kind of makes me feel like beating a rabbi to death with a crucifix.


    6. cygnet Says:

      This is old news. The pedophile in question was arrested on-camera in one of the first Dateline: To Catch a Predator shows.

    7. John Says:

      Jews are pure filth

    8. Beast Says:

      That was a perfect recreation of the Holocaust. He recreated perfectly the reaction the 6 million had when they found out they were going into the chambers.

      “No! You can’t do this! Don’t you know who I am?!? I’m a rabbi of the chosen!”

      But of course there was no 6 million. Not even 6. Just a scumbag of an old rabbi looking for an easy mark.

    9. Signet Says:

      It’s old news to those who saw the program. The jews sacrifice one of their own, it gets limited air time. It isn’t talked about ever again. BUT – now they can point to it and say they’re not “… playing favorites!”. That’s why you’ll see a news snippet every so often about some jew perp. To give the appearance of fairness to the moronic, trusting sheeple.

    10. Panzerfaust Says:

      This Kike got 6 and 1/2 years. It is very important to share ANY stories about filthy rabbis that we can by making videos about them. 551 views in 2 days. Think abouit it.

    11. Jig this Says:

      Theres a shocker. A jew rabbit fag? Is that not the reason priests love young boys and were taught by jews ages ago? Jews invented faggotry didnt they or at least thats what the old jew media book list Soddom and Gomorrah in Judea that had to be destroyed because they were all fags and dykes? Jews telling on themselves. Another big shocker is those jigaboos nabbed were done using 14 yr old white female bait only since they knew jig males wouldnt have been interested in 14 yr old jiggies. Seeing this was all a jew media event the real shocker is they allowed the jew to be outed in the first place along with the jigs wanting that young white stuff but it can be safely assumed there were more than one jew caught and def more jigs they didnt show. They def showed white males in the majority and no shocker there.

    12. john Says:

      15 years ago (before my awakening to the jewish problem) I worked for a kike who was a very well known pillar of the community in Pasadena California. For many years he belonged to a teenage student exchange program and used to make it a point to house christian boys from Germany. In the 5 years I worked for his company he was busted for child molestation. He would always say shit about goy but I did’nt do a thing, I had no idea. He was the beginning of the end for me as far as supporting jews go. I guess he was literally screwing Germans.

    13. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Rabbi David Kaye was vice president of the teen educational group Panin: The Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values…It is common for Rabbis to enjoy sex with young boys…You usually don’t here much about it because 96% of the world’s media is owned by Jews…The World’s Jewish communities have a very high rate of child sexual abuse…KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AWAY FROM JEWS! IT”S NOT WORTH THE RISK!

      That’s a great video presentation, short and to the point! I especially liked the music near the end followed by the production credits. Keep up the good work, guys!

      PS: Did you notice how the Rabbi lunged in anger with the express purpose of straggling the reporter in typical Talmudic fashion? I’ll tell you something, it’s in their blood! No doubt, this piece of shit will depart the United States for Israel upon his release from prison, where he will once again engage in satisfying his perverse lust for raping young boys.

      Only when that time comes, his victims will be innocent Palestinian children instead of innocent Americans. If there is any justice in this world, this creature will NEVER be given that opportunity and will meet his demise at the hands of some feral Congoid behind bars, only after having been repeatedly sodomized first! After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Child predators are indeed the worst scum on the planet.

    14. Coup d'Etat Says:

      To watch a jew be belittled and shown powerless — priceless.

    15. abe foxman Says:

      Pedophilia and drugs. Thats what Jews and the scumbag shit hole they call home deal in at the expense of gentiles.

    16. abe foxman Says:

      And then we have the wackos taking their frustrations out on gentiles

    17. Ahmed Ismail Says:

      They`re all like this, Vanguard. I published this post in my blog in April 23, 2007. Thank you for spreading it and showing the world how filthy those Jews are. They are the reason of all the corruption and the chaos around us. I actually was able to put the video in my blog, thank Allah. They haven`t put me on their blacklist yet.


    18. Ahmed Ismail Says:

      Vanguard, guess what? I checked the video today and they deleted it from youtube. It`s “wiped off youtube”. Sure Zionists are behind this.