29 April, 2007

Caption Contest

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Finally Found a Hole They Won’t Fuck?

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  7. 40 Responses to “Caption Contest”

    1. Leshrac Says:



    2. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      What the &*^% is that thing? A barracuda?

    3. alex Says:

      No. Apparently this is a Congo fish, a goliath tiger fish, perhaps.


      There are fish sort of like these in America, but for all their terrible looking teeth, they don’t attack people.

    4. alex Says:


    5. Morguetech Says:

      That’s the hole they need to fuck most of all!!

    6. brutus Says:

      Mayberry Gazette
      April 29, 2007

      Four youths initially accused of stealing fish from Morton’s fish Market

      Mayberry – Four suspects best described by the diversity of their colorful hats where allowed free after brief questioning by Mayberry police when it was discovered that they were Ethiopian refugees.

      Susan Analstein, the managing director of Mayberry’s Christian Masochistic Ministries African Immigrant Outreach Program, said that cultural differences and language barriers were what lead to an honest misunderstanding between Mr. Morton, owner of the fish market. Apparently what really happened was that the newly made Americans were on their way to the children’s cancer ward to cheer-up the kids by making balloon animals when they thought that it would be a good idea to bring a fish to the hospital instead, said Analstein.

      It was suggested that Mr. Morton attend multi-ethic sensitivity training or be closed down by Mayberry’s code enforcement officials. Mr. Morton wholeheartedly agreed and was also pleased to learn that his 15 year old daughter, Megan, was going to have a baby and that none other then Ben Chipcho, the youth pictured on the right, was the father.

      We’re so glad to hear that unfortunate misunderstandings can come to such a happy ending, said Analstein.

    7. Steve Says:

      5 Missing Links

    8. CT Wolf Says:

      Yo! Leroy: knock dem teefs out & I fuk dat.

    9. Marv Tapirman Says:

      So this is the reason groids can’t swim?

      Where’s my lawn chair?

    10. The Warlord Says:

      In some parts of Africa guns are too expensive for the ordinary mugger, so they must improvise with whatever weapons they can find.

      The Warlord

    11. jackumup Says:

      Daaannnggg Darnell! DAT MO-FO gots teeth like my aunt Tawsha, i ain’ts putt en my dick in dat it probably bites like my aunt Tawsha too.

    12. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Can you pick out the real landsharks in this picture?

    13. NSN Says:

      so THAT’S how you circumsize a nigger…

    14. Yankee Jim Says:

      That’s the first carp with fangs I’ve ever seen taken from the Detroit River, by Detroiters. :)

    15. Steven Lee Says:

      If niggers cant fuck it due to the teeth cutting and scraping their diseased dicks, they will devour the flesh like starving jackals!

      Niggers eat the most repulsive, sickening foods imaginable to the White man. Carp and other gar from dirty, filthy rivers. Opossums and raccoons. pig feet, cow brains, tongues and tripe. Savages!

    16. Rabbi Moishe Tapirman Says:

      Suitcase Jefferson and posse prepare a sacrifice in order to propitiate the gods to help bring vnnforum.com back on line.

      /waiting on files to upload in order to help bring vnnforum.com back on line

    17. Rabbi Moishe Tapirman Says:

      Suitcase Jeffeson and posse had heard that one’s country could be free if only they threw the Jew down the well, but they threw some more things down there to make sure.

    18. bubba Says:

      That fish be white. Just put a blond wig on it……………

    19. Rabbi Moishe Tapirman Says:

      The question “regular, or extra-crispy?” had a different meaning before the White man came to Africa.

    20. Rabbi Moishe Tapirman Says:

      “Ten bucks says Agis will have trouble pronouncing the genus of this fish on the next Goyfire.”

    21. N.B. Forrest Says:

      In the most primitive African tribes, makeshift cutting implements of natural origin are employed in the controversial practice of female circumcision.

    22. Myles Says:

      That rather intimidating looking fish is relatively harmless compared to the niggers surrounding it.

    23. Joseph Says:

      Album Cover: the Gangster Jigs return with their new CD: Stanky Fish Hole – produced by Marv Tapirstein.

    24. T.Kavijavic Says:

      What Brutus said. LOL.

    25. Hibernian Says:

      Guess which one has the highest I.Q.?

      Yep. The fish.

    26. Antagonistes Says:

      This reminds me of a true event:

      A big, fat Negro woman was baptised in a river. She came up “jubilating,” waving her arms, shouthing, shimmying, and starting yelling, “I done seen the Holy Ghost! Praise God! I done seen the Holy Ghost!”

      This old Negro wino, who had been watching, spat, and said, “Shee-it. She ain’t seen nothin’ but an old carp, maybe a garfish.”

    27. furandloathinginDFW Says:

      After consuming all of the local primates, big cats and pachyderms, natives were forced to turn to such unlikely food sources as fish and vegetation, to survive.

    28. The Viking King Says:

      Dats why we only fuck dees mudda fuckas in da ass !

    29. saltriver Says:

      The fish in the picture is actually an old southern nigger fish called a Bugle Mouth Bass. (with teefs) Goes good with chittlins and watermelon.

    30. alex Says:

      More here on Goliath Tigerfish:

      New Line Class World Record Tigerfish

      I first visited the Big Five Safaris camp in the Chewore along the Zambezi in 1999, and enjoyed some of the most exciting fishing I had had in a long time.

      Since that first visit, I had passed up on several invitations to join Colin Osborne and a few friends in their pursuit of a World Record tigerfish. Colin was convinced that this would be the place to find this elusive monster, and had been back several times a year with Brian Baxter and Charlie Matheson among others. Their quest was to re-write the record books. Four pound line was the weapon, and a twenty pound tiger the target. Fate dealt me an ace when I was invited back to Big Five Safaris to cover their hunting camp, and managed to time it with another of Colin and co’s record attempts.

      This is serious stuff. The team were up every morning well before the sun, preparing tackle, sorting the boats, a quick coffee and toast, and on the water. Colin had identified a drift up stream which boasted the right combination of features for holding big tiger. Tumbling, shallow sand bars with fast running, deeper water close-by and a feature Colin calls a “cleavage’ formed by two sand bars as they meet and drop off to deeper water.

      The five day tour had been planned to take advantage of the pre-spawn period, a time when big fat hens would begin moving up the river. Winter was but a memory, and summer was blowing up the valley with sapping vengeance. Colin’s up-stream spot had produced a good daily average, with 15-20 good fish between eight and twelve pounds daily. The mamma of tiger however had been elusive. But the three anglers knew she would be there.

      Day four dawned much the same as the previous three. Colin, Charlie and Brian were on the water early, their confidence brimming with three days of skilled fishing under their belts. Focusing on a goal of breaking a record requires a certain level of dedication. Some might call it boring. The same drift, several times a day – up to 20 passes per drift per visit. Yes, other areas were drifted, but their special hot spot kept producing fish when it should have tired. All non record fish are released, and while one would think this may disturb the hot spot, it did not.

      Morning had grown into another stinking day, and midday was approaching. The fishing seemed to be peaking, and after doing the drift over 30 times, and picking up good fish, Charlie Matheson hooked into a fish he knew was different.

      The team had been using a variation of baits, from chicken breasts (the soft flesh allows easier hook penetration when fishing light line), to tiger fillets – a favourite – and probably the most oft used bait – chessa fillets (chunks actually). Charlie’s chessa chunk had also been de-boned to make it more pliable and presentable when drifting in the current. This was the group’s fourth tour in three years, and they were well prepared. Charlie – a butcher by profession – had brought along an assized digital scale for the record eventuality – and if the fish was there, it would not escape the record books.

      The ideal drift over varying structures created by undulating sand bars and with a deep channel nearby

      Ultra-light fishing is an art which fools more fish into taking the bait more often. But it requires honed skill and technique. The hook up is not so much a strike, but rather a consummate ballet of balancing timing with technique. The bait is drifted with the bail arm open, the line held loosely between the fingers. As the tiger picks up the bait, the line is released. It is important that the fish – especially when skittish – does not detect any resistance. Now it is a case of letting her run, the feel of the biting, head shaking gallop easily felt through the line and rod. Charlie had done this many times over the previous days, but now the tension of the obviously bigger fish forced a bead of sweat to prickle his brow. As the fish reaches the end of her initial run, she will slow, position the bait in order to swallow, then move off again. This is when Charlie engaged the reel, followed the fish with the rod tip (till the arm is fully extended), then using a long sweep of the rod, applied the pressure in a smooth action which would set the hook.

      Ultralight fishing requires a long rod with sufficient eyes to decrease line angle from eye to eye and therefore friction and abrasion. Note how rod B has a more even bend with the line following the shape of the rod more evenly

      The rod itself is long – over eight foot and fitted with many eyes (9′ and longer is better). In fact, the more eyes the better as when under strain, the rod bends more evenly, working correctly, and allowing the line to run through the eyes smoothly (too few eyes and the flimsy line bends at too great an angle from eye to eye, increasing friction and the possibility of snapping). Charlie was using a 8’6″ Steve Starling rod fitted with a Shimano Scimitar 2000 open face spinning reel. The rig was spooled with 4lb Double X Fluorescent Blue line (almost invisible the moment it hits the water). At the business end was a 25cm length of 27lb piano wire trace (the un-coated single strand wire offers little resistance when sliding through the teeth during hook-up), attached with No.14 swivels to a Mustad 4/0 hook – its ultra strong and sharp point

      make for maximum penetration into the tiger’s flesh with minimum exertion. If the fish had taken the bait correctly, the hook would bite somewhere down the throat, maybe even in the stomach.

      Perhaps the most critical stage of the fight is those first few seconds of hook up. It is all too easy to lift the rod too high, creating too acute an angle between reel and line. The golden rule is that the butt of the rod should not exceed 90° in relation to the line as it disappears into the water (and to the fish). Any more than this, and abrasion on the line becomes a real problem.

      The tiger was subdued on Mustad hooks – relatively small, light construction and very sharp – essential for ultra-light fishing

      Almost too far away to be possible, the huge fish broke the surface, porpoising across the water giving Charlie his first sighting. The sweat broke from under his hat, and trickled like a ghost finger down his temple. This mammoth fish would keep Charlie, Colin and Brian on their toes for 23 minutes, as the boat and all equipment was kept just right to ensure a smooth fight. She jumped another three times – breaking clear of the water, jeopardising the fragile line with each leap. This is unusual for such a big fish, but she was fit, and prepared to offer a fight if Charlie was up to it. Colin knew it was a record, and now he too was sweating. This is what his three years of coaching and guiding had been about. Finally a record fish that would break the elusive 9kg mark!

      In dramatic swirls and flurry, the ballet reached its crescendo, wavered and came to a graceful finale. The stage was quiet, the players panting, the tigerfish laying at their feet. Stunned silence replaced the pandemonium of a few minutes earlier. The shouted instructions, advice and coaxing had died away, and a new page had been written in the record books.

      Charlie Matheson with his 9,475kg tigerfish taken on four pound line

      Colin, knowing the urgency and need for accurate weighing, boated the trio to the shore, where they set up the assized digital scale on a firm, level surface ready to receive the big hen. Placing the fish on the scale, the digits screamed up passed seven, eight then nine kilograms. Settling at 9,475, Colin took some quick photographs, verified the weight with Brian Baxter and completed the record form. As they watched, and the minutes ticked by under the hot Zambezi sun, the gallant fighter died on the scale, her last tail flick bringing this chapter to an end. Immediately, the weight began to decline. The hot dry breeze sapping moisture from the fish, robbing it of precious ounces. Once frozen and back in Harare, the fish had lost a total of 270g (3%) when re-weighed. But the record had been set, and all that was left, was the back slapping, compulsory downed drink (something stronger than water I believe) and the hours of discussion and re-living which would take place in the coming days.

      Charlie and Colin – a happy conclusion to a three year hunt.

      I sat with the three around the camp fire that evening, the ever present Zambezi only a stone’s throw away, listening to the tale re-told. The three were like schoolboys who had tasted their first drink of real life. Animated, enthralled, disbelieving. It was an awesome conclusion to years of toil and sheer enjoyment. As the night faded, and conversation died, I could see the distant look in Colin’s eyes. He was already planning the expedition which would see the 20kg fish writing another chapter in those record books.

      For the technically minded, the fish weighed in at 9,475kg, had a girth of 65,5cm and a length of 74,5cm. She was in perfect condition, with only a single tooth missing, a perfect body in every respect, unscarred and healthy. Application has been made to IGFA for a Line Class World Record for four pound line class, confirmation of which is still pending as we go to print.

      The Zambezi along the Chewore is a place of record fish. Its true riverine fish, possibly migrants from the not too distant Cahora Bassa Dam downstream, are known for their quality and quantity. Although Big Five Safaris close during the rainy season (due to logistics of getting into the camps), they are open for business again from about March. For more information, contact their Harare office on tel (+263-4) 759219, 759220 or fax 759238, P.O. Box CY 1949, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe and e-mail bigfive@africaonline.co.zw

      [several pics at link]


    31. kiss my bass Says:

      “Dats why we only fuck dees mudda fuckas in da ass !”

      Dats why we only fuck dees mudda fuckas in da bass !

    32. Joe Says:

      CT Wolf Says:

      29 April, 2007 at 7:28 pm

      Yo! Leroy: knock dem teefs out & I fuk dat.

      That reminds me of something I read recently, by some stupid faggot. http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1340523

      My friend Jonathon visited one of Cook County\’s fine correctional institutes recently. Jonathon works a special job with the police department of Chicago but won\’t tell me what he does. He said that he saw a man, a man with a perfect body wearing a dress. He said the man\’s legs were covered with scars, \”Tags,\” Jonathon said, \”he was property. He was not just somebody, but a couple of people\’s bitch.\”

      \”His face,\” Jonathon continued, \”was perfectly angular too. Except for where I could tell his nose had obviously been broken several times. Also, he didn\’t appear to have any front teeth.\”

      Or this:

      Remember the rec room converted into a dorm we discussed earlier? Once a prison becomes this overcrowded the chances of violence of every kind skyrocket. A room like this quickly becomes host to what is known as \”the covered wagon.\” Prisoners arrange the three-high bunk beds in a rough square and drape them with blankets to block off the view of the guards. It is in the middle of this that a gang rape can continue for an astonishing amount of time.

      In 1973 a student protester [Robert Martin] didn\’t pay the $10 bail after being arrested at a Quaker pray-in at the White House where he was protesting the bombing of Cambodia. In the Washington, D.C. lockup he was almost immediately attacked by fellow prisoners, sodomized and forced to suck dick while being nearly beaten to death for three solid days… He was raped all day and all night. No guard came to his rescue.

      Guys beaten and dragged into the covered wagon are set upon by dozens of men. They have all their teeth knocked out, they are forced to perform fellatio for hours and hours while being savagely fucked up the ass until their assholes literally gush blood. Even if the guards were able to detect what\’s going on (and they most certainly can), they would not do anything.

      Rape, especially gang rape, is almost exclusively a black on white occurrence. More than 90% of prison rapists are black and the instance of a white raping a black is the rarest of all. If this rankles your ideals about racial harmony and the essential equality of the races, etc. — tough shit. Most rape victims are young and white… Blacks do sometimes rape other blacks, however; if you\’re black, you\’re not in the clear.

      Many prisoners just kill themselves. Those who live and are released re-enter society every bit as fucked up as you might expect.


      Savages!!? WHY WOULD ANYONE CALL THEM SAVAGES?? They have all that AIDS here and in AFrica because they just arent educated!

      (More can be read in this inspiring book by Rounder http://www.whitepatriotparty.com )

      When the time for hanging comes, lets remember who racailly desegregated prisons (and who are the judges that review most of these cases – with a big grin) knowing full well the consequences that would ensue.

      Hell, we know who produces the movies and conceptualizes the themes for the majority of interracial porn and such sites as this:

      http://www.clubgape.com (gushing blood!)

    33. Joe Says:

      Google for the term interracial with the filter off.



    34. Joe Says:

      …I quote from a 10 February 01 Springfield MO. News-Leader article
      written by a black journalist Betty Baye of the Louisville KY.
      Courier-Journal: She writes: \” One estimate is that more than 240,000
      male prisoners are raped each year. Prison administrators sometimes
      facilitate rapes. In exchange for satisfying inmates\’ pent-up racial
      hatred and sexual energies, administrators buy peace for their
      institutions and protection for their own staffers. Also of concern is
      the rapid spread of HIV and AIDS that are the results of prison sex.
      Non-violent inmates may be sentenced to death by forced, violent rapes.\”

      (Translation) Since prisons & jails have been racially intergrated for
      over 40 years, this means that literally millions of White men & boys
      have been raped by niggers, therein. Simple math, logic, common since
      and the above revelation proves it. Virtually all prison interracial
      rapes are black-on-White. Black and hispanic unity and militancy insures
      it. Un-united, therefore, defenseless, the White inmate is easy prey.
      Whit prison guards and staff not only seldom intervene in prison rapes,
      but many help to \”facilitate\” the rapes, as Betty Baye reported. White
      inmates are terrified to report their own abuse for fear of being
      labelled a snitch, a fear well known by all inmates and guards who look
      the other way in their own self interests and safety and in the
      interests of their bosses. Mustn\’t be seen as a racist especially by
      those strong and united African Americans while they satisfy their
      \”pent-up racial hatreds and sexual energies.\” It\’s just not good for my
      safety or career. Besides, nobody makes a big deal about it. It\’s the
      status quo and has been going on for years. It\’s acceptable. It helps
      keep the peace. The media nor the politicians seem to care a damn. Why
      should I stick my neck out by making waves. Best to be like everybody
      else and pretend I don\’t know it\’s happening.

      Part 6

      Most younger White inmates offer no resistance at all and soon become
      some niggers \”ho\” for protection from the others. (Best to be raped by
      one, than by many.) The \”ho\’s\” or \”bitches\” begin to act, walk, and
      dress feminine and are frequently rented out or sold. To maintain sanity
      and to prevent at least a small semblance of self respect, the \”ho\’s\”
      pretend they like it all just fine. Occupied with their own safety and
      survival, stronger White inmates seldom, if ever, intervene. All White
      inmates, regardless of age or size, are referred to as \”White boys\”,
      even by each other. These young White men and boys serving years as
      \”ho\’s\” are, no doubt, raped by dozens and forced to perform oral sex
      hundreds of times. How many leave prison with AIDS or HIV? Since 10% of all inmates are infected, than the black rate must be double that, at
      the very least!

      There are millions of these formerly abused White inmates in society
      now. Since release from prison, few ever told a living soul because (1)
      Shame & humiliation, (2) It seems to prove their cowardice, (3) They
      have been taught society doesn\’t care, and (4) The system wouldn\’t do
      anything about it even if they had reported it.

      The sick reality and extent of all this stresses the mind and causes
      \”Double-think\” among us White cowards. \”Double-think\” is what we do when
      super depressing thoughts enter our minds. We think them in, then
      quickly think them out again. Whereas, our forefathers would have
      stormed the prisons and hanged every nigger in them, we refuse to permit
      the outrages to stay in our heads for more than a few seconds. Behold,
      the power of the Jews-media over our minds, therefore over our actions
      or the lack thereof.

      Part 7

      50-60 years ago thru out the South, the sight of a black man with a
      White woman together in public caused a violent reaction from White men.
      Today, it barely raises an eyebrow, even in the deep south. Back then,
      violent White reactions were expected. It was the status quo, the
      popular culture. White men were forced by society to act like men
      Militant White racism was the national perception by blacks & Whites
      alike. And it insured an extremely low level of racial violence compared
      to today\’s.

      That national perception has been reversed. It is now the exact
      opposite. blacks and hispanics are now perceived to be the strong
      racists, defending race, manhood, and honor.

      So what caused society and perceptions to change so dramatically?

      Jew-wise activists know the answer to that question. Limited space here
      doesn\’t allow for a complete explanation. But in a word, it was the
      Jews-media, especially television. The media, and only the media is
      capable of changing national perceptions, cultures, and societal status
      quos. Though ZOG did it\’s part also. Have you forgotten, for example,
      armed federal troops with bayonets thru out the South forcing little
      White girls to go to school with negroes?

      Beginning in the 1960\’s, The Jews-media created the pacifist hippie
      culture for White youth, and a militant culture for the blacks. The
      White population was divided and the black population was brought
      together. While blacks were rioting, looting, raping, assaulting and
      burning, White youth were either tuning into drugs and wearing flowers
      in their hair, or demonstrating against White racism and the Vietnam
      war, or both. The Jews-media gave our youth the Beatles, the Monkeys,
      the Beach Boys and hundreds of other cowardly, wimpy \”make love not war\” celebrities to emulate. Consequently, the more militant blacks became,
      the more Whites kissed up to them. A cowardly and outrageous planned and orchestrated phenomena that has continued, even increased to this very
      day! The very undeniable fact that Jews dominate the American media, and
      have increasingly for the entire 20th century, makes them the architects
      of White cowardice and black militancy, as well as all other social and
      political changes in our society. The Jews-media controls minds,
      therefore actions (or) the lack of actions. The Jews-media incited,
      inflamed, then sicked the negroes on us while effectively holding our
      hands behind our backs, and both at the same time.

      While filling up America with tens of millions of foreign colored
      aliens, ZOG passes \”hate crime\” and \”ethnic intimidation\” laws to
      suppress our resistance, while the Jews-media screams to us daily that
      race-mixing is wonderful, and that those who disagree are haters,
      racists, and bigots. Plenty of extra room in America has been created by
      the abortion deaths of 30 million White infants since 1973, and by the
      Jews-media\’s creation of White popular culture (Sex, drugs, & rock\’n
      roll), incondusive to White procreation sufficient to maintain our
      population number. We buy almost twice as many caskets as cradles!
      Think about that for a minute. Twice as many caskets as cradles. The
      White race is dying out and only the blind, or retarded fail to see it.
      The Jews are committing international and methodical genocide against
      the White race! Every national politician knows it but are to cowardly
      to speak publicly of it. And White gentile journalists are the biggest
      cowardly lemmings of all, especially those who own or run small town
      newspapers. None, for fear of the Jews, dares to speak or write of
      Jewish genocide against their own White race and children\’s. They care
      more for their own safety, pocket books, and immediate self interests,
      than for their own child\’s future, an undeniable fact even they admit
      when you pin them down with simple statistics and facts.


    35. Jozsef Says:

      A great motive for all this seems to be pure and carefully orcastrated vengence.

      We dont know what the fuck you mad-dog kikes are so angry about. Is it because we walled you off in those shitty ghettos?? Its not like you havent always chose to self segregate and \”isolate\” yourselves from the host population anways to continue on with your eugenic/master race inbreeding. Its not like we forced you rape and marry your kin…hell you still to it to this day!


      When she arrived in L.A. in mid-March from Montreal, on a ticket paid for with borrowed funds, her short brown hair streaked with pink, all she wanted to do was perform in enough scenes to create a nest-egg that she could take back to Canada and use to go on with her life. Instead, she\’s now broke, jobless and had been staying with friends, and if the tests come back Saturday evening as she\’s hoping they won\’t, HIV-positive.
      \”My manager woke me up on that morning that they all found out,\”Roxx told AVN.com. \”I was very upset on that day; I don\’t even remember what day it was.\”It was Tuesday, April 13, the day the news broke that popular performer Darren James (down low nigger ) had contracted HIV — the first active performer on the straight side of the industry to do so in nearly five years. (the 2nd being another nigger

      \”When I got there, me and Marc had a little conversation, because Thomas Hope told me I was going to do a d.p., and so I get there and Marc Anthony tells me it\’s a d.a. [A sword fight he actively participated in as well], which stands for double anal, \”Roxx recalled. \”And I\’m like, \’‘What? I\’ve never done a double anal.\’ And he\’s like, \’Well, that\’s what we need. It\’s either that or nothing.\’ And that\’s how they do it. But Marc Anthony was playing that, and I think thats really bad, because I\’m mad at the friend I thought I had in Marc, because he knew double anal was dangerous. I knew it too, really, probably, but I was just putting it way back in my mind because I was down in California to make the maximum amount of money, to come back home wealthy. I had plans for the money.\”

      \”I freaked out. My heart started beating really fast and I was like, well, uh – I don\’t know,\” she said. \”And he\’s like, well, it\’s either that or we don\’t need you.\”

      And, Roxx says, she had to pay back the $1,100 plane ticket to Los Angeles. The scene with the two men would pay her $1,300.

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sick fucking judes!

      How do you like that? Isnt this a multi-billion dollar a year industry? Cant they aford to pay their \”actors\” explenses themselves? After getting mutilated in this way, this dumb bitch has to pay the producers (kike pimps) back to do the scene HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      But Murray Rothstein conveyed to me on VH1 that this is the professional adult business with regular actors and actresses like anywhere else, just with all consenting adults How many Hollywood Actors do you know of that have to pay their way to the location to film a scene. Cheap swindling sheenies.

      It sounds a lot more similar to the arraingement the Russian mob makes with the talent about working off the dept to them, after being brought here to the states.

      Fucking KIKES!

    36. Antagonistes Says:

      The company I used to work for sent me to a technician’s school in Connecticut. There was a black guy in the class who said he made a rabbit’s eyes pop out by screwing it. He was proud and thought it was funny. Most guys laughed. He also said he used to put firecrackers in cats’ asses and light them.


      If I had seen him doing that, I would have soundly thrashed him. . . and given the rabbit or cat an honorable burial.

    37. Eros Says:

      Why are there only niggers in the interracial section? If kikes only make this sick shit because of supply and demand, wouldnt it make more sense to market to their 70% white male potential audience? Maybe they want to convey the same message to the adolesants who will find such boring bullshit, as Uncle Murray is to the young girls who mostly are the audience to his tasteless MTV and VH1 garabe.

      And wow about the way in which the niggers cure AIDS? I know, I know, they are just not well educated. That is why we need to send them all over here so we can teach them and they can become first rate Americans like the Mexicans. Like you wouldnt believe that gangraping a virginal infant wouldnt cure your GRIDS. You would have to attend Cambridge or get a visit from negress Jocyln Elders in Middle School to know that.

      Animals!? ANIMALS?? Its you who are the animals! You see? Your stupid minds, stupid stupid!

    38. Eros Says:

      Itz networking within the tribe. Like killer ants within a colony commicate via antanas. All the commericials have convey the same propaganda.

      Why doesnt the white race??

    39. Eros Says:


    40. Joe Says:

      I dont know what propagandist benifit they hope to gain from it. I know jews are sick fucks they hate women with a passion, and white women the most, as their alien instincts and cohesive cult dictates. So they love to denigrate them, and must think sex with one of these schwartzes, or much better a gangrape, is the ultimate denigration, akin to almost bestiality pushinment. \”That\’s hot.\” Stripping them of all of their racial pride as well. They are intimated by white women, as they are men, they must all be broken in somehow.

      You notice most porn is teenage themed as well, or just underaged fantasy. Why is this? Most men have thought about a young girl, yes, but they would prefer a young woman. Jews find sex with full grown women totally pervese, this was probably caused by how repulsive their own women are. So they turn on their daughters, who are less like them yet and not the fully devoloped jewess.

      They cannot use real little girls, so they find 24 year old douche bags to say they are 18 year olds. It would be totally perverse for a jew to actually use a 24 year old woman. Thats not hot and horny, honey. Im sure in the jew world, a 20 year old is already a worn out slut. But then again so is a 10 year old in many houses.

      They were probably originally some group of punks who could not defend themselves and were being gang-raped by sand niggers and had to isolate themselves. Which would explain their absolute fear of phsical confrontation. But we know why they hate the Romans, and we saw what revenge they gave them. Now that many white men have become immune to Christianity, they invent so much more sickness from their diseased minds, and call it political movements. The disease needs to be removed to end the sickness and misery.