8 April, 2007

O’FARRELL: Vulture Culture

Posted by alex in Britain, Luke O'Farrell at 11:10 pm | Permanent Link

Who are the worst religious bigots in Western nations, the most superstitious, irrational and eager to persecute blasphemers, heretics and infidels? Is it the Christians? Nope, not any more. Is it the Muslims? Nope, not yet. So who is it? It’s the liberals, the people who, in Britain, worship the Holy Trinity of The Guardian, The Independent and the BBC. Religion seems to be rather like a boomerang: the harder you throw it away, the harder it flies back and hits you. Liberals and secularists throughout the West have thrown Christianity away, and it’s flown back and hit them in the form of anti-racism, feminism and – the latest of their cults – “Global Warming”.


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  7. 7 Responses to “O’FARRELL: Vulture Culture”

    1. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Something I picked up from some one on the forum a while back was the concept of liberalism as being as psychotic as any religion and the behavior of excommunicating anyone who isn’t in lock step with it from the world of ‘cool’ and gravy train freebies.

      Daughter raped? Better blame her, not the nigger or you’re a racist. Figuring out that mexicans aren’t cute little stubbies only interested in a better life? Better cut that shit out you bigot, or you’re out of the group who can really appreciate food, music, and art. Tired of the angry pushy lesbians at work working together to get you fired and grab more power for themselves, you are a filthy homophobe who has no place having a job in the first place.

    2. Abe Foxman Says:

      As usual, Luke hits the nail on the head. He has to be the UK equivalent of Alex Linder. No wonder the Jews want to silence him…they could never ever debate the man.
      Alex, have you ever met him? What a treat to have him on one of your talk shows…that would wake the dead…literally. ???????

    3. lawrence dennis Says:

      That liberalism constitutes a religion can be easily verified by perusing the letters to the editor published by the so-called “alternative” weekly newspapers (these can be found in most major cities–they are “free”, i.e., full of ads). Irrational hostility jumps out of the pages to cast down into “Heck” even mild opposition to the jew/liberal/homo agenda.

    4. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Let’s add one more to the list of sacred religious terminology:

      Penance==White People paying reparations to the descendants of slaves

      O’Farrell is certainly on to something, as the recent Israel-worshipping by evangelicals makes clear.

      As Jesus recedes into the mists of mythology (A great book on this is The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man by Robert M. Price) Christianity will try to hang on to Israel as proof of God’s existence. They, under the influence of Schofield, think that Israel was “prophesied” to take over Palestine.

      Israel goin’ down, baby. But I am afraid we are, too.

    5. sgruber Says:

      Cowboy Zeke, you’re damned right. That’s the world that the kikes are imposing on Whites wherever kikes wield a plurality of influence.

      I find I’m hired only by other Whites. Jews consider me not worthy of employment. I moved to a less jewy area, but how long will this last?

      They are out to burn or starve witches (i.e. racial outgroups) and WE are witches, in their beady black eyes.

      Fight back now! Alex Linder has indicated the political measures that must be taken to defend our interests and those of our racial family.

    6. alex Says:

      O’Farrell is a beacon in a dark, dark age.

    7. SHMUELY Says:

      Luke is ingenious, pithy and direct; a brilliant wordsmith if ever there was one. He never writes anything but riveting articles of the highest order, about the most deserving and well ‘chosen’ topics.