7 April, 2007

Our Only Enemy – Israel

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Carter Speaks the Truth; But Will Americans Listen?

Bold pro-Israel policies, at the expense of Arab countries, are not good for America. Yet, America eagerly supports Zionism anyway. Why? Because Jews call the tune in America these days. What if America was dominated by normal White people instead of paranoid Jews?


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  7. 2 Responses to “Our Only Enemy – Israel”

    1. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      You should of thought twice before you trusted the jew and signed the Camp David agreements with Israel and Egypt, Zhimmy. Every year since 1978, Israel received 3 billion dollars of grant aid annually. It was like opening Pandora Box. Now there ain’t no way stuff that jew genie back in the bottle or stop the avalanche of money and blood to Israel and you’re just another goddamned anti-Semite now!!!

      ‘I luv you, Zhimmy’ (east coast GMC Jimmy commercial)

    2. EatAPus Says:

      Well you have to at least give this bull dyke Rosie some credit for calling out the 911 fix although she never uses the word jew for obvious reasons proving she may be a fatass boisterous pus asshole licker but maybe it takes somebody like her abrasive fuckoff attitude that actually was funny as hell to talk such shit to Trump.
      So you have 2 libs with Carter and Rosie getting the truth out. We will see where this goes but siding with a butch lezbo on this issue will be a first for many who can stomach it.
      You do have to feel some pity for Rosies fem clit licker partner who probably is forced to lick her nasty fatass pussy and asshole when Rosie commands her too and then has to do all the sweat work with the strap on cock to fuck her and have to listen to those loud hog grunts.
      Still its good that the fat bitch bull dyke has jumped on this 911 jew rig and obviously jews are laying low like a snake not to piss this pig pus eating pig off or she may blow this whole shit out of the water and they would be defenseless since afterall she represents exactly what they want society to become.