5 May, 2007

Jew-Loosed Niggers Rape 100 White Women a Day

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By Alex Linder

Jew Auster has published a piece at jew Horowitz’s FrontPageMag (reader reaction here) in which he reveals the latest Dept. of Justice figures, which show what the title says – namely, that there are 40,000 nig-on-White rapes a year in this country, but zero, literally zero, White-on-black rapes!

What jew Auster withholds is that jews like him were the driving force behind civil rights, and civil rights is what gave the niggers physical access to White women. When America was run by Whites — when it was truly a free country — niggers lived in their own communities. And if they ventured out of them to insult, steal and rape, they were promptly put in their place by any means necessary. Again, and this is the crucial point the jews will never tell you,

Niggers raping White women is the symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE.

Jewish evil is the gift that keeps on giving. After the jew looses the nigger, with predictable results, phase two kicks in. That would be the cover-up. Have you ever seen a single report in the media that speaks the plain truth about one of those 38,000 annual rapes? Ever seen a newspaper article in which the reporter writes: “…a black man raped a white woman…”? I can answer for you: no, you have not.

But it gets even worse. We have the rapes, we have the cover-up, but that’s not enough. There’s a third stage. That is counter-depiction: flipping reality on its head – pretending that white men are raping black women!

The Duke gang-rape hoax was the perfect example of this reality-flipping. A retarded blind midget could tell the doped up nigger stripper-whore was lying from day one. Yet the case lingered in the media for nearly a year. Accusation after accusation flew against the rich evil White men, though there was not a single substantial fact to back the whore’s allegation. Every power of the state, including the prosecutor’s office and the Duke faculty, flew to accuse, to lambaste, the innocent White men, and to back up the lying nigger. When a year later the truth finally emerged so blazingly that even the dimmest Duke prof had to accept it, there were no apologies from the jewspaper reporters, the Duke faculty, or the black ‘community.’ These evil parties cursed under their breaths, muttered, and moved on to prepare the next hoax.

What’s astonishing are not the figures from ‘Justice,’ but the fact that anybody in America is stupid enough to believe we have a free press. It is clear that somebody controls it. When everything points the same way, there’s obviously something at work making it that way. Anyone with an open mind and access to the Internet can verify that jews are the driving power in our media. They own its principal organs; they supply its main editors; they are most of the “experts” interviewed on tv.

So we have the crime, the coverup, the counter-depiction. Part of that third stage, the proactive reversal of reality, involves not just fictionalizing reality, but molding overt fiction in the desired shape. Thus, one of the biggest selling books of the biggest selling author of the nineties featured a White-on-black gang rape – something that we know from our own corrupt government’s statistics never happens. Happens so seldom that the number zero is the most accurate one the government, which discriminates against Whites across the board, can come up with!

John Grisham’s A Time to Kill not only sold X million copies, it was made into a major motion picture. It features the oldest stereotype in Hebrewood’s book, the “evil white racist(s),” raping a black girl. Just read its first sentence: Billy Ray Cobb was the younger and smaller of the two rednecks. Grisham, a lawyer who used to work in court, took his theme from a real-world case. I cannot ascertain the specific case, although I have tried. But I will bet anything that the rape that inspired his story was not in fact White on black. But you can bet your last dollar that if Grisham had kept his interracial rape story to the statistical facts, the jews in New York would have made sure that “A Time to Kill” never saw the light of day.

Your nation is controlled by jews, White man.

Until you remove the jews from control, your women are going to continue to be raped, and your men are going to continue to be murdered. And the jews are going to continue to cover all this up. And continue to use their media to portray you as the bad guys.


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  • 24 Responses to “Jew-Loosed Niggers Rape 100 White Women a Day”

    1. alex Says:

      The ironic tagline is serious. Please distribute my writings freely. If you’re so bothered by my, sniff, use of epithets, then take them out. Cut the article any way you like, as long as you leave the essence: blaming the jew for what the is guilty of. That you may not change. Otherwise, take what I’ve written and run with it. Just get the word out ‘Netwide.

    2. alex Says:

      To complete the picture, we need certain statistics, which I don’t have. If you do, please post here. We need:

      – number of black-on-White rapes in 1960, or sometime before ‘civil rights’ [sic] took effect.

    3. alex Says:

      Also, although I’ve called the three – crimes, cover-up, counter-depiction – stages, really they all occur simultaneously, once the nigs are law-loosed into the White community. Since that day, sometime in the mid-sixties, Whites have been under unceasing assault by both nigger and jew.

    4. alex Says:

      Jew Auster’s (Deliberately) Missing the Point
      Shoshona 5/5/2007 6:31:59 AM
      Which is that none of these rapes would occur if JEWS hadn’t pushed through ‘civil rights.’ THAT was what gave the nuggers access to human women.

      Get angry, if you must, at the jungle animals who have never been able to control their behavior, but get angrier at the jews who sicced them on the White community.

      The same jews that ended free association, and replaced it with forced integration, thereby allowing nuggers rape 100 White girls a day, are the ones NOT REPORTING these crimes in their papers – and pretending (Duke rape hoax, Grisham’s “A Time to Kill”) that White males pose a threat to black females.

      Evil, thy name is JEW.


    5. alex Says:

      Hip-hop superstar Akon is touring the U.S. with the help of major U.S. corporations, including a partnership with Verizon, despite being under investigation for a simulated rape of a 14-year-old preacher’s daughter caught on video last month at a concert in Trinidad. Find out more at WorldNetDaily.com:


    6. Geoff Beck Says:

      A truly motivating response, Alex. Makes me ask myself “what have I done for my race today” ?

    7. white_skelet Says:

      Yet, there are Semites willing to expose this situation, you named them: Jew Auster and jew Horowitz. They do participate in the most important thing: telling the truth. Problem is they’re 1% of them.

    8. honkey tonk man Says:

      What these black on white rape figures don’t tell you is that only about one in ten rapes are actually reported because of shame,guilt or fear. So the true number of white women getting raped everyday is much higher then one hundred.
      …..There is a rape “holocaust” being carried out against our white women!!
      These rape figures are all thats needed for whites to begin underground organized armed resistence against the jew and non-white savages!
      ……Nothing will change until they fear us! The way you make them fear us is threw controlled intelligent cold hearted violence.
      They rape one of our women we kill ten jews plus ten niggers!


      Fear and cruelity must be our greatest weapons!!

      ……….How does the mafia get respect?

    9. shabbos shabazz Says:

      Horowitz just fired Auster. . .

    10. Pull The Trigger Says:

      Auster mentions ‘no stats on hispanics’. That’s because most hispanic perps are reported as being white. The numbers are even worse than what “our government” admits.

    11. -JC Says:

      My understanding is that Algerians ended the French occupation by raping officers’ wives to the extent that it demoralized the troops. I’ve heard they also used explosives with mercury switches in cigar boxes painted brightly to attract children. When you can’t protect your decent women, it is a pretty sorry situation. And that level of rape is apparently what we’re experiencing in America, as it is sufficiently demoralizing to be a major factor in White flight. Once again, GOOGLE “lynch law” and look at the wikipedia page: See if it sounds like we’re there yet.

    12. Joe Says:

      Yes, they have been doing this awhile. They did it with \”Deliverance.\” Nevermind it was based on no fact. There are groups of coneheaded evolutionary throwback sick faggots who go around gang-raping men, they are called niggers. The kikes wouldnt dare make a movie like that with niggers, it was be too close to truth. People might start to do research too…

      Saying these Arabic jews are white, is a definite misnomer. And if we are encouraged to discriminate against hideous undesirables and inbred perverts, a bunch of isolated cousin fuckers and rapists, who would work against our interests, like the fictional stuff projected in Hymiewood. Despite them being white. We can definitely disallow the jews from joining us, who are the main group against us, and fit that bill to a T. Despite them being a yellowish puke color. So tell that to the cunt at AmRen.

    13. white_skelet Says:

      Correction: 0,5% of the Jewish population is willing to tell the truth

    14. Rebecca Carlson Says:

      About 2 years ago when I was walking home from my summer job in South Carolina one night, I was forced into a truck by two black men. They had real fun laughing and joking to me about the white girl getting what she really wanted while raping me most of the night. But, nobody talks about the fact that black men rape white women. If you do, they try to make fun of you. At my college in Atlanta, the black guys are all after the white girls. If they can’t get one to go on a date, well rape seems to be the next step because I know I have been followed at least twice since I transferred here. Something has got to be done.

    15. German Mut but King Says:

      Im sorry to tell you but, I am one of many of a new breed of Black that are of more intellegent design than our predecessors. We number in the millions. Ex. Akon- check his network=teaching millions the truth=T.I. , 2 pac…..so you say that we rape white women huh? well what about the deliberate taking of blacks as to ensure the different browns of slaves as to keep the key principles to which this country was founded=Lynch Laws to keep a nigger a nigger. no matter how light his skin….but allah…a NIGGA emerges..from centuries of injustice and rape of a culture…have u ever heard of jihad..the origin…Ethiopia the continent…Moses had an ethiopian wife…Jesus was Jew……have you ever heard of an Ethiopian Jew…………the only civilization that has the oldest records of their blood lines………King David………White women are ugly i mean come on you can see their viens in their legs and yuke…they smell like a wet dog when it rains…….black is beautiful and brown is lovely….Do me a Favor, get a tan, hang a noose, paint a crooked cross, and get ya head knocked off by a savage or animal if you thinking genocide………2008…the 2nd is comming…..the last times a charm……….Be easy and your right. God blessed America when he gave it us

    16. Wolfgang Says:

      fucking nasty covert jews..you can not trust any jew filth..ever..no matter what he say’s or does not say… he the jew is the bastard son of lucifer and the nigger is his trusted servant… all sand nigger’s be they jew or arab ..are one and the same.. enemy of the White Man… period

    17. Robert Wayne Says:

      This article is absolutely right. Hollywood Jews and atheists declared war on white Americans 45 years ago and things have only gotten worse over the years. When was the last time you saw a movie, tv show or news article that tells it like it is about the race problem in this country. Every single thing put out by Hollywood and the mainstream media lies about how whites are at fault and how niggers and wetbacks are in the right. In reality, the only way to correct things is for real whites (not those idiotic pussified liberals who have been brainwashed by the media) to go underground and start taking the law into our own hands.

    18. White and proud Says:

      Niggers are gorillas.they are not and never will be civilized.the only way they can get a woman is to rape.

    19. Sawdust Says:

      you left out that the idiot niggers are significantly responsible for the housing meltdown. The Government insisted to reluctant bankers that these babons get home loans, when they didn’t even know what they were signing! So…when the fit hit the shan, these mongrels have been pouri ng cement down their kitchen drains and otherwise ruining their homes which are being re-possessed. Great people, eh? And to think that people looked down on Southerners for their racial attitudes years ago. NOW what do you liberal morons think?

    20. jill megan Says:

      It’s true niggers are always looking to rape a pretty young white woman. We see the news every night another nigger gets caught rapping a pretty young white woman. The truth is though that jews hate the USA they only love Israel. Why are fighting in Iraq? Not for the USA but for a the Jewish state of Israel. Think about it?
      The Arabs say they don’t want Jews in their countries. The USA is pushing a free immigration policy on the world but the rest of the world prefers to be segregated. Why are we pushing the rest of the world to have open borders when we can’t control our own.

    21. Kate Says:

      Jews and Niggers and Women would be discriptors taken way out of context in many areas of life.
      First, many jews have been good Americans. more so than many whites. You may be specifically referring to JEWSCUM, a branch of Jews who do own media.
      Some blacks are ok, and just in the same way Asian men like me, why is it a problem if they love black men.(race traitors)
      When I see a white woman with a black man I feel happy.
      Niggers have always been around. Now, we see a more horrid monster rear it’s head. Namely, sirs, White and Jew Niggers.
      Years ago, the Jew would have limited his tricks to maybe making some covert pornographic films of his sister, or maybe that South Carolina woman, fair enough if you can stomach or kidney to the tune of 10,000usd. Anyway, our country was ruined by accepting Nigedom as a way of life. Pull up your pants and smell the busted pussy!
      P.S. lots of white men in prison are sucking black dick and i find this sad as a lover of men.(white men)

    22. John Black Says:

      36,000 white women are raped every yr by feral niggers, but you will never hear a word about it on the jew news networks.. not a word..
      hey jew fuck blitzer… why doesn’t your filthy jew ass report that.. you godamn nigger jew faggot..
      John Black

    23. White human Says:

      Why don’t white women just carry guns???; the solution is simple; put a gun or mace in a white woman’s purse and it’s all over; also if these women live in prodominately white areas in addition to that it shouldn’t be a problem. Segregation needs to be reinstated and al these black niggers need to be chopped up and thrown into holes after they did them of course

    24. BW Says:

      Jews are behind every threat facing our people,from “diversity”,to racial mixing in education,church,television and motion pictures,to non-white immigration,to the 1964 discrimination act,civil rights,etc.Everything to take away the white man`s right to free association and self-preservation.Worse,they have enlisted the help of niggers in their destruction and subjugation of the white race.Most whites assaulted by niggers wont even defend themselves because the jew has convinced them that it is “racist” to do so.Recall the case in wichita where the young whites permitted themselves to be degraded,raped and eventually shot in the back of the head by two niggers armed only with a woman`s purse pistol.