27 April, 2007

Jews to Attack Vatican in False Flag?

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I believe I might have mentioned to you some time ago that while others were speculating that another “terrorist” attack against NYC or D.C. could be a false flag Israeli operation, or perhaps an oil port such as Houston would be hit by a dirty bomb in order to deepen our hatred of the Arabs and to enlarge the war in the Middle East into Iran, I said that in my opinion, and from my thesis laid out in THE PLANET OF THE KIKES, the jew Nostradamus had suggested that the war with Persia (Iran) would result from a bomb being set off in the seat of Christian power in Rome — that would be the Vatican, which during Nostradamus time hadn’t officially been named yet.

A few days ago, I came across an interesting and directly-related article. Michael Rivero (of whatreallyhappened.com fame) whom I disagree with because he still believes in mass democracy and that Hitler was a bad guy, had the following comment about this article, “If Israel wants to kick off the ‘clash of civilizations’ (i.e. trick the Muslims and Christians into killing each other off and leaving the world for Israel), nuking the Vatican and framing Iran for it is a good way to go about it.”

Here’s the link to the article in question titled “Al-Qaeda Reportedly Planning Attack ‘on Par with Hiroshima'”.


Although my article on JACK THE RIPPER AND THE JEWS was correct, I certainly don’t want my prediction of the Vatican being bombed to come true, but as we try to spread the truth to our people and as our great teacher Dr William Pierce helped us to understand: we who know the Jew and his machinations must sound the alarm. The only ones who knew the kikes better were the heroic figures of the Third Reich.

Peace and 88,

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  7. 15 Responses to “Jews to Attack Vatican in False Flag?”

    1. Eumaeus Says:

      it may be that the reference to rome actually corresponds to the USA and the seat of power is somewhere in domestic usa

    2. Light (God) Speed Says:

      The 14 immortal words– “We must secure the existence of kosher Israel and a future for parasitic jews.”

    3. GateCrasher Says:

      “that would be the Vatican, which during Nostradamus time hadn’t officially been named yet.”

      What? The area had been known as Mons Vaticanus since pagan times.
      Nostradamus would have known this.
      Although, if your conspiracy theory is using Nostradamus as evidence, there isnt much point in arguing with ya…
      Go back to your hugbox.

    4. mantra77 Says:

      It’s highly unlikely they would be so dumb as to attack the Vatican for two reasons:

      First, the Vatican has been completely subjugated by freemasonry. Why would they strike at one of their main assets?

      Quote —

      Early September 1978: Pope John Paul I asks Cardinal Jean Villot, the Secretary of State for the Vatican, to investigate the Vatican Bank operations. He also is considering the reversal of the Church’s stand on artificial birth control.

      Later that month he presents Cardinal Villot with a list of those to be transferred, reassigned or asked to request for resignation. These lists are persons suspected of being Freemasons (that group called P-2). Cardinal Villot happened to be Grand Master, and his name was at the head of the list. This shift of power would have had a major impact on the existing Vatican hierarchy and would also have affected its financial practices.

      September 29, 1978: John Paul I found dead in his bed. Cardinal Villot issues false statements, removes key evidence from John Paul’s room and orders the body embalmed before an autopsy can be performed.


      End quote.

      In other words, this new Pope presents a list of Freemasons he wants excommunicated and within 24 hours he’s dead and cremated. No autopsy either.

      The P-2 Lodge discussed in the above link is the CIA financed command and control apparatus for GLADIO. This is an underground resistance army financed by the US taxpayer under the “Stay Behind” program. It was designed to counter a Soviet invasion by having a resistance guerrila army in place for recon, sabotage etc. Since Mussolini had eradicated freemasonry, the P-2 lodge was reconstructed for this role after WW2 by the occupying power, the US.

      The point is that through the P-2 Lodge the Vatican is controlled from CIA HQ in Langley, Virginia. The P-2 Lodge came briefly to international attention when some snafu in its organization caused some paramilitary units to believe they were meant to carry out a coup. Before they could be recalled they seized some radio stations. The scale of the scandal that ensued led to P-2 lodges being raided by police and its membership list becoming public. This member list comprised most of the Italian elite and ALL top level military officers. A few people went to jail, the P-2 lodge supposedly dissolved and.. nothing. Nothing else happened after that. The GLADIO underground army was never dismantled.

      In conclusion, Italy and the Vatican are important Judeo-American assets and it’s therefore unlikely to impossible they’d be targets for false flag “arab” attacks.

      Second, the Catholic hierarchy is a hypercentralized bureaucracy. Being so centralized has positives and negatives. The positive is that Catholicism was last to surrender to Political Correctness and White Submissionism. The negative is that once the top was infiltrated it fell like a sack of potatoes. Since striking the Vatican would decapitate masonic control, such a terror attack would risk empowering the grass roots enough to purge the masons and cause another sudden Catholic ideological U-turn.

      Bob’s Riddle

      All anti-white racists agree that it’s ok for whites to become minorities in their own countries. All anti-white racists also agree that a Japanese person who wants to become a minority in his own country is either a traitor or clinically insane. Therefore, what is an anti-white racist? Answer

    5. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      Several observations:

      1. The whole cult of “Nostradamus” (Michel de Nostredame) is of jew-masonic manufacture, meant primarily for WASP* consumption and regurgitation. Any idiot jabbering about how “Nostradamus predicted X …” needs to be hauled out and shot. His grandfather, a jew born as Guy Gassonet, infiltrated the Church, taking the name Pierre de Nostredame circa 1455. Superb documentation of Michel de Nostredame’s early biography can be perused at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nostradamus . Aryan Kamerade Max Hadden has rendered signal service to the Volk for his work on this subject by opening discussion of it. Once again, seeing eyes will note that this propaganda reduces to jews jabbering jejune about jews. Note how jew- masonic propagandists usually “discover” these amazing prophecies POST FACTO, such as those germain to Hitler. During the 1980’s many a judeo-protestant stooge shat it’s mouth about how Muamar Qadafi just HAD to be the Antichrist, because Nostradamus supposedly wrote about “a man in a blue turban…”

      2. Masonic infiltration of the Church has plagued it for a good millenium, going back to the days of the Crusades, when the Priory of Zion formed it’s militant arm, the notorious Knights Templar, with the blessing of a duped and myopic Pope in 1129 A.D.. The Church fortunately regained it’s sanity and eventually ordered the liquidation of this poisonous judaic cult within the Church under the Wise Pope Clement V, who ordered the Good King Philip IV of France to commence this Great Cleansing of Europe on Friday, October 13, 1307. Aryans the world over should consider Friday 13 a Day of Good Luck, not bad. What’s Bad for Jews usually is Good for Humans! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_Templar)

      3. As seen in 2., The Church has weathered many jew attempts to capture it’s head and rebounded to raise the banner of Western Aryans against jew fifth column activities again and again. Men like Hutton Gibson and (God Willing myself) have helped keep the Church free of the “Synagogue of Satan” and we will continue to do so, for jews always fail to restrain their greed and schweinerie, leading to their repeated unmasking and partial extermination. In the Age of the Internet and Plutonium, We Humans can hopefully FINISH THIS OPUS DEI for all Time!

      4. While it follows rationally that jewry wouldn’t decapitate the Vatican, given it’s recent “Triumph of the Swill” there, recall that JEWS AREN’T RATIONAL! They well may allow their long festering hatred of Rome, as the ancient Capitol of Western Aryan Civilization, to overcome Reason and commit such an abomination for their momentary gratification. Note how they have plundered and destroyed recently so much priceless, irreplaceable History in Baghdad for exactly this very same motive. Thus, the probability of a jewish attack on the Vatican and Rome, while small, cannot be completely dismissed.

      *WASP -White Anglo-Sucksome-Peter-stunt, a rabidly judeophiliac breed of hominid, created by jews as the ultimate fifth column into the greater Aryan Race for its annihilation. “Protestantism” can be generally defined as an ideology of jew-envy, an aspiration to emulate jews and replace them in their role as parasites upon Humanity. One of the leading exponents of this mass mental disorder today is a certain Kevin MacDonald, a self-admitted judeophile or as zionists term it, “philosemite.” MacDonaldists seek an accommodation with zionism, basically the creation of two identical judeo- supremacist states, Eretz Israel in the Levant, and an exclusively WASP “America” in North America. While MacDonaldists delude their dupes with promise of a jew-free North America, in reality, they merely will serve as proxy jews, enforcing the will of their masters in Tel Aviv. Above all, as MacDonald himself has frequently documented, the orthodox rabbis use pseudo-“anti- semites” to maintain racial pressure on their jewish subjects, keeping their genetic stock relatively pure and above all, preventing the rabbis’ worst nightmare; ASSIMILATION!

      MacDonald and his ilk propound an extension of one of the Third Reich’s worst betrayals of it’s Aryan ward’s the infamous Transfer Agreement, which made the creation of Israel possible, and also discredited the Third Reich in the eyes of it’s newly acquired Slavic subjects, leaving them no alternative but to reluctantly follow the jew- communist partisan leadership in their anti-Nazi campaign. Technically, kevin MacDonald has at least enough Gaelic blood to bear the surname of Clan MacDonald, but in both theory and practice, he is indeed, 100% pure-dee white-anglo-suck-peter! Aryans beware!

    6. MASHER Says:


    7. Dan Taylor Says:

      http://judicial-inc.biz/r.,us.sian_jews_are_depleting_ameri.htm My dad is a former Marine and he don’t even get this much money

    8. Anti Says:

      Wait wait, the Church subjugated by freemasons? don’t you mean “judeo-bolshevik communist culture-distorters”?

      I can’t imagine WNs, bitter, smug protestant cattle that they are, who militate not against the Church, but against any positive understanding of the Church and Christianity itself, which is to say against thinking, being anything but overjoyed at an attack on Vatican City.

      I myself, a good son of the one true church, would like to see it bombed to rubble. The Church died in 1962: then the deluge.

    9. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The future is open-ended, not deterministic, so we don’t need BS kike ‘seers’ such as Nostadamus.

      I doubt whether even the insane zionists would wish to destroy one of their principal assets which has been infiltrated by them since the early 1960’s.

      It is possible that the present pope by making Christian-hating rabbis ‘Papal Knights’, is attempting to enter the world of subtrafuge and ”realpolitik”.

      It won’t work. As I understand it, Christianity is supposed to be about opposing evil by doing good. Now, even a cursory examination of history shows that the preponderant amount of good work and beneficial progress has been achieved through the agency of the White Race. We are a blessing to the rest of the world.

      Most Churches, the Vatican included, are anti-white and pro race-mixing, as per the kike agenda. Therefore they are conspiring (we hope unconciously) with evil. That will be their downfall rather than a nuke from Dimona.

    10. brutus Says:

      Mexico is purported to be almost 90% Roman Catholic. And yet Mexico City just legalized abortion

      This apparent conundrum would seemingly be as ridiculous as if White Nationalists were to sanction the marriage between Whites and niggers.

      Where’s the disconnect? How could a country where most of the people claim allegiance to the Catholic Church and are supposed to obey the anti-abortion pronouncements from the Pope, turn around and legalize abortion?

      We know what‘s going on here……………

      This single event should be proof enough, to even the dullest wit, that the Church has become the damnable bitch of the jew.


    11. Sándor Petőfi Says:

      “(i.e. trick the Muslims and Christians into killing each other off and leaving the world for Israel)”

      You mean such an act might actually lead to our people taking up arms and driving the filthy Muslims from Euorpe? The killing would be pretty one-sided. How is that bad for us? Don’t bother answering if you’re an ignorant Yank.

    12. Scott Says:

      Love thy enemy, turn the other cheek, pull your pants down and bend over. Who the hell needs a loser religion like that? Who in their right mind would let their son be left alone with a bunch of catholic preists? The two main reasons the injuns were conquered so relatively easily was 1. The oriental deseases we brought with us and 2. Their lack of unity. Forget about being anti wasp or german or french or polish,or whatever, just be pro white and don,t forget who our real enemy is.

    13. NSN Says:


      That “loser religion” as you happen to put it happens to have been the religion of most Whites for the best part of the past 2,000 years!

      Show some respect for the White race you fucking asshole!

    14. Kalki Says:

      The end result of turning the other cheek and loving your enemy:


      As far as a false-flag attack, watch this:


    15. van helsing Says:

      The idea, just like a nuke on Des Moines or St. louis or somesuch, would be to enrage the heartland all over again in immediate advance of turning Iran or some other “Hitler and Nazi Germany u jour” into a glow-at-night parking lot. They dont give a shit about the Vatican even tho they control it. It is expendable.

      Except in case of the Vatican. the propaganda target would be the Euros. But if I guess right, it is probly too late. Half the caucaso-euros are too lib to care and would just surrender to the muzzies now. The other half want the muzzies etc out.

      The jews try “trial balloons” all the time. They want to see what works and looks promising for the next round of creative destruction. And in any event they have clooged the media waves and clouded things up for most goy, which is the way the yahoodi like it.