16 April, 2007

First Goal of Knoxville Rally Already Achieved

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By Alex Linder

Congratulations, people! We have already accomplished one of the main goals of our Knoxville rally: getting the most horrific crime ever committed on the North American continent into the MSM. The Kikencrust has been breached – solely due to Internet pressure, and friend, that means VNN. That means all you posting here and at VNNFORUM.com, and all you making those wonderful branded videos. Make no mistake – without your efforts, Geraldo and Juan NEVER would have mentioned this unspeakable crime. Don’t fool yourself for a minute. They aren’t bothered by the crime – they are bothered by others being bothered by it.

Our pressure has forced the media to their backup position: they have retreated from denying that the crime happened to overt lying, with their dirty, filthy, completely untrue insinuations that the innocent White victims were seeking drugs or partying where they shouldn’t have been. We have scared the media, and they haven’t seen anything yet. You hear me Jerry Rivers, you lying jew? You hear me Juan Williams, you lying nigger?


On Sunday, April 15, 2007, both Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams mentioned the crime on major cable news channels. A woman named Banderas read out many of the horrible details to a gasping, obvlious viewership.

What they said wasn’t put in the right context, but that’s not the point, and that goes without saying in any case. The point is that the Channon Christian/Christopher Newsom double rape/torture/murder will only grow, grow, grow in the eyes and ears and brains of the, cough, highly conditioned adult kindergartners who make up the American public.

Keep pushing, boys and girls!


Following is a blog mention of Christian/Newsom. Feel free to post any blog mentions you see, too, both here and at VNNFORUM.com.

We know the media are controlled by jews, and false-fronted by pretty appeasers. That puts the onus on us to report the truth about what’s going on in AmeriKwa, the term millions are using to denote America-under-the-jews, the nasty, nigger-first, human-last “culture” vibrating out of a wigger’s car near you.


The blood of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom cries out for revenge.

The Essential Truth of the “German Video”

Speaking as one who has actually been to the Bronx, I… and just about any of the hypocritical Blacks on the video segment there on Yahoo could vouch for this… could absolutely assure you that if you are White and three Blacks are coming up to you after dark, then they are coming to do you harm. Ther German Instructor was absolutely correct in this regard.

Also, the Black woman in the Yahoo video makes my own point exactly, the War between Blacks and Whites is as inevitable now as the setting of the sun. The sooner Whites wake up to the undeniable truth of just exactly what the vast vast majority of Blacks in this country hold in their heart of hearts for White America and White Americans and what Blacks have in store for White Americans, their culture, their way of Life, and THEIR CHILDREN, the sooner Whites can begin to prepare themselves for the forthcoming hostilities and atrocities about to be unleashed upon them.

Indeed, already being unleashed? Think of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom…


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    1. alex Says:

      Monday, April 16, 2007

      It’s true-when all is said and done, all there is is Folk, Faith, and Family. Whites need to get it that all the rest, well, you’re just being played for a sucker. I know you see that every time you turn around there is someone trying to get a little more of your money-your time, your sympathy, your stuff…somebody trying to play on your feelings. Get your sympathy for the “poor”, “disadvantaged”, “less privileged”, ef cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

      It’s to the point where many White People will pass right by another White that could use a hand and will help out someone from another race instead-cause that’s what we’re being sold!

      Look, our country sends money, food, medicine…”aid” to just about every third-world country not on the map. We’re also forced to except the cast-offs from those places-in droves and we’re supposed to keep on, until when? until we’re all fighting FOR AIR???-and yet, if you watch TV, you see organizations with their hand out for, “Little Jose”, or, “Little Maria”.

      How many suckers are actually pulled in by those big brown eyes? Why don’t they keep the help local? Why is it that we’ve largely been turned into a race of suckers? I encourage you to think about that. By posting here on WHITESPEECH I hope to help bring people around. I hope to be able to find ways to bring other White People back around to unity as a People-back to Folk, Faith, and Family.

      I stopped by NewsNet14 this morning and found a headline there. This is the shit we’re encouraging? Defending? Supporting? Feeding? ALLOWING??? Honestly, do you think these people will help you when you are down? Do you think your house will be passed by and you and yours won’t be be robbed, raped, looted, or murdered by these people if there’s a disaster (example New Orleans, South Central, Miami…)? Well, think again, Whitey. It’s happening already on a grand scale-you just hear little if any about it! The fact that you are a sucker and a traitor to your own people will not save you, but gathering your people around you and working hand-in-hand for the good and survival of the Race will do more than save you-it will make it possible for future generations of White Children to be born and carry on the greatness of the White Race.

      I will hope to hear from you!

      In The Awakening of White America (THE WHITE WORLD!!!), Wolf 14/88

      Blacks plan to celebrate hate crimes against whites
      April 15th, 2007 Top Stories

      St. Nicolas Thief, president and founder of Black Poverty Speaks, along with many local Knoxville blacks who live in the Washington Pike area has organized a social action protest celebration championing Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins.

      Davidson and Cobbins are the brothers and two of the five suspects charged in the carjacking, kidnapping, rape and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

      “We’re coordinating the celebration to to jive with the march angry whites are planning in memory of the victims and because of the ‘media black-out’ they note the case is receiving from national news networks,” Thief, who is currently stationed in Knoxville, said.
      “We’re celebrating underprivileged Knoxville blacks who victimize privileged Knoxville whites,” he added.

      “If you come down here, you’re either visiting someone or you’re buying drugs,” said, Misty Boshears, 31, who lives near Washington Pike. “I’m shocked, but I’m not shocked,” of Christian and Newsom’s murders, Boshears said. “I don’t allow my girl to play outside because of the danger.”

      Another neighbor, Carl Hunley, who lives next door to the house where Christian’s body was found, said three weeks prior to Christian’s body being discovered, there was a drive-by shooting at the house.

      “These are the kinds of communities we live in all throughout this country,” St. Nicolas Thief said. “These communities are the legacies of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

      “That whites’ ancestors and the government hasn’t and doesn’t educate whites on how the legacy of slavery has created the impoverished conditions that do continue to influence and trap our people doesn’t mean we have to excuse their ignorance.

      “There’s going to be a party in Knoxville and America everytime black poverty speaks and privileged whites suffer.”READ MORE!!!>>>

      This twisted thinking is not exclusive to the black community, but in the White community-it amounts to sure suicide. Our brothers and sisters are being assaulted, tortured, robbed, raped, and murdered. Please, let us unite so that we have a chance to maintain the upper hand. As we sell out our birth-right we lose more than the freedom to live and work in our own communities. As more and more non-Whites move in, as more and more non-Whites gain power in our country (NOT ONLY AMERICA, BUT ALL OF THE WESTERN WORLD-ALL FORMERLY WHITE NATIONS-DO THE RESEARCH!!!), can’t you see that our safety and lives-the safety and lives of White People-men, women, AND children-everywhere is compromised!!!
      ¶ 4/16/2007 08:03:00 AM


    2. alex Says:

      Ever hear of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom?
      Here’s a true story of racism that the liberal media doesn’t want you to know:

      Watch this and then read the following article:
      In memory of the Channon Christian media black out.

      The Killers of Channon Christian and her boyfriend Chris Newsom

      “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

      Race is a touchy subject in America. In fact it’s an obsession. When I ended up with this picture (click here) via an e-mail chat group, I was skeptical. After all, I live in Bristol Virginia/Tennessee only 90 miles from Knoxville. This horror story never made it into the local press that I know of. We were drowned out by Anna Nicole Smith banter. If it had been reported, it was certain we would never know the race of the felons, or that at least two of the four are released felons.

      But we certainly knew the race of the Duke Lacrosse Players as their names and pictures were splattered all over the media for months. Because my website often tracks and publishes many issues on Bristol Virginia/Tennessee, I did see a growing pattern similar to Knoxville. Only if we see a picture of the criminal (or if they have a Spanish name) do we know their race. Unless it perpetrator is white, the race is never mentioned. Let’s look at some facts.

      April 18, 2006 New York Times to quote,

      The woman, a 27-year-old single mother of two and a student at a nearby university, is black. She was hired to perform as an exotic dancer at an off-campus party held March 13 by members of the team. She said she was attacked by three white players…Forty-six team members submitted DNA samples to the police on March 23 under a court order. Results of those DNA tests were released April 9 by defense lawyers, who said the results failed to link any of the players to the woman. The 47th player, who is black, was not required to submit a sample because the woman said the attackers were white…

      The Killers of Channon Christian and her boyfriend Chris Newsom
      Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

      In about every publication I googled (with over 1 million hits for “duke lacrosse players”) race was constantly brought up, the stripper’s name/picture withheld while the players names/photos were everywhere. (I still don’t know her name or what she looks like.) As for that lone black player on the team in an interview on ABC News Oct. 31, 2006:

      …his three white teammates who have been accused of sexually assaulting a black woman had been stereotyped by class and skin color…”


    3. alex Says:

      Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

      Following on from my previous Posts regarding the two young White students that were so brutally raped, tortured and murdererd.

      Over here in the UK it was not even reported on the mainstream media, I only know about it via the Internet. If this had been a young Black couple and the perpertraters had been White, it would have made World wide Headlines. Their would have been outcry from every ethnic minority, lilly livered Liberal and Communist red race traitor scum about the Evil White race. Just another example of the Kike dominated Media whereby when blacks commit evil crimes against Whites the News is supressed or not published but if a White person Commits even a small crime against a Black then you can be sure you will hear about it in the Kike controlled Media.

      This of course is all part of there plan to destroy the White European Race and its descendants. They are also encouraging race mixing, Look at the shit coming out of Kike controlled Hollywood. They want us all to become a monglized shit skin coloured bunch of slaves with no true racial identity, that way we will be easier to control.

      Of course this only applies to ordinary mainly working class people, you won’t see the illuminati, the instigators of the “New World Order” race-mixing. In fact segrigation is still practised in Isreal, they even have seperate schools for Jews and non-Jews.

      I hate to say this because of the tragic and evil circumstances that befell poor Channon and Christopher but thanks to the Internet, the more we hear about the henious crimes perpertrated on innocent Whites the better, the sheeple might eventually open there eyes and see what is really going on and decide to do somthing about it.
      Rest in Peace Channon & Christopher and my sympathy to there family’s

      Posted by John Hardon at 21:43


    4. alex Says:

      Nappy Headed Hoes

      By Curt Maynard

      At the risk of offending Daryl Bradford Smith and being denounced as a Zionist agent for writing an article in which I happen to mention blacks in a way that he perceives to be less than complimentary, I?d like to submit this new essay to the Internet community. It isn?t really about blacks per se as much as it is about the media and its unwillingness to cover any issues of substance.

      There is no doubt in my mind that we?ll be hearing about Don Imus? ?Nappy headed hoes? comment for months on end, we?ll be hearing a whole lot more from the Rutgers team, their coach, Presidential candidates, University deans, various Jewish spokespeople, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc? etc? I imagine everyone will jump aboard this train of persecution and hurt feelings before it?s all over.

      When we aren?t being forced to watch hours and hours of this crap, we?ll be forced to watch hours and hours of coverage about Anna Nicole Smith, a woman who truly represented the worst that America has become, a self absorbed, drug addicted cretin, whose entire life turned out to be lived in vain. As far as I am concerned the only thing this woman ever did of any tangible value in her entire life was to die under mysterious circumstances which compelled a Jewish judge, Jewish medical examiner, Jewish attorney, and Anna Nicole Smith?s Jewish husband, who undoubtedly murdered her and her son Daniel, to all come out together publicly and smugly claim that all of the strange circumstances surrounding her death were just a ?coincidence.? Other than that, Smith?s entire life was one meaningless foray after another ? she was a gold digger that was conned and murdered by a better one.

      As of today, entering Anna Nicole Smith?s name into a google news search nets over ten thousand articles. Entering the words ?nappy headed? results in more than 3,500 articles. At the risk of appearing to be ?racist? [Oh my] I?d like to suggest that Don Imus? comment isn?t all that newsworthy, certainly not as newsworthy as the media has made it. I couldn?t care less what happens to Imus, he had the opportunity to go down in glory by telling Al Sharpton to get screwed on national television and/or pointing out that Al Sharpton is a staunch defender of a man named Khalid Abdul Muhammad who can be seen here calling for the mass murder of ALL WHITE PEOPLE including our INNOCENT BLUE EYED BABIES [Feel like defending that Daryl Bradford Smith?] Sharpton once said, ?I have no problem with Khalid. My problem is Giuliani. It?s not Khalid who is talking hate; it?s Rudy Giuliani.? As far as Sharpton was concerned, Muhammad was ?an articulate and courageous brother.? Watch the above video and try to convince yourself that Khalid isn?t ?talking hate.?

      In comparison to the enormous and unmerited amount of media attention received by Don Imus? comments concerning the Rutgers team and Anna Nicole Smith?s hedonistic life, consider the amount of attention the media is giving to stories of far greater importance.

      A google news search of Al Sharpton?s friend “Khalid Abdul Muhammad” and his comments receives ZERO attention, no articles whatsoever. Why not? Certainly someone in the media is aware of the fact that Sharpton has defended his friend Muhammad on more than one occasion and that Muhammad was a psychopath [He?s now deceased].

      A google news search of the name ?Asher Karni? also nets no articles despite the fact that Israeli illegally sold two hundred nuclear weapon detonators to Pakistan; the world?s most unstable and nuclear armed Islamic Republic, a few years ago and is scheduled to be released any day now. For additional information on the media?s active suppression of the Karni case and how they blew a comparably insignificant case involving a non Jewish man named Ryan G Anderson out of proportion, see an article I wrote three years ago entitled ?Conspiracy: The Cases of Asher Karni and Ryan G. Anderson.?

      A google news search for the name ?Yehuda Abraham? likewise yields nothing, despite the fact that the New York City Orthodox Jew sold Russian made, shoulder launched, surface to air missiles to undercover FBI agents with the understanding that they?d be used against commercial aircraft in the United States. Abraham was sentenced to five years ? he too will soon be released, yet the media chooses to ignore this story and focus on Don Imus.

      A google news search for the name ?Channon Christian,? a twenty-one year old young lady from Knoxville TN, who was horribly murdered earlier this year along with her boyfriend Chris Newsom by four black men AND a black female after being subjected to two days of rape and torture merits only four articles at present, not one of which is involved with the national media, not one! For further information on this case, please see an article I wrote several weeks ago entitled Hideous Race Murder Angers Whites ? Sparks Rally. Where?s Al Sharpton on this?

      A google news search for the words ?GM Corn?/?toxic? reveals less than a half dozen articles despite the fact that ? French researchers from CRIIGEN (Committee for Independent Research and Genetic Engineering) based at the University of Caen [recently] reported their findings from a 90-day rat study that indicated liver and kidney toxicity in the rats, as well as differences in weight gain between the sexes as a result of eating the transgenic maize, MON863. MON863 is a transgenic maize genetically modified to express the Bt-toxin (Cry3Bb1) which enables the plant to be insect repellent against the corn rootworm pest. It is different from other GM corns of the market since these express the Cry1Ab toxin which is toxic to the European corn borer.? In other words GM is producing toxic food and the news media isn?t telling you the consumer. If that isn?t a bigger story than the Anna Nicole Smith saga or Imus? ?nappy headed hoes? comment, I don?t know what is.

      Just the other day, March 29th in fact, a Jewish French horn player from the Christchurch symphony named Bernard David Shapiro was arrested for possessing among other items ?two anti-personnel mines, eight sticks of Powergel and two cans of black powder,? but a google news search reveals only a single article about this story, why? Just in case you don?t know, anti-personnel mines and Powergel [a powerful explosive] are incredibly hard to obtain, the only way to really get these items is through an arms dealer or by way of a national armory. Of course the story begs the question, why exactly does a French horn player need these military items? I’d like to know that too, but I can’t count on the media, because it looks like they’re going to suppress this story as well.

      It goes on and on reader ? the news media is suppressing stories of tremendous importance and flooding the airwaves with trivial crap designed to indoctrinate rather than inform. They do not want you the reader to know about Asher Karni, Yehuda Abraham, Channon Christian, GM corn, or Khalid Abdul Muhammad, but they do want you to know that a radio shock jock referred to a group of black female basketball players as ?nappy headed hoes,? the question is why? Why is it so much more important to inform you about a “shock jocks” nasty comment than it is about the illegal sale of nuclear weapon triggers, the illegal sale of surface to air missiles, horrible torture murders, and calls to muder ALL white people, including our “innocent blue eyed babies?”

      The answer of course is that you have been carefully trained, over an entire lifetime in fact, to respond to certain themes and one of these themes is that any failure associated with the multicultural paradise the media is actively seeking to create is the white majority?s fault. Don?t fall for it. In respect to GM corn and the media?s failure to report a credible and highly significant study proving that it is toxic, the reader should remember that it is only one of ten thousand significant stories the media is suppressing in respect to introducing toxic substances into the diet of people all around the world, proving once again that multinational corporations intend to slowly, but profitably kill us all, white, black, brown and yellow, it makes no difference to them, just as long as the money keeps rolling in. A Utopian world is a ?profitable? world. A world questioning the media created ?multicultural paradise,? will eventually rebel and rebellion equals loss, not profit.

      Wake up people; you?re being taken for a ride.
      If you is own this post, And you want to delete this post.


    5. alex Says:

      The Race War – shhhhh

      I was watching FOX NEWS tonight about the Don Imus thing when the anchor Kirin Chetry dropped a bomb shell about a case in Knoxville Tennessee where a young couple, college student Channon Christian 21, set to graduate this year and her boyfriend Chris Newsom 23 was carjacked..Albeit you haven’t heard about it either because it seems no one was supposed too. Anyway, I Googled it and believe it or not, most of the lead news on the story is from some far right wingers (White Supremacists) who knows, maybe, now they’re needed to counter balance the likes of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the new Black Panthers Sherik Shabaz. The blog “Politically Correct Apostate” has the scoop but I don’t know about all the (usual) stuff about Jews, they should probably concentrate a little less on them and a lot more on radical blacks or the Great Satan Islam but hey, what do I know… http://pcapostate.blogspot.com/2007/03/angry-whites-plan-knoxville-rally.html
      And David Dukes site http://www.davidduke.com/category/general/

      but there is a lot about it, just not as cleansed. It appears the powers that be are worried about a riot and would rather the story went away!

      I will even include the Google link for ya! http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=couple+carjacked%2Craped%2C+tortured+and+murdered+in+knoxville

      YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_izIyJn84fo

      I can’t believe we’re hearing about Imus 24/7 … At least the Duke University situation is dismissed (a year later)and the only one who gets nailed (and deserves it)! is Nifong the Prosecutor > any apologies coming from Jesse LOVE Child, shake down artist, Jackson or Al “Twana Brawley” Sharpton – don’t hold your breath!

      What ever became of Al Sharptons little adventure with Twanda Brawley and her lies about being raped by two White Police Officers – forget it, you won’t find a Sharpton apology anywhere, nor will you ever!
      Hey Imus, hows that make you feel about apologising now – dumbass?

      posted by Cu’cullen | 6:41 PM

      Yankee_James said…

      Thanks for writing about this case! The story NEEDS to get out there.

      There will be a rally in Knoxville on 5/26/07.

      Details here:



    6. alex Says:

      Outrageous, Brutal Torture and Murder the Media Chose to Ignore

      I stumbled upon a news story this morning that was so shocking that I just couldn’t believe it. It was about a gruesome murder of a young couple that happened this past January in Knoxville Tennessee. My first thought was that it had to be a hoax because I had never heard anything about it and I consider myself a pretty big news junky. Here is an excerpt.

      He had been castrated, doused in gasoline, burned alive, and shot three times.

      The police found Channon Christian the afternoon of Tuesday, January 9, 2007. She had been repeatedly gang raped, forced to watch the torture of her boyfriend, tortured herself and murdered. Her urine saturated body was found stuffed into a trash can in the kitchen of the Chipman St. house. Both of her breasts had been cut off, and drain cleaner was found in her mouth. The latter was done in an apparent attempt to wipe out any DNA evidence their acts may have left.

      I wondered, how could such an outrageous crime like that get so little coverage? It had to have been a hoax.

      Unfortunately, it isn’t a hoax. Here is a page about the story that has plenty of links to more information.

      Keep this story in mind next time you think that you are getting the complete news from the major media outlets. This story is much more shocking than Don Imus, the Duke Lacrosse players or Anna Nicole Smith.

      Is the press protecting us from such brutal stories? Or did this story not fit into their standard profile and agenda? You decide for yourself.

      Added 4/16/2007

      I emailed Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, a website that usually is not afraid to publish the stories like this. I asked him why this story never got mentioned on his site. He actually personally emailed me back and told me that they have been following this story from the beginning and are waiting to bring it out until the main claims in the story are a matter of public record. Right now some of the stuff being stated on various websites is not yet substantiated and they won’t run with it until everything is. I respect them for this. If anyone will get the story out and get it out with more than just rumors, it will be WorldNetDaily.


    7. alex Says:

      Free Speech for the Privileged

      Apparently you have to be special to say what you want and get away with it. A person can make a lot of money with it, if they’re Chosen. But make no mistake, not all of us are. Don Imus isn’t, as we all found out just a short while ago when it was broadcasted on every media outlet that he was fired from MSNBC. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8OEMQAG0&show_article=1 And another one bites the dust. Hopefully he’ll go to satellite like Howard Stern. No- the OTHER Howard Stern, the one that has nothing to do with Anna Nicole. Howard Stern is practically a genius for getting around the rules of the FCC, he did it for years. And now he doesn’t have to deal with them. Maybe he should call Imus.

      It’s interesting when you look at who the Chosen Ones are. For example, Crystal Gail Mangum is a Chosen One http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2007/0411071duke1.html, and she’s a nobody stripper. Nothing will happen to her because apparently she’s crazy, or so it is rumored. And Nifong got away for 13 months saying what ever he felt, but DNA trumps political correctness (and thank God, else those guys would have had the death penalty), so he’s not a Chosen One anymore.

      Snoop Dogg is a Chosen One, and probably thinks Crystal Mangum is a ho, by profession, as long as Imus doesn’t say so. http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1556803/20070410/id_0.jhtml And I’m sure if you do a websearch on the lyrics of his songs, he gets away with saying a lot of things that we lowly, un-special ones would not. But Snoopy is so Doggone smart! Imagine, that racist Imus SAYING something so terrible. I remember Snoopy standing outside of the prison holding a “Free Tookie Willaims” sign. Tookie KILLED people. He dealt drugs, he founded a gang so big it spans across our country. Imus SAID something. But that’s what he gets for talking. But Snoopy’s right, right? I mean, Imus isn’t allowed to say anything about the black people, but Tookie should go free for…well we know. By the way, I guess a congratulations are in order for Snoopy getting probation for his weapons and drug possession charges while being on probation, again.

      Bill Cosby is not a Chosen One. Every time Bill Cosby says anything about the black community doing something positive, ditching the ghetto mentality, getting educated, speaking properly, he’s called an Uncle Tom, and Jessie Jackson goes on air to clarify what Bill really meant. You know, because Mr. Cosby isn’t smart enough to say what he really means. Or hasn’t been to Hymietown.

      Really, it amounts to a bunch of talk. I find it kind of sick where the racial bias has gotten us. Al Sharpton, a Chosen One, has been calling for heads to roll for days over a string of words used by Imus, but when will Sharpton apologise to the Duke Lacrosse Players he insulted and convicted via media? No words about his defense of a girl that made it all up? Can the real Tawana Brawley please stand up?

      Being white (and female) is almost scary sometimes (unless your name is Britney, Paris or Anna, all of whom are Chosen Ones). You don’t have to do anything to be accused of something, and bad things can happen to you and no one reports it. Poor Channon Christian is a wonderful example of that. I’d love to give you a link, but see the media didn’t think it was so important. Only the local channels had any coverage, and the only other mentions are tribute videos from her friends and loved ones on the internet. Her cute boyfriend and she got a raw deal, and no one cared. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=channon+christian Racism doesn’t belong to the black people or Hispanics only. Discrimination doesn’t belong only to minority groups. It happens to everyone. And as much as the black community rails on, and rightly so about doing away with racism, not everyone is on board with that sentiment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGv8PQr8Uo4 (<--Chosen One) So what do we do about it? Well, we silence speech, right? I mean, that's the only answer is to get all people to stop saying these mean things. Being mean isn't nice and everyone should be nice, because we're fragile. Or maybe not. So what if Michael Richards flipped out and screamed the N-word over and over. And so what that Kamau Kambon wants to kill white people. Richards didn't get the memo that people don't call black people that anymore and Kambon didn't get the memo that Lincoln, who was white, freed the slaves. I don't care what these people say. I have been called names, and so what. Do I want Kambon to be ordered to shut up? That wouldn't be very democratic. And I didn't even watch the CSPAN video on youtube because.....I didn't like it and I didn't want to. That, my fellow Americans is how freedom of speech works. You speak, I don't like it, I stop listening while you keep speaking. If you tied me up and forced me, it would be different. But as long as I maintain the option to tune you out, then by all means SPEAK. People will say what they will, and it means we can hold them accountable for what they say. If we silence that, then we're left up to interpretation and that's where the Thought Police come in. No one should ever have to hear, "You can't say that" in America. Instead, we should hear, "I'll listen to something else." It's all about choices. We owe a thanks to the media for their rather large part in perpetuating all the nonsense. When Anna Nicole's baby's daddy gets more coverage than Hurricane Katrina, something is wrong. And when people really do fall victim to things, they get no attention because people who say politically incorrect things get it all. But, I guess that doesn't effect the Chosen Ones. Posted by Jenny Bea at 7:55 PM

    8. alex Says:

      link for the above:


    9. Antagonistes Says:

      I agree with Curt Maynard–the main point of this protest, at this time ( it seems to me, if I may say so, since I did not organize it) is the censorship of the press, which is symbolically spitting in the faces of White people.

      As an aside, I asked my sister in Knoxville about this and SHE HAD NOT EVEN HEARD ABOUT IT AND SHE WAS A JOURNALISM MAJOR IN COLLEGE!

      But for me, unless there is some reason I cannot yet see, this is a very, very convincing demonstration of Jewish-liberal perfidy.

    10. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      I think it’s fair to say that this is being driven by the WN media. To my knowledge, it hasn’t been mentioned by Limbaugh or Hannity or any of the rest of those dorks on conservative talk radio. You can see by this recent interview Limbaugh had with Dick Cheney what he’s concerned about, the goddam jews and their wars:


      Not a fucking word to Cheney about the amnesty or the pending hate crime legislation or the mud gang explosion and crime wave, just what’s good for jews!
      FreeRepublic buried it when someone tried to post it over there, and I seriously doubt if anybody at National Review brought it up, Buckley’s too worried about somebody picking on Hymie, and I haven’t seen it on any of the other conservative websites either. So pat yerselves on the back boys, ya done good!



    11. fdtwainth Says:

      Congratulation on good beginning of this important work that must be done, Mr Linder. Let’s hope by its end you will be in the major newsmedia, reflecting on this heinous crime.

    12. 131488WOLF131488 Says:



      In The Awakening of White America (THE WHITE WORLD!!!), Wolf

    13. sgruber Says:

      The few mainstream Whites who know about this story want to ignore it and hope it will go away. They want to put their heads in the sand. They are terrified, absolutely terrified, of a race riot.

      They are pussies who don’t want to stand up to savages.

      In the old days, real men ruled the country – and they HANGED evil niggers.

      Now Whites are trembling in their panties lest they “offend” some stupid jigaboo with mere WORDS. See Don Imus. Calling tatooed low-IQ basketball-dribbling nigresses “nappy-headed ho’s” as opposed to putting them on the highest cultural pedestal and worshiping them as “America’s future leaders” is regarded as a heinous offense. Bow before your black masters! That’s the message of the Imus affair and so many others.

      Stand up, Whites. It’s time to fight back against evil by any means necessary.

      Make sure you’re legally armed and can defend yourself and the people you care about. Pull your head out of the sand and prepare. No more temporizing or cowardly avoidance. Itz coming.

    14. Righter Says:

      Obviously, the only way I heard about this was on VNN. I listen to talk radio every day and I can confidently state that no one, NO ONE has ever mentioned this heinous blacks-on-whites crime.

      And as I said before: Juan Williams is a vile piece of shit. If I ever meet him I plan to tell him at least that.

    15. john Says:

      I think FTL and Goy fire “ARE” the mainstream news media today. Do people still tune into the kike media these days after being exposed (thanks to the internet) for the jewish mind bending pit of vipers they are? Not in my house.

    16. Anti Says:

      “Legally armed” — what is that? how effective is defense when you must go begging arms from your enemy?

      Arm yourself however you can. Get weapons however you can. Learn to make black powder and how to use it. Asking permission of ZOG is absurd, tantamount to capitulation.

    17. john Robinson Says:

      I would like to encourage activists to try to work with local Tennessee media to get our message out, get some truth out. In this case, yes the national MSM lying media with the exception of Geraldo completely suppressed the horrible Knoxville massacre. But, I encourage activists to try work with local Tennesee media to get the truth out. Here are some suggestions:

      Take out full page advertisement in some Tennesee paper – should cost a couple $ thousand. Use this paid advertisement to work for free/earned media in the rest of the Tennessee media. You can send the other media your full page advertisement opposing the national media’s censorship of the story to get them to cover you for free. Now, you should be doing some activity, that is newsworthy for them to cover you for free. Doing a protest a boycout etc.

      I had a lot of good success doing activism in Tennesee media in the early 90s from a populist, anti Iraq war, finessed racial issues a bit. You can do the same. With radio, insist on doing live interviews and they can’t edit you out to make you look stupid. Let’s see if any of you guys can become White activist celebrities that can get on local media. Here is the Tennessee media list.

      Daily Post Athenian
      Doug Headrick
      [email protected]
      PO Box 340
      Athens TN 37371-0340
      Business Journal of Tri Cities
      Ellen Myatt
      [email protected]
      PO Box 643
      Blountville TN 37617-0643
      CaneSport Magazine
      [email protected]
      7101 Executive Center Drive
      Suite 100
      Brentwood TN 37027
      Chattanooga Style Magazine
      Ria Romano
      [email protected]
      2288 Gunbarrel RD
      Suite 111-142
      Chattanooga TN 37421
      University Echo (university)
      [email protected]
      615 McCallie Ave.
      Chattanooga TN 37403
      WDEF TV 12 (CBS)
      [email protected]
      330 Broad Street
      Chattanooga TN 37408
      WDSI TV 61 (FOX)
      1101 East Main Street
      Chattanooga TN 37408
      WRCB TV 3 (NBC)
      [email protected]
      900 Whitehall Road
      Chattanooga TN 37405
      WTCI TV 45 (PBS)
      4411 Amnicola Hwy.
      Chattanooga TN 37406
      WTVC TV 9 (ABC)
      PO Box 60028
      Chattanooga TN 37406
      WUTC FM 88.1 (NPR)
      615 McCallie Avenue
      Dept. 1151
      Chattanooga TN 37403
      Leaf Chronicle
      Richard Stevens
      [email protected]
      PO Box 31029
      Clarksville TN 37040-0018
      Bradley News Weekly
      [email protected]
      Cleveland Daily Banner
      Stephen Crass
      [email protected]
      PO Box 3600
      Cleveland TN 37320-3600
      People News
      Pete Edwards
      [email protected]
      PO Box 3921
      Cleveland TN 37320
      Columbia Daily Herald
      Chris Fletcher
      [email protected]
      PO Box 1425
      Columbia TN 38401
      Cookeville Herald Citizen
      Bill Shuster
      [email protected]
      PO Box 2729
      Cookeville TN 38502-2729
      WCTE TV 22 (PBS)
      [email protected]
      PO Box 2040
      Cookeville TN 38502
      Crossville Chronicle
      Mike Moser
      [email protected]
      125 West Ave.
      Crossville TN 38555
      Herald News
      John Carpenter
      [email protected]
      PO Box 286
      Dayton TN 37321
      Dyersburg News State Gazette
      Chris Rimel
      [email protected]
      PO Box 40
      Dyersburg TN 38024
      Elizabethton Star
      Rozella Hardin
      [email protected]
      300 Sycamore Street
      Elizabethton TN 37643
      Farragut Press
      Dan Barile
      [email protected]
      11863 Kingston Pike
      Farragut TN 37922
      Franklin Review Appeal
      Mark Cook
      [email protected]
      1100 Broadway
      Nashville TN 37203
      Germantown News
      Maxine Hunter
      [email protected]
      PO Box 381735
      Germantown TN 38183
      Greeneville Sun
      John M. Jones Jr.
      [email protected]
      121 W. Summer St.
      Greeneville TN 37743
      Halls Shopper News
      Sandra Clark
      [email protected]
      PO Box 18295
      Knoxville TN 37928
      Jackson Sun
      Richard Schneider
      [email protected]
      PO Box 1059
      Jackson TN 38302
      WBBJ TV 7 (ABC)
      [email protected]
      346 Muse Street
      Jackson TN 38301
      Johnson City
      East Tennessean (university)
      [email protected]
      PO Box 70688
      Johnson City TN 37614
      Johnson City
      Johnson City Press
      John Molley
      [email protected]
      204 W. Main St.
      Johnson City TN 37605
      Johnson City
      Marquee Magazine
      Mary Ellen Miller
      [email protected]
      2700 South Roan Street
      Suite 425
      Johnson City TN 37601
      Johnson City
      WEMT TV 39 (FOX)
      [email protected]
      3206 Hanover Rd
      Johnson City TN 37604-1462
      Johnson City
      WETS FM 89.5 (NPR)
      PO Box 70630
      Johnson City TN 37614-1709
      Johnson City
      WJHL TV 11 (CBS)
      Christine Riser
      [email protected]
      PO Box 1130
      Johnson City TN 37605
      Daily News of Kingsport
      Pete Dykes
      [email protected]
      310 East Sullivan St.
      Kingsport TN 37660
      Kingsport Times News
      Ted Como
      [email protected]
      PO Box 479
      Kingsport TN 37662
      WKPT TV 19 (ABC)
      222 Commerce St.
      Kingsport TN 37660
      Roane County News
      Johnny Teglas
      [email protected]
      PO Box 610
      Kingston TN 37763
      Daily Beacon (university)
      [email protected]
      5 Communications Building
      The University of Tennessee
      Knoxville TN 37996-0314
      Knoxville News Sentinel
      Jack McElroy
      [email protected]
      2332 News Sentinel Drive
      Knoxville TN 37921-5761
      Metro Pulse
      Barry Henderson
      [email protected]
      505 Market St.
      Level 300
      Knoxville TN 37902
      Mundo Hispano
      Carlos Nicho
      [email protected]
      4223 S. Wahli Dr.
      Knoxville TN 37918
      WATE TV 6 (ABC)
      Post Office Box 2349
      Knoxville TN 37901
      WBIR TV 10 (NBC)
      Jeff Lee
      [email protected]
      1513 Hutchinson Ave.
      Knoxville TN 37917-3851
      WBXX TV 20 (CW)
      [email protected]
      10427 Cogdill Road
      Knoxville TN 37931
      WKOP TV 15 (PBS)
      1611 East Magnolia Ave.
      Knoxville TN 37917
      WTNZ TV 43 (FOX)
      9000 Executive Park Dr.
      Building D Suite 300
      Knoxville TN 37923
      WUOT FM 91.9 (NPR)
      [email protected]
      209 Communications Building
      University of Tennessee
      Knoxville TN 37996
      WVLT TV 8 (CBS)
      6450 Papermill Dr.
      Knoxville TN 37919
      LaFollette Press
      Linn Hudson
      [email protected]
      PO Box 1261
      LaFollette TN 37766
      Lebanon Democrat
      Clint Brewer
      [email protected]
      PO Box 430
      Lebanon TN 37087
      Wilson Post
      Jennifer Horton
      [email protected]
      216 Hartman Drive
      Lebanon TN 37087
      Lenoir City
      Loudon County News Herald
      Linda Brewer
      [email protected]
      PO Box 310
      Lenoir City TN 37771
      Marshall Gazette
      Jamie Bone
      [email protected]
      111 West Commerce
      Lewisburg TN 37091
      WAXO TV 34
      [email protected]
      Overton County News
      Dwayne Peek
      [email protected]ertoncountynews.com
      PO Box 479
      Livingston TN 38570
      UTM Pacer (university)
      [email protected]
      314 Gooch Hall
      Martin TN 38238
      Weakley County News
      Tracy Sharp
      [email protected]
      PO Box 410
      Martin TN 38237
      WLJT TV 11 (PBS)
      [email protected]
      PO Box 966
      Martin TN 38237
      Maryville Daily Times
      Larry Aldridge
      [email protected]
      PO Box 9740
      Maryville TN 37802-9740
      McKenzie Banner
      Joel Washburn
      [email protected]
      PO Box 100
      McKenzie TN 38201
      Southern Standard
      James Clark
      [email protected]
      105 College Street
      McMinnville TN 37110
      Memphis Magazine
      [email protected]
      460 Tennessee Street
      Suite 200
      Memphis TN 38103
      Memphis Business Journal
      Bill Wellborn
      [email protected]
      80 Monroe
      Suite 600
      Memphis TN 38103-2440
      Memphis Commercial Appeal
      Chris Peck
      [email protected]
      495 Union Avenue
      Memphis TN 38103
      Memphis Flyer
      Bruce VanWyngarden
      [email protected]
      460 Tennessee Street
      Memphis TN 38103
      Memphis Tattler
      [email protected]
      WHBQ TV 13 (FOX)
      [email protected]
      485 South Highland Street
      Memphis TN 38111
      WKNO FM 91.1 (NPR)
      [email protected]
      900 Getwell Road
      Memphis TN 38111
      WKNO TV 10 (PBS)
      [email protected]
      PO Box 241880
      Memphis TN 38124
      WLMT TV 30 (CW)
      Jim Turpin
      [email protected]
      2701 Union Extd.
      Memphis TN 38112
      WMC TV 5 (NBC)
      1960 Union Avenue
      Memphis TN 1960
      WPTY TV 24 (ABC)
      [email protected]
      2701 Union Extd
      Memphis TN 38112
      WREC AM 600 (FOX)
      Steve Versnick
      [email protected]
      2650 Thousand Oaks Boulevard
      Ste. 400
      Memphis TN 38118
      WREG TV 3 (CBS)
      [email protected]
      803 Channel 3 Drive
      Memphis TN 38103
      Milan Mirror Exchange
      Bob Parkins
      [email protected]
      1104 South Main Street
      Milan TN 38358
      Morristown Citizen Tribune
      John Gullion
      [email protected]
      1609 West First North Street
      Morristown TN 37815
      Mountain City
      Celia Pennington
      [email protected]
      PO Box 90
      Mountain City TN 37683
      Murfreesboro Daily News Journal
      Mike Pirtle
      [email protected]
      224 North Walnut Street
      Murfreesboro TN 37130
      WMOT FM 89.5 (NPR)
      MTSU PO Box 3
      Murfreesboro TN 37132-0000
      Nashville Business Journal
      Geert De Lombaerde
      [email protected]
      344 Fourth Avenue North
      Nashville TN 37219
      Nashville City Paper
      Clint Brewer
      [email protected]
      PO Box 158434
      Nashville TN 37215-8434
      Nashville Parent Magazine
      Susan Day
      [email protected]
      2228 Metro Center Blvd.
      Nashville TN 37228
      Nashville Scene
      Liz Garrigan
      [email protected]
      2120 Eighth Ave. S.
      Nashville TN 37204-2204
      Nashville Tennessean
      David Green
      [email protected]
      1100 Broadway
      Nashville TN 37203
      Tennessee Independent Media Center
      [email protected]
      Tennessee Tribune
      Jason C. Hughes
      [email protected]
      1501 Jefferson Street
      Nashville TN 37208
      Vanderbilt Hustler (university)
      [email protected]
      Vanderbilt University
      VU Station B Box 1504
      Nashville TN 37235
      WDCN TV 8 (PBS)
      [email protected]
      161 Rains Avenue
      Nashville TN 37203-5330
      WKRN TV 2 (ABC)
      [email protected]
      441 Murfreesboro Road
      Nashville TN 37210
      WLAC AM 1500 (FOX)
      Steve Sullivan
      [email protected]
      55 Music Square West
      Nashville TN 37203
      WPLN FM 90.3 (NPR)
      Anita Bugg
      [email protected]
      630 Mainstream Drive
      Nashville TN 37228-1204
      WSMV TV 4 (NBC)
      [email protected]
      5700 Knob Road
      Nashville TN 37209
      WTVF TV 5 (CBS)
      Mike Cutler
      [email protected]
      474 James Robertson Parkway
      Nashville TN 37219
      WUXP TV 30 (MYTV)
      631 Mainstream Drive
      Nashville TN 37228
      WZTV TV 17 (FOX)
      [email protected]
      631 Mainstream Drive
      Nashville TN 37228
      Newport Plain Talk
      David Popiel
      dpop[email protected]
      145 East Broadway
      Newport TN 37821
      Oak Ridge
      Oak Ridge Observer
      Stan Mitchell
      [email protected]
      969 Oak Ridge Turnpike
      Oak Ridge TN 37830
      Oak Ridge
      Oak Ridger
      Glenda Locke
      [email protected]
      PO Box 3446
      Oak Ridge TN 37830
      Paris Post Intellegencer
      Ken Walker
      [email protected]
      PO Box 310
      Paris TN 38242
      Rogersville Review
      Ellen M. Myatt
      [email protected]
      PO Box 100
      Rogersville TN 37857
      Mountain Press
      John Philleo
      [email protected]
      PO Box 4810
      Sevierville TN 37864
      Shelbyville Times Gazette
      Kay Rose
      [email protected]
      PO Box 380
      Shelbyville TN 37162
      Smithville Review
      Dennis Stanley
      [email protected]
      106 South First Stree
      Smithville TN 37166
      Rutherford Courier
      Mary Reeves
      [email protected]
      103 Front St.
      Smyrna TN 37167
      WETP TV 2 (PBS)
      [email protected]
      1611 East Mognolia Ave.
      Knoxville TN 37917
      Fayette County Review
      Don Dowdle
      [email protected]
      PO Box 519
      Somerville TN 38068
      Sparta Expositor
      Kim Swindell Wood
      [email protected]
      34 Bockman Way
      Sparta TN 38583
      Monroe County Advocate & Democrat
      Mia Rhodarmer
      [email protected]
      PO Box 389
      Sweetwater TN 37874
      Union City
      Union City Daily Messenger
      David Critchlow Jr.
      [email protected]
      613 E. Jackson Street
      Union City TN 38261

    18. New America Says:

      The word IS getting out…


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    19. Jaroslav Hus Says:

      One comment said: ” But for me, unless there is some reason I cannot yet see, this is a very, very convincing demonstration of Jewish-liberal perfidy.”
      “The problem isn’t Jews; it’s gutless gentiles.”
      And popular Serbian phiosopher explains in more specific way caliming that men who do not use Logic, pay all attention to the
      SYMPTOMS, completelly ignoring THE CAUSE.
      Symptoms is crime, the cause is ROTSTEIN, EISNER, SOROS, BOLSHEVIK TUBE, HOLYWOOD…

      Dragan G. Glavasic:

      While other religions, “cultures”, and races are taught to hate us, take advantage of us and/or kill us any time they get a chance. At the same time, we are persistently brainwashed to be pacifist, tolerant, compassionate, kind and forgiving to everyone: even our worst enemies! And that makes all the difference thus will ultimately result in our destruction: because our political, spiritual and economic leaders are corrupt, immoral, low-life scum that secretly collaborate with our worst foes thus insidiously work against our real interests. WAKE UP! Christianity was a big mistake and sin and an insidious ploy to perfidiously tie our hands and render us helpless as the ideal victims for other races and religions.

    20. Cu'Cullen Says:

      Yeah Brother,
      That’s what I’m talkin about!

    21. Cu'Cullen Says:

      I visited your site – (good work – thanks!) and noticed you had reference to my site (thanks !) but that someone (apparently someone of the black militant mentality (or lack of) inserted a you tube damsel, with beaver runnin wild, into the blog Race wars – shhhhhh ….I removed it so as not to offend…Thanks again, keep up the good work – your fellow blogger –