6 April, 2007


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Join Dietrich this Friday night.

7:00 PM EDT: Music and Sound Bites

9:00 PM EDT: Talk

Skype ID: vnnfreetalklive
Phone: 660 675 4388

For those with plain old telephones we have a conventional phone number: 660 675 4388, though we prefer skype calls. Regardless, please attempt to send a chat message with skype before calling.


1) Send a chat message to vnnfreetalklive with skype.

2) The host will accept your chat message, tell you approximately when you’ll be coming on, and will call you back.

3) When skype rings turn off the live feed, since there is a delay.

Note: to use skype you’ll need a headset and PC.


You’ll need winamp, itunes or any other type of software that can load .pls.

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  7. 11 Responses to “FREE TALK LIVE…FRIDAY NIGHT!”

    1. Americafirst. Says:

      Has the forum been hacked?

    2. Yankee Jim Says:

      Was a great show up until about 11:00 PM. Was the forum knocked off line @ 11:00 PM or so?

    3. Real Celt Says:

      Guys, I agree there will be a collapse, but I bet most of the top media assholes and others will be out the door before they can face justice in the US. Although a collapse throughout the West may help in their eventual capture.

    4. Italian Man out West Says:

      There was and is an “Italian mob”. In point of fact they worked with the jews for years – and in the end, the jews stabbed them in the back, using their political clout behind the scenes to help topple the Italians. It’s a long, involved story. In fact, a good source for some of the treachery – but you’ll have to read between the lines sometimes – is a book called “Paddy Whacked” about Irish mobsters. The Italians made a mistake by going in with the jews. The jews worked with the Italians to freeze out the rising Irish mob way back when because the jews felt the Irish had too much political power at the time (1920’s) in terms of numbers of politicians. They didn’t want the Irish to also have top mob bosses.

      Most of the actors playing the mobsters on “The Sopranos” are in fact Italian. Not all, but most. I love FTL, but check your facts, please! The creator of the show is an Italian. Stop giving the too much credit. Yes, they have made sure the Italians are the ones portrayed as the biggest mobsters, and the Irish as the crazed killer petty mobsters with once in a while the ‘genius’ jew gangster making an appearance.

    5. wejuoy Says:

      Alex Linder told National Vanguard, a magazine published by the neo-Nazi National Alliance*, that he hoped to turn his site, Vanguard News Network (VNN), into a “White Viacom” composed of “an integrated global media and services company getting out the White message and serving the White market in a thousand forms.”

      VNN was created in 2000 by Linder and an associate identified as Regina Belser (who apparently is no longer with the operation), and today claims 22 writers. The site is remarkably vulgar, offending even many of the most extreme racists and anti-Semites with Linder’s potty humor, untrammeled misogyny (Linder says women should “make everything happy and smooth running by providing offspring and sex and cookies and iced tea”) and swaggering self-importance.

      Its motto is “No Jews. Just Right,” and it includes an archive of more than 250 juvenile racist and anti-Semitic cartoons, along with a forum, personals section and still-developing “ShopWhite” marketing service.

      In his National Vanguard interview, Linder says he grew up in a middle-class suburb, earned a bachelor’s degree from Pomona College in Claremont, Calif., and then worked for two leading conservative media outlets in Washington, D.C., where he despaired because “racist satire of Jews and minorities” could not be published.

      He ran a trade publication in Germantown, Md., from 1993 until 1997, when he moved to Missouri to fulfill his “true interest, writing satire to hasten White revolution.”

      Linder joined the National Alliance in the late 1990s, once even considering a move to its West Virginia compound to edit National Vanguard, and has remained a member, at least up to late August.

      But after federal agents arrested Georgia Alliance leader Chester Doles on weapons charges this March, Linder grew disgusted with the Alliance’s reluctance to fund Doles’ legal defense. To the embarrassment of Alliance leaders, and using an anonymous donor’s offer to match up to $25,000, Linder managed to raise $79,464 that Doles’ wife used this July to hire former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.) as a defense attorney.

      (The same month, it emerged that the anonymous donor was Marc Moran, a man who was briefly appointed to the Hopewell, N.J., borough council until his Alliance membership became public. A Linder friend, Web site operator and raging anti-Semite Bill White [see The Gossip], said that Moran had also been a silent business partner in VNN. White added that when Moran resigned his council seat, he turned over his part of VNN to White.)

      As a result of his fundraising campaign and his open criticism of the Alliance, Linder (who coincidentally finalized a personal bankruptcy proceeding on July 12) is now deeply disliked by some of his colleagues and most leaders of the National Alliance.

    6. New America Says:

      Two quick observations:

      One, Yankee Jim is a PERFECT reliever – he just comes in with issues all of us can understand and relate to, with a perfect voice. A full show of his own might be a bit much for him – but not for us. He is great.

      Two, there was someone called “Phil from Omaha” who used to call into Peter Shank and Hal Turner. He was a lot like Yankee Jim; might be useful to see if he is still around, and bring him in.

      Three, Mark from Cali is just perfect as the counterpoint to the quietly academic Theseus, even as Chain Cobb is the perfect droll counterpoint to Agis, and Alex Linder.

      Four, I like the simulcast with Bill White. Say what you will, he’s smart, articulate, and not in the least bit afraid to take the war to the Enemy.

      Five, kymry seems like a person who might have something to contribute. I also miss “Leta from New York,” and Babycakes. Good counterpointers, all, even of they don’t all live near the “Jew-infested Catskills.”

      On a lighter note, a guy I know was talking about his family vacation this summer at ‘our place in the Catskills,” and I came THIS CLOSE to going, “Oh. The Jew-infested Catskills?”

      GREAT phrase from Yankee Jim.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. Theseus Says:

      Italian Man:

      I did screenshot project where I took each name in the cast and searched them out using IMDB, Wikipedia, and Google. The majority turned out to be Jewish. These may have not been the main actors/actresses. I wouldn’t know, as I haven’t watched television for a while now. I still have the file. Let me dig for it.

    8. sgruber Says:

      Lorraine Bracco who plays the psychiatrist on “Sopranos” claimed in a rebroadcast interview on “Fresh Air” (National Public Radio program hosted and infested by jews) that she is “Italian” because she had “an Italian father.” No mention of mother. Also said she grew up in Long Island neighborhood which was “all jews.” “I even joined B’nai B’rith as a kid, because it was just something everyone did.” “I understand both worlds,” she said (jewish world and Italian world) and played a typical kikess in the movie “Goodfellas.” I would say she is a good candidate for being a jew; anyone have anything on the mother?

      A good assumption (keeping in mind that it’s only an assumption) is that EVERYONE on TV is jewish or half-jewish. That rule of thumb is helpful in seeing patterns.

      Hey, remember when almost everybody sorta thought the characters on “Seinfeld” were “Italian”?

    9. sgruber Says:

      I look very suspiciously at any Yankee with an obnoxious personality who describes himself as “Italian” or “New Yorker.” As in, “I’m loud, I”m outspoken – I’m a fokking New Yawker, get over it, okay. HAW HAW HAW.” “My family is all New Yawkers, this is how we are!” Usually a crypto-kike, especially if s/he has kinky black hair, unnaturally pale skin, and the facial shape and haircut of Bozo the Clown.

      Not that there aren’t obnoxious Italians and New Yorkers. But when anyone presses a little too hard on one of these self-descriptions, a message goes to my brain that is similar to the message a cheetah’s brain receives when he gets a whiff of foolish gazelle.

      I prick up me ears at


      “New Yorker”

      “I’m not an evil person”

      and many other little phrases that, in my life experience, have 99% of the time led to actual proof of the jewishness of the people who mouth the phrases. (The proof usually takes the form of self-declaration when asked.)

      Many alleged Italians are kikes. For example, I was privy once to the personal tax return of the CEO of a major medical insurance company in Florida. This guy has an Italian surname. The company is assumed to be “full of Catholics” (according to the scuttlebutt among its employees). He’s supposed to be a big Catholic. Well, of the $30+ million he pulled down one year, a sizable amount was given by him in the form of charity to guess what? “Temple.” The guy’s a fucking kike…but of course, the media presents him in so many words as an “Italian” and the lemming assumption is he’s just a Catholic. And he may actually BE a Catholic…who also gives to Temple, because he’s a RACIAL JEW.

      $30+ million. That’s a lot of denied claims.

    10. Italian Man out West Says:

      I’m aware of the yids claiming to be Italian, far better than most. Personally, the worst one I ever saw was Angelo Dundee. This jew pushed the fraud, Muhammed Ali, for two decades. All the while he let on he was Italian and people ate it up.

    11. Septell Says:

      Please post the show in the archive.. tx.